Creating the Collapse of the Orion Matrix in Real Time

While the Dark Cabal Distract with California Terrorism, S&P Downgrades Every Major US Bank

Georgi Stankov, December 3, 2015

After I published our overview on the impending collapse of the gold and precious metal markets and the Orion monetary system as a whole, Pale Rider Heralds ApocalypseBrad wrote to me early this morning the following important observation concerning our expanding abilities to create the ascension scenario in real time from the fulcrum of our HS:

Thanks for completing and making that into a complete effort. I’m not trying to put you to work for sure, but the Pale Rider was so intense yesterday and that usually means it’s effective for me to say something to benefit someone, somewhere.  I think the message is more about people being responsible themselves for the apocalypse.  I didn’t even know it was the Ashen horse.  Thank you for that.  

I did have one question for you.  I just seem to be stuck “channeling” this whole process and I have no known blatant exposure to individual, defined energies or beings like others seem to.  I’m not concerned about it, but just wondered what your comments may be about my personal situation.  I don’t even think I exist here so dumping personal issues isn’t tough and speaking to other people’s HS is really easy if I sit and listen to them for a few minutes.  I can tell what their HS wants them to hear as I listen to them…

I do feel that I was always meant to deliver the Pale Horse message and feel that for some reason I am karmic justice and that’s why I see the whole picture as I do.  I definitely didn’t set out for this.  What an adventure.

And here is my immediate reply to Brad this morning:

Dear Brad,

when I read your latest review I felt the energies of the pale rider very strongly. As I told you previously you are channelled now directly from the Source or your highest monad, just as I am. We both have the advantage that we are open channels due to our very high frequency energies and also have a lot of knowledge and personal experience with the topics discussed and have developed our own congruent personal views with a lot of reading and analysis. 

This is unique as most light workers are intellectually lazy and that is why we do not need any individual channelling. We receive all the information we need in full coalescence with our expanded human knowledge which other channellers do not have. This is how I have written all my books – I called it “conscious channelling”, which is very rare, almost non-existent form of higher inspiration among humans. And now I recognize this in you. In this way we are not only wayshowers that create clarity in most convoluted topics such as finance, but we also create the outcome at the same time. In this case our consciousness must be rooted in the higher realms from where we unfold this alchemical reaction.

And the trick is that the more you write, the more you are channelled and inspired and the better you receive this divine information and create at the same time. You feel the power of it while writing as in no other state of meditation. That is why I pushed you gently to start writing on financial issues as I knew this personal booster-effect. And you give now testimony of this rewarding activity.

In fact, yesterday when I received your email I knew immediately that another powerful creation is in the making and that I had to make my contribution to amplify its power. While writing my response to you, I knew that we are creating the perfect scenario for ascension as we are the only ones with a clear multidimensional view of the financial markets and their fraudulent dynamics, where the weak spots of the system are and where most likely the cracks will appear. If we do not do it with a clear analysis, who else? That is why I am so happy that you took the ball willingly and contributed to this collective game….

I have always seen myself as a wayshower who paves the way for others to follow. Clarity of mind and crystal-clear logic is the most deficient human quality on this planet and when one is endowed with it, one should polish it like a very precious and rare diamond.”

A key element of the ascension scenario which I am favoring since the 90s, almost for two decades, is the bankruptcy of the big Orion banks and the shutdown of all financial institutions in the West. This is the best possible alternative in a world that is on the brink of a devastating nuclear Third World War that can so easily erupt in Syria and the Middle East, where now Russia and all major NATO countries such as GB and Germany are sending their troops in a dirty proxy war. The current situation in the Middle East is now more explosive than on the eve of WW1 and WW2.

Hence my preoccupation with the financial collapse as I do not want to invest any energies in a third world war scenario which the dark cabal in the West are now promoting with incurable madness. The financial collapse of the Orion matrix harbours several invariant factors that determine completely its unfolding.

First, all too-big-to-fail banks are de facto bankrupt since the 2008 crisis and kept alive like zombies with blood transfusions by infinite debt created out of thin air and massive bailouts at the expense of the taxpayers.

