Ascension Highlights in 2015 – 4th Quarter

Georgi Stankov, December 30, 2015


The massive Blood Moon Portal on September 28th brought further clarity of mind, not only for the PAT members who are on the steepest path of evolution of all human beings, but also to humanity as a whole as we shall see in the course of this month and up to the end of this year:

Clarity of Mind

Some trends began to finalize as the default of the Ukrainian state towards its private debtors:

Breaking News: Ukraine Has Officially Defaulted Today

On December 20th the rogue Kiev regime finally defaulted also on the sovereign Russian debt and its downfall is expected to occur anytime in 2016:

We registered an acceleration in our creations which almost became simultaneous by the end of this year:

Ascension Dynamics in Real Time

Ascension Dynamics in Real Time – New Evidence

Further Evidence For Immediate Manifestation of Our Thought Forms

On October 6th, I wrote an open letter to the Nobel Prize Committee regarding the this year nomination of a Canadian and Japanese physicists who suggested that neutrinos, which are now considered to be massless particles in the standard model, might have a mass. I exposed the profound ignorance of the scientific community that is not capable of interpreting properly their own definition of mass in their textbooks on physics and have not grasped that according to this definition mass is an energy relationship. As all systems have energy, they must also have a mass. This holds true for neutrinos as well as for photons and thus eliminates such idiocies as the concept of dark matter which accounts for 95% of all mass in the universe according to modern cosmology which scientists have failed to find:

Dear Sir, 

don’t you realize how ridiculous you are? You are like a bunch of moles pretending to give prizes to bearers of light. Why don’t you come up to the surface and experience the light first hand. Why don’t you read the new physical theory of the Universal Law to understand the nature of Energy and All-That-Is. Why all these stupid prizes for proven blindness… Stop it before we shall stop this insanity with our ascension when the fools will be called fools and will become an object of ridicule to the whole humanity.

With best regards

Dr. Georgi Stankov”

Breaking News: Major Ascension Test Run This Night

Then I published my article from 1998 where I calculated the mass of neutrinos very easily and beyond any doubt from known physical equations. It is important to note that the two Nobel prize laureates this year only suggest that these elementary particles might have a mass but are unable to calculate their mass. So much about scientific profanity at the end of all times.

An Open Letter to the Orion “Nobel Prize Committee”

I addressed personally the two Nobel Prize winners and made them aware of the absurdity of their putative scientific achievement:

“Dear Arthur B. MacDonald,

The Physics Nobel Prize this year is a farce, a joke. Before you search for the mass of neutrinos with expensive experiments, you should first correct  the current flawed definition of mass from an impeccable mathematical point of view. Then you will easily, and to your greatest surprise, discover that there is no such thing as mass as a physical quantity. Mass as it is defined in physics today is an energy relationship ( a dimensionless number built within mathematics). As all systems and particles in the universe have energy, they also have a mass relationship to an arbitrary reference SI unit, or any other unit. Hence all neutrinos must have a mass. Period! If you want to learn more on theoretical physics go here:

Letters To Humanity on the Eve of Our Ascension

In the night of October 7, we experienced a major ascension test run that was confirmed by PAT members. Many more would follow till the end of 2015:

Breaking News: Major Ascension Test Run This Night

Energy Report of the PAT – October 9, 2015

On October 15th, I had the great pleasure to publish Daniela Lupo’s excellent Italian translation of my foundational book on the New Gnosis of the Universal LawThe Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” which I first wrote in 1999 and then expanded and finalized in 2000, more than 15 years ago. Daniela’s Italian translation is congenial to the original German version. This is even more remarkable as Daniela has used Google translate which is not that good for German due to the complex and rigid syntax of this language:

La Nuova Gnosi: Il Salto Evolutivo dell ‘umanita’

Excellent Italian Translation of My First Book “New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”

During this month we discussed a plethora of key issues that build the edifice of sweeping revelations which we shall witness in 2016. This included possible alternative reforms of the Orion monetary system:

Significance or insignificance of Current Alternative Reforms of the Orion Monetary System,

the genocide committed by the pharmaceutical industry on humanity by selling mostly cell-inhibiting drugs that increase mortality and morbidity when compared to placebo in clean double-blind, randomized, large clinical studies:

