My Wondrous Journey From New Zealand to Lemuria in Hawaii

Frank Boyle, January 9, 2016

Dear George,

Almost one month ago I have finished my two-week intensive Life Cultivation /Qi Gong training course, 3rd year. Since then everything happened so fast and some major unexpected turn of events have taken place. I was thinking that Christmas and New Year would pass as normal here in New Zealand. However no, the Universe / HS has far different plans for me.

So my partner that I met just over one year ago, who I have been living with most of 2015 and we have been great supports for each other, she decided she would go home to Hawaii for Xmas and New Year break. She decided this about four weeks ago and then commented that she wished I could come. I had never thought I would go to Hawaii and especially not any other US State and as I had almost zero dollars to my name my first thought was, ‘no this is not a thing that would be happening, no reason, my mission has always been here in New Zealand.’ I have been using the I Ching (book of changes) to consult and using it as a fantastic way of getting deeper insight and intuition and actually pretty blown away at how accurate it has been sometimes. Actually I highly recommend that anyone checks out this Online Version I have been using, even just for fun ask a question and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the timeless Wisdom it will respond with.

So I consulted the I Ching four weeks ago with the Intention “Creators vibes about me going to Hawaii this Christmas?” I clicked the button and cast the coins 6 times and got the Cast Hexagram (which describes the present situation through a pattern of Yin and Yang combinations) of 42 with the following information:

42   I / Expansion

Whirlwinds and Thunder: When the Superior Person encounters saintly behavior, he adopts it; when he encounters a fault within, he transforms it.

Progress in every endeavor. You may cross to the far shore.


Get ready to ride a tide of accelerated growth toward self-actualization. A joyful awareness of the best within you, coupled with an acceptance of your Shadow, will provide a greater repertoire, a much bolder vision, and new depth and clarity that will compel you to expand your horizons.”

I like that “you may cross to the far shore.” as from New Zealand you must cross to the far shore to land at Hawaii.

Then it has a Changing Lines section with the following information.

Your work is reverently admired by another who makes a substantial contribution to your cause. This patron is deeply spiritual, and can benefit you in ways beyond the material world.”

And then it shows a Transformed Hexagram, which means if you follow the previous advice it has given then this is what is predicted.

Transformed Hexagram:

61 – Sixty-One
Chung Fu / Inner Truth

The gentle Wind ripples the Lake’s surface: The Superior Person finds common ground between points of contention, wearing away rigid perspectives that would lead to fatal error.

Pigs and fishes. You may cross to the far shore. Great fortune if you stay on course.


The subject of this hexagram discovers a key to Tranquility by first gaining insight into his own nature, then turning that vision outward. By resolving inner conflicts and being at peace with himself, he learns to gain insight into others. In effect, he enters another, sees with the other’s eyes, listens with the other’s ears, feels with the other’s heart. He then returns to his own center, with new perspective and understanding.

I was surprised and inspired by this reading and decided in that moment to follow the advice and set an intention to go to Hawaii. So I write down the Intention / Creation to receive all the necessary resources and money and for everything to come into alignment with getting me to Hawaii within the next two weeks.

I never usually travel, the last time was August last year, with a very similar situation, no money or job, I set the intention to be taking off in the plane on the way to Tonga with at least $1000 funds. Within four weeks multiple unexpected streams of money came my way, I got a new passport, sorted out a payment scheme for a bunch of government fines, and next thing I was off to Tonga for six weeks camping on beaches for free in tropical island paradise, drinking fresh coconuts everyday. Amazing, seemed impossible but it worked. I love this sort of thing, using the learned / Natural Divine Creative abilities to achieve seemingly impossible things, it gives you a thrill and feels so magical, yet at the same time, it feels so normal and natural. For these Creations / Intentions I always use the Sacred Flames.

So this time was the same thing, shorter time, (two weeks) expecting everything to be way more expensive to fly from NZ to Hawaii, so I set my intention and used the Sacred Flames, I always ask for what I wish to happen, ‘In ways that are for the Highest Good of all involved’ and I ad on the end ‘I ask that this (intention) or something even better happen.’ to leave it open to things I can not comprehend at the time. This done regularly, like daily, also programs your QiField / Mind and Emotions and brings them into alignment which allows you to be open to receiving the necessary intuition and information of what actions you might need to take to assist everything in unfolding.

I started thinking about what I could do to earn some money and decided ‘it is not what you do but the way that you do it’. Then thought the way to do it is to serve all, from my heart, being open to all, trusting myself, opening with Love, Gratitude, Respect and Humbleness to all.

