Why My “Saker Dream” Shouldn’t Be Saker’s Nightmare

Georgi Stankov, December 28, 2015


I have decided to publish this unyielding conversation with the Saker only to illustrate with what intransigent souls we have to deal on this earth until the very last moment. Since two days I am educating billions of new souls, walk-ins in the dream state in preparation for the final ascension. It is so hard at times and I woke up every morning as a physical wreckage. As I am sure that you are doing the same unthankful job in the dream state, it is important to know what kind of people we have to coach and push through the ascension process and how they “defend themselves with hands and feet” (German saying) against this bliss. Pure ingratitude!


Dear Saker,

I strongly feel that you should know this. This night I dreamed the whole night (with the caveat that I no longer dream but have real experiences in expanded awareness during the night) that I met with you. You are now a “walk-in” and I was educating you all the night in the New Gnosis of the Universal Law.

If you do not know what a “walk-in” is, read please my latest energy report what has happened around Christmas and how this will affect humanity:


A Blissful New Year.


Dear George,

I have noticed with great disappointment that you have yet again posted emails from me even though I clearly told you that this is a breach of confidence.  Sadly, unless you give me your word not to do that again, I will not reply to your emails any more.

Kind regards,
The Saker

Dear Saker,

I told you that it is the policy of this website to publish all emails which are not of private character as I do not entertain a blog. This is also explicitly said in my homepage for everyone to read.

Let us be brutally frank – I consider myself to be one of the most ethical and loving human beings on this planet and I have done nobody any harm in my comparatively long life under most difficult conditions where other humans would have behaved like beasts.

But I do not adhere to any artificial 3D rules and particularly not to rules regarding alleged “confidentiality” which is a cheap disguise for insincerity. This is the same bullshit as the “political correctness” imposed on humanity by the dark ruling cabal to censor adamant critics of their crimes. We both know where humanity ended up with this bullshit – in the cesspool. You disappoint me now if you enter the ranks of this scum and raise the same demands.

Besides, I have never promised you not to publish any emails from you which are of general theoretical character or almost meaningless, without substance, insignificant in terms of their content as your latest emails were. They were just a casual occasion to forward my own ideas.

Of course I would have welcome a more active participation on your part and I have asked you politely to do so. Dialectical disputes are only possible when there is a sparing partner. It takes two to tango. Socrates would have remained unknown to humanity if there were not enough curious people to ask him stupid questions or utter obsolete ideas which he then exposed as such with his sophistic method of analysis which is, since then, the most valuable spiritual heritage of humanity. Read Plato’s dialogues from this perspective one more time as to know what I am talking about.

You can decline any meaningful philosophical discussion with me and the like, but you should know that there are very few individuals on this earth with whom you can do that. And make no mistake – the discussions on your website have already reached such a low level of intellectuality that they no longer serve anybody to learn anything whatsoever. Is this the pathway you want to go? You were much more creative when you only wrote for yourself and did not care about other people’s opinions.

By the way the last time I participated in the discussions on your blog and tried the raise the level of intellectual discussion, your blog lieutenants immediately exerted censorship on me and deleted my comments. This is not very flattering for you but I do not complain – I only observe “la folie humaine”.

I personally do not think though that this a recommendable path for any intellectual – precisely for a member of the Russian inteligenzia – to follow, as it only reveals the fearful aspects in your character that now must come to the surface as to be recognized as such. This is what we call true spiritual evolution through apocalypse.

Or as you put it:

“This is why Putin is a ruthless but successful politician and I am a little quasi-irrelevant blogger: it takes a ruthless bear to fight ruthless wolves.”


Indeed, I and my group are ascended masters and Logos-Gods and have our own spiritual rules based on love for all incarnated souls and their well-being. We cannot follow petty earthly considerations based on thinly veiled fear patterns that determine the behaviour and thinking of most human beings on this toxic planet as it is our mission to liberate them precisely from these human traps.

And we are also light warriors who have liberated this planet from the worst archons and dark entities. Putin can only do what he does on the ground because we do the actual cleansing on a much higher level and also protect him to do his work until we shall no longer need any politicians, which is very soon. Read my latest post:


If you dislike what I do, ask yourself first how much this dislike is based on your unprocessed fears and how much it is based on fiction and not on facts that I might have harmed you in any way by publishing your irrelevant emails. I personally only see huge benefit for you from this discourse with me in case you overcome your fears and I am pretty immune against any form of ingratitude when people are not able to see the gold buried in their backyard.

To end up my letter with a positive note – I am glad to hear that you have started reading our website. There is so much you can learn from it.

With love and light

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