The Pharmaceutical Genocide on Humanity Revisited;

the exposition of the blatant lies of George Bush and Tony Blair with which they started their criminal war against Iraq:

A Bombshell Revelation That May Trigger the End of the Dark Criminal AAA-Cabal

These revelations were carried forward by a series of Mega ID splits and shifts that propelled this uppermost mother planet around October 17th – 19th to higher frequency levels and raised the light quotient as an indispensable prerequisite for the final victory of the truth:

Breaking News – ID Megashift in the Last 48 Hours

On October 20th, I was fully vindicated when my long-term prediction that the criminal clone Harper will be ousted from power in Canada came true. His conservative party was ejected from power and substituted by the liberal party of Trudeau that won the majority of the seats. This was in fact a resounding victory of the few light warriors in this second biggest in territory country in the world. Unfortunately since then the new PM has disappeared from the scene which shows that he is another hapless stooge of the dark cabal and will play no role in the End Time scenario:

The Sweeping Defeat of the Dark Harper Clone Is Entirely the Success of the Few PAT Light Warriors in Canada

On October 21st, I had the pleasure to present another highlight in the esoteric scene – the appearance of a new website with messages of the Elohim  Astraea and Amora who deal exclusively with scientific physical topics related to the true nature of energy from a higher-dimensional point of view:

A New Website With Excellent Popular-Scientific Messages From the Source on the Nature of Energy

Since then I have published and discussed some of these messages based on the new theory of the Universal Law. These messages contain invaluable information on the true nature of energy and how Creation functions in All-That-Is. The knowledge these messages impart help us understand better our own creationary potential as Logos Gods:

The Science of Creation – Message 4

This month was indeed dedicated to establishing the unvarnished scientific truth in various major areas of human activity. This included the exposition of the scientific fraudster M.T Keshe who managed to mire many a New Age moron, only to disappear in nirvana after making “revolutionary” announcements how his inventions would save humanity:

Clear Speak: M. T. Keshe Is a Fraudster and Sociopath and His Inventions are an Esoteric Scam

Although all deadlines he gave in October for the final worldwide implementation of his alleged new technologies have been trespassed in the meantime, nothing has happened and the memories of the many mired light warriors are so short that they need not bother to question their intelligence, or lack of it, and continued instead sleeping the “slumber of the righteous”.

In this context I explained why it is very easy to build generators of free photon energy but that we need first to experience a profound change in the energetic structure of this ascending holographic model that re-creates the higher dimensional conditions for superconductivity:

Generators of Free Photon Energy Are Very Easy to Build

We continued to discuss this theoretical topic in the next month when I published further messages from the Elohim Astraea and Amora.

On October 26th/27th, we experienced the last Supermoon portal that marked the transition of this uppermost mother planet to the new Golden Galaxy. Here is what the Elohim had to say to this pivotal cosmic portal:

“We are the Elohim and we greet you today with news that there is an ongoing transition from one holographic reality to another.  This event is driven by the light warriors of the first and last hour through the process of densification, or compaction, of  photonic light into the elementary particles of your physical and ethereal bodies, to the extent that all of you are increasing your light quotients to the utmost parameters during this transition.

This is a massive shift which began one moon cycle ago [with the September Full Moon portal of September 28th] and it shall continue to flood photon light coming from the primary fields of creation.  Indeed, as your light quotients grow in leaps and bounds know that you are drawing with you into the new golden galaxy, the uppermost hologram to which you adhere. The hologram which is being lifted is beginning to anchor into a New Earth hologram and it is this expansion that was shown to you in your dream state for easier understanding and so that you would be able to share this truth with the others.

You are not the only beings taking part in this expansion through intense densification of photon light within the physical vessel as all other expressions within your holographic reality are also taking part in the process. This includes all Kingdoms including the plant, animal, devic and mineral-crystal kingdoms, all working together in harmony, as one, moving this holographic reality with Gaia to a higher resonating “new earth” representation in the new golden galaxy.

This densification process can cause extreme physical fatigue and you have perhaps noticed that you feel better when you limit as much as possible all physical demands and interaction with your reality. There is also a reciprocal effect upon the physical body where an increase in photonic light does not cause a sense of lightness but rather a sense of heaviness. There may be some fluctuation in body weight, in particular weight gain, as the physical body moves into a new space straddling both holograms. There may also be gastric effects as a result of engagement of the third chakra used in bilocation during this process.”

