Energy Report of the PAT – December 29, 2015

The Energies of the Christmas Full Moon Portal


Just finished reading your latest article. It will take some time for me to absorb it. Now I know what my HS was telling me when it kept repeating “Christmas when all your wishes will come true”. I wrote you about this just before Christmas but had been receiving it for months. Messages like this have been misinterpreted by all of us in the past to mean that our ascension duties are over. But since then we have realized from a soul and multidimensional level we did indeed ascend in the past and  another step on this long journey was reached many times.

Had we known in 2011 and before, on a conscious level, the massive power of the dark and their level of evil which was incomprehensible to us, we would have concluded that no amount of cleansing, no higher level work on our part could dislodge them from power and break their evil spell on all of humanity.

For this reason we could not know and so we took each task, each step and even sometimes a step back to rise again over and over again. Now here we are at the doorstep and from our soul’s perspective all our wishes have come true. The dark is defeated and mankind and Gaia are free to begin to live as they were meant, free sovereign with a conscious connection to source. This may take some time, but I don’t think much to fully manifest as time is still a factor until we fully integrate with the the higher realms.



Dear Georgi and Carla,

I felt the portal in my back and right hip, it rained on Christmas day and Boxing Day almost nonstop and was cold.  Alternately, Christmas Eve was gorgeous outside and one could wear a pair of shorts and a light long-sleeved top.  I think this was the ID split – it always happens like this.  This portal has been going on since September, it feels like.

The bottom line is that no soul is responsible for another soul and no family connection is so important as to jeopardize the evolution of the soul. As Jesus says in the Bible (free citation): “When you come with me to the Father, you know no brother and no sister and no parents (the families play no role at all anymore). Your true family is in Heaven.” This statement has been grossly misinterpreted by all Christians.

Yep, this is true. Our biological families are souls we’ve known in other lives and have lived with them time and time again playing different roles.  They’ve been our parents, children, siblings, husbands, wives, friends, business partners, torturers, slave owners, lovers and enemies.  We are meant to let them go, as all souls are part of the Source of All That Is – and that is it.  If we are so attached to our families we haven’t realised their role in our lives; which is to teach us about ourselves and understand this bigger picture, and for us to act like a mirror for them as well. We are all connected through Source – No one and nothing is ever lost.  Liberation is the key, and whatever liberates you from imposed societal shackles is probably the way that is calling you back to the Source.  We have a lot of false beliefs and duties imposed on us to think, act and be a certain way.

You can’t love anyone until you learn to be compassionate enough to love yourself – which means liberation from this matrix of lies.  This is not selfish, it is the only way to understand the well of what true compassion and love are. Which are usually not what you’ve been taught – it is much bigger and freer.

We are supposed emulate and be all of the miracles we have read about in so-called sacred texts, and surpass them.  This is really the Evolutionary Leap of Humanity – It is NOW.

Much love to you both,

Dear Carla and dear Georgi,

this is wonderful, congratulations to all ! Thank you very much for your explaining and confirming report.

I had been guided not to socialize on Christmas, so I postponed all invitations and stayed on my own, waking up on the 24th already with strong headaches. It took me great efforts staying grounded over the last few days and I felt the urge again and again to adjust to the “new now” – not knowing on a conscious level what that meant. I had no “usual”  perception of time any more and part of me felt confused but accepted and aligned with ease. The cleansing of the old lost “Kellerkinder” (cellar (closet) children) as I call them was intense. Several times I got the confirmation that our  “new home” among the stars was ready for move-in and that the beginning of 2016 would bring profound changes first on the financial and then on a social level! I’m so happy you confirmed my experiences and perceptions as besides you I’ve got no one to share this with except in the higher realms.

There’s such a deep peace around since yesterday and it feels like a completely new level of  harmony. The picture I got from my HS was one of an all-encompassing sphere instead of a pyramid-like structure I had perceived up until now, which had given me the idea of losing my individuality when reaching the “top” rather than adding to it with each individual’s experiences and insights. So the shape is rather the opposite of the pyramid, a structure that is widening the further we move “upward” as  we gather and unify with more and more aspects – w i t h o u t getting lost in the crowd! Sometimes it’s quite funny how we hold on to old patterns and suddenly replace them by a new model.

It’s up to us to choose our next adventures – so let’s all celebrate and express our joy and gratefulness !

