Magnetism, Polarity and Superconductivity as the Basis of Creation – Message 6

Astraea et Amora, November 15, 2015

Physical background

Georgi Stankov, November 17, 2015

This is a pivotal message of the two Elohim Astraea and Amora that covers more than half of the theoretical stuff of present-day physics. It has been extensively discussed and resolved by myself in my textbook on the new physics of the Universal Law (volume II). It is of paramount importance because it tackles the conditions of superconductivity which will be the foundation of the new 4D and 5D technologies in the new worlds of Gaia in the Golden Galaxy. Hence this message and discussion come at a crucial time. Please, bear with me if some of my comments may be too theoretical, this disquisition has been written in anticipation of the numerous scientists who will visit our website after our ascension when they will be urged to know more about the new energies and technologies that will soon be established on this ascending timeline

Today, the game changer is not the collapse of the Orion matrix and the demise of the ruling cabal, these are inevitable steps for any progress of humanity to a transgalactic species. The real game changer is the introduction of a new energetic structure on this ascending uppermost mother planet that will bring about the conditions for ubiquitous superconductivity of matter and photon space-time.

In the current 3D holographic model, matter and photon space-time do not display these characteristics of superconductivity and that is why it is impossible to develop new technologies that will transform the image of humanity. In this respect all statements of fraudulent inventors such as Keshe, who claims to have created new forms of plasma and free energy sources, are megalomaniac announcements of sociopaths that can only mire the minds of incompetent in science light workers who substitute their legitimate desire for a profound change of this toxic reality with a declaration of mental bankruptcy and a lack of common sense.

What are the two major initial conditions for the establishment of global superconductivity on the new 4D worlds? Please, observe that superconductivity is the normal state in the 5D and higher dimensions and thus an already existing ubiquitous energetic reality in New Lemuria and in the cities of light, such as New Raetia in Central Europe and New Lemuria in the area of Vancouver and Vancouver Island in Canada:


a new principle of magnetism

Both concepts are elucidated by Astraea and Amora in a very concise, but also very precise manner so that they can be understood even by a layman. Here I will give you some more information on the physical background of these two basic concepts. I must warn you that it is not easy to explain all the ramifications of these terms as they encompass not only electromagnetism, but also cosmology and the creation of organic matter and human species, which is roughly the whole subject of modern science, while the latter is still not being able to render any satisfactory explanation for this incessant creation of life and matter in front of our eyes.

What is polarity?

Polarity is the ubiquitous existence of energetic gradients at all levels and in all systems of All-That-Is.

I have discussed this key aspect of all existence in my pivotal article:

The Universal Role of Energetic Gradients in the Creation of All-That-Is.

 In this article I affirm that:

The Nature of Energy = All-That-Is is to exist as Energetic Gradients = Potentials!”

This is exactly what the Elohim tell us when they speak of polarity. I recommend you strongly to read this article in order to properly understand this Elohim’s message. There I explain that:

The human organic body is nothing else, but a product of huge energetic, electric gradients. This fact is not known to bio-scientists so far, and this ignorance has hindered their understanding of the current light body process, LBP, in which most light workers are involved at the conscious level and many other human entities at the subconscious. This is, indeed, terra incognita … but I must introduce you in this area, if you want to transform your carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies in order to overcome physical death and ascend to the 5th dimension.”

The two Elohim refer precisely to this basic fact of human existence at the end of their message when they cryptically say that our “human body-mind-spirit system” is also an example of this brilliant event” – of superconductivity which is based on the polarity of all systems. Now I hope that you begin to realize why this message is so important and full of indispensable information for anybody who wants to understand the process of Ascension of Gaia and the human body.

Although I have discussed this key fact in bio-science in previous articles, let me summarize it once more at this place for the sake of clarity and completion. The human cell and the body is created around the establishment of huge electromagnetic gradients across all cell membranes and intracellular membranes of cell organelles in the cell plasma. This is the key discovery of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation.

Although the existence of membrane potentials in all human cells is known for more than 100 years, bio-science has failed to acknowledge this fact to the full extent before I re-discovered this fact in the context of the new theory of the Universal Law. Here are the basic tenets:

– All food which a human or any other biological organism (this also holds true for all plants and thus for all organic matter) takes in is degraded and transformed in the cell metabolism into electrons and protons that are separated across the membrane of the mitochondria first and then across all other membranes, including the outer cell membranes.

– As all biological membranes are a very thin bilayer of lipids and other fatty acids, this electromagnetic gradient builds a very high voltage of more than one million volts across the cell membrane and all other membranes.

