How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality

by Jeff Nielson and Georgi Stankov, November 25, 2015

This discussion is so important as it anticipates the plethora of similar discussions that will very soon flood the public arena when the Orion monetary system will collapse in the coming days and one basic truth will emerge on the surface for everyone to see – humanity is not ready for true sweeping reforms of the Matrix as it has not done its intellectual homework in due time. Hence the people must follow the advanced ideas of their new Guardians – the Logos Gods of Gaia and the new Ascended Masters of humanity from the PAT. There is no way how they will bridge this intellectual gap in such a short period of time – between the impending collapse of the old financial system and the creation of new enlightened social relationships on the new 4D worlds.



21st Century Banking: A World Run By Parasites

Jeff Nielson, November 20, 2015

Sprott Money

Banks are parasites. Big Banks are very large parasites. It is the fundamental equation of human commerce in the 21 st century.

Bankers are the quintessential middle-men: contributing nothing to our economies, while blood-sucking us for assorted “fees”, and (most importantly) interest payments. Many readers will object to this characterization. They will argue that banks and bankers “facilitate” commerce, and thus (somehow) “earn” the vast sums of capital which relentlessly flow into their vaults.

Wrong. Bankers facilitate debt, and the parasitic interest payments which flow from that debt. Commerce facilitates itself. If someone wants to start a new business, that person simply invests his/her savings into that enterprise, and the business is started. If a corporation wants to expand its operations, it uses its profits to pay for that expansion. It’s called “capitalism.”

There is absolutely no role for banks or bankers in facilitating business unless the firm or individual in question chooses to finance that project with debt. More specifically, banks are only necessary when businesses/individuals need large quantities of debt.

If a profitable corporation seeks to expand its business, and has already accumulated enough profits to finance 80% of that expansion, that corporation will have no trouble at all raising additional capital without any banks/bankers. It can either simply issue some more shares to finance the expansion, or conduct a “private placement” where it directly approaches investors for financing, with no need for bankers to be involved, at all, in those transactions.

With little debt required for the business expansion, this translates into little or no risk to the project, thus there is no need to have supposedly expert bankers “assess the viability” of the project, and thus claim a significant piece of the pie for themselves. A (largely) cash-based economy translates into a banker-free economy.

Again, many readers will scoff at such analysis. An economy which finances itself on a cash basis? It’s so impractical. It’s so naïve. It’s so “19 th century”.

Everyone knows that our 21 st century economy needs “credit” in order to function, endless mountains of credit, with parasitic interest payments attached to every unit of currency of that debt. How do we know this? The bankers tell us this, every day of our lives. Without more and more and more debt, they tell us, our economies will fail.


What does one inevitably produce from “more and more and more debt”? Bankruptcy. We need this? In fact, in any sane universe, it is understood (even by reasonably bright children) that what we “need” is to avoid debt – and the parasitic interest payments attached to it – as much as possible.

But the bankers (and their Apologists) are not yet finished with their brainwashing/ programming. We need to accumulate mountains of debt in order to fuel a “healthy rate of growth” in our economies.

This is one of the most-absurd and most-perverse aspects of banking mythology. As a matter of the simplest arithmetic; economic growth derived from accumulating debt is totally unsustainable – the opposite of “healthy”. The bankers have conned us into embracing a permanent paradigm of (unhealthy) unsustainable growth.

The cost? Again, the math is elementary. Attempting to “have more” for ourselves, today, by borrowing our way to a higher rate of growth guarantees that our children will “have less” tomorrow – and even less for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When we mortgage the present (with debt), it is our children whom we force to pay-off that mortgage.

Once upon a time; we lived in cultures which universally pursued an unstated goal: to try to ensure that our children had better lives than ourselves. Then we started listening to the bankers. In the “me-first” societies which the bankers have programmed into us to fuel our addiction to debt, the mantra is “live for today” and “to Hell with the future” (i.e. the lives of our children).

It is only with economies based upon a sustainable growth model (i.e. a cash-based economy) that it becomes possible to return to healthy economies , and healthy societies, where the lives of each new generation of children are better rather than worse. Once upon a time, we understood this.

