Energy Report of the PAT – November 9, 2015

The Role of Canada in the Ascension Scenario

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Dear Laurie,

thank you very much for your unwavering support of this website. Actually I was thinking all the time this morning about you and what your opinion will be on this article which I have just published and have written this morning. I was inspired by my HS and somehow have the strong feeling that it will come true one way or another:

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I must say that when I tune into Canada now it doesn’t feel as heavy as it used to, as compared to when that idiot Harper was in Ottawa.  Prior to the Trudeau Team taking office it used to feel like a veritable dense hell with a lot of fear centered around it.  It now feels lighter and more malleable in a positive way.

Just a few days ago I was thinking about how incredibly inefficient and expensive the transportation system is in Canada, there really isn’t a cost effective way to travel in this country, and it has only gotten worse within the past two decades when it should have gotten better.  Unless you have a car it is very difficult to navigate this country.  I suppose living in Asia where transportation is abundant and there is easy access, brings this up for me. Canada needs desperately to deal with this issue and it must be cost effective, which is why introducing new antigravity and 4D bilocation portal technologies of transportation in this country would be ideal.  It would, as you have pointed out, help solve the other problems in Canada as well.

Due to the fact that Canada is huge and the population under 40 million this would be the best alternative and also this would have an effect on the rest of the world, especially in Asia where the population is so dense.  Russia and China would most probably embrace this, as it would help deal with many other problems and solve them in one fell swoop without creating more debt, especially in China.  And of course, eventually people would realise how useless the entire monetary system is and dispose of it.

It’s an elegant solution to a situation that has become a deadlock in this world that desperately needs creative solutions to the situation imposed upon humanity by the few – who have become obsolete, to use their own terminology to describe human beings who no longer are needed in certain positions.

I find it interesting that people still need to be told that they are the creators of their own reality.  Although maybe this isn’t surprising given the fact that this energy aspect of humans was hijacked systematically over a long period of time, but especially so in the last part of the twentieth century up until today. Today, being the day when you realise that you are supposed to envision and implement your creative ideas and solutions that will benefit humanity and move this planet into its next phase of its own evolutionary cycle – that being yours as well.  Of course this should have a sound scientific background so that understanding and the ability to educate is included in the solution itself – such as with the Universal Law.

When I think about this creative aspect of humans, Nicola Tesla comes to mind as an example of someone who had this ability and tapped into this understanding with the lucid realisation that it must be used for the benefit of all, as well as Gaia.  Forget about your educational conditioning, that was only meant to take you further away from this aspect of yourself and ability to use this creationary ability.  When someone needs to enslave you, they need this ability to become completely subdued and non-functioning.  This has always been about your consciousness and your innate abilities and enslaving them to a lot of stupid ideas that would have you running around like an idiot trying to keep up to them.

All this, just so you don’t start using that aspect of yourself that is so important and simple: your own creationary abilities to influence and bring into reality that which is more humane and beneficial for everyone.

Much Love to you and Carla.

Dear Laurie,

thank you very much for your excellent comments as usually and especially for pointing out how important it is for all of us to remember that we are creators and that no vision is too daring or impossible as not to be realized. This was precisely my leading thought yesterday when I wrote about the Canadian role in the ascension scenario.

Before something happens, we must think of it, as thoughts are the origin of all creation. This is what the light workers community lacks entirely – daring visions. They want to transcend this reality too, but make no effort to envision how this will happen departing from the current situation as they do not make the effort to analyse it properly. Indeed, some of us may ascend and transcend this reality, but these will be the ones that critically deal with this reality and the dreamers will continue dreaming in this or a similar reality until they develop the ability to imagine better realities.

This is a fundamental gnostic problem – the change in reality for this humanity or any society is a function of their ability to create utopia. Today this ability has been fully crashed while only 1 or 2 centuries ago utopias were the daily bread of most thinkers and leading personalities. This is a measure as to how much the Orion matrix and the dark cabal were successful in suppressing the creative potential of the incarnated human beings in the meantime. This is a huge topic and I better stop at this place.

We must now focus on the next few days and see what will manifest. I for my part do not see any spectacular developments at 11.11 but I am confident that after these energies have been utilized by the people some spectacular collapses will commence and then it will happen very quickly. Even Asia and China are now in turmoil and the events move very fast and the governments are helpless and have no control over them.

Wish you a calm week.