– The cell membrane functions as a spherical capacitor that establishes a huge magnetic field within the cell that controls all biochemical reactions of cell metabolism in a uniform manner under the condition of extreme polarity – a powerful field of roughly one million volts in each cell.

– In a state of such polarity all biochemical moieties are completely restructured and become superconductive. This is the key condition under which organic matter can exist in such a highly organised form. This fact is still unknown to bio-science but plays a key role in the new theory of biological regulation of the Universal Law.

I have shown in volume III how this electromagnetic field, which the cell membrane potential creates in the cell, regulates all major metabolic pathways inside the cell, including the function of the DNA code; the double-helix structure operates as a powerful superconductor. I will not delve now into details but only want to make you aware of the huge multilayered body of evidence that is hiding behind this” innocent” message channelled by Astraea and Amora.

Now we come to the most difficult part of our discussion. Until now I have consistently spoken of “electromagnetism” and now comes the time to explain to you why there is no such thing as electricity and that in the higher realms there is only magnetism and how the principle of magnetism leads to superconductivity. This is the key information in this Elohim message.

I must stress at this point that present-day physics has no clue about this revolutionary statement of the Elohim, but it has been my main concern and topic while writing the new theory of the Universal Law. This is another key finding that tells you how important all these messages are, which obviously come from the highest level of creation – from the Primary Source – otherwise they would not deal with such fundamental theoretical issues. This source is unique in the esoteric history of channelled messages throughout the ages – it is the first sophisticated channeling source of clear scientific knowledge that goes even beyond the new theory of the Universal Law. That is why I am so glad that no name is given for the human medium. There is indeed no need for such anthropocentric interference.

In order to give you a better perspective of the concept of electromagnetism as it has evolved in the history of human physics and why it must be abolished and substituted with the concept of magnetism, I will refer to my explanations in volume II, page 283:

“In 1860, J.C. Maxwell discovered in a most dramatic moment in the history of physics, which is only comparable to that of the discovery of the Universal Law in 1994, that the laws of electricity and magnetism obtained before him in an experimental manner could be synthesized in a general mathematical presentation consisting of four interrelated equations. These equations contain the two Gauss’s laws for the electric (equation 119 in vol II) and magnetic flux (eq. 156), Biot-Savart law (eq. 153), Ampère’s law (eq. 154), Stokes’ integral theorem of Ampère’s law (eq. 155), and Faraday’s law (157). These laws are mathematical derivations of the Universal Law for particular quantities of electromagnetism and their relations.

The actual achievement of Maxwell was the introduction of a new quantity, called Maxwell’s displacement current (eq. 164), with which he eliminated the limitations of Ampère’s law. Thus Maxwell put the tautological invention of new laws in the area of electromagnetism to an end,  just as the discovery of the Universal Law eliminates the deep-rooted conviction of physicists that nature needs more than one law to function.

Maxwell’s equations relate the electric field (acceleration) E and the magnetic field (time) B of the magnetic systems of photon space-time to their corresponding electric systems of matter, which are described in terms of charge, Q = Ks = area, current, I = EA= action potential and space quantities, [1d-space]- and [2d-space]-quantities. As already said on many occasions, these quantities are defined in an abstract manner within mathematics and have no real existence. Therefore our subsequent elaboration of Maxwell’s electromagnetism in this chapter will essentially deal with mathematical transformations that depart from the universal equation and intuitively reflect the nature of space-time.

The epistemological achievement of Maxwell’s equations is to furnish the evidence that the level of photon magnetism is of wave character – his equations can be combined to yield a wave function (eq. 170 & 170a) that is identical to the classical wave function in wave theory (chapter 4.5) and to Schrödinger’s wave equation of quantum mechanics (chapter 7.2). Since de Broglie (in year 1924), the wave character of matter is a well-established fact.

This was not so evident at the time when Maxwell first developed the modern theory of electromagnetism. In the new axiomatics, space-time is energy exchange. Its unique, universal manifestation is motion. Due to the closed character of space-time, all motions are superimposed rotations – they are open systems of space-time and contain its properties as an element (U-subsets). Any rotation is a source of waves and vice versa – any wave can be regarded as a superimposed rotation.

For instance, the earth’s rotation around its axis, the sun and the centre of the Milky way builds a complex wave path. All systems and levels of space-time are particular superimposed rotations – their constant space-time can be assessed with the universal equation (chapter 3.4). Waves (rotations) have the intrinsic capacity to create structural complexity with an infinite variety of forms, for instance, as standing waves or solitons. Such forms have a finite lifetime that depends on the conditions of constructive and destructive interference. This is the basic epistemological outlook of the new axiomatics in terms of wave theory. It can be regarded as a further development of de Broglie’s wave-particle dualism. It affects a great simplification in our physical view of the world and, in particular, of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics.

