Ascension Highlights in 2015 – 2nd Quarter

Georgi Stankov, December 21, 2015


This month began under the auspices of the second blood moon portal on April the 4th. It was associated with massive and very debilitating cleansing before and after the portal for the entire PAT:

The blood moon portal brought about a massive substitution of the old matrix with the 4D and 5D structures of new Gaia. We saw with our third eye how huge blocks of high vibrating energies began to descend immediately upon this earth after the blood moon portal. At the same time the old holographic matrix was rapidly dissipating, while releasing all old fear-based sentiments that are the foundation of numerous conflicts, deceptions, lies and other thought and behavioural patterns that have perpetuated the old illusion of separation and strife among humans.

It was the time when everybody began to experience his/her own reality, which is always a function of the light work done in the past. Those, who had accomplished their personal duties at the soul level, started to experience in April some beautiful resolutions as if created by a magic wand, while all the others were visibly sucked into an abyss of dreadful events, the aim of which has always been to fully destroy the last vestiges of this illusory reality, before the new world can emerge from within. This trend continued throughout the whole year of 2015.

April was a month of introspection and celebration of the individual achievements of the PAT members:


May began with a new era of miracles, mostly created by the global Christed consciousness of the PAT:

The Begin of Conscious Bilocations and ID Travels

The Elohim interrupted their prolonged radio silence in the beginning of May and announced in elated mood and with great joy that we had completed the energetic infrastructure of etheric corridors and portals that began in April and could be seen as the descent of 4D and 5D overlays of huge pillars over this holographic reality. The new energetic structure would allow massive conscious bilocations and ID travels within the confines of multidimensional Gaia 5 and later on intergalactically for the PAT in the first place.

The conscious bilocation of young Jennifer on May 1st was a pivotal test run to evaluate the final coupling of this uppermost mother planet to the new 4D worlds and numerous 5D timelines through this network for bilocation and ID travels. The ID trip about which Jenny reported to me and the PAT was of great significance and the Elohim and the HR were in great joy about this enormous breakthrough, hailing it as “a new dawn”:

“We are the Elohim and we wish to share that New Worlds abound that float in the ecstatic flow of ascension light, the multi-coloured rays of pink, gold, violet, blue and green, of which there are millions upon millions of varying colours and frequencies, forever wrapped in the crystalline white light of the ascension fire!

The New Worlds of which we speak are the multitude of fourth and fifth dimensional expressions to which the ‘ready’ light bearers of this new Golden Age are fully attuned, as evident either during the sleep state as experienced in the dream state, as well as in the waking state as reported now by our crystalline friend Jennifer. We confirm that all of your “ascension dreams” that you are having are also indeed true!

This event as shared by our friend announces the completion of the energetic re-structuring that facilitates the coupling of the human body to the new upper dimensions within the new worlds, the foundational requirement for this new ability known as bi-location….

The bilocation ability succeeds through the power of the Third Chakra, and this transformation requires power of a very pure essence.  

A pure chakra is achieved by thorough/ consistent application of the principles of multi-level (physical, mental, emotional and ethereal levels) cleansing, including a purified diet and the invocation of the seven sacred flames (read also here).”

The Elohim also commented on the emotional void in which most of the PAT was thrown during the previous month:

“The recent “void” that many of you have felt has actually been a reflection of the arrival of new levels of holograms that will eventually end up in the new 4th and 5th dimensional realities. The energy ‘blocks’ that you have witnessed recently as descending down through the air into ‘blocks of reality’ in front of you (I have recently witnessed 25 – 35 foot square blocks of shimmering golden cubes, appearing like vertical golden corridors, falling gently from the sky and melding into the reality before my very eyes – this has been happening since the March 21st portal; note, Carla) actually represent the energetic interface of the upper fourth dimensional/lower fifth dimensional worlds to the ascending human energetic body.”

