Energy Report of the PAT – January 7, 2016

More on the Massive Alchemical Reaction of the Entire PAT on January 3-5 That Healed and Transformed all the Human “Pigdog” Personalities across the Globe

Georgi Stankov

I commend the PAT for this incredible success that was achieved at the expense of excruciating pain and total physical exhaustion in the last three days. And what a triad it was. It started on Jan 3rd with a massive descent of source energy, cc-waves and excruciating headaches and body pain then followed by a maximal download and discharge of emotional energies of divine outrage and god’s wrath by all PAT members. The latter was initially focused on Germany as a key country in the whole End Time scenario, but very rapidly expanded to encompass the entire world. In particular we cleansed thoroughly the East Coast of the USA and Canada, with its darkest areas in New England and the Great Lakes, Quebec and Ontario, Toronto, but also the entire Far East, including China and India.

This information I got from my HS only late last evening when Carla made me aware that I have written in my latest article with Rob that our portal and vortex here cleaned the East coast and not the West. I knew immediately that this was a deliberate Freudian mistake of my HS as I read this three times and seemed to have missed it. Then while I corrected the text my HS came to me and told me that we actually cleaned also the entire East coast of the USA and Canada and that this mistake was carrying this information. Jerry and Malechite then confirmed this global cleansing this morning (see below).

Therefore I want you to have a full comprehension of what a great success we have achieved in these last three very turbulent and painful for us days. I know how much you have suffered from your comments to me and on the Facebook resort page of the PAT. That is why I want you to know that it was not without reason but that we have wiped out, blasted away, all dark remnants on this planet in human gestalt and that from now on the massive energetic effect of the transliminal souls whom we helped incarnate in great number when we opened the Christmas portal can fully unfold and help us proceed with the ascension scenario with an accelerated pace. This is already factored on the stock markets that are in the red today.



Thanks so much for this latest article. It makes perfect sense and why we all are greatly affected. The two fronts we are cleansing, militarily and financially will be the one two punch and out for the remnants the dark left behind. Oh did we make great progress last night 01/06. We will see today or in a very few days. I would write more but excuse me I have to pass out again.


Dear Jerry,

absolutely, and this alchemical reaction was bigger and more powerful than even I originally thought. It involved not only Germany and Central Europe, including GB, but as I learnt yesterday evening also all pigdog-personalities on the East coast, New England, Quebec, the Great Lakes and what surprised me also Asia. It was global and massive and there must be manifestations of this cleansing very soon.


Dear George

Confirming the CLEANSE.

Last night in the dreamworld, we gathered as a huge group and the cleanse began right before our eyes. I watched souls evaporating, confused at first, because I knew we weren’t murdering them.  But we were actively participating in their elimination.

So Many!!!

When this area of activity had calmed down, I looked around and told someone that we needed to make sure all was pristine.  Cleaned up, Picked up, Not a trace to be found.  Nothing left of them.  No fragments of their existence. And with that, it was finished.

Love to You & Carla


Dear Georgi,

Best wishes for 2016! It is with a smile on my face that I have just read Rob’s post because of my similar experience.

Saturday and Sunday I experienced a lot of cleansing during the night. I had to go to the toilet between 8 to 10 times.

I woke up on the morning of the 4th and knew I had to embark on a massive spring cleaning. Cleaning cupboards and throwing out bags and bags of stuff. I worked myself to a standstill for two days. Not that I had a lot of energy for this madness and the heatwave we are experiencing did not help either. Yet, I soldiered on. I had to finish what I started.

I also suffered the huge headache and surprisingly slept like a log both nights. Today it feels like a train hit me.

We are experiencing a heatwave throughout South Africa. In Pretoria the temps have between 35 Celsius and more everyday. Tomorrow it is expected to go up to 42 and in some other areas it has gone past the 50 mark. It is almostmidnight and the temperature is 30 degrees. I will give anything for a bit of Canadian cool right now.

