Energy Report of the PAT – December 1, 2015

Dear George,

Anyone who has followed The PAT energy reports over the past few years can see the profound changes that have been brought about since end of Sept and the 11-11 portal/wave of energies as this is evidenced in the caliber of the letters sent to your site currently. They are light years [literally] beyond what was coming in a year or so ago. It is a beautiful testament to the very real work you have done and the level of commitment of “the light warriors of the first and last hours”. And, now it seems we’ve reached a point of real transformation. I congratulate all those who have so willingly taken on these healing opportunities. Their reports are amazing. Perhaps this stage indicates that enough of the dross, from our own incarnations as well as humanity’s, has been [or is now being] cleared and redeemed that we can rapidly move on to “the acquisition of our own I AM completeness”. This final merge could only take place with a completely healed consciousness and these new reports seem to signal the readiness to do that. To merge with our multidimensional core of Self, as referred to in that message from “The new ascended masters”, thru Maurene Watson, is the future for us and opens the door for an entirely new experience. [And, by the way, who is being referred to as “the new ascended masters”??? ]

In Love and Light,

Dear Pam,

thank you very much for this very touching affirmation of the great success of the PAT in the last four years. One must be blind not to see the progress, not only the personal one but also for the entire humanity.

With love and light

Dear George,

Firstly I must say that the articles you have posted within the last months have been very moving and synchronistic as reported by other readers. For example, on Nov 26th in the evening (GMT) I really was feeling the worst that I have ever felt with regards to depression, frustration, irritability, sluggish, tired, I was almost in tears, I knew what was happening, a massive ID split possibly a Nuclear war on a nearby timeline. I now must apologise to you George, I screamed out to you vocally and telepathically ‘what the fuck is going on, what is this?’ I lashed out and tried to blame you for it, I was very confused. I immediately went to bed and slept deeply with no dreams, which is very unusual for me. I awoke in the morning feeling like I had been in a fight with a Bear and checked your website, you answered my call with Again sorry, I knew what was happening, I didn’t need to lash out to you. Thankyou for the answer and I hope that you understand.

Secondly on the Nov 28th in the afternoon I started to develop upper back and chest pain, like a belt had been put around my chest and was constricting my breathing along with deep forehead and crown pain. As the evening approached these symptoms worsened to a point where only shallow breathing could happen, I indeed did have fear come to the surface and a minor panic was setting in. I laid down on my bed and called in the sacred flames for healing, I calmed and went into a meditative state and deep fears and hurts came flooding to the surface for transmuting, some I can recall from my past others that I cannot, memories that I had blocked out due to the deeply traumatising affect at the time, most of them to do with family members and how they had treated me as a child. I used Carla’s healing meditation with great success,Thankyou so much Carla. The next day the pain was still there but on a much deeper level, I knew I had more inner work to do. Then last night Nov 29th an extremely high pitched noise entered me flooding my whole being, I can still hear and feel it and the energies are anchoring intoGaia. I know this because I can feel them flowing through my left leg, it feels as if hot liquid is being poured down in my leg and out through my feet , my toes feel as if they are curling backwards, its painful but also blissful too. The morning of Nov 30th I opened your website and behold another synchronicity,

I have enjoyed very much Brad’s essays, they have giving much understanding in an area where I have much needed to get to grips with as I have been pushed my HS and guides to re-read them until ‘I got it’. I have had many laughs with myself over Brads essays, generally reading them again and getting a full understanding and wondering why I couldn’t grasp it the first time.

So you and Carla have given many synchronicities and advice over the last few years and believe me I have needed them, however, I am learning to trust myself more when the answers are given to me through the higher realms and stop questioning as this obviously only leads to confusion and me screaming at you. Brad has given me the most laughter I have had in years due to the way he writes and the fact that I generally have to re-read his essays, why that makes me laugh I do not quite know yet. Lastly Kari has given me the most tears in many years due to ability to be so open, so honest and so true. What a wonderful person/soul. She has helped me be more open with what I am really feeling with close family, friends and work colleagues and so far it has payed off.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Because of you, Carla and all your readers (PAT ) I not only feel one with myself and all that is, despite these heavy physical burdens I know that I AM on my way to Ascension because truly once started there is no turning back, that part of me has been transmuted and returned in an instance in, as John Lennon once sang :

All my little plans and schemes
Lost like some forgotten dreams,
Seems that all I was really doing
Was waiting for you.
Just like little boys and girls
Playing with their little toys,
Seems like all we really were doing
Was waiting for love.
Don’t need to be alone
No need to be alone,
It’s real love
It’s real
Yes it’s real love.
It’s real.
From this moment on I know
Exactly where my life will go,
Seems that all I was doing
Was waiting for love.
Don’t need to be afraid
No need to be afraid,
It’s real love
It’s real,
Yes it’s real love.