With love and blessings from

Dear Briga,

thank you very much for this wonderful confirmation of the Christmas portal and its repercussions for humans and this planet. However, before full harmony is established we shall experience a short but very hefty period of total chaos. The old must die before the new can come in.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

what amazes me is the incredible amount of work you’re able to deliver in spite of your own ascension symptoms and reactions ! All those well researched articles, excellent comments, mail answers, nightly encounters, daytime experiences and so on – wow! How can one single “human” angel achieve this all? I guess I know the answer: With a little” help from one’s angelic friends…? Thank you again.

As to the “period of total chaos” – would this not be according to what each one is expecting and focusing upon?

Love Greetings from Mallorca, Spain

Dear Georgi

And so it finally happens…This is all music to my ears in regards to your latest article as referenced above. I must admit, I wasn’t feeling myself yesterday but I’m so much better today. My dreams of sea waves returned just after Christmas day where I was being consulted by various beings on “what should we do next?”. There was a point where I was on top of the ship and a huge powerful wave smashed against the ship and I skidded across to the other side with the force.

A few years back I was constantly having similar dreams with these powerful waves crashing down on me. I consulted a friend who knows on interpreting dreams and she explained that as the waves were not hitting me directly that they were signs of advancements in my life. A sign that times are moving forward for the better. Which at the time I had a lot to clear from my life. So, my last dream yesterday confirms that there is a huge shift not only in my life, but for all. We just have to be particularly aware of these changes and be there as guides to all who may find it a little confusing.

Again a few years back I had another dream (I could write a book with all my dreams alone! Very inspiring indeed!) where I was curious as to what was behind this locked wooden door. Of course, the main point was it was locked, but as curious as I am I managed to open the door and found another door which had crates of vintage wine. I felt a presence to my left and a middle-aged man was walking towards me with a tray. On it was a bottle of champagne and a glass wrapped in plastic. His presence was of utter peace and he smiled and shook his head and tutted in a child like way. At first I was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but his presence was so comforting that my anxiousness disappeared and he gave me the tray. I have many others like it but I know you have so much on so I won’t go into it!

This is just to say that what you, Carla and the team have confirmed it is like the last fitted puzzle in my jigsaw, meaning that all my experiences since a child makes sense. My time hadn’t arrived, as I was being a little too curious, but it has now and I’m excited beyond belief!

It also explains the dreams of snakes and rats and those of hell I have had as mentioned in the communication with Saint Germain and what I have been trying to write to you about in my previous emails about such energies but never found the courage to do so, as I can’t seem to find the right approach:

‘I had an immediate knowing and responded: “It is the separation of the ego from the soul and the source that creates the treacherous passion for domination over other souls in disrespect of the divine laws of creation in harmony with All-That-Is. The human ego has emancipated itself, in its descent to lower frequencies, from the leading influence of the higher self and believes to have everything under control, only if it manipulates in a limitless manner the destiny of all other humans, be it in the family or at the societal level, who may pose a risk or a potential danger according to his numerous fears. This is how the separated human ego misinterprets the creationary power of any form of sentient consciousness. All wars and crimes, and the entire behaviour of the dark cabal and the archons from the astral plane is the product of this disastrous tendency to dominate other sovereign creator beings at any price.

“This is it”, said St. Germain through Julia: “all these dark human patterns are created by energetic cords which the archons have attached to the lower chakras of the living and deceased human beings, whose soul fragments dwell in the astral hell and must be severed and cleansed now.”‘ Julia added on her own: “I see black snakes that crawl on the ground and reach these poor people in the underworld and hold them back so that they cannot escape this hell on their own”‘

Once again, thank you for this amazing confirmation and all your efforts and it has been a long time coming! Hope you all are feeling better, time for the epsom salts?

With much love and light to all
Dalila, UK

Hello Georgi and Carla,

I am processing the massive download and shift that occurred this past week.

It was the night of the 20th or 21st, that I had a dream where I appeared within a group of particular people who were on the road to destruction.  In this scenario they appeared clearer of their previous negative inclination. They were confused and disoriented-talking and looking at me for instruction and direction in this-their now. I looked around at the street we stood on and pointing down the road at children toys on the grass of a house and said-remember when we were young we used to play these games. At this point more people showed up and I said-well let us all have supper at my house in order to discuss their situation. Then it dawned on me that I did not reside there and had no means to host. At that moment a younger girl appeared and I said, you are an artist – please create the most beautiful scene in either an Aztec or South African landscape. This phrase I said out loud and therefore woke up.

I do not know exactly what this means. It may or may not describe the result of this:

I have no idea what spectacular solution Carla and I as united field have proposed at this crucial meeting of the PAT at the monad level on December 20th, at the height of the 12.21 portal,  but it must have worked out in a brilliant manner, though at the expense of a complete physical depletion of the entire PAT this last week. But the pain was worth trying it and we succeeded gloriously.