Let me get some sleep. My best to Carla.

Love always



Hello Georgi,

I watched the documentaries. I have no political expertise. Putin seemed to vibrate very high, which possibly is a reflection of the work you have done with him on the soul level, as well as an inherent morality and an understanding of the results of good leadership and fair representation in the geopolitical scene.

However, how does China play into this?

I have a basic grasp of the situation both politically and economically, but China does not seem like a bastion of ‘light’ in anyway. What kind of cleansing is required in the many regions previously inhabited by new/young souls?

I hope that you understand what I am trying to ask.

With Love,

Dear Jessica,

we have talked and written about China in the past. Essentially the Chinese population consists of baby, child and some young souls and thus has a very low light quotient. I personally do not see the existence of this country in this form in the new 4D worlds and I am not sure if there will be any Chinese culture there.

But on the other hand we have done some major alchemical reactions to cleanse this big country. In the summer of 2014 I did a massive cleansing operation on China triggered by a concrete event. This massive alchemical reaction was very much like the one we did during the last three days and was then confirmed by the Elohim and I have reported somewhere. You have to find it on my website. Essentially the Elohim told us that we have transformed the monad of this big country into the light and the positive effects will be seen in the near future.

At that time the trigger was somebody we knew here from Canada who developed a better version of the CIA Facebook and wanted to sell it to the Chinese government. The advantage was that his version could even better track down every participant than the current CIA version. It was a multi-million deal. When I learnt about this deal I got so mad and decided that this project should fail and that the Chinese should not be spied on by the secret services on the Internet as is the case in the West with Facebook and other similar programs. Then I performed this huge alchemical reaction and blasted away this project.

The Canadian guy spent more than a year in China trying to sell his project and eventually went bankrupt but could not achieve anything although the Chinese were very adamant to figure out how his program works as to copy it. Now he is back in Canada as far as I know and broke but the project has zero chances of realisation in the current huge crisis in China. I commend myself for preventing this sinister project two years ago.

I am giving you this as an example to show you how powerful we are as Logos Gods and how successfully we shape the destiny of mankind, no matter where we live because the latest alchemical reaction of cleansing and transforming the pigdog nature of all human personalities that harboured until Christmas dark soul fragments was the most successful action of the PAT. It affected not only Germany and Central Europe, including dark GB, but as I learnt yesterday evening from my HS also the East coast of the USA and Canada, the Great Lakes and the whole Far East, including China one more time.

With love and light

Dear George,

long ago I gave up listening and given any credence to the German mass media. The mis- and disinformation is thorough and systematic on all levels of German society.

I do not delve into this dense matter right now for lack of time to more deeply reflect on it.

However, I wanted to confirm your statements concerning the “deutsche Schweinehund”, having lived among these people for a great part of my life and having seen some of them let the inner “Schweinehund” off the leash abroad.

Ask foreigners living in Germany or having freshly emigrated to Germany. They can easily tell what’s wrong with this former nation of “thinkers and poets” who have collectively fallen so deep in their state of consciousness and “human” behaviour that living inside a pit full of snakes and bullshit is just as comfortable a company.

Fittingly, I have more friends among foreigners than among locals.

Finally, I confirm transformation activities since January 1 pitching up today (January 6).


Dear Rumi,

thank you very much for this validation. The most surprising aspect of the German character is that they are so deeply mired in their lies and illusions about their superiority and the inferiority of the rest of the world that they never come to the idea that other people might be intelligent enough to see their true nature and subsequently criticize them. And when they are confronted with a truthful description of their schweinehund-nature they behave maniacal-aggressively as a somnambulist who has awaken from a nightmare. As we know, never awaken a somnambulist as he may kill you in an amok reaction.

