“About God and the World” – An Inspiring Conversation With a Young Russian Artist and an Ascension Candidate

Polina Korneeva and Georgi Stankov, December 13, 2015


Dear Georgi,

I began to learn about Ascension only a few years ago and I’ve already come across so many interesting people and experiences that it’s incredible. I don’t get ‘downloads’ from the universe or have the ability to channel with the intergalactic beings but I feel there’s something exciting waiting out there. I can’t wait to see what the future unfolds.

I myself am originally from Russia and right now I live and study in California. I occasionally check articles and video uploads by Matt Khan & Eckhart Tolle and I am excited that I’ve stumbled across your blog.




Dear Polina,

I am happy that you have found our website and have established contact with me and the PAT. If you are interested in ascension this is the source where you can get the best information in real time as this is the website of the Planetary Ascension Team that is responsible for the ascension.

What are you studying in California? If you are reading this website you must have read my latest article where I discuss the role of Russia in the End Time Scenario:


I assume that you like to speak and read Russian. In that case I would recommend you to read my Russian book which is a popular introduction into the new theory of the Universal Law. From my experience it is much better to have an access to this kind of information in the native language. Here is the link as pdf ebook:


With love and light



Dear Georgi,

PAT sounds really exciting! Could you tell me more about how did you become a member of PAT (or, in case if you were already, how did you discover that)? And how did you discover about ascension? I would love to hear that!

I study animation but I have a deep interest in science and just a curiosity about things that we can’t explain in general – at least, that’s how I started my journey of discovering about ascension. Thank you for sending me the link for your PDF book, I’ll gladly read it as I found your previous articles extremely relevant to what I’ve learned and felt so far.

I’ve always felt there’s an interesting relationship between Russia and America, especially during the recent years, and I’ve also felt there’s something exciting about me being Russian and wanting to go and study in the U.S. Your article on Russia also confirms what I discussed with other people, and just somehow all my previous experiences magically tie up into all information that life keeps pouring at me, including your blog.

So thank you for that.

Can’t wait to hear back from you.

Warmest wishes from LA



Dear Polina,

everybody who is in the last most intensive phase of the LBP (light body process) automatically participates in the PAT. It is an open group and there is nothing special as to how it came into being. I opened my website in 2011 in preparation for the opening of the 11.11.11 portal and many light warriors around the globe who had similar experiences contacted me and this is how this group was built around this website. Our common experiences have, since then, welded us together.

You can go back and trace these first days if you use the log function.

On which university are you studying animation and how long is this study?

As it happened today, and I never plan this in advance, I wrote and published another article which is a discussion with a Russian, the Saker, who has his own website on Russian affairs, http://thesaker.is/, on Orthodox Christianity among other topics which may be of interest for you:


If you want to learn more about the New Age movement as you surely meet some people of this kind in California read this overview:


With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I am again really excited to reply to your e-mail. I read your article on the New Age movement and I had a lot of thoughts. Could you expand on who do you associate with the New Agers? There are light workers out there who speak of love, authenticity and facing the fear-generating patterns too. I personally really like some of Tolle’s ideas, for example. What do you think? And how do you relate to some of the recent characters like him?

Some of your comments in the article were really funny – especially the one that follows after this part:

Lucifer: I come to you today to talk about something that is dear to my heart. I pinched Kathryn’s toe (on the other foot) to make sure she would make time for me. She laughed when I confessed it was I. We play her toes like a musical instrument so she always knows who it is by the toe we play, but I hadn’t come through for a while. It’s sort of a joke we like to play on her. I gave her quite a jolt when she was driving (hahaha).

For such people even the clinical term “cretin” is an euphemism. I laughed so hard my belly began to hurt. There’s also this other particular statement you’ve made that I wanted to ask about:

‘I hope most of you remember the epic battle we fought against the archons at the astral plane as multidimensional beings and gloriously won last autumn and how depleted most of you were at that time. Actually much more than at present, as this latest portal on October 23rd brings much more refined energies that are not so devastating to the human physical body than a direct merciless battle with the worst dark archons at the astral plane.’