Officially, we are supposed to be living in capitalist economies, economies which are supposedly based upon and run on capital. What is “capital”? It is savings. It is profits. Not “credit”. Not debt. Cash based.

We no longer have anything even resembling capitalist economies. Instead, we have creditist economies , where everything is financed off of “credit” (debt), and thus the parasitic bankers blood-suck their interest payments from any-and-every business transactions. Worse, as this debt accumulates, an ever-increasing percentage of the “fruits of our labours” is consumed (uselessly) paying interest on debt.

The inevitable result? A relentless, downward spiral in our standard of living. In the 40+ years since the bankers assassinated the last vestige of our gold standard; the standard of living across the Western world has fallen by more than half .

Why is this date/event of such significance? The gold standard was nicknamed “the Golden Handcuffs” by legendary gold-hater, and economic charlatan, John Maynard Keynes. Why? Because a gold standard dramatically reduces the ability of our governments to issue more debt. With a gold standard ; our governments are forced to operate our economies (more or less) on a pay-as-you-go basis.

When we had a gold standard, our standard of living steadily rose. The lives of each, new generation of children got better – not worse. We still practiced “capitalism” rather than the (suicidal) creditism of today: relentlessly burying ourselves in debts, all of which are owed to the banking crime syndicate .

What do the bankers (and their media sycophants) call this creditist Hell which they have created? They call it “the New Normal” . They tell us that our lives are (now) supposed to get worse and worse. Our children’s lives are supposed to get worse and worse. Why? So we can continue making our ever-growing interest payments to the Parasites.

What is the New Normal, really? It is debt-slavery: all of the productive members of our society working harder and harder, just to be able to make their interest payments to the Parasites – with less and less left over for the productive people to live on. What sort of society would be insane enough to place the Parasites at the top of the (economic) food-chain? Obviously only a society which is run by the Parasites .

When does the insanity end? Another simple question, one that has already been answered by History, on numerous occasions. It’s called Debt Jubilee: freeing the “slaves” from their debt-slavery. It is a concept (and event) which traces back literally to Biblical times, because for more than 2,000 years, these Parasites have been enslaving humanity with their cancerous/destructive debt.

We don’t need Parasites. This is an obvious tautology. By definition, parasites sicken everything they infect. Only one tiny niche of our society could ever (sanely) believe that we “need” parasites: the Parasites themselves.



Jeff is absolutely right -“Big Banks are very large parasites” that sponge on the vital energies of the people. This should be the point of departure of any meaningful discussion on finance in the beginning of the third millennium. Unfortunately this is not the case, even among the most critical thinkers and financial experts outside the matrix and I have neither an explanation nor understanding for this intellectual failure. That is why I find great pleasure and consolation in reading Jeff’s articles where these basic truths are hammered again and again. This would not have been necessary if we had to do with an enlightened public in North American and the Western world, but this is obviously not the case at present.

In support of Jeff basic statements in this powerful article I would like to refer to two articles that I published on my blog a few days ago that also deal with the fraud of big banks by expanding the object of Jeff’s just accusations. Not only are all banks parasites and the banksters – criminals, but they can only behave in such a reckless manner because they are in cahoots with the even more criminal western governments that cover all their crimes with the veil of impunity. Until now not a single bankster has been really sentenced for his crimes, although all big banks in the USA and EU have been caught in massive fraud and had to pay huge fines in the last years since the financial crisis began in 2008.

The first article (Nov 16th) is written by myself and deals with the inversion of swap spreads, a recent financial anomaly of colossal proportions which reveals that most investors consider the western governments to be less creditworthy (and more criminal) than the very financial institutions – the criminal big banks – they bailed out since the financial crisis in 2008 with more than 3 QEs and trillions of borrowed dollars from the taxpayers:

The second article (Nov 18th) is a response of a contributor to my website, an US investor, that highlights the massive fraud of the US banks at the expense of the American people. An excellent article by an insider that I recommend everyone to read:

While Jeff is absolutely correct that a jubilee is the only solution to the debt fraud of the big criminal banks, this is only the first step to a new enlightened economy that must, in a second step, eliminate all banks as intermediary institutions in the real economy as they are, and will remain, the source of all evil in this debased society.