The Elohim: The Last Supermoon Portal on October 26th/27th Marks the Transition of This Uppermost Mother Planet into the New Golden Galaxy

On the night of October 28th, I dreamed repeatedly and very clearly that I transmuted the energetic structures of all criminal souls incarnated on this earth and subsequently removed them from this uppermost mother planet. I did it the same way as when I opened the heart chakra of the PAT on November 22, 2011:

“My understanding in the dream state was that I transformed the dark cabal and all other criminals as their stooges at the soul level by retrieving all the incarnated dark soul fragments from this earth and by transforming energetically their archetypal personality structure so that new old souls can come in as walk-ins. This is how the final ascension will happen. This has been a leitmotif in all our discussions on the ascension process. We need much more highly vibrating soul essence on this uppermost mother planet as to raise sufficiently the light quotient and reach the threshold for the final ID shift. This was also confirmed and discussed by the Elohim in their latest message.

Please observe that this purging of criminal souls happened immediately after the opening of the last Supermoon portal with which the moon cycle that began with the most powerful ascension portal so far on September 28th was completed.”

Breaking News: All Criminal Soul Fragments Were Removed From This Earth on October 28th

This portal paved the way for the last Christmas Full Moon Portal on December 25th when the final ID split of the Orion matrix and the ejection of 49% dark soul fragments on this timeline was accomplished by the PAT and through our decision on Dec. 20th. After that we opened the Now Portal for the arrival of a massive wave of roughly 25% old souls of all human souls as walk-ins. Please contemplate on the chronology of these events to comprehend the beauty and precision of the ascension process.

The Elohim confirmed the ejection of all dark perpetrators’ souls from this timeline the next day:

“We are the Elohim and we confirm the soul fragments of incarnates seeking to live within a reality of disharmony, betrayal, shared chaos through prejudice, murder, rape and overall subjugation, that is to say the perpetrators of these and many more heinous crimes representative of a world gone wrong, are no longer compatible with the holographic reality ascending and anchoring into ultimate freedom from manipulation, oppression and all-controlling behaviour, founded in principles of equality, unconditional loving kindness and equanimity for all.

These souls do not belong to this evolving uppermost hologram and have been ejected and moved to their final place of natural order, in the third dimension, where further karmic re-balancing through a new reincarnation cycle shall take place.  These souls have made it known as to who they are by gross acts of indecency, cruelty and maliciousness, expedience for personal gain, and demonstrated a complete lack of interest in renunciation of their beliefs and actions.This has been the final culling.  

This cleansing was triggered by an alchemical reaction to a personal insult where extreme emotion is both the trigger and the fuel. Great light flooded these out-going soul fragments to move them to their final place of reckoning, the lower third dimension. All light warriors of the first and last hour took part in this cleansing and healing mission, in some way. It is done!

This upper-most hologram has ascended to the point where all who remain with their own original soul fragments shall continue to open to the frequencies of enlightenment, of evolution.  The remaining personalities, here as electro-magnetic configurations (empty soulless shells), will stay present and open to new souls of higher frequency who shall incarnate now as soul walk-ins, thus raising planetary frequency higher. These individual beings shall feel great fatigue and disorientation for some time while the integration takes place. They are safe in this process.” 

The Elohim Confirm the Final and Total Ejection of All Dark Perpetrators’ Soul Fragments From This Uppermost Mother Planet by the PAT

This epochal massive cleansing action was entirely performed by the PAT at the conscious level:

Energy Report of the PAT – October 31, 2015

and represented a special highlight in the ascension process, not only this month but also for the entire year, which is retrospectively the most dynamic and eventful year in the final phase of the ascension process since the PAT came together in the summer of 2011.


