On Time Warps and Parallel Loops in the Multidimensional Simultaneity of the Ascension

Georgi Stankov and Jessica O., December 18, 2015


Hello Georgi,

I am being slammed by my HS/Source this  morning showing me that the scenario that you describe here http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2012/03/more-on-the-three-earth-scenario/ actually happened even perhaps on the dates you described at the time. I am trying to put it together in a personal timeline to analyze for myself. The veil of illusion is dropping for me very quickly. Is this possible in your estimation? I seem to believe it really began (LBP) as you describe for yourself in 1997-99, so-called reality ended 2005-2008 (real financial crash) with the introduction of the 3 earth scenario which occurred subsequently thru portals/source calls and downloads in 2010, 2011, 2012. Source, with the PAT, are currently, possibly, creating/populating each of these earths at this time, as you have established. All of the political, economic, social issues since 2008 is like some sort of time warp until the three earth scenario finishes its ID shift. Could this be true?




Dear Jessica,

this is a very good question and I only recently pondered on this issue myself and discussed it with Carla. It is true that I was informed by my HS both in 2007 and 2008 unequivocally on numerous occasions that I would ascend and then this did not happen physically for me, although a lot of remarkable things happened at that time.

The three-earth-scenario was our initial lean version to explain the multidimensional nature of the ascension process. We expanded this model to numerous or infinite timelines after we created the first seven 4D earths in May 2013 when Carla visited me in Germany. These timelines were then confirmed by Jahn in his messages, when he was in close contact with me and profited from my insider information (see articles from that year). After he stopped contact with me, he also dropped the multidimensional approach as he does not participate in the creation of these new earths at the soul level and cannot keep this high frequency at the ego-mind level as a medium. This is an inherent cognitive problem of all channellers of lower frequency

I use this example to simply suggest the possibility that we might have created the first three earths already when we talked about them in early 2012 after we opened the stargate 11.11.11 and we all expected to ascend at that time, which might have really happened. And that since then we experience the holographic repetitions of old events with slight differences in time warps.

Recently Brad confirmed this suspicion by showing that the stock market charts from 2011 and 2015 are identical and suggested that the final economic crash happened already in 2011 as predicted in my articles written before this year and that since then we experience existential loops or time warps on parallel timelines that give the incarnated souls the opportunity to finish with their karma and prepare for ascension.

Anyway, we know for certain that we, Carla and I,  ascended one more time big on November 28, 2013 when we also created Gaia 5 and became Logos Gods. All the ascended masters established contact with us and were full of joy and embraced us at that time as you can read in the messages from that time.

But we already transfigured in August 2013 and I know for certain that I ascended in July 2000 first and since then I have been more or less present as an avatar in this reality.

Hence I have myself difficulties to explain all these events in the chronological order of linear time. But when I adopt the bigger multidimensional approach, which is the only relevant one, then I assume that all these events have occurred simultaneously in the Now and as soon as we have thought them, they were created – the three-earth-scenario in early 2012, the ascension in 12.21.12, the creation of the seven 4D earths in May 2013 and then numerous more 4D timelines throughout the year 2013. Until we connected with Carla as two Elohim gods in November 2015, where we ascended one more time on November 28th as confirmed by our channelled sources and also by some independent sources such as Horus, the message of whom I recently published; then we created the blueprint of Gaia 5 in early December 2013, etc.

This creation continues unabated since then with the latest highlight of creating New Lemuria this year, among many other things. The whole ascension story is much more complex than even we describe it on our PAT website, where I do my best to present all aspects and major events in real time, which makes this website a unique source of esoteric information on this planet.

But I have always had the suspicion that we are now living in a time loop, or warp as you call it, as nothing makes really any sense. For instance, how comes that the banksters and the dark cabal can keep this rotten Orion financial and economic system afloat for so many years since it defaulted in 2008 contrary to any elementary human logic and sound economic laws. They are too stupid to coordinate and regulate this insane system on their own.

Obviously there is a higher force that coordinates and regulates the whole history of mankind, and these are our higher selves as Creator Gods from the higher realms, while all our probability alternatives, which we constantly create with our minds and some of which have been published on the PAT website, have truly (and always) happened on parallel earths and timelines at the time of their announcement. Only in this way can this uppermost mother planet display the current illusory perspective of seamless linear history, where all events appear cyclically in a slightly modified version, before the final crash can also happen on this uppermost mother planet and we can ascend.

The underlying, all-determining factor is when this humanity can reach the threshold of ascension. This is now happening in leaps and bounds through the massive incarnation of old souls as walk-ins in the human bodies, whose initial dark soul fragments were recently ejected from this highest timeline.

Indeed, this process of soul exchange is actually running since several years as we have shed off so many unripe soul fragments in the course of numerous ID splits and shifts, so that last year Canada, for instance, was completely empty of soul essence and I felt very lonely here. Now there is much more soul essence in this country as both Carla and I can feel and perceive with our inner senses, which is due to the influx of old souls as walk-ins.

This is what makes any predictions in linear time so impossible, as it happens simultaneously on numerous parallel timelines, while we rapidly move to new higher timelines and do not even notice that. In fact, since February last year both Carla and I are consciously participating in these bilocations between timelines, but I can assume that we have been doing this much earlier. However, our human consciousness only expanded that much after we became Logos Gods end of 2013 when we began to experience these bilocations to new timelines in a very conscious manner as the Elohim predicted it to us at that time.

It is a matter of fact that only after we discussed this topic on our website and especially after all true PAT members were promoted to Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy when our ascension was postponed one more time in May last year (see report), they also began to consciously participate in bilocations between the timelines and to report on this experience, as Jeronim from Germany just wrote to me half an hour ago.

Hence we have to deal essentially with the limitations of our human consciousness in grasping the full multidimensional picture of ascension and that we must adopt in our world view the fact that everything we think, envision and write about is immediately created on a parallel timeline. For instance, we were urged this summer very strongly by our HS to outline the Geneva scenario of presenting the new theory of the Universal Law to humanity in September or October as I wrote at that time. On this timeline nothing happened, but I am sure that it happened on higher 4D timelines where the new theory is already introduced and accepted and we now educate the masses as the Elohim and our HS have confirmed to us in private messages. This is where we constantly bilocate with Carla. I am personally present most of the time in my thoughts and emotions in Europe, even when I write this email to you.

But the new theory is not yet introduced on this uppermost mother planet, we believe to live in exclusively, as its population of incarnated souls is not ready yet. When it reaches the threshold of ascension, then we will automatically shift interdimensionally to these new 4D worlds, where this has already happened and we shall wake up with this knowledge one sunny morning and continue living in this new reality as if it has always been like that. Only later on, after full adaptation, will the human memory expand to realize what we have left behind and how big and adventurous our journey through the dimensions and timelines has been.

I hope to have partially answered your question, but I must admit that I also have many questions on this topic that remain unanswered yet and I hope strongly that very soon I will be able to find these answers in a more expanded awareness.

With love and light


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