Brand-New Russian Documentary on the Rapid Collapse of the Orion Matrix

Georgi Stankov, January 3, 2016

I have been waiting for this Russian documentary since it was announced more than a month ago. It summarizes in pictures and text what we are discussing now for a very long time – the final collapse of the Orion matrix that can no longer be hidden and how it is coming now in full force over this humanity that has lost its propensity to resolve any civilisation and societal problem whatsoever. What all the people now see and can no longer deny is what will happen very soon.

With the massive arrival of the transliminal souls as walk-ins on this planet, this holographic model is bound to change profoundly very soon as there is no dark energetic force anymore that keeps it afloat. As the Elohim told us, all hostilities have been now eliminated:

“The arrival of the  transliminal souls is one of wholly divine order as it has never been as clear a time as now for their arrival where all energetic hostilities have finally been eliminated through this recent full moon portal and where the Earth experience has finally shed its cloak of dualityUnity consciousness shall grow now as these new souls learn to integrate into the personalities of the vessels that have graciously received them.”

It only depends on the magnitude of inertia of this holographic model and how quickly the new transliminal souls will adapt in the human bodies, and cope with their dark personality structures before they can bundle their energies from the source and together with us, the PAT, ascend this uppermost mother planet and humanity to the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy. We are very close now to this point in time and this scenario will determine the events on the ground in the coming days.

This comprehensive documentary of the Russian TV presents an unvarnished picture of the ulcers and cancers of the Orion matrix that is now in its final throes prior to exitus. Most, if not all, topics discussed in this documentary have been also vastly discussed on our website throughout the year of 2015 and earlier and should not be new to you. Therefore, instead of concentrating on the facts, try to gain an inner perception of the rapidly progressing disintegration of this human civilisation and why it has no future in its current form. This is the best proof for you that the only solution is ascension for which we have sacrificed ourselves since many years every single day, as is the case today when Carla, I and many of you are hit again by another massive cc-wave with an excruciating headache and can barely survive. But if this helps accelerate our ascension, so what, let it be.

I personally hugely enjoyed watching this documentary first in the Russian language and then a second time reading the English subtitles which are very good and very well relay the original message of the authors, and especially that of Putin in the two interviews.


22.00 PM Eastern Time: I have just found that the videos below are taken down from the Internet. I am looking for another solution. In the meantume you can use the direct links to Wikileaks website, which work. In the meantime all videos function again. – George

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