In Love and Light
Rob De Havilland from deep dark UK

Dear Rob,

thank you very much for this touching letter and for the appreciation of the articles on the website. As we move upwards we come closer and closer together and have the same experiences over and over again. This welds us together, not only as Christed unity consciousness, which we are since 2013, but also as human beings dispersed throughout the globe.

But it is time now to go home as it is getting unbearable here – this night (Nov 29th) I had a stabbing pain in the left eye socket all the time and the cc-wave began in the evening. There is no respite for us and I knew that if we have to stay till the end of the year it will get worse with every day towards Christmas as was the case in 2012. But this time the results are visible and humanity is really changing massively every day, so that ascension can no longer be rejected even by the greatest deniers.

With love and light

Dear George,

Yes, I was also wondering what happens during the last two days also.

But it is truly amazing, that early this morning of November 29, 2015 (I believed it happened after 3 am), that I felt this overpowering of beautiful energy, like ‘menthol, warmth and loving’ happening in my ‘heart chakra’ that lasted for a few minutes or so.

I really do not know if this is related to the Healing Meditation prayer you have shared by the Elohim on November 21, 2015, but I do feel that these all together have a connection with that, in synchronicity since I feel, know and see the Divine Spark within me, my I AM Presence, ‘ThreeFold Flame’.

I see now that my Heart Chakra, is radiating with the ’emerald green orb’ color, together with the Violet Flame, and golden light, but also, I see a ‘FLAME’ within my very own heart ‘ThreeFold Flame’.

I truly resonate with what Archangel Michael’s message for December 2015, for I am in fact also doing my own reflection/journal regarding attaining Self-Mastery, and knowing in my heart that the ‘desire of my soul’ is to also attain a ‘Balance & Harmony’ of the Divine Masculine/Feminine Energies.

Healing is still happening within my heart, but also now, a powerful feeling of ‘Reconnecting to my Cosmic Sacred Heart’, which I just realized and was brought to my awareness by my Higher Self, right now.

I am truly grateful, and feel truly blessed, George, even more so now, for the powerful Elohim Healing meditation prayer that you have shared with us.

Blessings of Love & Light,

Elaine Alcedo
Newhall, CA USA

Dear George and dear Carla,

it’s so empowering and uplifting and breathtaking what’s going on right now – thank you both so very much for doing and sharing! If we’d allow ourselves to stay permanently in these expansion energies – it would carry us away in an instant.

Thank you again and let us all stand tall and stable.

With much love and dancing in joy,


it has been a long time since I have written but I read all the reports and articles whenever they come. Thank you for continuing to keep us all informed and updated. Yesterday, November 29, I had a massive influx of fear, despair and total exhaustion. I cried and cried, raged against the machine and finally calmed myself with a hot baking soda and frankincense bath and went to bed early.

I just got off the phone with my 81 year old Mum and told her about the terrible time I had yesterday, an emotional breakdown of sorts, and she said she also experienced the same.  Even happened at the same time, mid morning.

Today I feel lighter and hope has been restored.

On another note, I have been feeling a strange sort of integration of new energies for the last couple of weeks. I feel oftentimes that I am floating and a deep sense of calm and well-being overtakes me out of the blue. I see an uptick of movement in my peripheral vision… lights, shapes, shadows. More and more synchronicities and am starting to feel that these synchronicities are going to be the norm now.  I say a word or phrase and then immediately hear it on the tube or radio. Our powers are strengthening and people are fast becoming aware that we are the ones who hold all power.

The forgotten word, “NO” is being remembered and people are waking up in droves now.  The push by the cabal(s) is only serving to wake even the sleepiest of our brothers and sisters as their evil deeds are becoming obvious to all.

Thanks again and much love to you both from Kevin, Noah and myself.

Gina, Canada, East Coast

Hello Georgi,

I just read your blog on and it is starting to make sense why I feel so “low” after arriving back into Canada from a beautiful uplifting trip toTrento, Italy (near Rome). I went their for a Healing Conference on extraordinary healing technology that is available in Italy. A trip to the Doctors office should look like this. The epitome of future healing medicine ~ Cellular Communication.

The meetings were located by the  North Italy Alpine Region. Surrounded by mountains, fresh air (free of chemtrails), and non GMO food was amazing. I found myself breathing really deeply & naturally for the first time in months. The people were very high vibrational energetic healthy happy people. The whole time their was incredibly uplifting from the people to the surroundings.