As soon as the dark perpetrators’ souls were ejected, the helmet came off and the truth was revealed:

The Helmet Comes Off

Altogether this month was dominated by two major topics:

1) The unfolding of the financial and economic crisis, where I could finally pass the ball to Brad Barber who took it with great enthusiasm and began to score a goal after goal in the dark cabal’s net of deceptions:

2015: Space Fraudyssey

The Edge of Infinity

Canada Marches With Giant Steps Towards State Default

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

How the US Debt Bubble Burst Amidst Reigning Insanity

How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality

Bottom of the Barrel

2) The role of superconductivity for the establishment of the new transgalactic human society based on new technologies. We even managed to link these both topics in a wonderful alchemical reaction:

The Perfection of All-That-Is through Universal Superconductivity of the Infinite Consciousness – Message 5

Superconductivity is the Foundation of Unlimited Free Energy, Antigravity and Easy Bilocation

Magnetism, Polarity and Superconductivity as the Basis of Creation – Message 6

Superconductivity of Mind Leads to Superconductivity of Matter and Photon Space-Time

The 11.11 Portal of Unification

The energetic apogee of November was marked by the 11.11. portal, the opening of which began a week earlier and thrust the PAT in a state of despair and being pissed-off with everything. It was one of the most insane and debilitating periods in our long careers as global cleansers of human dross. I defined this portal as the “Head of Janus“.The piss-off-ness prevailed throughout the whole week prior to this portal, associated with headaches and cc-waves and turned into a bliss on November 11 when the Arcturians visited us and gave us the following information on this portal:

“This is the portal of unification – unification of all aspects of an individualized expression, of all aspects of your multidimensional selves. This includes the anchoring of massive, pale turquoise crystalline light pillars into Gaia’s core, using the crystalline grid pattern.

Unification of your I Am Presence – the Holy Spirit of Creation – with your body/mind/spirit system.

This is not only the complete unification at the level of your souls, all of your multidimensional soul aspects in different realities (by this the Arcturians implied our simultaneous manifestations in Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius, etc.). This also means the unification of Gaia with the Whole, her full connection to her new level of expression within the Golden Galaxy. This is a complete integration of the crystalline light pillars that you have now inserted into her crystalline grid and into the core of her body.”

The Head of Janus of the 11.11 Portal

The Portal of Purification and Healing of the 3rd Eye on November 20th

On November 20, we opened the portal of purification and healing of the 3rd eye in all second wave ascension candidates after we opened their heart chakra about a year ago. This happened during a meditation in the house of our friend Julia with whom we also opened the portal of the Now on December 25th and allowed 25% of all human souls to enter the human bodies as walk-ins. These are old souls or such that come directly from the source and have never been incarnated on earth before:

The 11.21 Portal of Purification and Healing of the 3rd Eye – Energy Report

The opening of the 3rd eye led to the balancing of feminine and masculine energies on this uppermost mother planet:

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies Through Opening of the Third Eye

as this was confirmed by the Elohim in a message to Carla:

“We are the Elohim and we confirm our participation with some of you during your guided meditation to heal the many wounds perpetrated upon and experienced by the feminine representations of divine perfection. In your experience of duality, there exists the masculine energy and the feminine energy, as an expression within the third dimension of your reality. These expressions, masculine and feminine, are a divine creation meant to complement one another.  One is not stronger than the other, smarter than the other, more beautiful than the other:  they are complementary reflections of the other.

There cannot be masculine energy without the feminine counterpart, nor vice versa as they do not and cannot occur alone. They were created together and therefore express together and must exist together as One in a divine balance that Creation intended. Each of you carries the divine masculine AND divine feminine energies!  It is your responsibility to each balance your divine energies masculine to feminine.

What happens in your world of duality?  It has been a world of masculine determination and domination; and a world of feminine alienation and suppression. The feminine energies are seen as weak and therefore seen as easily conquered.  The masculine that is buried deep within the current dualistic world of power, control and domination achieves this through insensitivity to the natural world and the natural order of balance, of equality and of beauty.

Ages upon ages of domination, masculine over feminine, has created an imbalance within the karmic imprint of most incarnates.  A grand release of this karmic debt was created yesterday through this great transpersonal healing.  We rejoice in the knowing of your whole-hearted dedication to this correction in karmic imbalance that has shifted the outcome of many “future” lives, generations, timelines and multi-dimensional realities of humanity and Gaia alike, as deep wounding of the feminine (and feminine-oriented male incarnates) that has been absorbed into Gaia over the centuries has now been released and flooded with the deep emerald-green flame of healing into her Being.

This healing and release was pre-dominantly formulated within the heart chakras of all incarnates, as the heart chakra is the prime activator of the emotional body where all imbalance resides and from where all imbalance must be released.   All incarnates have been both of masculine and feminine orientations throughout their incarnation cycles and therefore all incarnates have experienced the suffering of this dualistic experience.