About 7 years ago I began to have ‘daydreams’ where I saw a team of characters fighting against the dark characters in an infinite white space (to me it was like a collective unconscious) as well as in much more imaginary settings later on. They were like living stories and to me they felt really meaningful. However I couldn’t really talk about it with anyone since people just refer to it as some sort of ‘overactive imagination’. I never understood the meaning behind this ‘imaginary’ space and your statement made me wonder if what I experienced is somehow relevant to it.

This actually brings me back to why I am in California – I came to study animation at California Institute of the Arts. I want to tell stories. My dream is actually to create a series.

In regards to Russia, I don’t really know what’s going on. I had a few signposts that Putin is walking a very brave political route but since I am not operating inside the government I don’t really know much. I also tend to go to Russia over the holidays only and I have very few friends there who I can talk about serious issues like this. My parents are telling me that the crisis hit the population really hard though.

I began reading your theory on Universal Law too. It’s a challenging read but I want to give it my best shot.

Best Wishes,



Dear Polina,

well, the New Age is a heterogeneous group of light workers that began after the flower power movement in the late 60s and became more prominent in the 70s and 80s when there was an explosion of esoteric literature. Tolle belongs to this group in the 70s and 80s. He talks nice but has no practical experience with the energies and the LBP and knows nothing about what is really happening on this planet. At least from what he has written and I have read. I think he lives here in Vancouver.

Then when the Internet came in the 90s, there was a second explosion of esoteric literature and channelling sources some of which were quite good as they also published stuff from the 60s, 70s and 80s which was not accessible before that. I am referring mostly to this second or third wave depending on how you count them.

In the meantime the whole New Age has dissolved and what is left is pitiful remnants. The major reason was that one could resort to all kinds of delusions and nice lies as long as nobody could prove what is really happening on this planet and the source energies were experienced only by a few individuals whom nobody wanted to listen to. These are the PAT members of this group – the Planetary Ascension Team.

One by one the others left the scene as I knew it only five-six years ago. I have no idea with whom you meet, but they cannot be very advanced, which however does not say that they are not good people. Only that there is a lot of ignorance especially in the light worker scene which is at times even more unbearable than that of the ignorant, agnostic masses.

Is this institute in Los Angeles?

The situation in Russia is surely not easy as this country is now under siege by the western countries that want to destroy it as a bulwark of light and independence and Putin has a very difficult part to play. He does this formidably until now and I hope the Russians are clever enough to appreciate him. The problems with the Russians is the same as with the Americans – in their majority they are rather ignorant as to what is happening in other parts of the world and one cannot take their opinions very seriously. But at the political level they have highly professional politicians and diplomats who exceed their western peers. This saves the Russians.

Ultimately it does not matter, as where we are heading to, there will be no states and no nations but one transgalactic society. However, it will take some time for most of the humans to experience this. It will begin with individuals who will ascend and the first ones will be from the PAT. This is already a done deal.

Your dreams of astral battles are more real than this reality and our problem is to convey this fact to the agnostic people as my latest discussion with your countryman, the Saker, reveals. In their mental limitation and ignorance they immediately label us as delusional or outright crazy as they are afraid to expand their world view and see beyond the current illusion. They behave this way as they are entirely driven by their fears, but do not realize this fact themselves as they have never reflected upon their personality and behaviour. This is the typical feature of all young unripe souls and these constitute the majority of the current humanity. We have discussed these psychological hindrances to true enlightenment and awakening in great length and depth on our website and there is nothing new to add.

By the way I have two daughters in your age who also study and do not share my views.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I see, that’s interesting. Thank you very much for sharing all of this, this gives me a broader perspective on the picture.