With Love,

Dear Georgi

When you started to encapsulate this past year, I did not want to re read as I had had the most debilitating time commencing around December 19. I was emotionally aggressive, incoherent and thought I was loosing ‘it’. Pressure headaches commenced two days later and was conscious of meaningless dreams but which had a reassuring feeling about them.

I skimmed over the first report, found myself reading the second. The full moon portal announcement and subsequent follow-up is truly magnificent for the right decisions have been made.

Much love

Dream After Your Christmas Follow-Up post

Dear Georgi,

Last night, I read your Christmas Portal Follow-up. I asked to receive understanding of it in the sleep state. Here is what I dreamt – from the point of view of a player in the matrix:

We are a theater company, rehearsing a musical number in which we are arrayed in a grid on stage. We had it polished, but were so focused on one thing that we missed instruction for the next and the next. It was a disaster, and the more we rehearsed, the more our choreography unraveled into chaos. Each correction put us further astray.

Then our theater is packed and the play is in progress. I am goofing off in the wings, hardly paying attention. I miss the musical number completely and a stagehand rushes to me showing me a clipboard schedule that looks like a grid full of numbers. She points out to me my box, which I had previously understood, and I panic, saying, “What does this mean?!” Nothing makes sense anymore. She goes off to find the director. While I stand in the wings of the audience I flip through a thick book to find my cue. Suddenly the audience goes quiet while I’m still flipping through pages and everyone looks at me. So I stand up with the book, and just say, “Uhhh…” and then repeat the line of the last speaker and see my line next and just read it from the book.

The audience thinks it’s hysterical, erupting with laughter, and I think, (GREAT! I’ll go with this and this is my new character. The play can just have a farcical character – like a modern self-aware play that incorporates the theater life as context.) I then am lifted from my place in the wings on wires like a marionette and I think I’m so great and that the audience is laughing at how great the play is. I do twists and turns in the air – as if it’s my first time on strings-playing on the idea of a novice actor who is destroying the play but is written purposely in this manner for comedic effect. The director flies up to the stage on his own set of wires with a wreath in hand. I pretend to be a stagehand to give him the spotlight so he may see to hang the wreath, but I merely fumble with a flashlight. The audience continues roaring with laughter. I am passing lots of time turning around in the air and trying to get my bearings before I am slowly lowered to the stage. Once I see my feet descending to the stage, I begin to freak out and am very resistant to plant my feet without the strings, because I still haven’t remembered my part or how I’m supposed to deliver the lines – even if I’m reading out of the book.

Then my feet are on stage and my crew looks at me angrily. I know I am supposed to play the pompous figure. I could remember how I stood with feet far apart, arms and shoulders broad, chest swelled up in caricature, but my lines don’t make sense. So I just puff myself up-acting really big and say “Black bean burger fingers!”, because I am just seeing what my hand is made of in front of my face and saying so. I am forced to call it just as I see it and the lines make no sense. Right then, I see the audience is gone. I realize the theater is just about empty and far along in deconstruction. Too much time has passed in my tomfoolery and the play should have long been over. The theater is being cleaned, the props are being moved. Everything is literally being taken apart. The other two on stage carry on but there is no one to watch but ourselves. The crew is focused on deconstruction, moving scaffolding, taking down walls, both on stage and in the audience area. Hearing the audience laugh so hard, I had thought they were appreciating me and the comedy of it all, but apparently not. I realize clearly they were laughing AT me, and then they left.

Two others carry on with their lines but no one is watching. My view pans out as one of the leading young men with shaggy Elizabethan hair is given a haircut, his eyes are sewn shut, and his mouth is sewn shut, with a coarse black cord. Parts of his face are painted with black tar in mockery. His mouth looks like a pig nose. He is mute and unable to respond. He is going to be buried like this as punishment for his character’s crimes. He looks dead but I know he endures this alive.

I awaken and express thanks for the gravity of this dream. I have had many dreams with the theater setting as metaphor for the life and times on earth. But we the PAT were usually the audience, awaiting the transfiguration with excitement. The theater often had the theme of gathering, excitement, anticipation. Last night, it was used differently, then taken apart. I feel the heaviness of the shift and think, ‘It’s really over.’

Light and Peace,

Dear Travis,

this is a great and most funny vision I have read for a long time. And so appropriate. Carla also love it.