The green healing flame floods the heart chakra and as it is concentrated there with the intention of balancing the masculine to feminine principles, all current life and previous life incarnations are also healed when the intent is made. All of humanity takes part in this healing.  All of humanity is responsible for this imbalance, because as masculine domination has expanded, so have feminine counter-measures.  The result has been an alienation of each from the other leaving little room for healthy mutual respect and honour.

As you move forward into the creation of the New Earth, it is important to envision a New Earth that reflects first and foremost the harmonization of the masculine to the feminine.  This is standard fare in every ascended reality and now you find yourselves at this moment creating your new realities so it is time to do so in the divine perfection as it is meant to be.  The fifth dimension holds neither one orientation nor the other in the strict sense, as both are equally manifest within each individual’s chosen light gestalt – here there is no separation. As the ascension evolution moves forward even the excarnated aspect of one’s soul integrates more and more into your current expression revealing the magical presence of your own unified presence as it was first created eons ago.”

The Elohim on the Healing Meditation Through the Third Eye on November 20, 2015

After the Elohim assured us that the healing that has taken place with this recent meditation continued to unfold in the collective and that it set in motion our need to embrace the “opposite” energy to our dominant expression, be it “feminine” or “masculine”, they gave us a powerful

Healing Meditation Through the Third Eye of Divine Co-Creation With the Emerald-Green and Violet Flame

Before we climbed the next energetic peak this month, we had to look back and contemplate as to how it all began:

How It All Began – The Harmonic Convergence in 1987

Opening of the Left Brain Portal and Integration and Unification of All Soul Fragments in Second Wave Ascension Candidates on November 28, 2015

After we opened the heart chakra in the bigger second wave of ascension candidates last year when Carla and I visited the Radiant Rose Academy on October 28th, 2014. and then opened the third eye of this group of ascension candidates on November 20, when did a powerful meditation in Julia’s house, it was logical that the next step would be the opening of the left brain portal of this group.

Most PAT members have opened their left brain portal years ago and actually it is an indispensable prerequisite to be a member of the PAT to have an opened left brain portal and an open contact to the Source through at least the 8th to the 15th chakra. We have discussed this aspect of the LBP on numerous occasions in the last several years and I have written many articles on the LBP and why the left brain portal is the actual portal for individual ascension. This term was introduced by myself for the first time in 2000 and since then it has remained a kind of secret knowledge of the PAT for the sole reason that the other light workers do not get it and show no inclination to learn more:

1. Light Body Process in the End Times

2. The Function of Left and Right Brain in the Light Body Process

3. How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process

4. Update on The Energies of the LBP

5. New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 7

The opening of the left brain portal of all second wave ascension candidates took place when Carla and I attended a course on musical healing with Fabian Maman from France who is famous for introducing this concept as early as in the 80s in a church in Vancouver.

Opening of the Left Brain Portal and Integration and Unification of All Soul Fragments in Second Wave Ascension Candidates on November 28, 2015

It is remarkable that I wrote at that time quite a prophetic forecast for the end of 2015 while being channelled by my HS:

“Please, observe that all major portals and openings are now happening in a monthly cycle, beginning with September 28th when we opened a major portal of photon energy from the Source during the last Blood moon . This heralds something very big to happen around December 28th during Christmas and before New Year, especially if we achieve another major breakthrough at the portal 12.12.”

This is the auspicious Christmas Full Moon Portal that we celebrated these last days of 2015 which is, by all measure, the greatest success of the PAT and the ultimate ID shift of this uppermost mother planet to upper 4D and 5D. This portal will be the topic of our December review.


After we healed and opened the 3rd eye and then the left brain portal of the second wave ascension candidates, we began with their active education and opening to transcendental ideas. The Saker proved to be a typical and thankful case for this population while others (Joachin Hagopian) showed a remarkable progress in their expanded point of view:

Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet?

Jerry’s Message to the Saker

Sensation: The Saker Makes Great Strides

The Dialectics of Life: There Is Always Hope For Humanity

In early November, the theme with twin flames in the PAT and globally came up one more time. Carla received a message from the Elohim that further elaborated on this issue that has, indeed, an important role to play in the final ID shift and ascension of Gaia and humanity:

“We greet you in this moment with compassion for your deep desire to seek union with what has been described as the “Twin Flame”.  The language of this label is extremely limiting and it has taken on a mystical role for those who find themselves lonely and seeking companionship for the journey through incarnation.