I feel like there’s so much I have to ask you about but I don’t know where to start. All of this seems so interesting and exciting to me – I’m also thinking about how could this be relevant to my journey and what’s the purpose of me now discovering about ascension or PAT.

How did you first realise that you were a member of PAT? I’ve read that you did research back in Bulgaria and Munich (if I’m not wrong) but how did your journey of discovering about the LBP actually begin?

I am currently not surrounded by anyone I can talk about the things that I am discussing with you right now. I assume there are still things I have to learn and realize, or my soul is just preventing me from interacting with people aware of LBP or Ascension in day-to-day life. My current environment is good though, and people at my school are friendly and most supportive.

And my college is in Los Angeles, yes.

I’ve read a lot of Matt Khan’s articles on the First Wave of Ascension where he talks about the first souls to fully transcend to the 5th dimension and prepare everything for the next ones to come – is that the same thing as the one you are talking about when you say ‘waves’?

On the topic of astral realms – that’s so exciting!! Does that mean that all the characters I saw are actual entities/soul energies? Or is it some collective projection which then manifests as a particular entity? Like, there were the ones dressed in black who tried to use some kind of technology to manipulate the collective consciousness and later on this particularly tall one dressed in grey with the red eyes and very strong crushing energy.

By the way I have two parents your age and they do not share my views.

With Love,

Polina Korneeva


Dear Polina,

actually all your questions can be answered by the articles and reports I have published on my website, which is a seamless chronicle of the ascension process. I agree that this is a huge bulk but you can read selectively by using the log function.

I must admit that I have not read any articles by Matt Khan but if he uses the term “first wave of ascension” he must have borrowed this term from ourselves as we were the first to introduce it. Can you give me a link to him? There are many new age writers who read my website secretly and then plagiarise our ideas with their words. But even this has become increasingly difficult for them now as they cannot follow us in our multidimensional experiences as they are not that much advanced. The gap is widening now. This is the main reason why the new age movement ceased to exist. It is a form of natural selection – who is a true ascended master and who is a plagiarist and a wish-to-be Guru. There are very few people really in the LBP and that is why one cannot talk about this experience with other people who have no clue.

I actually founded the PAT with the opening of this website but the concept was already existing in the higher realms and as a reality on the earth. Only that the members had to be made aware of this fact and this happened with the help of this website in 2011. The real PAT members were attracted in a natural manner by our common experiences and views. I knew about my ascension since 1999 and in 2000 I already ascended for the first time. Since then I am here as an avatar to help humanity ascend. It has never been personal and this holds true for the whole PAT. However there are readers of this website who are not members of the PAT energetically. Not yet.

The entities you have seen are real astral beings that have severed their connection to the source and try to escape the incarnation karmic cycle of slow purification and unification with the source. They are doomed to stay in the astral planes as long as they do not decide on their own to enter the incarnation cycle of karma and learn their lessons. They are like spoiled children who think that the rules of education and good behaviour do not apply to them. And they can be very nasty as most spoiled children are.

Start reading selectively older publications – there is a lot you can learn as they document events in real time which you cannot find anywhere else.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I enjoy your articles but doesn’t reading on its own will only give me a surface information on the subject? I mean, I feel that the realization should happen on a deeper level where I can clearly hear a voice within me or get a strong feeling. Right now I don’t feel any connection whatsoever. I meditate, I feel like I learned how to better deal with negative thoughts and I feel happier overall, but there’s nothing like knowing for sure what’s out there. Everything I’ve learned so far seemed like the information coming from with out. That’s actually why I asked you about how did you begin to learn about PAT and what your experiences were like.

Here’s what Matt Khan writes about:


I met him in person, actually. He talked about how he can see different entities in his mind, some of which are the members of the Intergalactic Council (he also sees himself as a member of one).

The entities you have seen are real astral beings that have severed their connection to the source and try to escape the incarnation karmic cycle of slow purification and unification with the source.

So they aren’t my personality/soul fragments or whatever? Are there a lot of them out there?

