The Future Probable Role of Canada in the Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov and Paul Soucy, November 8, 2015

I am enjoying tremendously the reading of your knowledge; it grounds me into this life and offers hope and aspiration to become true beings.



Dear Paul,

thank you for establishing contact with me and the PAT and I am happy to hear that you enjoy the publications on this website.

With love and light



I am humbled that you should respond to my message meant to simply thank you for the great mental stabilization I need to immerse myself into the shift now happening.  Grow, flow and glow has for a long time been my inner guidance and now, I stumble upon ascension knowledge, still to my amazement and subconscious seeing in bits and pieces all that is.  Obviously I strive to gain pure consciousness as I live in this body vehicle but am open to whatever the Light and Love drives me to.

I read your opinion on Canada’s coming unfolding with the actual government (I must say I placed positive energies and actual light work towards the national manifestation).  Now, I’m witnessing how it does indeed unfold.  I may play a role in this unfolding, albeit not in the dire fate we seem to face, but in whatever I can contribute to  both personally follow my inner guidance (and to the level I can take) and for the overall good of humanity in its new era. I’m not sure if your comments about Canada are time accurate but then, observation is key.

I have been reading a Saint Germain inspired book series written in 1935 and since there is lots of scientific references in these, I have put the brakes to reading as it were, first to remain in equilibrium, then to try to understand better if the scientific ‘facts’ are real or just not yet known by scientific methods.  I don’t dare ask you, although I am tempted, for a specific feature that I doubt now but since I have no scientific knowledge, I allow myself to question even something from a great Ascended Master and his beloved protegee now ascended.  So, if indeed it is allowed to question (although I feel that it is not important), I trust you would welcome the question.  You can tell me by not responding or by simply saying if I should question and then, what the scientific question is. My guess is that if the scientific statement is in an ever-changing universe, and if the timeline is not in my understanding or in timelessness, the science would still be true although I can,t understand it now according to the Universal laws.

I hope I’m not too winded here with my limited understanding, but I thank you for reading my words.  And mostly I thank you again for sharing your wonderful literature for free on your website.

With God Blessings,   Paul


Dear Paul,

you should definitely formulate your question on science or new science as this is now a key topic of the coming dimensional change and I will respond to it in-depth.

In fact I just had another conversation with a Canadian physicist who has, like myself, found on his own the fundamental blunders of physics and science and approached me two weeks ago. I will publish this correspondence today or tomorrow as it is paradigmatic for the discussions which humanity will lead in the very near future. These are the kinds of discussions this civilisation needs in order to escape from the current Orion cesspool of utter ignorance. And by this I include the entire New Age that is absolutely unaware of science and its implications in the ascension process. Read here:

Now to the Canadian scenario. Only yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with Paul Armitage, the ingenious composer living here in Vancouver and an author of the Symphony of the PAT:

who has just returned from Australia. Our topic was the latest elections and what are the perspectives of the new Trudeau government. My take was as follows:

The victory of the liberals could not be predicted to this extent to the very last minute and this is the beauty of this change. At the beginning the new democrats presented the more comprehensive program how to resolve the austerity policy of the dark clone Harper, who not only increased the state and private debt to historical heights but also caused the Greatest Depression of all times in this country. Not to mention the abolition of basic constitutional rights. It is a riddle for me why nobody except a few intellectuals talk about these facts in this country of gullible, politically ignorant masses with undue self-esteem completely trapped in the illusion that they live in the best of all possible worlds. High-esteem precedes the fall.

The new democrats lost the election because they did a personality-centered campaign and their leader, I always forget his name as he is so bleak and insignificant, did not appeal to the masses. His program was a light version of the austerity program of the conservatives and the Canadians were fed up with it now, while fully suffering the consequences of this long period of depressional austerity, doubled by undue secretiveness and fear-mongering arrogance of the despicable clone Harper.

It was quite logical that they will flee in droves to the liberals as a new alternative. Besides the liberals presented themselves as the “Trudeau team” due to his inexperience in politics and were wise not to present any detailed program as to how they intend to resolve the bankruptcy of the Canadian state.

Then make no mistake – Canada is broke and no conventional, new economic policy can fix this issue. It is a country in the deepest depression of all time, it has almost no producing industry, even worse than in the USA, and its commodity-based currency has been hit by the unprecedented slump in commodity prices and has lost almost one third of its value towards the dollar which is, as we all know, worth nothing itself. How bad can it get?

I have discussed recently this topic here.

My very strong intuitive perception is that the new Trudeau government is now in a state of shock after they have gained deeper insight into the balance books of the Harper government. This explains their silence as to what they intend to do with the crisis after they have been officially sworn almost a week ago. And I am flabbergasted by the fact that nobody asks the serious and important questions in this country. The ignorance of the Canadian electorate is breathtaking. But by closing the eyes, one cannot eliminate the problem – the de facto default of the Canadian state, where the cancelling of the Keystone pipeline project is the last nail in the coffin of this nation.

Based on this analysis of the desolate state of Canada and that the new government has absolutely no chance to resolve any issue or fulfill any promise, I came to the conclusion, inspired as usually by my HS, that the new, constantly changing scenario of ascension may begin with a breakthrough of the new Theory of the Universal Law and the introduction of new 4D technologies from Canada and this would explain my prolonged stay here in the End Time.