That is why Germany is indeed a pit of snakes as the Germans can get very dangerous when they wake up for the first time and begin to kill other people in their fear they are no longer allowed to continue with their “Dornroeschen” slumber and must finally face their “inner schweinehund”. It is not a coincidence that the Germans speak of the “inner pigdog’ as they prefer to hide it as long as they are allowed to live their egotistic, petty “spiessburgerliches” life and bask in the illusion that their life is protected and safe amidst all the crises, wars and disasters to which they have actively and significantly contributed as a major NATO member.

The Germans have always been criminal recidivists in their inner schweinehund-mentality and 70 years anti-nazi education has achieved nothing as we see these days. Now the verdict has been fallen by the PAT and this country will be destroyed in this version. It has already started and the ruling German cabal are the frontrunner in this destruction with their obvious lies and brainless actions. If Germany has any tradition it is that of deliberate total destruction from within – from the inner schweinehund. And from a higher vantage point of view, this is fully in line with our ascension scenario for the End Time.

With love and light

Musing over the German Character

Dearest Georgi,

Boy did you say a mouthful! You know how I feel about this subject after 34 years of marriage with a Mother-in-law who still keeps the photo of her father in his SS uniform on her baby grand piano. I have no doubt that God sent me to my husband to protect him from his mother.

She herself is victim of severe programming. She “proudly” recalls how she was taught to praise Hitler every day in school and how she will always love him and how fair he was to give the Jews a chance to leave Germany before the war. She blames the Jews for the horrors that occurred against them because of their materialism and greed and unwillingness to leave the country when Hitler told them to. She never believed that they were “Chosen People” and always knew that someday Hitler would be proven right on that. She feels proud about rebuffing offers of food from American soldiers after the war as a sign of German “strength and resolve.” Once the war was over no one ever corrected any of her thought patterns or gave her counseling and she was allowed to mature without addressing anything that happened during her formative years. When she arrived in America she fell in love with its easy methods of accumulating materialism and lost her mind and soul even more. But there remained a small spark of light in her from the period of time she spent with her Grandfather in Austria. He was a deeply religious man and taught her some basic principles that still sever her well. She knows no fear and never expresses doubt in her convictions. Through all of her evil she trusts “God” unquestionably but her “God” changes depending upon her mood. In fact, she feels no shame in saying that her money is her God. The strange thing is that I can honestly say that I have seen short remarkable flashes of goodness in her over the past 34 years on several occasions.

But now with the energetic changes that have been taking place she has seen the reduction of her power and influence.  She no longer controls a staff and she’s too old and sick to fly back to Germany so she’s stuck her in the US and hating every minute of it, spitting and lying with every breath right up until the last. She loves her homeland so much she never bother applying for US citizenship. But at the same time she has loved American “might & right” for a long time.

It is precisely because her money is her god that I have no doubt that she is being preserved so that she can witness the closure of the banks and the total collapse of the economy.

When this happens she will lose it. She is one of those people who would rather be dead than live without money.

But my husband has found freedom and healing from her hateful and hurtful words. He’s also gained much more strength and peace in being able to handle her on those rare instances when he must since she is still his mother. He has grown and matured so much spiritually. His ability to love and show patience with her is truly divine. And this represents a defeat to her so she tries less and less now to harm him as she faces the winding down of her own life in which she has been hurtful to so many for so long.

For him, I am hopeful that he will have complete closure with her soon and that this closure will be initiated when the collapse happens. It’s difficult to speak about the collapse within my home because I’ve spoken about its possibility for so many years now that my family can’t and won’t believe me and their consciousness has difficulty imagining bank closures as a possibility. I must wait until it actually happens.

But I expect “fireworks” to go off in the minds of those for whom their money is their God. This will cure the German schweinehund-zombies and then they will finally see themselves as such.

Peace, light, love to ALL

Dear George,

My my, 2016 is off to an ominous start! Excellent. Early this morning I am finally over the turn-of-the-year sickness. I hope as you write, it was for the benefit of the walk-ins, so they can do some of this trench-work on their own.

I’ll try to be brief and to the point.