I actually did a drawing of them for my college portfolio. And an animation too. I’ve attached them to this e-mail in case if you’d be interested to see.


Do you live in Vancouver? How did you end up coming there?

You’ve mentioned two daughters. What do they think about the Earth Ascension?

Warm Wishes,


Dear Polina,

the inner work is essential but you also need external information as to expand your inner work. The two do not exclude each other but complement.

If you read our recent energy reports, we actually eliminated all dark entities, archons and the like, from this uppermost mother planet. You must expand your awareness and begin to think multidimensionally in order to understand what is happening here. I have written a lot of articles on this topic. This is the most difficult hurdle to overcome – a quantum leap in consciousness. This is where most light workers fail in their intellectual effort to grasp this world in the process of ascension.

I did not learn anything about the PAT because I created this situation. Everything I have discovered in the new theory of the Universal Law was inner knowledge, pure creation and inspiration from the Source, which could only happen after I amalgamated it with my vast external knowledge on physics and science. This is another example that you need both forms of knowledge and must learn how to harmonize and weld them to one unity. This is the real challenge for any person on the way to enlightenment.

Now the energies are very conducive to this end as the higher frequency energies of the monads and soul families converge with the human minds of the incarnated personalities and create a unity field that streamlines the human minds and the flow of information. This is the new energy quality of our time that opens the human mind as never before. You have to do both – read what is important and attune to your higher self within and then connect both fields of knowledge.

I opened your painting and must say that you are a very gifted artist. I cannot open the animation now as its capacity exceeds that of my PC. I will try it on another apple PC later on. I know what I am talking as I have studied a lot history of arts and have developed my aesthetic taste by visiting most of the major museums and galleries in Europe. Your stile is very similar to that of Marc Shagal, though it is still your individual way of seeing things, and it also reminds me of Kandinski who worked for the most part in Munich where there are big exhibitions with his paintings (Blauer Reiter). Both are of Russian origin. Hence continue on this path and you will be very successful.

I live now in Vancouver with my dual soul Carla Thompson whose messages from the Elohim I publish on my website. My family is in Munich, Germany where my older daughter studies, the younger one studies in Vienna. I am separated from my wife for good as she rejected my spiritual ideas. She is a teacher in Munich and a German. I am a German and Bulgarian citizen, i.e. with a dual EU citizenship. This is the short version of my 3D vita, you can read more on my website.

I checked Matt Khan website and realized that I know him and have read some of his articles. I have a mixed feeling about him. Some of the things he writes are OK and he definitely copies from our website – this fact I found out several years ago – but he is far away from our experiences and the clarity of what is currently happening. He himself is not a first waver and barely in the LBP the way we experience it.

He is good as a start but I think that you have left him behind already, otherwise you would not have contacted me. Nothing is coincidental.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I see. Can the helpful external information come from studying the arts and the culture too? Right now I have a lot of critical studies classes at college on topics like urbanization or transsexual culture, however I feel they don’t dwell into the complexity of the situation or reflect the possibilities beyond the common assumptions or solutions. Although, now that I think about it it’s up to me to decide what to focus on and give my fullest attention to.

Thank you for praising my work, I’ve heard that it resembles Shagal and Kandinsky before too.

So Matt Khan uses your website as a partial basis of his ‘spiritual teachings’? I am astonished that he didn’t get in contact with you instead – it’d seem like such an honor. I also can’t believe that he can talk about embracing love and authenticity whilst just copying the information from the other sources – is this form of ‘spiritual’ business common?

I’ve also no idea what a dual soul is, but from what I read on the website your life sounds really exciting, I’m genuinely happy for you.

With Love,



Dear Polina,

you are in a dilemma as most awakened young people – should you follow the academic pathway with its limited rigid point of view or should you go completely new ways but jeopardize your study and career? I will refrain from giving you any advise. I tried this with my daughters, even quite recently when my younger daughter wanted my advise on the theme of her bachelor thesis last  month on skype. I gave her my take and she, as usually, bluntly disregarded it. But what can I do, I have to be honest with her.

