Ascension Dreams

The nearer we move to the final ascension /transmutation date, the more lucid our dreams become. Here are some beautiful examples for this trend. – George

Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

I truly hope this email find you and Carla doing exceptionally well with the ongoing barrage of energies!

It has been awhile since we’ve communicated but I wanted to share some dreams which I think may be important. You can decide if they are or are not but they may still be somewhat useful.

Actual Happening  1: December 9, 2015:

I am in bed and had just awakened from sleep and heard Elementals in the bedroom via the constant fluttering of wings. There was also a very large energy vortex hovering just above my head. I started to stick my arm thru it but decided not to in that I did not know where I would end up (different dimension) if I slipped my arm thru it. Also, my higher self was hovering and somehow it was outside of me and circled around the bed and jumped back inside my body as I’m awake. As it jumped back inside, my body jerked spasmodically.

December  17, 2015 Dream:

I was in this office with my old boss. He was walking thru the office looking very youthful.  As he continued to walk thru the office, I noticed one of the office employees, a girl that I use to work with had a piece of crystal in her hand, along with a chisel.  She said that my soul essence was inside  the crystal and that she was fashioning it. I could see her using the chisel on the crystal.  Odd, in the dream, I did not seem to mind that she was fashioning my crystalized essence.

December 19, 2015. Dream:

I am walking along this path with my mother and her brother (both deceased), or rather they are walking and I am totally flying above them.  My uncle is ill and I hear my mother tell him, “not to worry” because Shirley will heal you. As he continued to walk, he urinated on himself and was somewhat embarrassed. I told him not to worry that I would check with the Creator, and that I was certain, Creator would allow me to heal him. In the past, I was always half flying and walking, but now, totally flying, perhaps, symbolizing having attained total “Godhood,” and absolute healing abilities which I’ve demonstrated recently with family members, via a golden, triangular, crystallize light chamber which I’ve put ill family member in and it seems to work well in healing them, as they’ve attested to.

January 4, 2016, Dream:

My family and I including those who have passed on were out in back of the house (yard)and in the alley’ there is a big celebration going on. We are barbecuing! There was a popcorn machine there, and everyone was in line and I was filling up their bags with popcorn. Everyone was very happy, both living and dead relatives.

January 6, 2016 Dream:

I dreamt there were all of these animals out in the open yard. Dogs, cats, crocodiles, and other reptiles. At first, I ran to pick up my little grand-puppy (dog who belongs to my daughter) because he was directly beside the crocodile. As I moved him away, the crocodile followed.All of the animals were at peace and they were not trying to annihilate each other. Perhaps indicative of what is to come, peace, love, harmony, tranquility.

January 10, 2016 Dream:

I am inside of our family house and I am cleaning; washing clothes and hanging them on the chair. Then I’m walking thru the house deleting spams off the hard-drive of all the computers in the house. (this denotes cleaning) again. These dreams seem to point to different types of cleanings. Washing clothes, deleting spam from computers, purifying.

January 15, 2016: Dream:

We are all on this train; my relatives are there, living and dead.  There is a huge celebration going on, not sure if it is a graduation of what, but definitely a celebration. My aunt who died in 2010, was there and she was not feeling well. We were all waiting for my “dead” uncle to show up. The celebrating continued and we had a grand time! Lately, I’m dreaming of relatives, both alive and dead and big celebrations going on consistently. Maybe the celebration of the living and the dead represent a spiritual joining of the two worlds coming together.

January 18, 2016: Dream:

I dreamt that I’m at University, and I’m walking around trying to find out which classes I need to go as I have no schedule in hand. I finally go up to the desk and this security guard directs me to a counselor.  I find myself speaking with this blonde woman at her desk, and I’m telling her that I have a Bachelor’s Degree and am 3 credits away from my Master’s Degree. She them gives me three envelopes to deliver. Later, I am walking down the street to deliver the envelopes but tire of walking and start flying down the street with ease and grace. I am consistently having dreams of universities, celebrations and graduations. Perhaps the Creator’s way of letting me know that I’m getting close to my destination.

January 26, 2016 around 2:30 a.m. Actual Happening!!!

I woke up to go to washroom and came back to bed. I closed my eyes (not asleep at all) and instantly heard my mother in the next room.  She walked into my bedroom and sat on the right side of the bed.  She said that I have decided to give you another chance. She said that I came to you once before (very true, she did) and you sent me away (also true, I did). I said that ” I am sorry mother but sometime I get a lot of negative energies here and I could not be certain it was you, in that sometime they will take on the image of those we love.”

She said that I came to tell you that you are going to DISAPPEAR FROM THE EARTH AND NEED TO PREPARE FOR THAT.  I grabbed her hand and said “Mother, please do not go away.” She said that I will be here as long as you need me. 

Then the vision took on a dream like quality; we were all in the living room. She was talking to a Jamaican woman and somehow now my daughter was also there. My daughter picked up the phone to call my sister and let her know that my mother was back from the dead for as long as we needed her.  Then my actual cell phone went off and I either woke up or came out of the vision.

In any event, I believe she was able to deliver the vast importance of the message which is “prepare yourself” for you will be departing the earth soon, or rather she said “you will disappear form the earth.”  I do not know if she is still hovering around. If she is and I can detect her thru vision or dream like state, then I want to try and get specifics from her. When am I leaving, and other specifics, I should have asked but did not think to at the time?

Anyway, Dr. Stankov and Carla, I just wanted to share this information with you…..not sure how important  or useful it is or is not.

Much love and light, and, as always, God Bless,

Shirley, USA


Dear Sir,

Last night dream was one of the best omen I have had so far ! In dream, the environment of earth had changed so that there was bright luminescence even during night,
I heard my mom saying that lots of people around were feeling ill because of that phenomenon.

Later I was in the bathroom checking my chest sunburns in the mirror .. on closer observation, it felt like the skin was turning into golden ! … then in the moment, I saw those golden patches grow and cover my whole torso, becoming like a golden vest. In the mirror I looked like an angelic being and heard a voice that said “Its completed.”

Also huge heartful thanks to you, Brad Sir and all PAT contributors to the site for making this magnanimous masterpiece, the wondrous depiction of the end-times and the divine comedy lightshow. Its like if George Bernard Shaw and Mark Twain were fully illumined and had humorous and striking discussion of the current scenario.

It’s indeed a great privilege to be audience of that conversation !

Aayas, India


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