But my reason for writing is the disturbing change upon arriving home. The first day back to Canada I was still feeling so high energy from the trip to Italy. The second day back the density hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been guided to keep my writing, words and thoughts as positive as possible as I am co-creating at a fast past for the collective. So going to try and stay as positive as possible here.

My heart palpitations started I believe first day back. An overwhelming feeling of heavy dense energy came over me, while driving into downtown Toronto. The greyness of the clouds and all the atmosphere was so thick and geo engineered that it was so obvious it was not natural.  Instantly upon arriving home anger bouts triggered while working online, I even asked my HS out loud “Why am I getting angry?” Sadness then sunk in and I found myself walking in the Forest asking why I feel so sad and depressed, finally took a salt bath to clear myself and lay down on my PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic field therapy bed) to help balance my body, especially my nervous system.

I got the answer that while meditating that I was feeling the collective consciousness. So I prayed to please help me transmute this gracefully. I was confused as to why this darkness just hit me and while away nothing, total happiness. I came to the conclusion I was given a break from the energy work while in Europe as I was on an important healing mission out there.  We stopped in Paris for lay over and I anchored some light there as well.

Now reading your blog I see I am back to work here in Canada granted a little break in Europe. Being a Co-Creator of the New Earth I have to stay positive and not let the reality bring me down. So I am going to keep visualizing the Beautiful New Earth, and continue clearing.

What are your thoughts on all this? Do you feel the density is mostly the collective consciousness or also (geo engineering) chemicals in the air are factoring in to the depression feeling?

Also we were accompanied all the way home from Paris to Canada by two Military Fighter Jets? Is this normal protocol or was our flight special?

Here is a uplifting synchronistic story of confirmation that the 6 of us were indeed on a mission together in Italy. This is just one of thesynchronistic events that took place to show us signs of our purposeful path. Story on the Plane home for final confirmation

“ONE of our great Signs of Synchronicity on our trip to Rome, Italy. We spent most of our time in Trento for a very important meeting that I am choosing not to  speak about on social media at this time. All of us were shown different signs and synchronicity’s that we indeed came together to accomplish a  mission. On the way home during the plane ride we watched the movie “Train Wreck” about a promiscuous woman who falls in love with a Dr. and tends to her sick father. Toward the end of the movie it shows a part where the daughters are going through there  Dad’s stuff after he dies. The part zooms in at 2 Snow Globes of CANADA & TRENTO. Which is where we were just travelling fromTrento, Italy to Canada. After watching this I went to my friends in the other part of the plane and they too were blown away by the snowglobessynchronicity.

The other sign I received while driving in Toronto was this ANGELWORK license plate in front of me to confirm my work I had accomplished in Europe and the work I will resume here in Canada. I am constantly showed signs, numbers etc…. from plates and clocks and any technology to re-assure me of my work and keep moving forward.

Just another amazing story to share. Your HigherSelf and Angels ~ God show messages all the time to reassure and guide you of your purposeful path.

I am really grateful for your blog to help me work through this not feeling so alone. Thank you once again.

I have attached two pics for visuals, to keep it as light as possible. Feel free to share this story and images.

Love & Light

Dear Shelly,

you have correctly answered all the questions you have raised in your letter, so that I need not reiterate them. You were indeed given a break from the cleansing activities during your visit in Italy. I know this region around Trento very well and could not confirm that it is very much light-filled and clear. Quite on the contrary. This is the place where some of the most bloody battles have happened throughout history and in particular during WW1. Read Hemingway’s novel “A Farewell to Arms“.

And our heavy cleansing has little to do with bio engineering as it happens on a global level and above this 3D reality. But it is true that there is a lot of cleansing not only in Canada but above all in the USA, and Toronto is a prolongation of the dark Empire of evil south of us. I also feel its darkness like a brick wall only a few miles away from us.

Canada is not evolving in a good direction and the new government of Trudeau is about to repeat the same mistakes as the previous criminal regime of Harper unless something dramatic happens.

The last two days were particular heavy from an energetic point of view and I may report, if I gain more clarity, what happened and what we have achieved.

With love and light

Dear George

There is a longer and more detailed energy report on my computer that I can’t get out to you I’m doing this on my phone and it may well send before I’m through so be warned. Most  days out in nature I experience miracles. For a week a huge flock of starlings entertained me forming a huge heart shape 3 times above me. A rain cloud followed me home and showered light rain on me with no other cloud in the sky, it followed me all the way home with a beautiful rainbow above it. I had been desiring rain.