How could I improve my service to all? Making myself available to all with my abilities to transmit Qi and use my consciousness and my understanding of the natural laws of life to help improve another persons life on whatever level needed. Part of this is simply talking to a person to help them understand the natural laws of life and where they might be going wrong as a source of their problems and guiding them to making change and bring balance and understanding. I have had a fair amount of success in doing this sort of work but have always blocked myself from doing it as a job / service and presenting myself as such to the wider community. Part of this blockage has been a very depressive feeling arising from my clear view on most society and like a hopeless feeling that even my best efforts to help someone change still need their deep desire to do it and that it’s often all a waste of my time as I feel that no one seems to possess the attributes needed or simply the true desires. I think I need to just get over that kind of thinking and put myself out there in open service to all and detach any expectations on effects or results. I have been guided to begin more writing, such as letters like this as a way to begin putting my self out there.

Anyway, so I used these impulses to knuckle down and put my website up, presenting myself for starters as a Qi Gong Teacher / Qi Therapist / Life Cultivation guide. I went hard out and figured out all the internet stuff and got the page working with some content that will do for now although I know still does not fully convey some of the real service I can offer but it is a start. Then I thought I would promote it and tell people I was trying to get the funds together to go to Hawaii and offering my services at a below industry standard but I feel is reasonably rates of $30 NZD (about $20 USD) for a session with me. So I was all ready and figured if I could do 30 paid sessions this would do to get me to Hawaii, however I had again some blockage to actually promoting myself and didn’t really put it out there. Instead ‘something even better’ or at least easier happened. My girlfriend rung me and said her cousin (who works for Hawaiian Airlines) has some Buddy Passes that we could use which would make my flights about $250 each way! Instead of costing the normal $1500 return.

All of a sudden the pressure is off for me to do all this work and complete my services, as my internal resistance / blockages was making it seem very challenging! I was wow’d and so thankful to her and her cousin and our HS’s, the Divine. I still wanted to follow through with my work anyways since I was on a roll, so she left for Hawaii and I was to join her for Christmas or just after New Years. Instead again there was ‘intervention’ I could not decide when to go at all and decided again to consult the I Ching which gave me negative vibes for my questions to leave at Christmas or after New Year, very confused I asked again, should I go ASAP? The I Ching suddenly was very positive with the Hexagram “Abundance” so I looked online and managed to get a cheap flight the next day to Auckland from where I could fly out the same night to Hawaii on the standby Buddy Pass. So this was two weeks after the initial consultation with the I Ching to go to Hawaii and now I was on the way! Incredible. I tried to check-in to board the next Flight to Hawaii which was supposedly booked for me by my girlfriend’s Air Hostess cousin, and the Airline now said they couldn’t find my booking and I was not getting on the plane and would have to go find a hotel for a few days and book a new flight (expensive, actually my money at that tine, impossible).

A bit shocked but still full faith in the Divine Process. Some how it would be sorted in the next few hours before takeoff. I did another invocation with the Sacred Flames to be sure and asked that the way be cleared for me. I texted my girlfriend in Hawaii, who started freaking out, and could not get hold of her cousin, as she was working, flying somewhere. Still full faith, I waited patiently. An hour later she texts me and says she has made contact with another cousin of hers who also happens to work for Hawaiian Airlines and that he also has some Buddy Pass’s available and could book me on the flight straight immediately, so they did that and texted me the details. Again I tried to board the plane and they said sorry we cannot let you fly to the USA without a return ticket booked. So again I texted her and again she managed to get me another $250 return flight and next thing I was checked in and waiting to fly to Hawaii! Exciting.

While waiting to board the plane my name was called over the speaker so I followed the directions and was then informed that I had been upgraded to First Class! So I was Divinely catered for and got to witness the First Class process which is comfortable and full service and should be normal for all not just a select few. Elitism, a small portion get fully pampered while the rest fly in cramped not so comfy ways, anyway I enjoyed the experience for what it was. Even though one man had a small child who was screaming half the way, and everybody was disgusted that this was happening in the first class haha. Poor child just needed some calm loving energy. I finally decided to offer him my help with his child and went to him and said “hey, I practice Qi Gong and would be happy to try some Qi Therapy with you and your kid , it is completely safe and very effective.” As soon as the child looked in my eyes he stopped crying and started calming down, we had a deep exchange of energy, however the man was so stressed and uncomfortable for being the source of many peoples discomfort, he said “no thank you” very abruptly and very closed off.

I was shocked and did not expect such a response, thinking he would be ready to try anything, I turned to leave and was blocked by another person in the aisle, so I stood and connected with the child while waiting. He was calm the whole time I was there and I could tell that all he needed was that calming energy, and a strong sense of what is true and real that dissolves all perceived problems and to know that everything is OK. Then I went back to my seat and the child started crying again, I continued connecting telepathically with love and soothing vibrations and did my work / help  anyway. Eventually the kid finally went to sleep. Amazing how parents can be so unaware of what is really needed and let kids suffer like this.

