Jerry’s Message to the Saker

Jerry R James, December 9. 2015

Response to Saker’s article

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW. What a great summary article and what a dumb as expected response from Saker. To be fair to him however I know it was a bit much for him to swallow so because I am seeing the number 11-11 a lot again I have summarized the major ideas in 11 steps below:

1. This earth has been ruled for at least 26,000 years by the dark off world and other dimensional entities through their hybrids and human recruits.

2. The dark over the centuries have used every institution including the church, education, medical and financial to further their agenda.

3. They have used every trick and power at their disposal to hijack the very purpose for us incarnating which was not to clear karma or to win salvation but to activate the light body.

4. Especially effective have been their dumb down tactics, which has increased exponentially in the last twenty years through television, social media, and pop culture to foster the belief of the human as a helpless, dumb and ineffective sack of shit with no hope of ever changing this condition through his own power.

5. The off world forces of light support energetically the ascension of the earth and mankind but can not directly interfere with this process. The work has to be done with boots on the ground and that’s us (PAT)

6. Prophets including Jesus helped create the energetic environment for ascension that us as warriors of the first and last hour are completing.

7. The prophecies of the Bible and other religious text are being fulfilled through the work of the Planetary Ascension Team

8. The dark, including their human stooges, have been defeated as of December 21, 2012 but have continued to perform as if programmed on autopilot because they are.

9. Nothing can stop the eventual outcome which will be ascension of earth and a portion of humanity to the 4D and the Warriors of the first and last order to 5D and beyond.

10.  All of this has already occurred. Time is irrelevant and non-existent outside this false but shattering matrix.

11. What task still keep us here. It is the economy stupid. And when it crashes, all lingering doubts concerning business as usual will be gone and this phase of our mission will be completed.


Dear Jerry,

excellent sum-up. In fact, while preparing this publication, I established telepathic contact to you and was thinking of you and that you would surely comment it. Which is exactly what happened. Here you have the proof that everything that happens has already happened, the moment we think it, including our ascension.

With love and light



Yes George,

I received your telepathic message loud and clear.

The energy is still very strong but my body seems better able to handle. Mostly it is fatigue especially when first waking from sleep from all the astral activity I recall much of performing not so much dross clearing now but many details to attend on alternate timelines. Events seem stable on the ground but it takes all our effort to keep this reality intact until it is at the most advantageous condition for us and ascending humanity. I am told it will be over very soon.

Thanks for your continued service and leadership.


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