With love and light

A Trident Missile or an ID Event Over Southern California

Dear George,

You say: “These are not figments of my imagination, but highly probable ascension scenarios that will unfold on the new 4D worlds, whereas it is very difficult now to envision how seamless this ID transition will occur. For many people all these changes will happen in this reality as they are not capable of bilocating to new timelines. …”

but there is an escalation between the US and China/Russia going on that might rapidly evolve into an all-out WW III.

I can not reconcile these two scenarios on the same timeline, unless there is another forced ID-Shift to keep this timeline from nuclear devastation or being completely crippled through EMP attacks and all similar strikes.

Love and Light,

Dear Dominique,

I read about this event this morning and now what NaturalNews writes. There are two possibilities:

– it was a conventional missile launch or
– it was a 5D and higher dimensional event. From the videos and pictures I saw it is very similar to the Norway spiral in early 2012 and also a sighting observed in China in that year.

I would add a third possibility:

– It could have been a rogue missile launch and the missile was disabled (neutralized) by a higher force which then displayed a light show to tell the US military and the American people: “Not this way, we shall not allow any rogue attempt to start a new WW3.”

Now to your question: Humanity must come to the brink of WW3 before the threshold for the final ID shift is reached. There will be a futile attempt to start such a war but it will fail and this will become public and will lead to the demise of the dark ruling cabal in the USA. The rest will follow. How exactly these events will unfold in a very short, highly volatile period of time of probably 24-48 hours is anybody’s guess. But it must happen along this scenario. It will be experienced in a different manner by most people depending on which timeline they end up at this time.

Most of them will not get anything and will move with some memory lapses into a higher 4D timelines, where they will realize only later that they have ascended and now live in a new reality with new technologies. Other more opened and critical minds may have a better remembrance of what has happened and they will report to the rest of humanity. And finally, there will be the PAT, the first wave of ascension, who will move to 5D and will have a full awareness of all events. Hence there will be no universal experience of these last events.

But the fact that the public is now psychologically being prepared for this potential WW3 by such events is a clear sign that we are on the cusp of it happening any moment. It is also a fact that the USA is not prepared for such global war, although it is the only country that badly needs this war in order to survive. Except for a small group of dark cabal in power, the vast majority of the Americans do not want any war and the dark US government cannot mobilize the masses for such a war. In addition, there may be some powerful factions in the US army that are reasonable enough to be against such deadly adventure and will oppose any such attempt.

The Russians and the Chinese are prepared for this war as they know about the intentions of the USA. But they themselves do not want this war and will do anything to avoid it. When it becomes inevitable, they will hit back and in a very massive way.

Europe is completely unprepared for such a war and will suffer most. This is the current situation.

I do not see though any chance for such a war to happen on this uppermost mother planet, but welcome any serious attempts of the dark ruling cabal in the West to trigger such a war as this will be their end and our ascension.

Hence this event is a very positive psychological preparation for the final ID shift in a holographic model based on total collective illusion.

With love and light

P.S: Watch this video – it is not a trident but a multidimensional effect:


Oh yeah!  That is nothing like a missile at all, growing way too huge and blue.  It was all over FB, but I didn’t look into it yet.  It makes sense with the thinning of the veils around the 11.11 portal and higher dimensional vessels having been lowered to an upper 4D level, as low as they possibly could, – read that somewhere.  Thank you very much for the footage, George, I’m connecting the dots way differently now.  Exciting times indeed.

Much Love,

Besides this light phenomenon is so slow, it is almost static. This can’t be a ballistic missile which has the speed of several machs (one mach = 1195 km/h) at least, otherwise it will be hit by an antimissile weapon very easily. This does not make any sense and all the information in the MSM is bogus.


Hello George !

I am writing to you in regard to these past 2-3 days of energies which I felt. Last night was wild for me – as soon as I lie in bed I began having these visions of what I think was me in the different dimensions that I am residing. First I saw myself piloting a spaceship of Ashtar command crew. Then I was taken to what I figured was Sirius where I was still a young being which was doing some kind of research in their “school” on humans. Then I was taken somewhere underwater where I was just light with no physical body whatsoever. And I wasn’t asleep during these visions.

When I drifted to sleep I found myself sitting around a table with a lot of beings and we were all discussing something very important. I am not sure that everyone on the table was of human origin but it doesn’t really matter.

Thanks again for the updates that you are posting on your website. Hope you and Carla are doing great! Sending you love and light.

Best regards,
Teodora, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Teodora,

this is the expansion of our awareness now when it becomes increasingly multidimensional and we can perceive ourselves in various realities. I expect that this trend will increase after the 11.11 portal eliminates most of the veils.