By the way I forgot to answer your question – indeed I have told my daughters since 2000 about ascension and everything associated with this process. They are probably better informed than most of your generation on it. As my forecasts did not quite come true as we had to deal with huge delays in the ascension scenario due to the deep slumber of humanity, they lost faith in me and rejected everything I told them. Before that they were inclined to believe me as I was their father and they were young. The older the people get, the more they lose their contact to the soul and close themselves to the higher truth.

I can’t prove that Matt Khan has taken information from us, even though I know he does, and it is not bad at all if he does it as our website is the only relevant and  reliable source in this respect. Most of what he says and writes is his own stuff and it is not at all appealing to me as he lacks the intellectuality and the honesty I would expect from a true spiritual leader. And there is a lot of spiritual high-esteem in his way of presentation. He very much embodies the classical type of the New Age guru for which I and my group have no love and no understanding. In the meantime this kind of guru has virtually disappeared from the scene as they lost their appeal, while we are still here and more powerful than ever. It is only a matter of energetic sincerity.

Besides these wish-to-be Gurus are very much afraid to communicate with me and our group as we immediately disclose their fraud and pretension and they know that. See the latest discussion with the Saker, your Russian countryman, who is a guru in the alternative political scene. Hence these New Age gurus only read our website secretly and many have given up on reading it as they can no longer understand and follow our discussions. Unfortunately, but this fact only proves my poor opinion of them, which I have clearly expressed and am the only one in the esoteric movement to do this publicly and unequivocally.

Besides, if you have noticed, the theoretical background of our discussions is not “love and light” esotericism but what is exactly happening energetically at the higher dimensions with respect to Gaia – processes that are invisible to normal humans with closed 3rd eye and only accessible to the human mind based on the new theory of the Universal Law as well as personal experience as light warriors with a finished LBP. Our approach is scientific and verifiable and this is unique in the esoteric scene. None of the other New Age gurus have any clue about true science. Why should they if the scientists have no clue about the nature of energy. Read my latest post on magnetism where I tackle this problem one more time:


With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Thanks, I’ve read your article on magnetism today in the morning actually. I am also trying to understand your analysis of Universal Law and right now researching the concepts and theories I haven’t looked at since I learned high school physics.

I don’t really care about my career success as long as I have a place to stay and more or less an income to support myself. The only thing that might be painful is my family’s and social rejection and criticism, but that’s OK.

I am actually more curious if there’s a reason I have to deal with my studies as a way to learn something (just like you said, nothing is coincidental), but I miss this opportunity by rejecting them. For example, I’ve never been into drawing as much in the past, yet I still decided to pursue an artistic career (it was like an intense urge) instead of a political/ economic/scientific one. However, I feel more vague when it comes to my studies and it feels like there’s no definite answer.

I am sorry to hear about your daughters. But then again, as you said, there’s a reason for everything.

I also saw your discussion with the Saker and I saw his website, but it wasn’t of a much interest to me. His website talks mostly about wars and conspiracies and I feel that your website alone is enough for me right now.

I don’t know if this might be of relevance to you, but this summer I was in Armenia and met with some researchers who talked about the Orion constellation and it’s relevance to the Age go Aquarius and the expansion of human consciousness, as well as a group of russian scientists who studied the impact of Earth’s biomagnetic field at certain regions and how they affect our own energy matrix (and much more).

By the way, have you been in contact with any other people of my age or just other young people in general? Who else is out there with a curiosity in your website?

Best Wishes,



Dear Polina,

to begin with your last question. There are many crystalline children who are PAT members now for years, who began with their LBP as teenagers. They are among the most evolved light warriors on this planet and some of them are remarkably intelligent and intuitive – real visionaries. You can use the search function and enter  “crystalline children” and you will find a plethora of publications. It is my principle and policy as editor of this website to support in particular young crystalline children because they have so much difficulties in their life being born in difficult families with intransigent parents.

