Sensation: The Saker Makes Great Strides

by Georgi Stankov, December 11, 2015

A theory is good when it allows to explain what you observe. – The Saker

Bravo Saker, this is exactly what I wanted to convey to you in my answer “Who is Really in Charge of This Planet“!

The Saker has just published his 10th podcast (watch video below). In this video he essentially presents a lean version of what I wrote to him about who has been ruling this planet – the archons and the off world entities from the Orion/Reptilian empire – before the PAT came and change the rules of the game. The Saker discarded this world view as phantasmagoria of my mind, only to present it the next day in the political correct version of a mortal battle between the devil, who all of a sudden really exists even if Orthodox Christianity is not quite certain on this point, and the “God’s warriors”, aka the PAT, who are saving humanity, notwithstanding their delusional figments.

Indeed, the devil exists, as archons and Reptilians, and the name is irrelevant in this case. If the Saker would have opened his third eye as we have done it long time ago, he would have seen these dark entities as distinct beings as we have seen them infinite times in the last 15 – 20 years and reported about them on this website. This is possible for any human being after he has entered the light body process (LBP) and has begun with the cleansing process of Gaia and humanity on a global scale so that they can ascend and be redeemed. This is the only reason why the light warriors of the “Godhead” (Saker’s citation), the PAT, have incarnated on this planet.

Even the Saker is honest enough to admit that these dark entities, the  devil,  may not be visible but that they nonetheless exist and commit their crimes on humanity through their human stooges, the cabal. I did not quite understand from the Saker who these “God’s warriors” are he mentions as a counter-force to the real devil, he might have dropped us in the recesses of his Christian consciousness, which allows only prophets from the Scriptures to be the true and only bearers of truth and light. But the Saker is making huge strides in his sudden awakening, no doubt about that, and we should all commend him for this progress.

Listen at minute 3.30 when he says that the whole discussion was triggered by a question from a friend from Canada. Guess who? This is the nearest he comes to the truth. The chronological order of the discussion the Saker gives after that may not be correct, as we all know, but this is irrelevant now. It does not even matter if from a conventional point of view his interpretation may appear to be a cheap plagiarism of what he learnt from me and the PAT, and Jerry, and then vehemently discarded. We are used to this kind of behaviour as our souls are covered with numerous calluses of blatant disrespect. This is the old playfield of the human ego we have left behind us. What matters now is that the Saker has accepted our transcendental, enlightened view of the world for the first time in his life and has made a huge and bold progress in his awakening.

This is how we shall awaken the whole humanity very soon as never before have the source energies been so powerful and conducive to radical change of the collective mindset as these days. This is the kind of spiritual victories we need to win for humanity before we can finally ascend and leave this toxic reality behind us.

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