Dream 1: I am walking with a deceased PAT / former teacher along a beach path and he is showing me where the nuclear weapons went off, telling of how it had been tried to divert them from populated areas, but that many people still died and the radiation fall-out was devastating. I am amazed at how sacred and peaceful the place is now- of completely different energy.

Dream 2: Thousands are gathering on hillside bleachers for a New Year’s Concert. Those to perform are sitting for now towards the back with mics. I also have a mic, but no plan. We decide to do a countdown from 33 (or 31?) with claps from the audience. It will be the kind where the claps start slow, then quicken and crescendo into frenetic applause. While we begin to synchronize, we see a passenger plane flying low overhead, turning like a warped ribbon in the sky so it is inverted, and then turning back upright and flying away. I am shocked at how it is obviously a hologram, but everyone knows it’s fake and is unfazed. Then it happens again to a second plane. Then a third time, but this Southwest Airlines plane is real.

Once it inverts, it quickly loses altitude, crashes and explodes. The stands turn into evacuation-mode and chaos. I am also shocked at this because now I expect everyone to be complacent and to continue with the countdown and concert. Instead they flee in madness. I walk to the top of the hill as thousands of paper planes (like kids make) are crashing out of the sky; years of paper planes are falling at once. The sky has turned dark and in the distance I see nuclear explosions and mushroom clouds.

Translation? MY shock is to see the masses finally respond like there’s a soul in there somewhere!

Let’s be quick about this, shall we?

Hi Georgi,

I just sent you a donation as promised previously:) About 2 hours ago my soul led me to news about the stock market on my phone! I always ignore that screen but today there were TWO articles about the DOW plunging!! I don’t know the details of how the stock market works and I don’t fucking need to. My soul about did a cartwheel out of my body as soon as I read the headline! This is the beginning of the real collapse!!!

I’m so happy and so detached to money that I wanted to send you a donation immediately so that maybe you and Carla can spend it while it still has any value. LOL.

I’m thinking I’m going to stock up on some champagne so that in case there’s a bit of a time lag between the crash and our ticket out of here…that I can sit home and light candles and drink champagne and focus only upon my best memories here:)

The mood is definitely celebratory!!

Free Hugs all around,

Dear Kari,

thank you very much for your donation and your intuition is correct that this time the crash is irreversible although it was there in a suspended motion since 2008. The way the events are now unfolding and the intensity of the incoming waves tell me that we will see very soon some significant crashes that will multiply in a crescendo reaction until a total infarct of the economy is reached. I have no idea how long i will take and probably nobody knows, even in the highest realms but at the latest with spring solstice we must have a full-fledged financial crash.

Hence enjoy your latest moments in this reality with a good bottle of champagne. In the higher realms there is only divine ambrosia but no liquors.

With love and light

An Dr. Georgi Stankov

Auch wenn meine Folgerungen aus den Berichten zu den Geschehnissen in der Silvesternacht falsch waren, war meine provokante Frage nach den „Schweinehunden“ letztendlich ein winziger Stein des Anstosses auf dem Weg zur Reinigung der Erde von denselben. Und so bekommt meine Frage „Gibt es sie eigentlich?“ nach nur 2 Tagen eine ganz andere Bedeutung. Denn dank Ihnen und Ihrem Pat gibt es sie nun nicht mehr, danke, danke.

Ihre über mich ausgeschüttete „höchste Empörung und Verachtung“ und andere Beschimpfungen verzeihe ich Ihnen.

Friede sei mit Ihnen

Liebe Christel,

du hast es vortrefflich erfasst und dies ist die einzige Art und Weise wie eine alchemische Reaktion zustande kommt. Wenn ich nicht auf die Lügennachricht von DFN reingefallen wäre, wäre auch diese Reaktion zur Reinigung aller Schweinehunde-Charaktere weltweit, aber mit Schwerpunkt Deutschland und Zentraleuropa, nicht zustande gekommen. Jedes Mal wenn wir eine solche Aktion durchgeführt haben, haben uns unsere Seelen absichtlich “betrogen”, um etwas zu machen, was wir normalerweise nie tun würden.