That is why I have a very close contact with your generation and in particular with the crystalline children who are very open channels to the source but do not have always the existential experience on this planet and need a little bit support from me and other older PAT members. This website is an open forum for such young people to enter in communication with the older indigo generation and this dialogue works very well for the benefit of all participants. Also for the older PAT members who can expand their perspective by considering the views of the younger generation that sees the world from a different angle, simply because they have entered this reality at a different, later point in linear time when much has changed – for the worse or for the better, but we, the older generation, may have not registered it.

Likewise the older generation can present the historical perspective of past events that have shaped this presence but are not known to young people like you. I have witnessed closely the historical ignorance of the young post-communist generation in Eastern Europe and was shocked how little their parents, my generation, had told them about the cruelties of the communist dictatorship because there was a wide-spread insincerity in Eastern Europe and in Russia about the past as many people had skeletons in the closet and preferred to be silent on such fearful issues.

And then comes the fact that the MSM in the West and also to a lesser extent in the East have very short memory, on purpose, as to mire the masses, while the universities, where one should learn more, are not interested at all in conveying a proper historical perspective to the students as everything is fragmented and hollowed of any meaning.

So let me ask you honestly, where can you get a proper picture and knowledge how this current reality you live in now has emerged, why is life in Russia the way it is and why is life in the USA so rapidly deteriorating now, unless you have the historic perspective. There are long-term trends that shape this reality and they are for most unconscious people invisible until they break through and manifest with explosive force on the historical stage as this will happen in the USA very soon. I just want to animate you to think about that.

Ultimately one needs the dialogue with the older generation, given the fact that this generation has something valuable to share with the young people. This is very rarely the case both in the East and the West. Our group is a notable exception and we all do our best, me in the front line, to give the young people the proper historic perspective so that our crystalline children and PAT brethren have the right orientation and can also properly assess the actual events. As an example, only recently we had a discussion on the role of the harmonic convergence in 1987 for the ascension process and we shared some personal experiences with our younger friends:


This is just one example of information exchange between the generations on our website. We are discussing very intensively at a very high level the financial and economic situation which has been shaped by long-term developments that go back in the 60s, 70s and even much earlier before WW2. You can do that only if you have personal experience with finance and economy for decades.

I personally see a very bright future for your generation and especially for young people like you who are curious and awakened, willing to ask the right questions and ready to search for the proper answers. Actually the light work of the PAT will benefit this young generation most as you are our heirs and followers when we leave this reality very soon.

From this higher vantage point of view, it does not matter much what you will do at the university, but it will be advantageous to do anything that stimulates your creativity without making too much or any compromises. There is one meaningful investment now a young person can do and that is to expand his/her awareness and become more conscious. There are infinite ways to achieve that as there are infinite different personalities.

I think I will leave it at that point for now by saying that you have infinite open alternatives as long as you stay open to new knowledge, sincere in your life, and self-aware that you are a sovereign creator of your reality – an animator like what you study.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I continue to read your articles on the blog and I have some questions that I would like to ask you:

By a dual soul you mean souls that belong to your soul family?

What is the existential purpose of the artificial concepts (N sets) that come from the mind’s limited perception? I thought that whatever the result of All-That-Is is supposed to be it’s direct reflection and work regardless of the form it is put into. I assume it’s partly because of the need of the soul/entity to differentiate between things and therefore evolve, but I just want to hear a broader view on this picture from you.

