Musing Over the German Character

Georgi Stankov, January 5, 2016

The German “Lies-Press” (Luegenpresse)”  is called such because there are no truthful news in it. This holds true for the internal as well as for the external news. This is only possible because the German nation has degraded to a zombie-nation. The German synonym for a zombie is a “Schweinehund” (pigdog). The very moment one becomes a zombie, he behaves like a schweinehund. There is no difference between a zombie and a pigdog.

But the German schweinehund tops all zombies, because at the same time he believes to be a special zombie, a protected schweinehund, so to say, that does not deserve to be named as such even though it has always the right to behave like a schweinehund and considers all the other people to be worse zombies than himself. Which makes him “zombie par excellence” – eben (i.e.) “ein prima schweinehund“:  “Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles, we are greatest zombies of all time!

Spass beiseite (Joke aside), if the Germans truly knew what other nations feel and think about them, and by this I do not mean the Anglo-Zionist cabal that turned them into zombies in the first place and whose despicable stooges they still are, but the honest people around the world and in particular those that know them first hand as I do, they would be so ashamed that they would immediately ask their former allies, the Asian zombies, the Japanese, how to commit a collective hara-kiri, as to save the world from the German national stench.

I have just published for you the interview with Putin, Part 7/7: Interests of the Country Must Be Above All, where he himself, being a very controlled person, tells you unequivocally what he thinks and feels about the true nature of the German “Untertanen” (subservient slaves). Namely, only contempt!

Instead of being ashamed by the truth about themselves, the Germans rather prefer to flee in a self-righteous indignation (eben wie “beleidigte Wuerstchen”, like an indignant German Hans-wurst, Hans-sausage) and, in their unripeness, start immediately behaving as the schoolmasters of the world, while everybody knows that are and have always been petty criminal rezidivists. This is their nature, just as it is their nature to believe they are the prigs (Musterknaben) of the world. And this national feature is what makes them schweinehund-zombies in the first place.

Never before has this truth become so clear as in these last days of unvarnished truth when we are about to wrap up all nations and all dark national characteristics and to heave humanity to a new transgalactic civilisation. All those who oppose any kind of blatant critics of their dark national character and behaviour are doomed to fail and will not ascend. This is the key message I want to convey to the PAT in these final days.

In my previous articles I have ranted a lot about the American, Canadian and Anglo-Saxon zombies, after all we have to deal with the most debased and toxic species in the whole multiverse – homo sapiens – but I have never received any complaint from citizens of these criticised nations and my readers. And today, after I finally wrote what I think about the Germans for a very long time and felt that it is time to say the truth about them, I received three idiotic indignant responses (the third one I will spare you as it came after my official response and is even more idiotic and very bitchy, typical German), which only proved what not only myself but any critical observer who has had the stupid idea to deal with this insignificant abominable nation only for a second would unanimously confirm: The Germans are incurable schweinehund-zombies precisely because they are unable to see themselves as such.

And why not? For the same reason as to why the dark cabal cannot see themselves to be the most heinous representatives of humanity and believe to be exceptional, just as a father who has regularly committed incest with his daughter would never admit that he is a criminal perpetrator and may even pretend to love his daughter and be a good father in a most pervaded manner. You know where I am heading to – to the bottom of the snake pit of humanity, where the darkest crimes are hidden. And no other nation can hide its crimes so well from itself as the Germans, especially when they sing with devotion their political anti-nazi mantra: “Culpa mea”.

Humanity has reached with the beginning of this year of 2016 the bottom of its darkest and thickest goo before these dark human bodies can be cleaned and healed by us so that they can ascend to 4D. No human sensibilities can be spared on this pathway and if the Germans have to be labeled for what they are and what they failed to be as expected from them as a nation in these critical End Times, they should “gefaelligst” (kindly) put up with this kind of criticism and stop behaving like neurotic primadonas and typical teutonic Heuchler  (dissemblers). Ende der Durchsage! (Period!).