The only reason why these banks have not collapsed so far is that they are receiving trillions of dollars from the FED, while the FED debt and parallel to that the US national debt have skyrocketed in the last seven years. Since Bombama came to power he more than doubled the state deficit from $8 trillion to $19 trillion. Before that it took Bush eight years to double this deficit and more than 50 years for all other postwar presidents to reach a national debt of $4 trillion in 2000 which was considered a huge and inexcusable financial failure of the US state at that time. So much about the chronicle of the financial death foretold of the Empire of Evil.

As I pointed out recently and Brad confirmed this development, the investors have lost their faith in the US government and state that is in a state of undeclared default since 2008 and can only survive by printing infinite amount of money out of thin air with the help of the Fed. When the faith of the investors in the state is eroded, it is a matter of days when the investors will also lose faith in the liquidity and ability of all big banks to survive.

This is exactly what happened today, while the dark cabal distracted the American citizens with an apparent Islamist based terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA. Standard and Poors decided to take a peculiar rating action which will impact the American economy far worse than anything short of a biological or nuclear terrorist attack.

S&P cut ratings on 8 biggest US banks at 7:14 p.m. Eastern Time.

Here is a chart of the actions taken today from S&P:

JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. are among eight large U.S. banks that had credit grades cut one level by Standard & Poor’s on the prospect that the U.S. government is less likely to provide aid in a crisis. Banks affected also include Wells Fargo & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon Corp. and State Street Corp.

We now consider the likelihood that the U.S. government would provide extraordinary support to its banking system to be ‘uncertain’ and are removing the uplift based on government support from our ratings,” S&P said in the statement.

The move comes after the Federal Reserve proposed a rule on banks’ “total loss absorbing capacity”, or TLAC, earlier this year, that said that banks must carry capital and liabilities equal to 18 per cent of risk-weighted assets that can be written off during times of trouble, money which these bankrupt banks do not have and have no chance to generate in the current crumbling credit markets.

Wells Fargo, Bank of New York Mellon and State Street had their long-term issuer credit ratings cut to A from A+. JPMorgan’s was lowered to A- from A. Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were reduced to BBB+ from A-.

The downgrading of the eight biggest US banks by the rating agency S & P means in fact that the Fed has given the warning to themselves as after all these are the shareholding institutions which make up the Federal Reserve and that this central bank has no credibility at all. How long would it take from this recognition to a full-fledged financial crash and shutdown of the banking system in the West? – A week, two, four weeks or a month is of no importance for my considerations here. It has begun and the truth that the whole Orion financial matrix is broke and one gargantuan Ponzi scheme can no longer be hidden by the major players and fraudsters of the system – the rating agencies of the cabal and the deep dark government.

Both Brad and I saw the Pale Rider, the Ashen Horseman of Apocalyptic Death, riding in the wild west yesterday evening, less than 24 hours before this happened and I published our article with today’s date. And less than ten hours after I confirmed in my letter to Brad the enhanced creative abilities of ourselves as Logos Gods, the shootings in the wild west began in order to camouflage the real tragedy of the Empire of Evil. This time schedule is very important for all my readers as to keep in mind that we are creating now real time at the world stage. We only need to point out a particular crack in the Orion facade and it widens into a gaping abyss.

I am curious what Brad has to contribute to this immediate creation of the Ascension scenario that has now entered its final, highly dynamic and rather chaotic phase of total vulnerability as inherent to such highly disequilibrium systems as is the current financial Ponzi scheme of the Orion matrix.

And finally, to cheer you up, I am publishing below a video with cheerful red horsewomen on a black horse to show you that there are also other realities beyond this one, where the pale rider is harvesting lost souls. This is the team of the high vaulting club “Ampertalfreunde”, north of Munich,  which my older daughter headed as CEO for several years and also worked as a coach, while studying sports and German literature at the Munich University. Now she has given up her leading position in order to prepare for the final examination. In this high vaulting presentation she is also the horsewoman that is riding most of the time backwards and is holding the other team girls:


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