The penultimate solution is very simple and has been developed by myself 20 years ago. It is based on the full understanding of the true nature of money as a mirror image of energy, which is the only entity in All-That-Is. All economic activities in the society are energy interactions. There is no exception to this definition.

In this case it is very easy to envision a new, highly efficient society with a new economy that eliminates all banks as parasitic and debt creating institutions – which they will always become, no matter how big or small, as long as they are based on fractional banking, interest rates and creating paper money out of thin air – and substitute them with a universal digital system of payments and transactions that is accessible to all citizens and business units where money in form of personal free income for everybody and interest-free loans for current and future investments of companies will be generated automatically by the people themselves.

In this way money will simply function as the SI system in physics and other daily measurements where the units such as (cubic) meter or joule have no value in themselves but are simple measurements of the consumed amount of commodity, e.g. one cubic meter coal or gas or one million joule of electric power cost so much digital units…. In this way a perfect equilibrium will be established between the real economy and the amount of digital units of payments and transactions in circulation and such phenomena as inflation, deflation, recession or depression will belong to the past.

From a technical point of view, the introduction of this rational and fair digital system of payments and transactions instead of money, which will also eliminate all criminal banks as intermediary institutions of financial fraud and debt, can be implemented now within 24 hours. The only prerequisite is that humanity reaches this consensus point of collective enlightenment based on correct understanding of the true nature of money – it is a mirror image and a SI system of measurement of the properties of energy (and matter in terms of commodities which is also energy according to Einstein’s equation E =mc^2). All human activities, including education, health and children care, arts and production, are utilized energy on behalf of society and can be valued accordingly. Simplicity is the utmost form of perfection. This is how All-That-Is function.

I hope that this succinct contribution will promote Jeff’s important discussion on the banks as criminal generators of fraud and debt to a higher level and will render a brighter and more optimistic perspective of this key issue for the future of mankind. This is what even the most cynical, because sincere thinkers, such as Jeff (and myself) nowadays need.

At present, the solution through a global jubilee implies the bankruptcy of all criminal banks and their shutdown which will affect in the first place all savers who will be robbed of their money through the new bail-in laws that have been adopted in most Western countries:

This can be easily evaded by implementing a new digital system of payments and transactions from scratch when the collective will is there.

Dr. Georgi Stankov


Thanks for the support, George!

Despite the strident nature of my commentary, I would not personally go so far as to call for the abolition of the entities which we call “banks”. There are many dangerous and/or undesirable entities in our world. But seeking to eliminate or exterminate them all is not necessary.

Rather, such entities must be CONTROLLED. The level of such control is commensurate with the level of danger or undesirable attributes possessed by the entity. Once upon a time; banking was the most-tightly regulated sector of our economy — as it should be.

Then through a combination of bribery and deceit; the Big Bank crime syndicate conned our governments (particularly those of the U.S. and UK) to DEREGULATE this inherently parasitic business — thus turning loose all these parasites, and letting them run amok.

We see where that has gotten us. We took the bankers’ chains and muzzles off, and they destroyed our societies and economies, as a result. They must be re-muzzled, re-chained, and (of course) our ANTI-TRUST laws must be enforced, in order to smash these gigantic fraud-factories back down within legal limits.

The pendulum has swung to an extreme, in terms of the lawless criminality in our markets (and “finance”, in general), along with the endemic corruption of our governments. History tells us that the pendulum will soon begin to swing back. Unfortunately, this transition will almost certainly be punctuated by a cataclysmic event (or series of them). I wish I could offer a more optimistic prognosis, but we’re too far down the present road for other endings to be plausible.