First, we must stress that this period of ascension means only one thing:  It is the awakening of the individuated expressions to themselves, first and foremost; It means the awakening to your own Self; for to seek a “twin soul”  before awakening to the Self is an error in discernment and demonstrates paramount disregard for one’s own expansion and the intimate understanding of one’s own Soul.  

The ultimate objective of your personal incarnation at this time is to achieve fully the intimate experience of your own I AM presence; the knowing of your Self and the embracing of your Self within the context of the Wholeness of All-That-Is. This step is the foundational step that must be completed before one seeks union with another soul.

Every incarnate on this planet in this moment has come from the Lemuria~Atlantis epoch.  This means that sometimes individuals may feel “connected” in some manner to another individual, but this is only a soul-mate connection.  And within the meaning of this explanation there follows the karmic imperative.

As the karmic imperative no longer applies to this current reality, soul-mate alignment for karmic resolution is no longer valid.

Therefore there is only really one imperative now and that is the full achievement of one’s own soul alignment, the alignment with one’s soul essence or ones Higher Self to the physical body/mind/spirit system.  This must be done prior to the encounter with ones twin flame, so that this connection may be achieved with little effort and easy integration, and this is no small task.  

Let us share this thought with deep affection for all of you as incarnates:  The source of much pain and suffering within your reality almost always arises from the mis-creation of the human mind.  The mental body – a part of which includes the mind – can create all manner of illusion within the emotional bodies’ constructs of what the “perfect reality” may be perceived to really be.  

The purpose of the re-union of the twin souls at this time is simply to magnify their own personal efforts, and their own successes, during this ascension expansion.  When they are in energetic union and full harmony, each to the other, their contribution to the ascension process is magnified many times over, including on the multi-dimensional platform. (We have already evidence for this assertion but I am not yet in the position to reveal this. Note, George)

There are twelve pairs within what is considered the PAT group and while they are distributed in a wide geographical area, the recognition of each other shall come to the forefront, if that is meant to be. If they are seeking the twin-soul experience, they will recognize in each other that familiarity with their own over-souls, that indeed, there will be a knowing that they have fully integrated their I AM presences, and that they are now ready for the ultimate Sacred Union, the energetic unification each to the other AND into the ONE.  There is a keen excitement in this sacred connection as they will both know that it is an opportunity to expand not only their own levels of consciousness, but also their levels of service for the higher good of all.

The power of this sacred return to wholeness as a pair of Souls holding the same essence, the same energetic frequency, opens the door for a magnificent expansion, not only within their own fields but also within the energetic fields of your Gaia.  This also means that because they have come together, their power to act effectively multi-dimensionally expands exponentially.”

The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

In December the pale rider of financial apocalypses continued with his ride through the Orion desert of financial mirages:

Pale Rider Heralds Apocalypse

Many a Slip between a Cup and a Lip

In December we continued with our theoretical discussion on the physical nature of energy and elucidated the role of magnetism as the foundational phenomenon behind the creation of space-time, forms, objects and fields in lower-dimensional holographic models; how magnetism encompasses, imbues and aligns all material and photonic systems in All-That-Is. This discussion was stimulated by a new scientific message of the Elohim Astraea and Amora:

Magnetism: The Nature of Your Reality – Message 7

On December 11th, we experienced a massive shift and expansion of the collective consciousness, which, as we know now in retrospective, was in preparation for the Christmas Full Moon Portal when roughly 25% of all souls on this planet were substituted by old souls as walk-ins that came directly from the Source and have never had incarnations on earth. As they have an open contact to their higher selves and monads, they are bringing a unique refinement and loving calmness in the collective energies of mankind, in the full knowledge that this reality is an illusion. This new quality of energies can already be perceived at the end of this most auspicious year of 2015. It is the long-awaited game changer that will obliterate all vestiges of this hollow Orion overlay:

Breaking News: Massive Shift in Consciousness of the Masses on December 11, 2015

The 12.12 Portal

The 12.12 portal was hell for the PAT exactly as we expected it and a maximal energetic peak in the ascension process:

