Breaking News: Massive Shift in Consciousness of the Masses on December 11, 2015

Carla Thompson, December 11, 2015

After I published the message of Astraea and Amora on magnetism with my introduction to the nature of this physical phenomenon, we had an extensive discussion with Carla on the beginning awakening of the masses to new scientific concepts. During this discussion she received a very powerful visual message from her HS which I asked her to put into words. Here it is:



Dear Georgi,

You know how sensitive I am to energetic conditions around me and at the global level, well I feel there is a massive shift in the consciousness of the masses today!

I have been flooded this morning with a massive high-voltage wave of energy – an ecstatic wave of elation – and it is accompanied by a sudden knowing that things are different now, on a global energetic level, that humanity has reached a completely new level of openness so that they are able now to at least consider new information that is coming at them from many different sources.

I’ve had a vision that the dark, heavy and low vibrational blanket that used to smother the planet has now been lifted forever.  It is no more!  The energetic layer of negativity that held the nay-sayers on the status-quo platform is now gone and there has been a sudden shift in awareness of, and an openness to the information that has always been a part of our reality, from the cosmos that is all around us.   

The reason why I am so elated is because I sense a definite opening for new levels of understanding in science and spirituality and realization at the level of the collective that energy is information!  It cannot be ignored any longer!

With love,


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