With love and light

Dearest George,

I am so grateful for the post you just shared today, “Breaking News: The Christmas Full Moon “Portal of the Now” Was the Last Fateful ID Shift of This Uppermost Mother Planet. We Just Averted Full Destruction of This Earth. The 3D Matrix Was Fully Separated. Now the Pathway to Ascension is Free and Very Steep. Miracles Abound! Rejoice! Georgi Stankov, December 26/27, 2015″.

This is so very powerful. Amazing, how I knew somehow, with my Higher Self telling me that this Full Moon Christmas Day – December 25, 2015, will be a very powerful ‘portal’. I even mentioned this to my Transformational Healing Meditation Workshop that I gave this past Wednesday, December 23, 2015.

I would like to share you my experience, which happened between December 25-26, 2015.  After the Christmas family gathering which was on lunch time, I got home around 6 pm.  I was already feeling so tired, really a very powerful ‘Ascension Flu like symptoms’, and I even told myself, that I need to sleep, I just need to sleep.  My whole back was hurting also, since I also cooked for my family’s get together.

Literally, I had no choice, and just had to sleep, just needed to sleep, right away…. because somehow, knowing that during sleep time, I do visit the Pleiadian Mother Ship, just with the ‘inner knowing’ – and that night, on December 25th, I told myself, jokingly, that ‘wow, I need to sleep right now, there is a meeting happening at the Pleiadian Mother ship, even jokingly, and telepathically telling my Twin Flame, if he would like to come with me’.

So, I slept, the whole night, from 6pm, all of a sudden, and my body, was sort of in a trans-like, state, also seeing ‘visions’, while laying down.  I was not in control of my physical body, even though I wanted to get up, and do my usual meditation prayer around 10 pm, but I just could not get out of bed – somehow I was really being forced to stay in this sleep mode.  I knew, I had to do something, together with my Twin Flame, during this powerful ‘portal’, of December 25th 2015.

Then, there was a time, during my lucid dreaming stage, that I saw the cross of Jesus, like I was in that time of Jesus crucifixion, and so many flashback of ‘cross’ that I saw on top of the hill.  I somehow, while half-asleep, told myself, that this was ‘death of the ego’, and has to do with ‘Resurrection’, as an Ascended Human, as an Ascended Master.  I just said that, while half my sleeping state.

Then, I heard somehow telepathically telling me early morning, on December 26th, ‘Shiva & Shakti’…and just keep on repeating ‘Shiva & Shakti’.  Then, towards the daylight, I saw a vision of the number ’67’, which at that time I really do not know what it meant, but somehow, knowing that this is a message given to both my Twin Flame and I.  I slept through until, around after 12 noon, the following day, since my physical body, could not just get out of bed – I was really very exhausted, tired, that I, together with my Twin Flame, WE as ONE, did something to help Mother Earth.  After, I walked my doggies, I went back to sleep again, at 2 pm until around 7 pm.  My physical body was completely ‘wipe out’ from what I knew, I was doing together ‘IN Spirit’, with my Beloved Twin Flame.

Then, somehow, last night, and even today, I felt a powerful sensation, coming from my ‘root chakra’, and a wonderful loving sensation in my ‘2nd & 3rd chakra’, and somehow, this beautiful energy, (even from my back), would flow to meet the 6th & 7th chakra – truly a Kundalini Spirit, flowing, like a ‘serpent’ flowing from my root, and meeting the 6th/7th chakra.  I know, that this has to do with the message that was given to me, of ‘Shiva & Shakti’ – which I even found a blog about this, for this is what I have experienced a ‘tantric wedding within my Energy Center’s’.  It is like the lower self ego, has finally transcended and now the Higher Self, is in Unity and ONE with my I AM Presence, God, within me (as I have been meditating and doing my own inner work to attain this).

It is really a beautiful loving experience to feel this, within my own ‘energy centers’, just flowing from the root chakra to 6th/7th chakra, it was such an immense and powerful beautiful feeling.

Earlier today, I just felt a disconnection with the old Earth, 3D world, and even from my family, who still resonate in this reality. Somehow, I am being pushed to disconnect from this reality, as my perception and awareness has shifted tenfold. I even told myself, that ‘I needed to do what I needed to do NOW, in this present moment of the Now’, which I know deep down has to do with my Sacred Mission, as a Light Warrior/Light Worker, regardless of family obligations, which I am not a part of anymore (somehow being pushed by my Higher Self to totally ‘disconnect’ from family obligations/connections)….for I AM Now the ‘New Me’- and together as being member of the PAT, my Sacred Mission is of ‘utmost important to me Now’, in this present moment of the Now, 5D New Earth, more than ever!!!

