Elohim Cleansing of the Light Warriors of the First and the Last Hour

channelled by Yasmin Gowdet, January 11, 2016


Hello Georgi,

Here is another channeling from the Elohim that came through. I didn’t realise what they wanted to talk about, I had no idea where it was leading, but actually… well I will let you feel for yourself.

After the last line, I had to just stop whatever I was doing and was taken into a deep trance of activation. It was very nice and refreshing, and included many activation codes. Primarily taking place in the heart. The Elohim were kind enough to go deep within any lower vibrations in my heart and try to relieve them. You could really feel their love and care as they could have easily stayed in their higher frequencies where everything feels great. But they really do love us so much that they will go deep in even if the vibrations are lower. I hope that from reading their words you feel what I felt and allow them to help you carry the baggage we have accumulated on these lower timelines. I feel very blessed to be in such good hands of All that is! :)

Sending lots of love and light to you and Carla.



The Elohim Message

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A juvenile bald eagle taken at five-meter distance by Carla on January 10th on the beach of Boundary Bay, while basking trustfully in the healing Elohim energies we sent him.

Hello dear ones. We would like to talk to you about balance. As we have noticed, a lot of of focus is often brought onto the political and financial aspect of the state of the world. We think it is excellent how aware you all are of what is going on behind the scenes, but bless your hearts, you sometimes worry so much about it. It is so easy for us to float in our higher aspects of existence, and see the light in all that is, yet we see how much you struggle from these lower timelines. It is a sweet intention, to empathise for the destruction that is caused, and feel that these are ‘wrong-doings’. However, my loved ones, and this is something you are already aware of, it is all exactly as should be. We can see you are all aware of this truth, yet it is so easy to automatically come into a swing of fear and worry, usually due to wanting justice for others. Many of you feel like it is out of love to acknowledge that the pain caused towards others is wrong, and we see how difficult it can be to accept destruction coming forth to others. That is fine.

Release this sorrow, we too have now come down to release these, we also like to ride on the waves of highs and lows to be able to feel all aspects of the wave. This is what we mean about balance. Would we know the meaning of love without fear? Would we know happiness without sadness? What could we compare this to? As we speak through this vessel, we raise and descend our frequencies to blissfully indulge in the multitude of these vibrations, which must all be accepted and released. Imagine surfing along the waves. Coming and going. So as you feel the pain and despair of the state of the world, ride and release these emotions, allow them to lift you upwards into yet another perspective of the situation. All these layers of perspectives create a beautiful harmony which are released and transformed into a higher state of being. This is the balance of life and existence itself, the constant wave which must be cherished and enjoyed, the infinity of existence and the constant transformation of ascending and descending, waves within waves, slowly rising into a higher state of being, like a beautiful melody or a flower that slowly blossoms.

And now we, the Elohim, open our hearts into a warm and loving embrace to all these layers and all your souls. From the depth of our hearts, we release this baggage that you carry with you. We submerge into your being, and are there to help you carry those energies which sink deeply. This is the deep cleansing stage, and we are guiding you through it, step by step. Allow us to enter your souls and assist your transformation. Allow us to activate the higher light codes while releasing the old, in with the new. As you read these words, know that we are here, entering your hearts in deep transformation. Feel free to take a second and pause as this activation takes place.


Dear Yasmin,

This is a very timely message and discusses the same topic we also discuss with Carla these days and get the same confirmation from the Elohim.

It is very important now to draw a very fine line between analysing the current events on the ground as to acquire clarity what is happening at the end time and give testimony to All-That-Is as enlightened observers and allow being mired by emotional attachments to the unfolding drama, that is not ours. If we know that the matrix must collapse and that this will affect all humans in their alleged sense of security and stability and cause distress to them, why should we then succumb to wrongly understood compassion for them and for their clinging to old values and ways of life. If they want to ascend and experience true abundance and freedom, they must go first through these calamities which are associated with the collapse of the Orion matrix. You cannot cook an omelet without breaking the eggs first. It is as simple as that.

