The Energies of the Portal 12.12

Georgi Stankov, December 12, 2015

As a light warrior of the first and last hour one can only comprehend the magnitude of the cleansing hell he has gone through when the cleansing waves stop and the energies normalize. One needs the feeling of a normal human being to realize the pressure of the huge transformation leading to the opening of the portal 12.12. The last 4-5 days prior to December 11th were indeed a veritable hell, we were slowly moving through a tight birthing channel, with tons of compression and total asphyxiation, worse than water-boarding in Guantanamo. Yesterday came the liberation and we could breathe easily again. Then I realized how heavy the energies have been in the past few days. This explains why Carla’s HS appeared to us a few nights ago – we needed her consolation to go through these dreadful days which hit Carla even worse than myself. No complaints or description of the pains now. It’s always the same old physical stuff.

Contrary to the weather forecast that predicted rain, rain and rain again, we had blue sky and warm weather yesterday – the first sunny day in many weeks of leaden skies, storms, rain and bad weather. We had definitely moved to a very high timeline and we felt this incredible bliss and certitude that we have made a major breakthrough. We had a walk on the beach in our Infinity Portal at White Rock and could touch the outskirts of New Lemuria with our hands. Today is rain again and we are on a very low timeline. So what? We have to cleanse the deepest cellars before we can finally ascend Gaia to her new destination.

What Carla wrote yesterday was based on such a strong sensation of a major breakthrough to 5D that we could see New Lemuria with our 3rd eye and feel its blissful energies with our physical and emotional bodies.

There is, however, one important aspect Carla forgot to mention in his vision which we discussed at length yesterday. She saw how all the dark western governments are now evaporating, simply dissolving into nothingness and that the masses will not even notice their disappearance as their attention will shift, under the power of the events, away from the former centres of cabal power and towards the new cities of light and the manifested interdimensional changes, with us, the ascended masters of the PAT being the human embodiment of these changes in the centre of these events.

This night I had the most remarkable encounter for a long time. I met Obama again. The last time I met him in the dream state was about six years ago when he sold his soul to the dark ones and lost control over his destiny and original mission. I was very disappointed with him and scolded him for that. He was mad at me and that was it. Before that I had met him at least five time before he became president and shortly thereafter.

As I have reported in the past, I have also met more a dozen times with Putin, whom I also coach at the soul level. The most memorable meeting was about four years ago when a new walk-in, a very old soul and a soul mate of mine, entered his body. We met in Kremlin and had a long walk side by side, strolling along the empty cobbled streets in Kremlin in the night. We recollected our old friendship and I knew that Putin’s new soul is predestined to achieve a major victory over the dark cabal in the West in the last battle between the forces of light and that of darkness.

Since then Putin has been extremely successful in annihilating all attempts of the dark western cabal to start a new WW3 and establish the NWO. He has been demonized by the western MSM for that as no other politician before and this is the clearest proof that he is an old soul and sits firmly in our camp of the light.

The fact that I met Obama this night goes in the same direction. Obama came to me and was very distressed and depressed. I knew immediately that this is a new walk-in, probably the second one in about a year, as this also happened twice with Carla’s mother in the course of the last year. I have a lot of direct experience with walk-ins and their difficulties to adopt to the previous dark and compromised psych0-mental structure of the incarnated personality.

The new Obama’s soul was very much frustrated with his situation and needed my advise and help. At that moment I recognized this soul as another soul mate of mine. The reason why Obama was so distressed was that his new soul knew perfectly well that his presidency is one gargantuan failure in human terms and that there is nothing he can do about that.

I started to console him and was surprised by the power of my arguments; “Listen Barry Soetoro”, I approached him with his real name ” You have no reason to be depressed. Your presidency is the most important since the foundation of the Unites States. You are now supervising the collapse of the US government and this is the most crucial political event from our higher perspective. You do not need to do anything but stick to your ethical and moral principles and leave the events to unfold under the supervision of the higher realms. You cannot change anything in your dark environment and the people that surround you. It is too late for that now. I know how difficult your position is as you are the only politician in the West that has a clear knowledge of the ascension process in the End Time and you are also fully in the LBP. The other politicians in the West have no clue about what is really happening on this planet. The only one that is in the same situation as you is Putin in the East”

When I mentioned Putin’s name, I noticed that Obama felt very uncomfortable but did not say anything. I had an immediate knowing that he knew that Putin was predestined to play the role of the champion of the light, while his role was that of the loser at the political stage. Having realized that I consoled him one more time:

“Do not worry, your role is much more difficult that that of Putin as you must help dissolve the darkest government on this planet in preparation for the final ascension. It is the same unthankful mission as that of Gorbachev when he dissolved the Soviet Union, yours is historically even more important. You have all our admiration and support from the higher realms for taking over this difficult job on the ground. And you do not need to do anything particular, but just rest in yourself and reject any crimes on humanity that are suggested to you by your advisers. Very soon this ordeal will be over and then you should take at least half a year holiday and simply do nothing, only relax and recover from the current stress.”