This other one is on the statement from your article on ‘The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind’:

Deep-seated, collective fears in the human population, which otherwise have no way of being expressed, can be now discharged in the face of a real or perceived epidemic in a mass panic or hysteria, and lead to countless meaningless activities… The AIDS epidemic of the 80s, which expands unabated and threatens to depopulate large tracts of land in Africa, meets such a task. On the one hand, it emphasizes the botched sexual and religious views of many people, who are imbued by the rigid notion of crime and punishment; on the other, illustrates the AIDS pandemic in Africa the disastrous living conditions of the people there, who are still under the effects of colonialism and suffer under the unfair distribution of the world resources.

 – how exactly can an epidemic be reflected by botched sexual behaviours of the people or their living conditions? In what way do such situations deviate from the Universal Law?

And another statement of yours:

..The speed of this energy that is unimaginably higher than the speed of light (vx>> c), is slowed down as SE-units deliberately to the point when they begin to form tiny eddies…The larger the diameter of the particle, the smaller the peripheral velocity of the rotating energy of the particle. In this way, the illusion of space is created. This is the principal mechanism how the higher realms create 3d-space-time as an illusory holographic picture.





Dear Polina,

dual souls are individual souls with identical soul essence that belong to different soul families of around 1000 souls but to the same group of soul families. Each soul has a dual soul. The purpose of dual souls is that the disseminated souls from the Tao, or the Source do not feel very lonely in the 5th dimension where they already experience a separation which is not known within the source. Dual souls never meet in incarnated state as this is not conducive to their incarnation cycle and growth. Dual souls have nothing to do with twin flames which represent the feminine and masculine pole within the soul. There is a great confusion in the esoteric literature about these terms.

We (Carla and I) met together because we ascended before that and have released our human ego. Being together, we amplified our creative force by establishing a common energetic field. This was needed for the creation of new Gaia 5 and the new Golden Galaxy where this earth now ascends to. The Elohim recently told us that when twin flames come together, their power explodes billion times and this holds true for dual souls in even greater extent. As we both are Elohim, we create whole new worlds all the time.

The main goal of each incarnation cycle in a 3D or 4D holographic model as this earth is to experience separation from the source in all its variations and then to find again the way to unity. This is the eschatological purpose of all incarnation experiments.

In order to do this the human mind which is a local perceptive system of the human species is actually the creator of this separation as in fact each human being is connected to the source by infinite layers of energetic fields and chakras, otherwise he would not exist. In the latest message of the Elohim Astraea and Amora the role of magnetism – the magnetic fields that extend infinitely and permeate everything is discussed in this context.

Indeed, the human mind has to create N-sets in order to discern the material world of forms and objects and perceive it in its plurality. But at the same time the mind should know that these forms and objects are intrinsically linked through their magnetic fields. This is the greatest fallacy of modern physics – all the basic definitions there are based on the concept of N-sets that eliminates the unity of All-That-Is. It is a cognitive blunder which I discuss at length in all my writings.

For instance, conventional physics believes that there is vacuum that builds space-time where the material objects are embedded. This is a classical N-set, the vacuum, the nothing excludes the material objects, the something that it contains. There are numerous example of N-sets in physics as mental concepts that have prohibited the unification of this science. I eliminated all these concepts and unified physics with the new physical and mathematical axiomatics. This is my major theoretical achievement.

Therefore the proper understanding of the N-set in mathematical and philosophical terms is indispensable in resolving all theoretical problems of science and daily life. For instance, if the people realize that they are energetically linked to Gaia, they will not destroy her nature so irresponsibly. But this destruction and the experience of its negative consequences is part of the incarnation experience in a state of separation from the source as to really appreciate the unity. If the soul has always lived in unity with All-That-Is she will never know what it is to lose this unity.

But as I said, each separation is illusory as it is created at the ego-mind level due to the limited perception of this cognitive system as all systems are interconnected and never separated. When one understands this key aspect to the full extent, one can resolve all scientific problems and also all existential and social problems of mankind. Therefore it is important that you ask this question.