Have a nice day in Sofia. I hope the weather is not that bad although November can be very unpleasant, with inversion and a lot of fog there.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

How are you doing? I just want to give a little update…

For a week now I experience this huge pressure on the head. Multiple times during the day I feel like totally drunk. I don’t even feel sick, yet I want to vomit but I never do. My head is spinning like crazy, yet I’m able to stand firmly on my feet. Massive energy downloads these past few days. I have no memory what I did yesterday or the day before. Linear time probably collapsed. Huge. There’s also no urge to eat whatsoever. I have to force and remind myself to eat something.


With regards, J. Fleischman, Prague

Dear Georgi,

I must ask, why were the darker souls still until recently on this timeline if only 10% of all earthly souls remained, which would only include more evolved or and unripe souls.

Much unconditional love to you,


Dear Gaspard,

this is a misunderstanding. I said that all dark soul fragments that are still available on this uppermost mother planet were finally ejected. This was only a fraction of all dark souls that initially existed on Gaia before the separation of lower timelines began in June 2013. Put it that way, the 10% of all dark souls that initially dwelt on earth and survived the numerous MPR since June 2013 were fully removed on October 28th. As most of them were leading politicians and dark cabal of the hidden, deep dark governments in the West, they were still very powerful and determined the political events on the ground. Now this situation has completely changed.

With love and light

The angel post was awesome Carla and Georgi!!

It inspired my daughter and I to complete a painted mural I had begun in the early summer on our backyard shed…a “bursting heart” surrounded by rays…the sacred flames.  My prayer for Unity, for New Earth…for a new life.  If I find time I’ll send you a picture ; )

Much Love
Natasha, Prince George, Canada

P.S. the last post was so nice… feels good to know that more people every day are aligning with all our prayers for a new beginning.

Miracles Happen… With a Little Help From the PAT

Dearest George,

Following the gentle nudges of my Higher Self, I am being Divinely guided to say ‘Thank you’ again for your loving support and understanding, and truly sharing my ‘heartfest request’ around October.

It is truly amazing, that after you posted/shared this at your website, amazing which happened on October 25, 2015 (which I will never forget – for this indeed is a very powerful day for me), that abundance of ‘synchronistic’ events followed after that, with the help of also ‘Invoking the 7 Sacred Divine Flames’.

I learned more about the Elohim Angels of the 7 Sacred Divine Flames, as I was Divinely guided by my Higher Self (during my Soul journey of ‘Awakening’ and experiencing more LBP/Ascension).

Just with my constant heartfelt desire to connect with the Elohim Angels of the 7 Sacred Flames, I truly felt a loving connection with them even more, and by doing so, also empowered my ‘positive affirmation/invocations’ during my meditation.

In addition, with the loving unconditional generosity of a fellow Lightworker here at PAT – Larry Frank, I am of upmost ‘gratitude’, for his help – for this also ‘created’ a ‘plethora’ of synchronicity – somehow, just giving me that feeling of ‘inner peace’ but even more, that is hard to explain.

I also have been experiencing a lot more LBP, also even remembering during my dreams, of truly, as a Light Warrior, ‘doing my own personal transmutation of dark energies’ – though not fully aware, I just knew I did, when I woke up.

Your message which you have shared here with PAT at your website, also connected with me even more, and especially knowing in my heart and soul that there is indeed a very powerful ‘gateway’ this coming November 11, 2015 — 11:11gateway.

I feel this, I see it, and in fact, I have had experienced ‘bilocations’ happening to me, that started last year in 2014, that is happening more now to me (you posted this a week ago or so).

As a Lightworker, I am being ’empowered even more’, to ‘shine’, and truly do or be on my Sacred path of my Soul Mission – especially in helping Mother Earth – during Ascension…..and yes, more and more, I do feel the ID shifts will happen or is happening by early next year.

I am truly grateful, how, just with Larry Frank, kindness, that this triggered more synchronistic events for me – to create, as a Co-Creator God.

Still, I still have some concern for my financial situation, early in January 2016, since my Worker’s Comp case is not finalized yet, or will take a little longer to be closed.  Even though, I live in pain, knowing that my knee injury – I will need (based on a 3rd D paradigm) a knee replacement, somehow, with my ‘vibrations increasing more and more’ due to a lot of ‘portals/gateways/attunements/upgrades’ etc… happening to me, somehow, I forget about my ‘knee situation’, the pain and all.