These and many other happenings are constant but my days in all are a nightmare of Vertigo which does not go away and is beginning to worry me I’ve had, like we all have, many dire symptoms, tumors and such that I’ve simply shrugged off and they’ve gone away, I’ve not worried about my mortality for a long time now but these bouts of vertigo won’t let up and I’m in an almost constant state of imbalance of less and more severity. The most severe leave me holding onto the walls as I collect up towels etc and head for the bed. I throw up vile acidic stuff until it is no more and then it starts to clear. After  an hour  back to normal, for a while anyway. I’m woozy as I’m writing this and feel as if I turn my head I’ll fall. For the longest time it was periodic but now I wake with it in various stages of severity I know it’s ascension related

Yesterday I was in the middle off a deep meditation that I do each day with the seven flames and was hit with a ” Spike” that set it off. Carla’s meditations seemed to help a great deal as my father, a world war 11 Canadian soldier abandoned us before I was born and never returned from The invasion of France, he went straight back to Canada. The balance I gained from a very deep and visual meditation was very healing and I felt as though the vertigo was over. No! Like all of us I’ve carried burdens of heartbreak, loneliness, poverty , losing my home and animals etc etc which I have documented here on your website.

I take them all on resigned to being divested of them on ascension. This constant dizziness is wearing me down and quietly I become afraid it’s not going to go away.

Tony Colton, USA

Dear Tony,

thank you for your energy report. There is nothing to worry about your vertigo as we suffer from same. If you read my latest report you know why.

I am waiting for your full report to publish it.

With love and light

Hi George,

After reading the recent posts relating to the Harmonic Convergence, I had a few observations that came to mind. I remember seeing a guest on the Tonight Show back in the 80s or 90s, explaining the Convergence to Johnny Carson, who you could tell was just not grasping it at all, which was a reflection of the I have to see it to believe it mindset of our culture. But at least the Convergence got some prime airtime!

Regarding the reviews of hurts in our lives and male and female energies, I hear a lot of stories like this from my students also, when we discuss family and marriage/divorce and gender roles and relationships. It seems to me, and I am not a therapist, but it seems to me like another form of distraction. But people are seeing that, and seeking healing, as discussed here also.

I have not experienced anger recently, and I thought perhaps I was going to bypass it, but I have experienced in the past two days a great deal of irritability. That seems to be the way I experience it, and as you say, it is cleansing and healing. I have been working with myself to let my light shine in spite of it.

Mike in Florida

Dear Mike,

if you read my latest energy report you know why you are irritable in the last two days. Everything can be explained.

While dealing with private issues in family relationships that is necessary for any proper cleansing of personal fields, there is also the treacherous tendency to be enamoured in one’s private problems, in particular if one visits regularly a psychologist and gets dependent on him and is not able to let go of the past.

With love and light

HI George,

After reading your report of the music and healing session you attended, I truly wished I could have been there! Music opens me to visions also, it seems so free and natural! At one time, I had planned to become a music teacher, but I had no interest in my 20s in sitting in a practice room all day perfecting scales! I have always been able to play different instruments very easily though. As I read your account, I felt as though I were there, and as though I were feeling the energies you described! That must have been really wonderful!

It was also interesting to learn that Carla plays piano, I used to enjoy playing drums along with my aunt when she played piano and the organ at our church. She has since passed away, but I wish we had recorded some of our music…

Mike in Florida

Fabien Maman’s course of healing through music in a church in Vancouver

Dear Georgi

I absolutely agree with you!

I always knew that words are very important. Personally I think that the spoken word has great power. Probably it is one of the biggest powers in universe. In the beginning was the word. I have inner feeling that in the beginning, before the word manifested, all things were created but remain at a standstill (inanimate). The next, the first word (divine word) was uttered. The first word (wave/vibration) revived everything that exists (set in motion) and this first word is still in motion from infinity to infinity.

I know perfectly well that the natural way of communication between people is telepathy and there is nothing special. On the higher plans of creation words are used really in the last resort.  Using words consciously we create our reality. Word, sound, vibration can change reality. There are descriptions that sound can freeze the water or mesmerize the cobra. The sound itself can be used both to revive or to destroy something. I practiced martial arts for 10 years and met with descriptions of martial arts where the weapon was just a word (sound). As we know, when consciousness falls from grace, higher awareness residues are used for destruction.  An example of an improper conscious use of the word is just “Kiai Jitsu”. On the other hand, we have Tibetan bowls sound therapy and many other.

At the end I wanted to say that since about 2 years I miss the place where we can go to harmonize our bodies using sound (temple of sound).

In confirmation to your event in the church today, I feel inner duty to spot speaking in vain (especially this applies to curses). I think that very soon we will rest in our inner space and we will communicate telepathically. Whereas word (sound) will be used only for true creation, to revive inanimate nature, to move away what blurs the clear view.

With Love and Light
Tomasz, Polska

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