Sexuality is a canvas where a human being can paint or project all its beliefs, fears and prejudices.. and sometimes very rarely unconditional  love if the individual has reached this level of awakening. There are many imposed beliefs and fears which many religions project onto sexuality, in the sense that sex is a crime, or a bad thing, the woman is an evil seducer, etc. When such fears and botched ideas are associated with sex, then one expects something bad to happen when one has sex. As we are the creators of our reality, we experience what we expect and create with our thoughts.

AIDS fulfils this function. For instance, homosexuality is rejected as bad by many people. The HI-virus is transmitted for the most part by anal sex and to a much lesser extent, I even suspect not at all, by heterosexual vaginal sex. In this way there is a selective punishment of homosexuals who are predominately infected through sex. Of course we know that AIDS is distributed in the first place by drugs and syringes, but these are part of the homosexual scene. AIDS reinforces the false religious beliefs of many people about sex, which they experience as negative consequences, until they learn to overcome them. This is operational karma.

If humans would make sex in the pure knowledge that it is a physical expression of unconditional love and that it is a sacred act, nothing would happen to them and AIDS or other plagues would not exist. Indeed, in the new 4D worlds most of the current diseases, including all sexual transmitted diseases, be they AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhoea etc. will not exist. This is what I want to convey with this example.

Such situations deviate from the Universal Law in the sense that they disregard the idea of unity, that everything we experience is a creation of our thoughts, and that there is no separation between the creator and the observer who experiences his creations, just as there are no victims and perpetrators as everybody is a victim and a perpetrator at the same time, even though separated in linear time. This is what we call karma – karma is a pedagogical tool of the incarnated soul to experience the total interrelation of All as separate destiny in order for the being to learn to take responsibility for his actions and creation. You see how all topics are closely interrelated and this is the most convincing proof that All is One.

With love and light


PS: And here is a message from Seth on this same topic of sexuality which Cindy has just sent to me:

The Church Tried To Divorce The Expression Of Love And Devotion From Sexuality – Intellect And Emotions Became Further Divided. – Cindy

 The Nature of the Psyche

The Psyche, Love, Sexual Expression,
And Creativity

Seth, Chapter 5, Session 773

“The Church did not restrain the sexuality of its priests or the expression of sexuality in previous centuries as much as it tried to divorce the expression of love and devotion from sexuality.”
“A high percentage of priests of Middle Ages, for example, had illegitimate children. These were considered products of the weak and lustful flesh – bad enough, but considering man’s fallen state understandable lapses. Such situations were overlooked, if not condoned, as long as a priest’s love and devotion still belonged to the Church and were not “squandered” upon the mother of such offspring.”
“The nuns were kept in subservient positions. Yet the nunneries also served as refuges for many women, who managed to educate themselves even under those conditions.”
“A good number of nuns were of course carrying the seed of those priests, and bearing children who acted as servants in monasteries, sometimes, as well as in convents. There were numerous rebellions on the part of nuns in various convents, however, for these women found themselves operating rather efficiently though in segregated surroundings. They began to question the entire framework of the Church and their position within it. Some left in groups, particularly in France and Spain, forming their own communities.”
“The Church, however, never really found a suitable method of dealing with its women, or with the intuitive elements of its own beliefs. Its fear of a goddess emerging was renewed each time another apparition of the Virgin appeared in one corner or another of the world.”
“There were also some women who passed as monks, living lives of a solitary nature and carrying on for years. No works bear their feminine names, for they used male ones. It goes without saying that lesbian and homosexual relationships flourished in such surroundings. The Church closed its eyes as long as the relationships were sexual in nature. Only when love and devotion were diverted from the Church was their real concern. Intellect and emotions became further divided then. This resulted of course in an overemphasis upon dogma – rules and ritualization that had to be colorful and rich because it would be the one outlet allowed in which creativity could be handled. The Church believed that sexual experience belonged to the so-called lower or animal instincts, and so did usual human love. On the other hand, spiritual love and emotion could not be muddied by sexual expression, and so any normal strong relationship became a threat to the expression of piety.”

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