I would like to share with you, what I created, as I feel, since, as a Light Warrior, I do transmute the ‘dark energies’ in Spirit, now, with the loving help of my Higher Self, I was guided to ‘shine’, and come out of my ‘Hermit – LightWarrior/Lightworker’ (which in fact I read on one of your post – and it did happen to me —- for a year, due to my knee surgery, I was indeed like a ‘hermit’ :)

So, now, within a few days, after you lovingly posted my request on October 25, 2015, I created a Website to pursue my desire to help others, through my ‘healing energy’ as a Reiki Master Practitioner.  It just flowed in amazing ways, and I created this in one day ( – my intention, is this will also help me ‘financially’ to support my living situation.

I also created my ‘Spiritual Blog’ – which I also posted some ‘poetry’ I was inspired to create with the help of my Higher Self ( —- which is my hearts desire is to also ‘publish my book of Poetry).

The third project as a Lightworker, that I am in fact doing right now, also, is creating my own Spiritual Literary Magazine (in a 5D paradigm/vibrations).  This is still in construction, but I know I will get this done by next week.

I know, that by Invoking the Elohim Angels – 7 Sacred Divine Flames (which you personally guided me to), this truly in magical Divinely way, resulted to amazing ‘synchronicity’ of abundance in many shapes and forms.

Being a Lightworker, (still the comfortabliity of me asking for help is hard to get used to), so in the meantime, these ‘Inspirational websites’ that I created was my way to ‘inspire others’ and hoping will also generously support me financially – through donations (which I am releasing and surrendering to the 7 Sacred Divine Flames, my Higher Self/Divine Presence God within me).

As I intend more, and with the reminder of yourself, George, that WE are all Co-Creator Gods, I am loving dedication of ‘Invocations’, and doing my daily ‘affirmations’ with my ‘I AM Presence, within me’……that with the blessings of the Universe, I was graced with my first client, of doing ‘House/Clearing Blessings’ this month of November 2015.  I am indeed hopeful for more ‘clients’ to manifest in this present moment of the now (for I use to do this in 2007, but got busy/stopped due to my work, and also pursuing a degree in Psychology), which will help me more, financially.

Thank you so much, George and the rest of the PAT members, including my Soul Angelic Family of Light, fellow Lightworkers, that I AM truly BEing ’empowered’ even more in amazing ways.

I AM humbled, and will forever more BE always grateful to you, George, and the PAT members here at your website (Stankov universal law press).

Most sincerely,

Blessings of Love & Light,
Elaine Alcedo
Newhall, CA

Response to Brad’s latest articles

Hi Georgi,

Nic from Montreal here.

Brad is really on fire ! I’d like to make a musical response to his  last three articles.

I think Brad likes ”Prog Rock” so I’ll use songs and lyrics from the Canadian ”Prog Rock” trio Rush as a reply. Rush is simply a Canadian gem. They are like the XO Cognac of ”Prog Rock”: 40 plus years active, 40 million albums sold worldwide, and they were  inducted into the Order of Canada in 1997.

Not bad for just ”a rock band”.The lyricist of the band is their drummer Neil Peart, and I believe he his an indigo. His refined lyrics are quite telling, especially when viewed from the point of view of the PAT…The following songs are a direct response to Brad’s latest articles, and the songs’ lyrics (shown in the videos) are somehow prophetic…

Rush song Superconductor

Rush song The Big Money 

Rush song BU2B (Brought Up To Believe)

So, from physical gold, to paper gold, to digital gold, Superconductivity was the word indeed…



Dear George,Thanks.

That’s really cool.  Rush is definitely one of my favorites and that’s an awesome response from Nic.  What’s more interesting with that band is that I played drums for so many years and everybody idolized Neil Peart.  I always did for his drumming and never listened much to his lyrics.

I had no idea until later how much of a dedicated metaphysical researcher he is.  I don’t think he’s found your work yet for some reason.  That band has done a ton to help people who don’t feel like they belong not go completely nuts.I see the same repeated mistake that you define so well in your New Age commentary.

Everyone is trying to heal themselves to perform better or get paid more in this matrix.  I call it the Buffalo Bill syndrome from the movie Silence of the Lambs where a serial killer is holding you hostage down in a well and you keep trying to hang up posters of flowers to make the miserable reality look better while he’s up top blasting you with a hose and planning to kill you.  It’s hard to watch.