“As a light warrior of the first and last hour one can only comprehend the magnitude of the cleansing hell he has gone through when the cleansing waves stop and the energies normalize. One needs the feeling of a normal human being to realize the pressure of the huge transformation leading to the opening of the portal 12.12. The last 4-5 days prior to December 11th were indeed a veritable hell, we were slowly moving through a tight birthing channel, with tons of compression and total asphyxiation, worse than water-boarding in Guantanamo. Yesterday came the liberation and we could breathe easily again. Then I realized how heavy the energies have been in the past few days. This explains why Carla’s HS appeared to us a few nights ago – we needed her consolation to go through these dreadful days which hit Carla even worse than myself. No complaints or description of the pains now. It’s always the same old physical stuff. “

The Energies of the Portal 12.12

With the end of this year in sight, we began to reflect on what we had experienced throughout this most dramatic year for the PAT and what a privilege it is to be connected through this website the world over as lonely light warriors of the first and the last hour and outcasts of society:

The PAT Website – A Front Row Seat in the Greatest Freak Show of All Time

The signs of financial and economic collapse of the Orion Ponzi scheme multiplied towards the end of this year:

Sell The Bonds, Sell The Stocks, Sell The House — Dread The Fed!

Meet David Stockman – “I Am Not a Professional Writer, I Write Rants”

A Brilliant Confirmation of Our Economic Collapse Scenario

The Christmas Full Moon Portal of the Now on December 25th

And then came Christmas with its Full Moon Portal that marked the final fateful ID split of the old Orion matrix together with 49% of all dark soul fragments from this uppermost mother planet and the almost simultaneous massive influx of new old souls from the Source as walk-ins that incarnated in roughly 25% of all human bodies after their soul fragments went under in the full destruction of the separated lower timeline carrying the Orion 3D matrix:

Breaking News: The Christmas Full Moon “Portal of the Now” Was the Last Fateful ID Shift of This Uppermost Mother Planet

This most significant and important portal in the entire ascension process since the harmonic convergence in 1987 was a maximal leap to higher dimensions and refined higher frequency energies. It was extremely dramatic both as a personal experience and from a higher multidimensional perspective. It began when the high council of the PAT met at the monad level on December 20th and decided to sacrifice roughly half of the incarnated humans and sever their dark soul fragments to save the other part of the soul population (51%) and this uppermost mother planet from total destruction:

Follow-Up of the Christmas Full Moon Portal of the Now

The arguments and considerations that moved the PAT to make this most fateful decision in the history of mankind and this planet were widely discussed by the PAT in the aftermath of the Christmas portal:

Energy Report of the PAT – December 29, 2015

The True Nature of the Eternal Light Warrior

As these events are fresh in our memory, and in our bones, I will refrain from presenting them in more depth here as I have done with major past events. Here I would like to give you a short, highly positive outlook on the coming new year that promises to be full of bliss and miracles.

The new old souls that have now flooded this timeline are the most evolved souls this earth has ever experienced in its entire history. Normally, it is necessary to have only 25% old souls in the entire population to have an intergalactic, multidimensional civilisation as was the case in short periods of time in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. We have now 73% old souls on this planet and 25% of them are actually already ascended masters. Just imagine what this powerful wave of soul essence from the Source is capable of accomplishing on this planet. It is a tsunami of light and love that will melt the entire Orion overlay that now only exists as an empty holographic image before it is dissolved overnight, why not already in January 2016?

Both Carla and I are perceiving already very strongly the incredible refinement and harmony of the collective energies on this planet and it feels as if “we have finally come home”. However it is also true that these old souls have big problems now as walk-ins to adapt to the old energies that still impact the human personalities they have incarnated. They are now transforming their mind/psyche/body systems with great force and maximal speed as these souls desire nothing more powerfully than to destroy this illusory reality and move to higher dimensions.

They are us!

For the first time I do not feel as a single warrior left behind the enemy lines but as a happy soldier who has met his comrades and has entered the ranks of their victorious army again.

In this sense the coming 2016 will be the final unification of us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour and the pioneers of this ascension, with our brethren from the source in order to manifest together any dream we would like to experience in an incarnated state – in the new 4D worlds and even more so in New Lemuria and higher dimensions. And so be it!

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