When Maxwell developed his four equations through pure mathematical deduction, it was not known that electromagnetism was of wave character. Only 27 years later, did H. Hertz confirmed it experimentally. This historical glimpse illustrates the priority of deductive knowledge over empiricism and rejects the latter as an epistemological approach. Hertz’ result was, however, anticipated by another basic equation of electromagnetism, which was deduced by Maxwell from the primary term of our consciousness in an intuitive manner – the speed of light (see equation (105) and chapter 6.3):

c (high2) = U(u) = electric acceleration E(o) . magnetic field length l(m)

The speed of light squared (c high 2) is actually the universal potential U(u) of photon space-time in the 3D-universe. I have defined it also as the long-range correlation that aligns all 3D forms of matter we observe as celestial objects, but also all objects of matter we deal with in daily life. It is a fundamentally new concept of physics and cosmology that explains how creation happens along this cosmological gradient and is affected by it. This is the concept of polarity the two Elohim are referring to.

To this let me tell you about an extraordinary multidimensional experience I had in 1994 when I was on the cusp of discovering the Universal Law. On my way to my office when I was walking on the street I was suddenly disconnected from the earth and began to fly in the cosmic space. At the same time my body was flooded with this universal potential U(u) of photon space-time and I felt with my whole body the power of this huge energetic field of photon space-time as magnetism. I saw with my third eye how all forms of matter, such as stars, planets, plants and organic forms, including human beings are created as energetic vortexes along this huge photonic (magnetic) field and are also dissolved. It was the most congruent vision of All Creation a human being can perceive with his mind – a real EPIPHANY. I do not know for how long I was raptured from this reality but when I returned back, I was very shaky and could not walk. I had to sit down on the sidewalk for a while and collect my bearings.

When I reached my office, I began to derive new equations from the famous Einstein’s equation E = mc^2 and realized that the squared speed of light is actually a measurement of the universal potential of photon space-time which is the origin, the primary source of all 3D forms, including us as human beings.

At that moment I knew beyond any doubt that there is much more to this reality and this overwhelming impression (also due to its mighty energetic power) accompanies me since then. Of course it was only much later that I postulated the existence of higher dimensional levels beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of photon space-time that are the primary cause of creation as the two Elohim speak of in their previous messages. But this vision was powerful enough to carry me through my physical investigations and to help me discover the Universal Law.

Now, just as there is a powerful energetic membrane gradient in the cell that regulates millions of biochemical reactions in a uniform manner as a long-range correlation, there is also a universal potential of photon space-time that represents the principle of magnetism and polarity, which is a wave phenomenon as all other systems and levels of All-That-Is are.

This principle of magnetism induces a coherent excitation of the electrons in matter, e.g. in the metal grid of a conductor, and this coherent wave phenomenon in matter is described as “electric current“. It is not that electrons flow as a current through the wire over huge distances in the electric grid, as present-day physics suggests in a simplistic manner in order to explain electricity, but that the electrons are activated in a uniform manner by the surrounding magnetic field and create an equivalent electric field in the conductor that propagates with the speed of light.

Essentially, this is the key knowledge behind the famous Maxwell’s displacement current which he first introduced in physics to describe all phenomena of magnetism as a wave function and also to include all previous known laws of electricity, which were first discovered in physics in a random manner before the concept of magnetism of photon space-time was introduced in the second half of the 19th century.

Here, I must go one step further in order to explain why electricity, the way humanity perceives it today and observes it at the level of matter, will cease to exist in the upper 4D and 5D worlds and will be substituted entirely with the concept of magnetism as the two Elohim tell us in advance. That is why this message is of such a paramount gnostic importance.

The speed of light squared c^2 or the universal potential U(u) of photon space-time contains two further fundamental natural constants that have been first discovered by myself in 1995 but were already known as their reciprocal values in physics. They participate in all known conventional physical laws of electricity and magnetism that have been integrated in Maxwell’s four equations of electromagnetism. The latter are in fact wave equations of magnetism and this is already an important proof that there is only magnetism and that electricity as an induced phenomenon in matter – coherent excitation of electrons in a metal grid caused by the surrounding magnetic field. This is how all generators and electric motors function and we owe this discovery to Tesla.

The two fundamental natural constants hidden in the universal potential U(u) of photon space-time are:

The magnetic field length l(m) and

The electric field or electric acceleration E(o).