Jeff Nielson


Dear Jeff,

thank you very much for presenting your vision of reforming the criminal entities defined as “Big banks”. Humanity has always oscillated between the quest for moderate reforms of the status quo and sweeping revolutions that destroy the old order, notwithstanding the fact that all revolutions on this planet have failed so far to bring about a true and significant change to a more enlightened humanity. This is however not a proof that this is not possible, but I admit that it has only rarely been observed in the known, very short history of this humanity and in all these cases it has happened in an involuntary manner through inherent collapse of the system and not through a bloody revolution.

Essentially your vision contains the proposition to turn back to the good old times when the banks were regulated and behaved properly. Already this suggestion implies that the banks are recidivists and must be kept at bay all the time by an enlightened legislative. This is currently impossible for the simple reason that the legislative powers in the Western countries are now even more criminal than the banks they should regulate and that is why I referred in my previous comment to the key role which the irresponsible western governments play as accomplices in the obvious crimes of the banks at the expense of impoverishing the masses.

I have studied closely the history of modern banks since they were first established in Europe, in Italy and Germany, before they moved to the Anglo-Saxon world and have not found a single piece of evidence that these entities have not behaved in a criminal way from the very beginning. This holds true for the Medici in Florence as well as for the Fugger in Augsburg, Bavaria where I live, and this criminal tradition has only been set forward and expanded by the Rothschilds, who as you know came from Germany to England and created what you call the “One World Bank”. I have tackled this issue in a comprehensive survey here:

Therefore, I think that it is rather naive, even from a conventional historic point of view, to expect and hope that such reprobate entities as the banks would all of a sudden improve their behaviour and resort to good old habits, while history teaches us that these have never truly existed. It is only an idealization of the past which is another key trap of humanity on its way to perdition. Believe me, there is nothing worth in the past that humanity should preserve or return to if it wants to evolve in a true spiritual manner.

Hence the abolition of the banks is inevitable even from a point of view of common sense. But in addition to that I do not see how humanity would even have the time to accomplish this Tantalus act of reformation, even if I assume that all of a sudden the whole political elite in the West is exchanged with ethically and far-sighted thinking individuals to support such a gargantuan reform of the banks. One cannot even find enough people with these moral and ethical qualities in the West and even if one does, most of these enlightened persons would not consent to become politicians knowing what a cesspool the western capitals of power are. Therefore, the pathway of reforming the banks is even a greater illusion than the bold utopia of abolishing them which I suggested in my first comment.

At this point, however, our discussion becomes meaningless as I argue from a multidimensional point of view and know beyond any doubt of the existence of infinite parallel, alternative timelines of this earth we now discuss. Therefore, I do not reject your vision as it will be surely realized on the timeline you will end up very soon. What I am telling here is that the attempt to reform the banks as to re-establish their old, non-existent virtues will badly fail because of the arguments forwarded above and you will end up in a very debased society dominated by a reckless NWO.

Other people who envision a society based on a rational and just numerical system of payment and transactions, in the full knowledge that any such system has no value in itself but is only a reliable and just SI system of measurement of humans’ contribution to society, will experience this more evolved form of social life.

And finally, there are a few advanced human beings who are able to envision a highly evolved human civilisation where there will be no need for money at all and they will experience this blissful reality very soon.

The basic truth behind all existence is that any sentient being creates its own reality with its thoughts and visions in full responsibility for the consequences of this creation as a sovereign creator being. This is the invariant truth of All-That-Is and the current situation on this earth with all accompanying discussions are blind aberrations of this truth.

Georgi Stankov



Essentially your vision contains the proposition to turn back to the good old times when the banks were regulated and behaved properly. Already this suggestion implies that the banks are recidivists and must be kept at bay all the time by an enlightened legislative. This is currently impossible for the simple reason that the legislative powers in the Western countries are now even more criminal than the banks they should regulate…

Indeed, George, we are in a horrific chicken-and-egg scenario. The Big Banks have gotten so overly large that they can buy-off our (corrupt) governments with their petty cash. We can’t chop-down and restrain the banks without Honest Government, and we can’t get honest government until the Big Bank crime syndicate is chopped down. Sadly, this leaves nothing but Armageddon: simply WAITING for these Psychopaths to complete their self-destruction of our nations (and their empire), and then look to rebuild something better from the rubble.

Jeff Nielson

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