This last suggestion seemed to calm down Obama’s worries and he thanked me warmly and left the room where we met. I knew all the time that this encounter had really taken place and that it was associated with Carla’s vision from yesterday and was very eager to get up in the morning and tell her about this dream experience.

I am confident that this meeting with Obama after a six-year pause is very important as it tells us about the imminent big changes that will manifest on this timeline. We see now that the western economy and the financial system are in a free fall and if the Orion matrix does not collapse before Christmas, the only reason will be that the banksters want to get their bonuses before they crash the system after New Year. But that is the utmost postponement of their death foretold.

Other PAT members have also felt this opening yesterday which is part of the huge portal 12.12. We knew that it would bring another energetic peak even though we did not know exactly what. Now we are a little bit wiser but there is still a lot more to come. But it is true that we are now ascending in leaps and bounds and I would not miss any single event in this most dramatic End Time drama.


Confirmation – Breaking News: Massive Shift in Consciousness of the Masses on December 11, 2015

Dear Georgi,

Such a great news! Today I felt so good that it wasn’t even real. Pure ecstasy! The only time I felt even better was during my very first meditation with light in late 2012. That was the most profound spiritual experience for me so far. That feeling was out of this world – I was flooded with the purest Source energy, experienced such an intense ecstasy and I most probably ascended back then. I actually had a feeling that something significant happened today and was another build-up, which will peak tomorrow.

Yesterday I had quite a spectacular conversation (more of a lecture) with a couple of Jehovah’s witness. They knocked on our door in the afternoon, so I gave it a try and they had probably no idea what I’m talking about except for a few things. It’s a bit hard to perform in a live discussion, especially when you have to talk about this topic, respond quickly and keep it as simple as possible, so they have a chance to really understand what are you trying to say. But I guess I made a good effort, haha.

By the way, just today my mother asked me to find a date about when some kind of a movie was recorded. Immediately after she asked me about it, the date came up on my mind. I checked it on the internet and it was right. Lol, awesome! Reading in Akashic records in real time!

With regards, J. Fleischman.



Dear George,

The markets of the world confirm today exactly what Carla just said.  Today was the most “coherence” I’ve seen yet in relation to true.  There was still a flow of energy towards perceived “safe” in US Treasury bonds as the Dollar was crushed this week.  Something has to remove the dark, low vibrational blanket off of the gold market still, but everything else was in unison.  Follow through will be everything.

Now that China and Russia have bought all the gold and are issuing bonds in Yuan may divert the flow:

Or we have the Comex now changing the rules on Force Majeure (as guessed in my article) to fold up shop:

The number of areas hitting crash mode is quite impressive.  The carnage in the energy sector is legendary.  If I wasn’t aware of what I’m aware of, I’d be scared shitless. Still, it’s just on the edge of perfection.

With love and light,

Brad Barber



I am currently a student, and the past few months have been so hard for me. My entire perception on life has shifted and it is hard for me to explain the things that happen to me in a way that my friends can understand. Therefore it’s hard to get guidance, or advice, or really make sense of my experience. I had an amazing vision last night that has left my heart so full of love it could burst and I’d like to share it with you and see if you could possibly help me make sense of it.

I was lying in bed after having worked a lot that day, and had drunk lots of energy drinks to get me through. I was lying awake, and I’m quite good at lowering my heart rate and making myself go to sleep even when my body is not yet relaxed enough through breathing exercises. So I was lying in bed, breathing deeply, and suddenly I felt myself lifting. I’ve had this before in meditation, so I kinda knew the feeling. However, I usually maintain connection to my body, kind of like an elastic band I can stretch and ascend to a certain point but I’m always pulled slightly by my body still.