The arguments are very easy to understand and straightforward. Canada has destroyed the few industries it possessed and, once destroyed, it is very difficult to resurrect them or substitute them with new technologies. The Germans did it the painful way when the Ruhr region slumped with the shutdown of all coal mines in the 80s by establishing modern computer and other technologies there. But it took roughly 20 years and they are still not out of the woods.

It is extremely difficult to overcome the structural deficiencies in a national economy and the Canadian economy is full of such structural deficiencies. That is why Canada has a persistent high trade deficit in the last years (like the USA and GB), notwithstanding the fact that the Canadian dollar is now much cheaper than a year ago and this should increase the competitiveness of its products. If you do not produce anything but rely only on debt-based consumption in the tertiary non-productive sector, then you are not only unable to export anything as a country but have to import more expensive goods from abroad to fuel the slumping consumption and keep the dying economy alive.

This should be cogent to any half-intelligent Canadian, and the fact that it is not, speaks volumes about the stupidity of this big nation (in territory) which behaves like a dinosaur with a huge torso and a very small head and brain. This is the classical recipe for self-destruction and evolutionary extinction.

Hence my diagnosis on the economic state of Canada is “in faustus”. And here comes our chance as the new bearers of the light. It is a matter of days until the Trudeau government acknowledges officially the default of the country. They must do it very quickly and put the blame on the old Harper government. If they delay the revelation of this dire truth say for a month or so, the blame will fall upon them as the memory of the people is very short on this planet.

What would the liberals do after that? They cannot resolve the biggest crisis of this country with conventional means within the matrix as the matrix itself is collapsing full-scale. The only resolution is to believe in miracles. And the miracles can only come from us in the form of the new theory of the Universal Law and the rapid introduction of new technologies based on superconductivity as discussed by myself a few days ago.

That is why Carla and I, who have vested interests in saving this country by simply being here, are flooding Ottawa and the new government of Trudeau with the seven sacred flames and transmute their patterns of thinking in a very powerful manner these last days. With the massive influx of old souls as walk-ins during this portal 11.11, I am very confident that the soul essence in this country will soon reach the necessary threshold for its profound transformation.

The change is already visible now, but this cannot be attributed to Trudeau and his liberals as some people, including Paul Armitage, erroneously believe, but entirely to our powerful light work as Elohim of the first and third cause of Creation. That is why I am now inclined to consider a new kink in the ascension scenario, beginning here in Canada due to the favourable conditions created by ourselves:

– total implosion of the Orion economy;

– new enlightened, but helpless majority government of liberals here in Canada that can only rely on miracles to accomplish its job and fulfill the expectations of the electorate;

– our presence as Elohim and Creator Gods in this country, immensely supported by the few PAT members dispersed throughout this country.

The advantage of Canada is that its economy and population is comparatively small and it can be easily restructured. Besides, the huge territory demands new forms of transport as the current ones based almost entirely on oil and gas consumption (fossil combustion) are very ineffective and expensive. This makes all products “made in Canada” very expensive and not competitive on the world markets. Hence if we introduce first the new antigravity and 4D bilocation portal technologies of transportation in this country, we would resolve with one fell swoop all its current structural deficits and above all save the pristine nature of this country.

The impact of this “Canadian miracle” will immediately project onto the United States and this country will succumb to the light from the North without any resistance, especially after the imminent and sudden implosion of its Orion economy and criminal governmental structures. Our proximity to the West coast of the USA (Washington state and California) have paved the ground for this change.

Think only of the Infinity portal at White Rock at the US border and also the big city of light we have created in the mainland of Vancouver. These 5D and higher dimensional structures will manifest very soon. Thus we will hit two rabbits with one bullet – save the Canadian economy, currently in state of undeclared bankruptcy and transform the Empire of Evil from scratch without personally engaging with this dark country but only by the power of light projected from the North. America will not be able to resist the reforms of light coming from Canada.

Europe has always been a stooge of the USA and will quickly follow suit.

Russia and China will embrace the new theory of the Universal Law with open arms and I see Russia as a focal point of my future activities as Logos God, apart from Europe, which I have, so to say, already in my pocket. Here I refer to the city of light Raetia that encompasses large parts of Central Europe and will become the future technological hub of humanity. I have been creating this city of light consciously since 2005 and even now, while being in Canada, I am working on it together with Carla every night and day through constant bilocations.

These are not figments of my imagination, but highly probable ascension scenarios that will unfold on the new 4D worlds, whereas it is very difficult now to envision how seamless this ID transition will occur. For many people all these changes will happen in this reality as they are not capable of bilocating to new timelines. For us as ascended masters, it will be the new scenario in the new 4D worlds in the Golden galaxy, which we have already created last year.

What I want to convey with this elaboration is that one can only be a powerful Creator God if one integrates in a perfect manner the actual facts and situation on the ground, based on a sound economic and financial analysis, with the multidimensional visions, to which our HS are now inspiring us with an exponential intensity and expansion of our multidimensional awareness.

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