This total reshuffling of the energetic structure of Gaia led to the ejection of many archons that have been residing in the recesses of the 4D astral planes for eons of times. We entered another vulnerable period of massive dark attacks coming from the archons in the astral planes before we could eject them fully in late autumn this year:

“Concurrent with the completion of the energetic overlays necessary for the ascending human, the third and lower fourth dimensional overlays are now experiencing a weakening of their energetic underpinnings.  As the lower fourth dimensional levels disintegrate, the archons who have resided there comfortably for eons and eons are now being flushed out, as the light from the ascension fire floods the fourth dimension and exposes all entities to these powerful frequencies, from which they must flee. They cannot hold the frequency of the Divine Light that is flooding their structures and therefore there is nowhere to reside. The chaos ensues as they are desperate to gain purchase upon any incarnated Being that presents (read also here).

On May 5th, the conservative party of the criminal Harper suffered a humiliating defeat in the local elections in Alberta, which was the stronghold of this party. This defeat was anticipated and created by myself since I came to Canada in 2014 and gained some intimate insights into the desolate economic and political situation of this country under the Nazi-regime of this abominable clone. As predicted by myself in May

“Next comes British Columbia and then the central government in Ottawa. The change is unstoppable – do your invocations on behalf of our cause.”

this election defeat of the conservative party in Canada paved the way for their ultimate ejection from power in the general elections in the autumn of this year. This however has not altered anything in this huge country yet, mainly populated with human zombies who persistently defy any awakening and expansion of their awareness and knowledge and prefer to dwell in the “slumber of the righteous”, erroneously believing that they live in the best of all worlds, while the matrix and all the asset bubbles, on which this illusion is based, are bursting in the surprised face of the impoverished Canadians. The loony lost more than 25% of its purchasing power since then, and this is not the end of the story. The latest conversation I heard yesterday in a store between two Canadian ladies: ” My God everything has become so expensive?” They did not know that the commodity-based Canadian currency has crashed with the slump in commodities prices, while Canada is still a net-importer with a huge trade deficit, which only demonstrates the lack of any political awareness in this godforsaken country of agnostic empty human shells.

With the descent of 4D and 5D overlays over the current holographic model some PAT members began to see the cities of light, which the PAT creates now for several years:

Reclamation of Lemuria on May 23/24

On May 19th a massive ID shift started that lasted for several days. In that night St. Germain visited Carla in her nightly meditation and she saw St. Germain surrounded by the whole PAT. He told us, as I had already mentioned in the  PAT report, that an unexpected situation in the ascension process was most likely to occur any moment, not bad and not good, but simply unexpected and that we had to encounter it and resolve it with our combined efforts. The shift lasted till May 25th.

On May 23rd we took the ferry to Vancouver Island. On the way to Victoria we visited the famous Butchart’s gardens which was built in a former limestone quarry in the early 20th century by the said family, to whom this quarry belonged. It is indeed a marvelous setting in the best Lemurian tradition how to gestalt nature and to make a paradise out of the most ugly place.

During our visitation, while we admired the beautiful, opulent flowers and the scents and commented that this must be how Lemuria should look like, Carla received all of a sudden a short message from her HS: “This is the reclamation of Lemuria“. Shortly thereafter we were hit by a very powerful transforming wave and became very tired all of a sudden, but also somehow very uplifted and entered a kind of a dreamy state:

The next day, on May 24th the Elohim came to us during our visit to the Lemurian Portal in Victoria, B.C., known to many as Beacon Hill Park.  We opened this portal in 2014 during our first visit to Victoria in the spring. This magical city nestled in the warm southern and almost tropical Vancouver Island is an area that we are told was once part of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, also known as the Land of Mu. As soon as we had unpacked and went down to the ocean front, Carla immediately got the phrase  “This is the Reclamation!“. This was the second time she had heard this phrase on that day, as she had also received it at the Butchart’s Gardens (see above). The Elohim gave us the following explanation to this spectacular reclamation of Lemuria from its past destructive timeline:

“Greetings! We express our deepest joy as a spectacular refinement of light frequencies all around the Lemurian Connector Portal takes place! (I am shown a moving tornado tunnel that goes from our timeline here and now, to the timeline of the great Lemurian Past). The refinement of frequencies is the cleansing of erratic energies just prior to the destruction of the Land of Mu at the time-frequency where chaos brought down this great civilization. This work, the refinement of energies, is the special work needed now to mitigate and cleanse the low-frequency and chaotic energies that were attached to the astral plane here, in this your expression, for their release here means there must be an equal and balancing release and re-set also of the timeline holding the destruction frequency of ancient Lemuria.