The first constant, the magnetic field length, is the reciprocal of the famous magnetic constant “permeability of free space” and the second new constant, the electric field, is the reciprocal of another famous natural constant, “permettivity of free space”.

Until now physics, precisely the theory of electromagnetism, uses these two constants in all conventional derivations of the well-known laws of electricity and magnetism and also in the four Maxwell’s equation of electromagnetism, but it is unable to explain them in terms of knowledge. This is a cardinal gnostic deficiency (but not the only one) of all current physical theories of electromagnetism and this fact also explains why the idea of free photon energy is vehemently and erroneously rejected by all conventionally thinking physicists.

The magnetic field length has the magnitude of roughly 1000 km (exactly 0.795775X10^6 meter) and the electric field or acceleration has the magnitude of  0.11294X10^12 ms -2 (meter.second high (-2)) which is an extremely high value for acceleration. The product of the two new fundamental constants gives exactly the universal potential U(u) or the speed of light squared in the Einstein’s equation (see also above):

c^2 = E(o).l(m)

The magnetic field length gives the extension of the long-range correlation of the photon-space time as an active field that creates a unified excitation of all electrons in the grid structure of any material conductor with the electric field or acceleration of roughly 10 million km per second squared which, as I said, is huge. This acceleration is the induction force of any magnetic field in this 3D holographic model that creates a coherent excitation of electrons over a distance of 1000 km.

Please observe that for the first time in the history of physics the principle of magnetism has been discussed in this novel and unique manner. Even though I had derived these new fundamental constants almost twenty years ago, I needed this latest message from Astraea and Amora to interpret them in this specific manner. I had pondered very intensively and for a very long time what conditions should be created on the earth to allow for superconductivity to become a ubiquitous phenomenon on this planet.

It is not enough for humans to develop some new ceramic conductors or to decrease the temperature to zero Kelvin degree to establish the conditions of superconductivity in a material structure as the condition of superconductivity depends entirely on the properties of magnetism of photon space-time that exists as a field around each conductor.

What humanity and this ascending uppermost mother planet need now in order to introduce new technologies based on superconductivity and free photon energy, is to create a completely new energetic reality, where the two new fundamental constants are changed profoundly.

At present the relatively short magnetic field length l(m) prevents the establishment of the new principle of magnetism that allows superconductivity over unlimited distances. The magnetic field length must be extended to infinity in 5D and higher dimensions and almost to infinity in the 4D worlds. This cannot be done by human beings but by Creation from the Source, beginning with the first cause /field of creation of pre-atomic adamantine particles, then proceeding through the second cause /field of creation of elementary particles of matter and only at the end within the third cause or field of creation of micro- and macro-forms of matter, including whole galaxies and new holographic models for incarnation as Astraea and Amora have explained in their previous messages.

Why? Because at present the two fundamental constants of magnetism, magnetic field length and electric field or acceleration, are predetermined by the cosmological structure of this 3D universe. I have proved in a spectacular equation in volume II (page 392) that:

“The magnetic wave character of photon space-time as expressed by the speed of light in electromagnetism (see equation above) is determined by the average rotational space-time kinetics of such gravitational systems, as black holes, pulsars, quasars, stars etc.”

Here microcosm as presented in the theories of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics meets with macrocosm of modern cosmology in a beautiful manner – a unique achievement of utmost theoretical abstraction that became possible only after I discovered the Universal Law.

At present, there is a profound disconnect between cosmology and quantum mechanics, while electromagnetism is not even considered. This is based on a plethora of obvious blunders in physics, such as the rejection of the mass of photons and neutrinos. The latter has led to such idiotic concepts as the suggestion that hypothetical dark matter should exist in the universe that accounts for more than 95% of all matter that should be there according to theoretical calculations. Otherwise the universe would expand infinitely and disintegrate. Unfortunately the scientists cannot find this dark matter, no matter how clever experiments they make to find it after it was first proposed more than 80 years ago.

The key blunder of physics and cosmology is, however, rooted in the lack of understanding of all scientists that all systems and levels of All-That-Is are closely interconnected as the Whole = All-That-Is is a closed entity, so that all waves of all systems and levels superimpose and determine each other in a perfect harmony according to the laws of constructive and destructive interference.

In order to alter the magnitude of these two fundamental constants of magnetism, the whole energetic structure of the visible 3D universe must be changed – at the quantum level as well as at the cosmological level, but first and foremost at the level of photon space-time.