Anyway, this time I ascended out of my room, my house, and watched as the streets of the city disappear beneath me, through the clouds, and suddenly I was in a space ( I say a space because I don’t know if it was space or not, it struck me like a holding area for souls before being sent back down to earth). I felt the absolute nothingness of it, I was just turning round and round and the nothingness was overwhelming, but in the most relaxing and calming way.

When I was younger I had felt this nothingness before going to sleep, but it had absolutely terrified me. It would cause me to have borderline panic attacks as I imagined what it would be like to be engulfed in that nothingness and cease to exist, but this was different. It felt perfect, it felt like I was in my deepest part of meditation but without any effort, it was just my natural state, turning over and over in the dark space and realising why our connection to water is so strong, except I didn’t feel supported by water, I felt supported by the universe.

I looked down at earth and saw how small and insignificant yet absolutely beautiful it was. At that point something huge walked past me, a giant of some sort that I believe was shown to put the world into perspective ( or maybe represent humans), and to make me realise how vulnerable it was, as the giant walked past I felt an overwhelming urge to protect the Earth. I realised how absolutely perfect it was, and how fortunate we as souls were to be in a cycle of reincarnation onto a planet so fruitful and alive.

I had the realisation that Earth is our planet, that it is perfect and absolutely miniscule in comparison to the rest of the universe, as if we were a speck of dust in the giants eye, yet how absolutely significant nonetheless. It struck me how, if we never ascended anywhere other than Earth, if Earth were in fact heaven then that would be an absolute gift, how to be reincarnated onto such an amazing planet over and over again meant we had absolutely nothing to fear and everything to gain. It struck me how the hope that there was more out there, that there was some other place to be sent when we died removed the joys of our actual heaven, Earth. I realised then that heaven really is just being able to appreciate Earth to its fullest extent, that heaven is a mind-set and not a place. I felt so much love for the Earth yet realised that the only thing that could destroy our heaven was us, and that we were in the process of doing this, and every fibre of my maternal being wanted to protect it.

At this point, there was a huge explosion, I don’t know what caused it but it was so vivid in my mind and engulfed my entire ‘vision’, it sent me hurtling through space, turning round and round and when I stopped I could no longer see anything, just complete darkness and nothingness, and a feeling of absolute relaxation and calm.

It also struck me that the ‘waiting area’ where I was floating felt like I was waiting for some sort of energy. Having recently looked into twin flames, I felt that maybe we had to wait in this area for our twin flame to ascend also, to join together to form an energy strong (or heavy) enough to return back down to Earth.

I feel blessed, and now feel an overwhelming urge to share this feeling and protect everyone I come across.

Love and light and all things fabulous to you, whoever you are

Nathalie, Germany (?)


Dear Nathalie,

this is a most wonderful and amazing out-of-body-experience excellently presented by you. The fact that you use breathing technique has facilitated this experience. I also use a special breathing technique that increases the oxygen in the brain and this allows for out-of-body experiences. I have had very similar experiences as yours in the past and have seen the earth as a small sphere from above as you have done it and know how fragile it really is and how big we are in terms of our energy fields.

You had to make this experience to gain this profound pantheistic feeling of being One with All-That-Is and this planet Gaia that is now on the verge of becoming a real jewel in the new Golden Galaxy. We have written a lot about that, read our articles and messages on New Lemuria.

From your email address I gather you come from Germany. Where do you study now and what? I have also two daughters who study in Munich and in Vienna. I myself live now in Vancouver, Canada, to answer your indirect question.

Thank you for contacting me and the PAT and sharing your beautiful out-of-body experience with us. This is very rare and very precious.

With love and light



New Oversoul Teams

Dear George,

Had to read that incredible message of the Arcturians thru Maria B. over a few times, as the words are packed full of so much energetically charged information [reading it aloud was quite powerful]. It makes so much sense that there would be the arrival of “new teams” to augment the ones who’ve been so long involved; we are not in Kansas anymore, for sure. I love knowing that what is up for us now is to experience and know ourselves as the galactic beings we truly are. Isn’t that just what must happen in these last days of “boots on the ground”, for how else could we really be available to humanity as teachers and guides but to know ourselves “outside of time and space”??!! And,to appear only to those who are ready for us; who will no longer have any grounds for a fearful response… SO, SO PERFECT. And, perfect as well is the manner in which the twin flames and dual souls will now come together; it is simple vibrational destiny.

My own personal experience has been so altered that I feel my personality is no longer what it was a few weeks ago. [You  mentioned that, too]. I am more and more my Self, yet that Self is all new to me. How cool is that??!!

With love and light,


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