This great work also extends to the reclamation of the energies of the divine feminine which were so graciously held by the people of the Land of Mu, and the reconciliation of the principle of the divine feminine to this, your currently held highest level of fourth dimensional Gaia.”

When I asked the Elohim what will happen with Atlantis which embodied the masculine principle and also ended in destruction, we got the following answer which is very significant as it explains why many souls will not ascend as they need first to clear and heal their bellicose Atlantean past:

“You are asking about the reclamation of Atlantis and we tell you that Atlantis is not included in this reclamation at this time. A time will come for the reclamation of the Atlantean civilization, as the masculine principle must and shall be reclaimed, however because of its increased density as compared to that of Lemuria, it requires further evolution within the process of cyclic incarnation.

All light warriors who resonate with the concept of Lemuria, and who resonate with the activity of cleansing the frequency of Lemuria at the time of its destruction, are now actively participating in this Land’s reclamation. All light warriors sincerely resonating within their heart space in the here and now, with this overall process are also fully committed to the ascension of the Lemurian aspect of your Gaia, through the reclamation of your own soul fragments from this incarnation.

Due to the great success of the upward expansion of Gaia here upon your timeline with respect to the lifting of these frequencies to very high fourth dimensional levels, there needs to be a concomitant raising of the frequential expression known as Lemuria, in order to reclaim its wholeness and re-unite its Being into the new higher fourth dimensional expressions. This action facilitates the re-unification of Lemuria into the further evolved expression of Gaia-5, the fifth dimensional expression of Gaia that is separate from the Inner Earth fifth dimensional Lemurian civilization.

This serves to prepare the energetic landscape for those souls who took no active role in the collapse of Lemuria. Some souls who didn’t take part in this destruction, nor did they make it to the fifth dimensional expression/ Inner Earth Lemurian settlement, have been lost to their soul family of the Inner Earth as their fragments were isolated. These fragments have now been reclaimed and rejoined with those light warriors who resonate with this explanation, with this energetic work.

You shall perhaps experience the re-unification of some of your soul fragments, by a realization that you feel more complete, more awake, more aware than previously, prior to this work during these past weeks. Re-unification may trigger new memories, awareness of new skills, new traits, new abilities. It may present as you seeing your reality through fresh eyes, being given new understanding of why certain experiences in your life occurred, and wishing, upon reflection, you could re-write ‘past’ experience all over.

The month ended up with some profound philosophical disquisitions

The Crisis of Philosophy Before the Discovery of the Universal Law

The Questions of Philosophy and the Answer of the New Gnosis

and with a massive new ID shift:


With the healing and reclamation of old Lemuria in the new Gaia 5 on May 23/24, we realized that the Agarthans are no longer present in the Inner Earth and in particular in Telos. Heidi from France informed us independently of this shift of Agarthans to 6D on June 1st:

“I was very happy that our family of Telos has “moved” to the 6D. On Sunday, 31.05. I made a channeling with a friend, where I have been informed by Adama that they are now in 6D. I saw the big crystal of Telos as from above, and how it more and more liquefied and no longer had the hard consistency of a crystal. He also said that we have done almost everything, except for a few small things that need to be accomplished before the ascension comes.”

After we came back from Victoria on May 25th where we reclaimed Lemuria, I was told by my HS that the Agarthans will no longer play any significant role in the ascension scenario because they are no longer needed. I then said to Carla somewhat casually that the idea that the Agarthans would show up to other human beings here on the earth’s surface was “dead”. I was referring to the expectation of certain persons who lived in Mt. Shasta and had written to us in this regard.

Carla was initially somewhat shocked by this statement because she understood it as if the Agarthans would be dead, which is not possible, of course, since they are immortal beings. She was actually very sad because she could not contact the Agarthans and had great longing for Telos.

