Breaking News: The Financial Crash Has Commenced at the Beginning of 2016 as Predicted

Georgi Stankov, January 4, 2016


Fall  of the great beast begins.  Dow falls 345 points on opening. Maybe our horrible cleansing this weekend was worth it?



Dear Jerry,

I awoke this morning and sensed very strongly the collective fears of impoverishment and financial stranglehold, it was almost overwhelming and I was only waiting for Carla to wake up to discuss this sentiment with her. And then I read your email. I will check immediately the charts.

Indeed the financial and economic collapse has started.

With love and light


PS: I forgot to tell you that I was even considering to write an invocation for the PAT today to accelerate the collapse, but now it is not necessary. It is happening already.


Mike Royer from Florida

Fyi!  Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges suspend trading.”

I promised you last year that with the beginning of the New Year of 2016 the financial markets will crash as they were in a suspended free fall already last year because they have no foundation whatsoever and are only kept afloat by the rigged trading of the few too-big-to-fail banks in the absence of any physical traders on the stock exchanges. The reason – the banksters wanted to cash their Christmas bonuses before they leave the sinking ship. And they knew that the financial Titanic had already sunk.

But the game changer in the current crash, of which we experienced a few smaller crashes last year in August/September and already earlier in September/October 2014, is the arrival of the transliminal souls. The soul essence on this planet has made such a huge leap since the opening of the Christmas Portal that no illusion can be kept alive anymore. And the Orion Ponzi scheme in finance is such an utter illusion.

In addition comes, as Jerry mentions, that in the last 48 -72 hours we did another massive cleansing of the dark personality structures of all human bodies belonging to the 49% dark soul fragments that were separated on Dec. 25th. We did this on behalf of the transliminal souls who have incarnated in these personalities so that they can adapt quickly and begin with the dismantling of the Orion matrix that has absolutely no energetic support anymore.

I was made aware by my HS already on January 1st, that we will have to help these transliminal souls to cleanse and transform the old dark imprints of their physical vessels and that this can happen only through us, the PAT, as our energetic fields have expanded to such an extent that they now encompass this whole uppermost mother planet and the entire human population. The new transliminal souls may have a direct open access to the source, but they are trapped in closed, ineffective energetic systems of human bodies with a lot of dark imprints and cannot anchor that much source energy in this holographic model unless they transform and eliminate the old dark structure of these physical vessels first. This was done in one fell-swoop in the last 48 -72 hours in the first three days of 2016 which promises to be full of dramatic changes from the very beginning. Exactly as we expected it and that is why we should rejoice at this perspective.

At this very moment when I am writing this breaking news, Dow Jones has increased its losses to more than 430 points (2.5%) , S&P 500 has lost 46 points (2.24%) and NASDAQ has lost 141 points (2.82%). Shanghai’s tumbled before that with 7% and had to be closed and the NIKKEI lost 582 points (3.06%). And the carnage has just commenced.

Exciting times ahead, brethren!

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