Dies war der Fall als wir irrtümlicherweise die Radiant Rose Academy hier in Vancouver in Oktober 2013 besucht haben und das Herz-Chakra aller zweite Welle Aufstiegskandidaten geöffnet haben. Carla glaubte irrtümlicherweise, dass Asun und Akasha wirklich existierten und wollte sie treffen, nur weil ihre Seele sie verhindert hat, eine Recherche im Internet durchzuführen und festzustellen, dass sie aufgestiegene Meister sind und angeblich Leute von dieser Akademie channeln. Wir mussten herzlich darüber lachen, aber ohne diese Täuschunghätten wir das Herzchakra dieser Lichtarbeiter nicht geöffnet, womöglich auch dein nicht, und wir wären nicht, wo wir jetzt sind.

Im Übrigen, diese alchemische Reaktion war gewaltig, wie ich gestern Abend von meinem HS erfuhr. Ich werde noch mal darüber schreiben.

Du hast eine wichtige Funktion in dieser alchemischen Reaktion erfüllt.

Liebe Grüße

Hallo Georgi,

ich hatte in den letzten Wochen immer einen leicht pochenden Schädel und mein linkes Augenlid zuckt seit zwei Wochen in unregelmäßigen Abständen. Auch sehr viele ungewöhnliche Wetterumschwünge in letzter Zeit.

Ich wollte dir schon schreiben, dass die DWN vor zwei Jahren vom Springer-Verlag aufgekauft wurden, aber das hast du ja mal wieder ziemlich schnell selbst gemerkt.

wirklich alternative Medien gibt es nicht, aber ab und an lese ich auf (östereichisch)

In der Tat besteht Deutschland aus mehreren Kasten: den Politikern, Marionetten ohne jegliche Bildung oder Berufserfahrung, die Lobbyisten und die dazugehörigen Wirtschaftskomplexe (von denen mal in einem Nebensatz in den Nachrichten erwähnt wird, dass die deutsche Rüstungsindustrie in der ersten Hälfte 2015 180 Millionen Euro an Waffen nach Saudi-Arabien geliefert hat) und schließlich die deutschen Arbeitsesel, duckmäuserische Spießbürger, welcher sich nicht über unrechte Gesetze oder unnötige Bürokratie erheben kann.

Urban Priol, einer der letzten wirklich guten deutschen Kabarettisten hat neulich in einer Sendung in 5 Minuten einfache und kraftvolle Änderungen vorgeschlagen, mit denen man die Ausbeute an Kleinbauern hier und in anderen Teilen der Welt beenden und auch andere Fluchtgründe einfach beheben könnte. Der Mann ist ein Genie.

Doch was wirklich unternehmen? In dieser Diktukratur mit Scheinwahlen geht doch nie etwas voran, und wenn doch, dann in die falsche Richtung. Alternativen zu Merkel? Steinmeier? Steinbrück? Gabriel, das fette Stück Scheiße?

Ich habe meinen Glauben in die Volksvertreter schon lange aufgegeben und es sieht für mich in diesem Moment so aus als ob Deutschland auf einen Bürgerkrieg zusteuert.

Abgesehen von der vorgegaukelten Blabla Panikmache wäre die richtige Geschichte hinter der Sache doch interessant. Ich bin mir sicher, dass gerade jetzt wieder irgendein hirnrissiger Dreck durchgebracht wird, TTIP oder so was in der Größenordnung.

Hoffentlich gibt es bald eine weitere Welle, welche den ganzen Mist endgültig wegfegt…

Liebe Grüße,

Lieber Alex,

das ist alles richtig und zutreffend, aber du vergisst, dass es uns auch gibt. Und wir sind der Regenmacher in diesen Tagen. Wenn du meine letzte Publikation liest, wirst du sehen, wie es mit Deutschland sehr bald gehen wird. Es ist sehr spannend und wir waren noch nie so nah am Erfolg wie zur Zeit.