Then on the same day (end of May) a group of Agarthans appeared in our apartment and gave Carla a short message which essentially confirmed that although they had already ascended to 6D, they were still in contact with us. This was preceded by the Elohim’s remark that the new Gaia 5 is an independent creation and is thus independent of Agartha, even though both timelines include parts of Lemuria. The message of the Agarthans was as follows:

The Reclamation of ancient Lemuria continues to the highest timeline of your current expression – the uppermost 4D. There is no exclusion in this process. We are not excluded from the ascension. We are indeed paving the way to the new Lemuria, the expression to be re-born, that is part and parcel of the newly ascended Gaia.

Telos is not being excluded. Telos ascends now as well and re-unites with the ancient Lemuria that has been reclaimed. It is not lost.”

Carla received a second confirmation, this time from the Elohim, that Gaia 5 and Agartha are parallel expressions of humanity, but closely interlinked, just as in the current timeline we have deserts in Africa and tropical forests in South America and they co-exist on the same timeline, although they have completely different climates.

The Creation of New Lemuria on June 4th

In the night of June the 4th, one month after we began with our conscious bilocations through the “completion of the energetic re-structuring that facilitates the coupling of the human body to the new upper dimensions within the new worlds, the foundational requirement for this new ability known as bi-location” , as the Elohim told us and as demonstrated by our young crystalline PAT member Jennifer, we achieved another epic victory on our way to final ascension:

With combined efforts we created a new 5D platform, which is a complete new timeline of Gaia 5 and is settled in the first level of the 5th dimension. The latter consists of 12 such levels. Hence we can call this new timeline 5D1. As this timeline already contains the New Lemuria, which we cleansed and reclaimed from its past timeline of destruction a week ago  I decided to call this new ascension platform:

5D1 New Lemuria

On this same day the Hyperboreans came to us and gave us a message that fully confirmed my nightly experience and knowing. I am giving below the full message because of the paramount significance of this event:

We are the Hyperboreans of the Seventh Realm and we greet you to confirm your participation, with us, in the creation of an energetic platform that shall receive the ascending humanity (I had confirmation they were speaking of the Light warriors of the First and Last Hour, note Carla). This platform or ‘energetic way-station’ has been created between the upper fourth dimensional level where you reside, and the first level of the fifth dimension.  If the civilization named ‘Telos’ were considered to be at level 6 of 12 levels of the Fifth dimension, then you would be correct in sensing this new energetic way-station is at the first level of the Fifth Dimension.

However, we emphasize here that we do not generally describe energetic expressions numerically, in a linear sequential fashion, as this is not correct at all. We are only referring to a specific frequency numerically to aide you in your categorization and qualification of these expressions.

This new energetic creation does hold promise of creation within form, similar to the form described in the many Telos books you have enjoyed, although this new expression shall be created by the new light warriors that are now ascending, and YOUR creation does not need to look like Telos. The Telos of the Inner Earth was created by the ancient Lemurians and THIS expression, your NEW LEMURIA, shall be created solely by your Selves, and it can therefore hold a magnificent new way of expression, a certain refinement of your highly refined and preferred values you are holding now, following this unique incarnation cycle on your Gaia.

We ask you: What do you wish to experience more of? What do you fully and truly enjoy? What supports you? What fulfills you? What en-joys you?

Further, this creation does not necessarily need to be made of things to DO; this new creation here simply needs to be made of what you FEEL.

Up to this point you have been the co-creators together with us, since this ‘energetic platform’ is a compilation of your energetic blueprints merged with ours. Once the final ends are completed, the creation shall be solely yours to enjoy. In the end it is a pristine, quarantined world, and it shall be yours to hold and to share, for as long as you desire.