In addition we are the wayshowers who show the rest of humanity and in particular the new transliminal souls how to fully discard this old system and create a new with our liberated ideas and emotions. Essentially this is the objective of this website. Insofar the Elohim have confirmed one more time what has been the established line of our discussions so far. But this truth is now more valid than ever before.

The messages you get from the Elohim have the same energetic imprint as the ones Carla gets and they are very high vibrating. Continue receiving these messages as this will be very important for you, for your future mission in Asia and also for the entire PAT. I commend you for that.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I had a strong feeling that you would be receiving the same messages, I’m glad that we are on the same page. What you say about accepting the broken eggs is exactly what they meant, I believe.

The Elohim mentioned a couple days ago that they would visit soon, but I didn’t realise how soon they meant. Today they said they are starting the deep cleansing within all of us and would like us all to allow them in, they were residing between the 7th and 8th dimension and have come down to the 3rd dimension in frequency to be able to cleanse us in a very close proximity. This cleanse should be very successful as long as everyone including the PAT allows the Elohim to enter their soul frequencies and make the adjustments and activations.

Exactly as I was channeling through the Elohim, Daniel was playing piano and I received a message from him right towards the end of my channeling telling me that he had just played some harmonious, beautiful melodies on the piano that he had not recognised before and was very amazed by what he played. This was very exciting to me as I knew that while I was channeling them through words, he was channeling them through his music on the piano and neither of us realised what the other was doing. After that we both went into a deep meditation and could feel such intense yet cleansing energies transforming us from within.

I just connected to the Elohim again, they will be in the lower dimensions with us for a while longer to guide us through this deep cleanse. Thank you, I very much appreciate all the work you and also Carla have been doing for us. It’s great to know all PAT members have been adding their own touch of productivity to the cause.

Sending you both a warm embrace!



Dear Yasmin,

this is an incredible synchronicity. I was just about to prepare your Elohim message for publication and our friend Julia came to visit us and I had to interrupt the editing. You know, the same Julia with whom we opened the Christmas portal and enabled the massive inflow of transliminal souls.

We drank tea and had a conversation when Julia began to channel all of a sudden with respect to Carla. She was given visuals that the Elohim have descended to the 4rd or 5th dimension where we dwell with these bodies from very high and began with the downloading of huge amounts of healing codes and balancing energies for Carla’s merkaba, so that she can be able to fulfil her mission very soon. Carla felt especially weak during the last days and her right side of the body was hit very hard by the incoming source waves. Her vision had significantly deteriorated and her right knee and back were aching all the time.

The Elohim told us that we need not suffer that much anymore, it is no longer acceptable and that they now have begun with the profound healing of our bodies. I must say that I have had the last five days constant burning eyes (conjunctivitis), a sense of flu with fever and plugged airways all the time, and enhanced diuresis which is a classical symptom for accelerated metabolism due to massive transformation of my body.

When Julia channelled this information Carla felt how the energies flooded her body and balanced her fields. Julia felt them to be very powerful, “coming from another galaxy” or “from 12 000 years away in the future” as she expressed it. But that these energies are now available to all ascended masters to heal their bodies and fields after the massive cleansing and alchemical reaction since the beginning of 2016, actually since the opening of the Christmas portal.

Based on all this information this morning (January 10th) we have come to the conclusion that this is indeed a new chapter for us and hopefully we will be relieved from our pains in the coming days. The PAT was really smashed these last days and this is not how ascension should go on from now on. But I also feel that we have overcome a very critical threshold during these first 10 days of the new year and that we can now build upon this new energetic foundation. For this we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, need healthy bodies and balanced emotional and mental fields. And this is only possible when the global cleansing stops for the PAT.

Thank you so much for this very important information.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Amazing! I’m almost speechless, after I sent my e-mail I checked in again with the Elohim and they were between the 4th and 5th dimension, they said they will be jumping between lower dimensions to continue this cleanse. Daniel has been asleep for the past couple hours and has been integrating the activation codes from the Elohim. It is really so spectacular! All I can express right now is how perfect these synchronicities are and I’m so grateful how connected we all are.

Thank you so much for this wonderful confirmation!

With love and light!



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