The True Nature of the Eternal Light Warrior

Regarding the December 20th Decision of the PAT Council

Rob Behr, December 29, 2015

Dear George,

Thank you for your great articles and mentioning my role in it. I felt to write a bit about what I feel. Great things are around the corner. I can feel it and per day my experience is changing. Thank you and thank you Carla!

Love & Light, Rob


With the honor that was bestowed on me in mentioning my participation in the Light Council on December 20th, I have no other choice than to fill in from my side my view and feelings that enacts perfectly with that most important event that was laid down in such a very clear way by George and Carla.

I am aware of the fact that I participate in Councils and even have had different confirmations and lucid dreams of some when events and important subjects are discussed and when sometimes personal gifts and invitations are given.

As to what George mentioned about the mentality of light warriors which I also second – and I want to repeat his words here:

‘The typical soul essence of the light warrior is always to commit a sacrifice on behalf of other souls – the driving motor behind this ascension and nothing more – but also the greatest trap for the light warrior. The warrior can only achieve the ultimate wisdom when he learns to lay down his lightsaber after he has won the battle. This is in practical terms. In psychological terms the light warrior has to overcome his inner passion to sacrifice himself to save other souls at any price. Heroism without mindfulness is indeed cheap heroism’, so very true that it even hurts when one looks back and discerns about the precious time put into so many so long without real change. Of course the truth is in the middle as we know that many a seed has been planted and we did what we did as we can only do so much as is possible. We teach by example but we also broaden our view from it. The process is what is important to come into full force. The ultimate outcome we do know as ascension but the way things work out on the road can be of different outcome and exactly those difficulties demand very experienced warriors to incarnate to handle every possible situation in the right way to always stay on course to the way of the ultimate outcome.

I have, like George, these things that take over a part of my focus. Like with Putin. A few years back my focus was drawn more and more to him and what he tries to accomplish as a light soul. I can’t resist it. I know when my focus is needed and whatever it helps with, when it feels right it is right. It’s no big deal for a dedicated warrior soul to see truth because truthfulness is synonymous to a light warrior otherwise he/she would not be part of that role. As your whole life is dedicated to accomplish that which was set into motion in the beginning – when the warriors participated as well – and set to end when the mindfulness of the group that represents Source’s out-breath (Plan Earth) has grown back into its full capacity as the powerful singular force that the out-breath of Source created for this part of creation, we the united light warriors back into full force.

The light warrior can never give up, can sometime need an adjusting moment, but comes back, always, like George still going strong continuing with his website even though he too is human. The light warrior is capable to adjust to every outcome during the many bumps and turns on the road. This is what brings the light warrior back to the ultimate wisdom. Acting on the process, mingling together divine ingredients and divine wisdom to dissolve lower situations of difficulty where we learn the full scope of the lying world, the lower mentality, the in every situation entangled lower emotional mentality of blackmail and of darkness.

The saying ‘as above so below’ I experienced during this event of December 20th when we participated in the council. It is difficult to explain because it was a sudden change in my whole personal system of allowing (how far allowing myself to still sacrifice on behalf of other souls). Doors felt like closing to what I was willing to permit any longer. I know I have an unseen impact on the whole that does what is expected from me. In the early ninety’s I was officially welcomed in this assignment and went through a whole lot of adjustments and I am just doing what I am supposed to do.  This change has been building for weeks, but it was very clear since 12-12 that I was willing to say, ‘no more space to those that do not take it seriously’ and not just on a personal level but especially on the level of unity consciousness.

We know that this world is going to be the New Earth destined for the Gods to walk upon. It is an honor to be on this earth right now because it implies that those that are here have an unprecedented chance to become as Gods. As simple as that. But instead? We fill up the space with low mentality, low esteem, dark longing and behavior, manipulation and lies and most of all service to the personality, the building of the ego. My grief is great but also adjacent to anger because of the damage that was brought to this world and to those ones of good intentions and heart those who became or are victims. Many warriors were attacked and did not survive. They are not lost and will continue their assignments in a different way but still not acceptable as their fight was mine and it stinks fighting an invincible enemy even if you fight with love and with light. Their tricks we learned to know and their darkness we conquer, but yeah.. still part of us is human you know.

We are like Source’s ‘Spetsnaz’ troops (well a lot more powerful of course), a force of light from the first ring of the out-breath of Source. Those that do not waver, know when to act and when to hold off until the right moment. The warriors of the first ring of creation, those that are completely dedicated to their assignment, divine truth first and thus the assigned purpose of Source’s out-breath.

If we have a ‘say’ in things, then we definitely have it now, the whole of all light warriors of the first ring that are now being united in their choices as a singular force of Source. We are here to ready this world for the Gods and that means that all who do not comply are transported to other worlds where they fit in. And I think that George’ view on the leave of the soul fragments and the coming in of the walk-ins is a perfect way to have bodies readied for the experience of ascension to walk this New Earth as realized Gods!

Love & Light,

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