The ascension of the human mind-body-spirit system is a complexity that challenges creation to its core. This platform creates the necessary conversion point as a gentle introduction into the overall fifth dimensional expression where each of your 18 bodies shall be acclimated one at a time; beginning with the causal body and continuing on through the ethereal, emotional, mental and finally the physical body. This is the general progression although an individualized one. It is also necessarily a gradual process because the density from third to fourth to fifth does not allow for a full, sudden shift into what you sense as the Fifth dimension, unless a major portion of that transition is done gently, carefully, and in an individualized progression. Matter must be re-worked energetically, in order to accommodate this highly refined space, the New Lemuria.

We wish you great peace now, as this is your greatest reward!

Again, this enormous success of the light warriors of the first and last hour, ascended masters still in physical vessel and incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia, in one word, the PAT, was only possible after old Lemuria was healed and reclaimed from its past destructive timeline. It is very important to read this seamless chronicle of the major ascension events in the full knowledge that every major event was only possible after we had successfully climbed up all the necessary rungs on the ascension ladder and had reached the threshold that enabled us to climb the next higher rung – and so on, till our final ID shift and transmutation can come. This is the implacable logic of the ascension process.

In the night of June 11th Carla had a beautiful vision of New Lemuria. Since then many more PAT members were gifted with personal visions of New Lemuria and how life would unfold in this paradise we have created for us after ascension:

“This night I had the most beautiful “dream”, a dream vision that felt so very real as it lasted for several hours throughout the night. The experience began with me observing the most beautiful countryside, a land of gorgeous lush emerald-green grass growing upon gently rolling hills. The hills went on and on, as far as the eye could see, and it felt like I could see at least 20 miles into the distance. The sky glowed in a soft white light. There were no clouds, no sun, no other heavenly bodies. There was no sound. 

On the hills were many homes, not crowded together in any way, simply placed randomly at about 100 yard intervals. There were no roads or mechanical vehicles disturbing this pristine place. This was a community, where the homes were in the shape of vertical rectangles built in an ultra-modern architectural style. These multi-level abodes had multiple rooms and every room had a beautiful large window.  Every home had a roof-top garden where one could grow all manner of food for the family-community living within the home.

I was aware at this moment of Georgi being beside me, and at this moment we were approached by a woman with a very kind and loving disposition, who told us that we are now able to move here, to this community, at any time. She explained that my whole family will also move here to this new place, something I had inquired about over the past couple of weeks…

Beside this “world” I then saw another “reality” placed at its right. It was of a higher frequency yet, and there were dwellings that appeared to be made of crystal although they did not really hold a distinct form.  There were 20 cubic metre blocks of what I considered to be “energy blocks” some of which were gold and green, and some were pale violet and white. These blocks of energy appeared “fuzzy” at the edges and my information is that this is another expression of 5D to which we will eventually move, and it is just now in its early stages of energetic expansion. “

This website is essentially a seamless chronicle of the glorious and adventurous journey of the light warriors of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT), also known as the light warriors of the first and the last hour. This small group of highly evolved souls is entirely responsible for the Ascension of Gaia and part of humanity to the new Golden galaxy.

I must admit that when I opened this website this was not my intention. However it was a divine dispensation from the very beginning that it should precisely become the focal point of the PAT. Therefore we all should be very grateful to Erik Westhovens from Holland who has collected, since the opening of the website, all the contributions of the PAT in comprehensive 8 volumes, each one of them consisting of roughly 1000 pages that encompass the last four most decisive years of the ascension process of Gaia. He presented these volumes to me on June 16th:

The Journey of the Planetary Ascension Team books


Every post of Georgi Stankov with the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) that are shared on are documented into a book series. Every ebook can be downloaded for free.

The latest part of the book serie will be regularly updated with the latest posts.

