Breaking News: The New “X-Files” Series Is a Powerful Promoter of Global Revelations

Georgi Stankov, January 25, 2016

This evening I interrupted my boycott of TV and watched the premiere of the new X-Files. I am hurrying to recommend you to begin watching them. My feeling is that it is a powerful catalyst that will trigger mass revelations and it comes just in time, exactly on the day when we accomplished the most dramatic and massive ID shift on this uppermost mother planet and raised significantly the light quotient at the expense of the collective death of billions of transliminal soul fragments. To this I will report tomorrow in more detail when I will publish the combined message of the Elohim and St. Germain which Carla received this afternoon (January 24th)

If the PAT watches these series and charges them with the seven sacred flames and with the new source light of immediate creation in the infrared and the ultraviolet spectrum, we will amplify its effect billion-fold. Tomorrow is the second sequel. Watch this short video showing an interview with the creator of these series Chris Carter:

And here is the official trailer:

The new X-Files are surprisingly open-minded in telling the hidden truth, you all know and a big leap forwards compared to the old series from 13 years ago. I am sure that you will enjoy them and make the best use of them by charging them with the new source light of rapid transformation. The today’s shift was monstrous and it devastated us to the core of our energetic being. We must finish this ascension process now as quickly as possible and this includes the use any conceivable means that have been offered to us.

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