Here is a recent example how the schweinehunde of the German media manipulate the German zombies and make them accomplices of the greatest German crime after WW2.

Caught in the Act: German State Channel ZDF Accused of Faking Russian Soldiers in Ukraine

Wie die deutschen Nazi-Schweinehunde ihre Programme mit Steuergeldern faelschen, um von ihren Verbrechen in Ukraine abzulenken

RT,  December 23, 2015

A Russian television channel alleges a German state broadcaster hired actors to show Russian involvement in the eastern Ukraine conflict. The scandal centers around a Russian ‘volunteer’ paid by the German company to say he was fighting in Ukraine.

The documentary film, entitled ‘Strongman Putin’ produced by ZDF, suggests many Russians are fighting for the separatists opposed to the Kiev government. However, holes in the channel’s story start to open immediately, such as the Ukrainian flag being visible on the soldier’s uniforms.

However, this was nothing in comparison to the lengths they went to in order to find a hero for their story, the Russia 1 TV channel found out.

“Igor is a volunteer for the separatist fighters, a fact which he is proud of,” the documentary by ZDF says.

The only problem was ‘Igor’ was in fact an unemployed 27-year-old from Kaliningrad, Yury Lobyskin, who had never joined the separatists.

“A German journalist called Dietmar came to see me as well as a film crew from Germany and said ‘let’s film a documentary about you’ saying that you went from Kaliningrad to Donetsk to fight for the separatists,” Lobyskin admitted. ‘Dietmar’ is ZDF political observer Dietmar Schumann, the Rossiya 1 report states.

“[Dietmar] said to me that they needed me to say that I was wounded, despite the fact that I have never be wounded. Firstly they took me to Moscow and then two hours later I was in Rostov.”

Lobyskin was met at the airport by the German channel’s Russian speaking producer Valery Bobkov, who offered Yury 50,000 rubles (some $700 at current rate) to take part in the documentary. He was taken to the Donbass region where the conflict was taking place and instructed what to say.

“[Bobkov] trained me for three or four days. He told me exactly what to say and encouraged me to write things down,” Lobyskin said.

Read more:

AFP Photo / John Macdougall

The fact that Yury had never been near an army was instantly visible, as he had to be told what to do on numerous occasions, such as how to walk properly with a gun. One episode where he stopped a car at a checkpoint had to be repeated three times before the film crew got the shot they were looking for. The ZDF documentary even suggested that Yury had been paid 25,000 rubles a month to fight as a separatist and had left his ‘wife’ and ‘young child’ back in Kaliningrad.

“[Bobkov] found a girl and paid her 2-3,000 rubles and asked her to play the role of my wife. I don’t have any children and I had never seen this girl before.”

Despite its criticisms of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the documentary’s ratings were not high and the film was criticized in Germany.

“I don’t think that the Germans believe everything they see on television. There are a number of people who criticize our mass media, such as state channels like ARD and ZDF. Germans are very good at reading between the lines and I don’t think that this one-sided position against Russia will prove to be effective,” said politician Alexander Gauland, who spoke to Russia 1.

When asked to comment on the situation by Russia 1, ZDF said the film crew who took part in making the documentary were busy filming another project. The channel said ‘Igor’ the protagonist in the film was real and was given money because they felt sorry for him.

However, on the raw tapes, it is clearly audible how Lobyskin is being given instructions about what to do. When the broadcast was shown to the public, this speech could no longer be heard, as it had been dubbed over.

This is by no means the first time that ZDF has been caught altering material to portray Russia in a bad light.

In February, a citizen’s media group lodged a complaint against the broadcaster for airing a photograph of “Russian tanks in eastern Ukraine”.

The news segment aired by ZDF featured a photo with the caption “Russian armored vehicles moved through Isvarino in the Lugansk region, February 12, 2015,” citing “Ukrainian army spokesman Andrei Lysenko.” However, there is one glaring problem with the photograph in question: it shows Russian tanks in South Ossetia in 2008, not Ukraine.

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