So now I am here in Hawaii, enjoying so much the nice weather and warm water, swimming in the sea everyday. I think this does the same job as the Magnesium salt bath and feels so good for my body. It has been rather full on, the whole Xmas and New Year family holiday thing, my partner has two young boys, 6 and 8 who I have been doing a lot of work with to help bring their consciousness into balanced higher vibrations as their souls are but the same story the other adults so far in their lives have been unable to understand the true source of the problems and guide / give them what they need to assist them in first of all adapting to this world and then flourishing as young light warriors. So in between enjoying the beauty here, I have been doing far too much work to help transform some of their already well-developed harmful consciousness and behavioral patterns.

Although this feels like helpful work, I get huge feelings I could be focusing my energy elsewhere, such as sending this email to you, which I have been meaning to do but have not made the time for weeks. I know that these children Higher Selves and guides including myself energetically now that they have connected strongly will be enough to assist them with what they need for their own missions. So I would love to begin again to take more time for myself to create some music and do more writing and simply Being in nature and the beaches here.

I would love to take some more time to go deeper into discussion with the previous email about the superposition between the ancient Chinese teachings of Tao and your Universal Law. I feel drawn to be writing much more, on a daily basis, I know that as I write, I take myself further along my proper path of finally becoming more fully who I have set out for myself to become….and this is still yet to be fully understood by myself.

I have been staying for the past two weeks, in Kailua on the Island Oahu, Hawaii, literally a few blocks from where Bombama has also been staying which was very interesting. He left the island yesterday. Actually when my plane arrived in Hawaii, 19th December, Obama was also arriving at the airport the same day. Everything got held up with military and we had to wait for half hour to get off the plane. The same thing has been happening almost daily, as he was staying right next to the beach down the road from where we stay, we go past everyday and every time he goes somewhere all the roads get blocked off by police and military. You only need this type of security when you have already made so many enemies and are so scared and expecting retaliation. So perhaps I had some sort of energy work to do with him, I am not sure, but since I have been here it has been very intense so far energetically, not sleeping well at all, even though I have a lot of energy during the day.

For the first time in a while I have been sneezing loads and head stuffy and blocked for the past few days and was like I was finally warn right down, over and after Christmas. The level of Qi Gong I do was not even enough to keep me on top. I then did a big Qi Therapy session with myself and for the house and family here and slept not much at all but feel 100% better and full of energy again now today. I know there is a deep connection with the land for me here and feels almost like coming home, although I have never been here in this lifetime physically.

Hawaii is far more Americanized than I expected and it’s just ridiculous the massive trucks and flash cars everybody is driving, gas is 4 times cheaper here than in NZ and that’s why some people can still afford to drive these vehicles that their Ego demands of them, even though their cars are probably bought with Debt. There are American flags everywhere here outside peoples houses, patriot as, also shocked me. I think there are a lot of military people here, there is a huge military base down the road also.

On another note, we have been picking fresh Avocados off trees, Passion fruit and fresh Tumeric root from the back yard!! Some of my favorite foods!! Beautiful nature everywhere so many flowers! Amazing beaches! Yesterday we went to a Kirtan, signing / chanting group and this was so good, much needed lightness of heart and very healing and uplifting to be in a group of about 12 people all signing from their hearts some ancient mantras! Also last night we listened to a short mp3 lecture from a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Guru Singh, who spoke about all of the people that are in their last incarnation here on earth and are trying to ‘birth’ themselves. He said when we start life as human we grow inside the womb and it is all safe and nice, but then we get to a point where there is no more room to grow in this environment and we have no other option but to go through the small hole. He said it seems impossible, how could we fit through this hole? He said all new door ways and opportunities are like this and that you can set a big goal for yourself but the first doorway to begin always looks impossible and too small and so most people get put off by this.

Yet we all started life this way, so we have the fundamental imprint that we can do the impossible. Like for most of us now, there is no more room to grow or place to go here on this earth in these bodies, we must birth ourselves, we are birthing ourselves, and it seems from our perspective now that it is very hard to birth, there are complications and pain as we squeeze our massive energy fields through the Ascension birth canal. But I am sure, once we go through from that perspective this birthing will seem like a short time and that it wasn’t so hard.

So while we wait / experience each day go by at the moment, what to spend time doing? I feel like experimenting more with the Sacred Flames our creation powers. Is it in Alignment to be playful with this and have some fun, see what dream like experiences we can create? If all limits are off, why are we, the ones that understand this creation process, why are we not having more for fun and simple joy, of course alongside our work that is happening always instinctively anyway. This is something these kids have helped me get back to, the simplicity of playing. What happens when Unlimited Creator Beings play? What can we create for fun and upliftment for all and all and of course for ourselves to simply take a load off and have more joy in life? Can we have a party? PAT party? Maybe you could all manifest coming to Hawaii for a week or two and we can have a party on the beach with a fire, eat fresh sea foods and fruits and relax for a while!

Anyways, getting a bit carried away with this rant. Feels good to finally write again.

With Love and Light to you, Carla and All Beings, I appreciate you all so much!


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