Deel 1 Deel 2 Deel 3 Deel 4
Part I
January 15, 2011
February 16, 2012
download PDF
979 pages – 9.9 MB
Part II
February 18, 2012
July 30, 2012
download PDF
992 pages – 23.2 MB
Part III
July 30, 2012
December 23, 2012
download PDF
950 pages – 16.1 MB
Part IV
December 24, 2012
May 24, 2013
download PDF
1162 pages – 12.7 MB
Deel 5 Deel 6 Deel 7 Deel-8
Part V
May 25, 2013
October 25, 2013
download PDF
1253 pages – 26.6 MB
Part VI
October 26, 2013
May 30, 2014
download PDF
224 pages – 2.6 MB
Part VII
June 13, 2014
January 8, 2015
download PDF
989 pages – 104.7 MB
January 9, 2015
June 7, 2015
download PDF
918 pages – 52.7 MB

On June 24th, St. Germain came to us and made a very powerful plea on behalf of the acquisition of ultimate freedom by all human beings from all earthly institutions and traditions of oppression, which the dark cabal and their human stooges have built throughout the ages. He was very upbeat about his rather anarchistic views which he wanted to impart. Being the spiritual founder of the New Age through the “I Am Presence” movement, he gave a new definition and orientation of this movement, which has utterly failed in his eyes. In this conclusion St. Germain is in a perfect unanimity with us, the PAT as the incumbent Logos Gods and the heirs of this ascended master dwelling on the bridge between earth and heaven:

Dear Ones – you must know that you are the most brilliant lights upon this Earth! The most brilliant lights! You are also the most powerful light gestalts although you may not see yourselves in this way, as this fact is of little importance to you. Self-honour is the creed of the day for the great light warriors of this moment in time. The system fails the great warriors by shunning and placing them in a verbal box labelled “New Age”, with its derogatory insinuation.

What does “New Age” really mean? “New Age” is really “New Freedom”! Why, it fully represents the conscious and correct decision to reject the principles of control and limitation of one’s true power and prowess! Society demonstrates intolerance of freedom – free thought, free decision, free life! And it is now a necessity to firmly reject all forms of control and diminution coming from government and state, economy and banking, formal church and religious institutions, where spiritual principles are believed without question. Are some principles really true, and not meant to be questioned? This is simply not the case for you are Sovereign Beings!

And what is a Sovereign Being? Well, indeed, it is one who can easily command space, time, energy, thought and appearance! And because of these active gifts arising in you now, you have accessed the one single most important quality in Life, and this is True Freedom! (Here St. Germain refers to the current massive transformation of our 18 bodies in the course of our energetic move to 5D1 New Lemuria. Note, George)

The Violet Flame, and the Violet-Gold Flame both carry the power of alchemy – the ability to create what you desire, and what humanity desires, and then eliminate heavy unrealistic expectations that may be placed upon you by others. This is True Freedom!

This is a new age now. During the olden days when I shared information with previous contacts, information was presented in a way that no longer works given the loss of innocence arising from the experiences of modern life built into your reality over the past seven decades, since the 1930’s. Much has been done to pull away your own power and humanity has even embraced the loss of sovereignty by the very nature of it’s relaxed spirit, silently allowing the soul to be overtaken, even hijacked by outside power and expectations. Why is it necessary to succumb to these constructs of power? You know, they only have power because you give them power! Stop giving them your power! The true power of the self grows from within and expands daily, with the discovery of one’s true self! The power expands! Why do you as sovereign beings wish to give it away?

Question everything with the discerning heart, and mind. Does it ‘feel’ right? Well, it may ‘feel’ right because of social conditioning. It may not necessarily be right, so then discernment must be made with the mind. Does it make sense? Do not discard the mind’s ability to analyse pre-conditions, conditions, strengths, expectations: through the strict use of reason (And axiomatical thinking is the highest form of human reasoning. Note, George). Does it stand to reason? Why or why not? These are the questions that one must ask oneself! It is time!”

June marked a peak in the final battle between the forces of light and that of darkness and these political and economic events were closely followed on this website. In a certain way this month was a turning point when it became clear that the EU is falling apart on such a small problem as the Greek debt crisis. In the meantime we know that it was only a prelude to the real crisis that hit the Old Continent this fall with the refugee crisis which NATO created single-handed by destroying the fragile order in the Middle East and in North Africa on behalf of the reckless hegemonic foreign policy of the dying Empire of Evil. The chickens came home to roost. With the beginning of the summer the situation on the ground became most heated and since then we observed an upward spiral in the human drama in the End Time. This will be the topic of the next two quarter overviews on the year 2015


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