Liebe Grüße

Autoritätshörigkeit der Deutschen

Lieber Georgi,

Hier ist ein selbsterlebtes Beispiel der deutschen Autoritätshörigkeit Anfang der Neunziger Jahre  in München , Hauptpostamt am Hauptbahnhof. Ich gehe hinein , muss  telefonieren; da stehen gut 10 gelbe Telefonzellen.

Was Wunder zu sehen, dass an 2/3 der Zellen ein Schild hängt wie auf dem Klo :” Herren” und auf den restlichen Zellen : “Frauen”. Lange Schlangen vor den Frauenzellen, normal , denn um 11 Uhr sind ja meistens Frauen mit und ohne Kinder unterwegs. Ich staune erstmal und warte ab, um zu sehen , was los ist. Die Herren telefonieren schlangenfrei und die Frauen warten und warten. Bei genauerem Hinsehen stelle ich fest, dass nur ausländische Frauen sich automatisch trauen, zur Männerzelle zu gehen, wie ich auch;  und auch Mütter mit Kleinkindern.

Später habe ich heraus gefunden, dass es irgend ein Experiment sein sollte, den ich halt aus meiner Perspektive heraus so betitelt habe, siehe oben.

Mit viel Liebe und Dankbarkeit,

Hallo Georgi,

ich glaube sofort dass es so ist wie du es beschreibst,

denn die Situation hat sich sozusagen richtig gehend zugespitzt in mir. Der Prozess ist gelaufen wie auf Hochtouren: ablösen, ablösen, ablösen…

Heute tagsüber hat sich der Zustand im Getriebe wieder etwas zurückgezogen aber ich bin mir sicher heute Nacht spüre ich es wieder stark. An meinem Mail merke ich ebenfalls dass es stimmt was du sagst, denn es ist sehr wahrheitsgetreu und auf dem Punkt ausgedrückt. (Du hast einbisschen dran rumgefeilt aber nichts von Bedeutung weggemacht.) Daran merke ich dass mir “jemand” geholfen hat es zu schreiben.

Ich bin noch immer etwas irritiert wie es weitergeht, aber ich merke schon (habe seit ca. 1 Jahr das gleiche Mantra das Tag und Nacht durchläuft, durchhämmert) dass es schon wieder weiterläuft… Bin gespannt wie´s weitergeht vor allem, wie du geschrieben hast, da nun die Finanzkrise einsetzt.

Ich kann gar nicht  sagen wie froh ich bin über diese Stufe, die ich vergangene Nacht nehmen durfte, denn jetzt habe ich das Gefühl ich bin gewappnet für das was kommt.

Es ist alles so unglaublich groß, die Zusammenhänge für unseren kl. menschlichen Verstand von unglaublichem Ausmaßen. Manchmal denke ich wer´s nicht von Anfang an versteht hat es einfach nicht im Blut. Denke als Bsp. an den Saker.

Vielen Dank für deine unermessliche Tatkraft und ich werde dich auf dem Laufenden halten.

alles Liebe

Danke schön Georgi,

genauso ist es und ich bin so froh, dass ich nur ein Beobachter bin und sofort weiss, was wahr und unwahr ist. Das Gleiche war auch in HH auf der Reeperbahn, aber da war es nur eine kleine Schar, aber in Köln waren es erst 100 und als die Presse anfing darüber zu berichten waren es plötzlich 1000. Diese Schmierfinken hier alle, wie verdreckt müssen ihre Seelen sein, um das Spiel mit zu spielen. Ich habe gefroren, als ich deinen Artikel durchgelesen habe, so schrecklich ist das alles hier. Aber du hast Recht und danke, für deine offenen Worte, die Zeit dafür ist mehr als reif.



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