Open Letter to Alex Jones

You Are Serving the Awakening of Humanity!

By Travis Brown, January 14, 2016

Dear Alex Jones and InfoWars Staff,

Thank you for your tireless commitment to getting the truth of current events out to the sovereign souls of Texas, the U.S. and beyond. It is a great thrill to note your expanding following since many years ago. It is your impassioned speech at this link that inspired me to contact you again (since years ago).

I too am a student of the truth, and began in earnest in 2009 to sift through volumes of data and alternative sources to contextualize my own experience and understand the world around me. At that point, I firmly quit mindlessly gobbling up the mainstream garbage, and relied instead on direct spiritual awareness (gnosis), and sources who I discerned to be relatively free of karmic entanglements or corrupted ulterior motives.

In my exploration and in my years of extensive meditation practice and completion of “spiritual homework” for the uplifting and clarifying of consciousness, I have been able to place the current world events and general planetary malaise into the proper metaphysical/spiritual context.

There is a group of souls who since 2011 have built community through this website: We are united in our common vision and understanding of the upcoming completion of earth’s dimensional shift into higher-vibrating realms of consciousness. This evolutionary leap is the culmination of our sojourn on this planet, and one in which it is clear you also play a significant role.

The website is updated throughout the week with personal experiences among us, updated financial news and geopolitical shifts, and channeled information pertaining to our mission’s successful completion and the daily challenges to our etheric/mental/emotional/physical bodies that entails.

Knowing you as a man of integrity and steadfast adherence to seeking truth and full understanding of current events, I encourage you to peruse articles at this site of interest to you. Your internet platform does an excellent job of covering much information (that is continuing to cascade into public awareness at this point), and could further benefit from placing the doomed-to-fail NWO agenda into the spiritual context of the ascension cycle.

George Stankov, who moderates is a much more learned and experienced man than I, and is thoroughly versed with world history, politics, economics, and current events. He also (and this is the earmark of what makes the site and its participants unique) is thoroughly experienced in transcendental matters, and brings a holistic perspective to the changes have been in the making for years, and which will swiftly come to fruition for us to witness. His gnosis and clarity of mission in the Light/Source/God enabled him to channel from his Higher Self a scientific text ‘The Universal Law’ which unites all the historically disparate disciplines of science into one holistic, simplified understanding of energy and its expression through the dimensions.

I also am versed in transcendental matters and was triggered by a forceful spiritual awakening in 2009 (when I began researching as stated above) to journey into various methods of expanding consciousness and ultimately undergo the Light Body Process (LBP on the above website). This LBP is the energetic means by which the human body is transmogrified over time into a higher-vibrating vehicle of form, to embody and radiate a higher-dimensional energy field. The writings linked on the page of this link put the physical body into its proper context through the dimensions:

There is much more I could say. I will lastly, however, remind you that you once had to challenge your perceptions and the status quo in order to acquire greater understanding of truth. You have unveiled to the public many difficult truths, which unfortunately they can only digest at the rate at which their fear-resistance is overwhelmed by a greater desire, be it for salvation/understanding/resolution.

I hope what I’m offering can potentially put the widespread angst and fear among the awakening populace into the proper context of our spiritual inheritance. We are with God, never separate, and our journey of throwing off the shackles to which we’ve willingly succumbed (if only through ignorance and apathy) serves us toward our direct realization of our multidimensional nature and divinity.

Yes, there must be collapse and collective catharsis; to each his own self-created hell of comeuppance/shock/challenge. And there must also be fact-based faith in the Light at the end of the tunnel.

I also encourage you to contact George Stankov at with any questions or interests. I am sure he would be excited to correspond with you. Even if your first inclination is to call B.S., I anticipate you shall both profit and learn from the engagement.

In peace and good faith, brave warrior Alex,

Travis Brown

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