That is why we created the new Golden Galaxy that has the energetic properties of high polarity which allows for the ubiquitous presence of superconductivity. Essentially when a holographic model increases its vibrations (frequency) it also increases exponentially its density of charged particles. This increased density of energetic particles, such as photons and other pre-atomic adamantine particles allow the energy to flow much more freely and in all directions within the multi-dimensionality of All-That-Is. This is the way as to how superconductivity also expands and becomes the normal energetic condition in these higher dimensions because the principle of magnetism exists in all these dimensions while electricity, including electric resistance of conductors that is responsible for most waste of energy as heat, is abolished as a concept for ever:

“Magnetism, created within elementary particles, continues forever and is never eliminated, even as evolution in form moves from what is known to you as third dimensional form and into what you sense as fifth dimensional form.  Certainly, the nature of matter changes from one dimension to another, and in this moment your reality is moving from low density, low vibrational magnetic fields into a much higher density of photon light, see Message 3; – and therefore a higher frequency, such as a fifth dimensional frequency. In fact as one moves clearly from the third dimension to the fifth dimension it becomes a notable fact that energy moves more freely as photonic density and frequency increases and superconductivity expands.  

Matter in the fifth dimension that you call crystalline matter reflects new inner alignments over those found in your third dimension, alignments of elementary particles into beautiful and complex geometrical patterns.  The property of superconductivity continues to expand within all crystalline structures as new pathways arise and are no longer confined to the limited A to B construction as is found within the third dimension.”       

Enjoy now the latest message of Astraea and Amora:



In our last message to you, Message 5    we stated “in this moment in time, All-That-Is is pushing evolution through the polarization of every system’s expression” and by this we mean that every system in the creationary fields of All-That-Is requires magnetism, and therefore polarity, as a foundational activity in the support of All of creation, and particularly in the creation of form within the third dimension.

Why is this? Because creation here in your reality and all other realities that make up All-That-Is require the principles of magnetism and polarity since they are the very power behind superconductivity – the primary state upon which evolution is founded within the primal fields of the First, Second and Third Causal Fields of Creation.

First we will discuss polarity.  Polarity is one of the prime forces under the principle of magnetism which is responsible for all aspects of evolution within All-That-Is. This is a term used in electricity and magnetism where two objects exist and there is an electric potential between them.  In this instance one object has more electrons than the other. The pole with more electrons is said to have negative polarity; the other pole is said to be of positive polarity.  If two poles are connected by a conductive pathway (such as a wire, for example) electrons flow from the negative pole to the positive pole, and this is considered charge or current. The movement of electric charge produces a magnetic field and this magnetic field is made up of composite geometrically aligned atoms. As soon as a natural geometrical structure is created, there is an instant foundation upon which to build a superconductive infrastructure where the principle of magnetism is automatically introduced through polarization of the elementary particles. Polarity is further enhanced within crystalline structures because these elementary particles form new superconductive pathways in the form of latticework created from sacred symmetry or natural geometrical structures.

Sacred Geometrical Patterning: Foundation of Superconductivity in the Higher Realms

Magnetism, created within elementary particles, continues forever and is never eliminated, even as evolution in form moves from what is known to you as third dimensional form and into what you sense as fifth dimensional form.  Certainly, the nature of matter changes from one dimension to another, and in this moment your reality is moving from low density, low vibrational magnetic fields into a much higher density of photon light, see Message 3; – and therefore a higher frequency, such as a fifth dimensional frequency. In fact as one moves clearly from the third dimension to the fifth dimension it becomes a notable fact that energy moves more freely as photonic density and frequency increases and superconductivity expands.  Matter in the fifth dimension that you call crystalline matter reflects new inner alignments over those found in your third dimension, alignments of elementary particles into beautiful and complex geometrical patterns.  The property of superconductivity continues to expand within all crystalline structures as new pathways arise and are no longer confined to the limited A to B construction as is found within the third dimension.

One final note here on electricity as a property of magnetism. Your science has combined these events to create the description called electro-magnetism.  This is because electricity creates the current within the electrons in matter and electricity is also within the surrounding magnetic field where there is also polarity.  Electro-magnetism cannot be separated in lower dimensional expressions, but as creation moves into the fifth dimensional expression, electricity is dropped.  There is no consideration of electro-magnetism within All-That-Is beyond the third dimension as it is only an application of understanding limited to the third dimension.  Electricity, as you know it, does not exist within the greater outer reflection of All-That-Is; It is primarily a limited property that is linearly oriented and slow in action, too limiting for applications within the higher levels of expanded awareness.

While these concepts may be new to you and may seem difficult to understand, it is really very simple: Electron movement creates a magnetic field through polarization of particles and particle to particle expansion through sacred geometrical pathways creates superconductivity throughout All-That-Is. Remember this: Your human body-mind-spirit system is also an example of this brilliant event.


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