Also, somehow, not sure if you also feel this, but my Higher Self, is telling me that there will be another ‘portal’ happening this December 29th, 2015.

My intuitive feelings, together with my Higher Self, is telling me also that 2016 will definitely BE more rewarding, a sense of Divine Completion of Divinity within ourselves….and I do feel more ‘relax’, a ‘blissful feeling’ that ‘All is Well’ with All that IS!!!

Anyhow, I would like to Thank you so much, dearest George, for sharing this, and confirming what I knew somehow was happening, during this powerful portal of Full Moon December 25-26, 2015.  I AM so happy and grateful indeed, to happen to read your post!!!

Blessings of Love & Light,

Elaine Alcedo
Newhall, USA

Dear Elaine,

thank you very much for this very impressive and comprehensive personal report on the Christmas portal and its unique energies. I do share your predictions for 2016 and I also expect another energy peak before this year comes to an end.

Dear Georgi,

You are correct to be skeptical of the History Channel’s Ancient Alien’s series:

“I was somewhat skeptical as I could not imagine that this channel grasped the transcendental dimension of our past as we discuss it here on our website and gave an example with myself.”

Tonight, I am watching the Ancient Aliens episode titled “Destination Orion.”  The premise of this story is that mankind’s ultimate destination is the star system of the Orion constellation. Imagine that! After their Orion money system collapses here on planet earth they want to convince mankind that their ultimate destination is the Orion Star System. They’ve certainly implanted enough programming with the Men in Black series that portends that the “Galaxy is located on Orion’s Belt.”

Here are some of the things I heard on the show tonight.

– The Gods will return from Orion.
– Orion has to do with the “magic of creation”
– The pyramid text point to an ancient Pharaoh who traveled into space to Orion
– The purpose of the Great Pyramid is to serve as a room of transformation in preparation for space travel

I couldn’t take much more but I’m sure you get the gist of what they’re trying to do. They want to convince the unsuspecting to agree to go to Orion. Wow! If this isn’t a sign of desperation then I don’t know what is. It’s got to be so close now that we can reach out and touch it!

Peace, love, light and joy to All,

A Massive MPR in the night of December 28th

Hello Georgi and Carla,

Last night (December 28th) I was urged by my HS to lay down around 9 pm. What I saw and experienced was beyond explanation. I was not asleep, this was not a dream. It was a HUGE MPR. It lasted for 2 hours until I was led to sleep. I was out of body, in many places at once experiencing it on many dimensions. Much of what I saw was very painful for me. I was comforting and moving people on…they were scared and I only could console and comfort them.

About a month ago, while laying down I was given an image of my house lifting up with the message-this is the beginning of the great shift, do not be afraid, I am lifting you up, nothing will touch you.

This is where we are at.

Georgi, I feel like you say, that things are escalating very very quickly now. I am unsure if this week will pass with the 3D holographic image still in place. Please, your thoughts…

With Love,

Dear Jessica,

I can confirm this event as around 16.00 pm I got very tired, the energies peaked maximally and I had to lied down and sleep. Then I was in massive vortex that made me nauseated due to the maximal rotational kinetics of the waves and could barely move for two hours. After that my body was smashed the whole evening. Carla also became very tired and nauseated a little bit later and throughout the whole night. This kind of waves are always associated with a massive and very devastating MPR. It could be the anticipated MPR on the lower timeline we separated together with the Orion matrix during the Christmas Full Moon portal on December 25th which went under in a nuclear catastrophe and the MPR came later to finish the job.

This makes a lot of sense with respect to our energetic experience yesterday. Thank you for this feedback.

With love and light


Saker’s Request for Confidentiality

Dear Georgi,

Problem solving requires creativity and critical thinking. Critical thinking is clear, reasoned thinking involving critique which can take the form of negative judgement, fault finding, merit recognition, and in the philosophical tradition a methodical practice of doubt. 

By imposing a predetermined expectation that the outcome of critical thinking must be delivered in a manner perceived as nice, you impose an unreasonable burden upon the critical thinker by forcing them to frame any negative or faulty finding in “nice” terminology. This reduces the value of the analysis provided for the purposes of solving the original problem and renders the solutions less effective or, in many cases completely ineffective which merely wastes time and resources.

“Nice” and “political correctness” often times masks the lack of sincerity in the collaborations that take place. Sincerity is defined as being free of deceit, hypocrisy, or falseness; being earnest, genuine and real. At a time when we are beset with serious economic, political, financial and cosmic problems that require sincere meaningful and workable solutions its very immature to seek confidentiality over matters that play no role in bringing about solutions.

Peace, love, and light to all,


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