Playing drums with all four limbs definitely can do wonders for opening the mind.  It did for me.  Also, studying all of the patterns I think really helped me unlock the financial markets very quickly later.  Pianists have the same opportunity with the limbs if they really take advantage of it.After reading the whole world today, I can see just how effective that last article was.  This one is the perfect example.  How good is your foreward now?  Can we find just one to cross the bridge or will it take full transfiguration before we find just one from a slightly prominent position?  We’ll see.

I had a lot of respect for the Sprott guys and then I saw they teamed up with Soros and son for the Bitgold project and I about fell over.  The dark moves so subtly in behind people who think they are doing good.Obnoxious and flailingly weak dark surge that looks super scary barely begins to cover the rest of what I’m reading. You nailed it.Please tell Nic I truly appreciate him taking the time to write and we’ll see what comes out next.

With love and light,

Brad Barber

Resolving the Blunders of Physics

Dear Randy,

by the way where do you come from?

When I first introduced this theory in 1997 in Bulgaria, there were a few physicists there who shared my ideas and had come to similar partial solutions. What is unique in my theory is that I resolve all problems of physics from its foundation by resolving first the foundation crisis of mathematics that still exists in science but has been swept with a huge broom under the rug of forgetfulness.

Especially in the Anglo-Saxon world which has no knowledge of this central problem of science. If you come from the US or England you may not be aware of this problem and all your attempts to resolve the problems of physics will remain partial as you will not consider the epistemological basis of mathematics.

As we all know physics is nothing else but applied mathematics to the physical world just as economics is applied mathematics to human industrial activities and one must depart from the initial gnostic condition. You simply need this broad approach. Therefore, I recommend you to read also this article which I originally prepared for Wikipedia:

but they recently deleted it as it does not fit the world view of the cabal. I am just informing you as not to repeat solutions I have already made. Check also this table with the integration of all natural constants:

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner.  I had a chance to look at some of your work and it looks interesting.  I do have a few questions, I hope you can answer.  I see that you set the Compton freq. of the electron to 1 but is that just 1 or is it 1 Hz.  I ask this because I am having a hard time tracking the use of units in your work.  The photon mass that you give does not appear to be mass units (kg) to me and seems that it should be kg/f or kg-s.  Second, what were your assumptions that the Compton freq. of the electron is a fundamental freq.and that there cannot be freq. higher than that value?I apologize for my ignorance, and I hope, you can straighten me out.


P.S.  I am from Canada.  Have a great day!.

Dear Randy,

thank you very much for asking these questions. I have discussed all the SI units in my book volume II. Go to


and read

Point 24: Systems of measurement and units in physics

However, as I pointed out to you, you must read the whole axiomatics as to understand my novel mathematical approach to physics and why I eliminate all SI dimensions and units and reduce them to space and time (frequency). This is the core of the new theory of the Universal Law which is entirely an epistomological issue, i.e. how human mind acquires knowledge in this 3D holographic world.

Essentially 1 Hertz is just 1 per definition without any units and the same holds true for all other units as they are mathematical relationships with identical observables and the units are cancelled – they are dimensionless quotients.

The Compton frequency is defined to be a fundamental constant by present-day physics and I adopted this definition. This does not preclude the existence of many more fundamental constants, in this case frequencies above this one. In fact I postulate that there are infinite such fundamental constants. I myself introduce more than a dozen new fundamental constants that were unknown to physicists but are very important as they enable the integration of physics for the first time beyond the standard model and first and foremost they help integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces which the standard model currently fails to achieve. I only recently wrote on this topic one more time in conjunction with this year Nobel Prize in physics:

I am afraid, but you must read the whole volume II from the beginning as it builds upon the new mathematical and physical axiomatics of the Universal Law and without it you will not be able to follow my derivations and arguments. This is the key revolutionary aspect of this theory and not the individual new derivations and laws I have discovered in the context of unifying physics.

With love and light

I am beginning to understand your approach.  What I did was a pattern based physics, where I identified certain patterns, but as you did, I found that there could be an infinite number of outcomes.  It all came down to what a person used as their base or fundamental units.  In my approach, I used the Compton wavelength or more specifically the reduce Compton wavelength and the fine structure constant for time.

My 2D grid shows the relationships between physical properties based on these fundamental units.  It seems that our approaches have similarities, perhaps this is why we are coming to similar conclusions, even though our fundamental units are different.

I will continue to read your work and get back to you. Thanks for writing back so quickly and have a good day.


Dear Randy,

this is absolutely true – as space-time, All-That-Is is infinite one can start with one set of it and then expand infinitely. That is why I decided to depart in my new physical axiomatics from the primary term of human consciousness, which is:

Energy  = space-time = the Whole = universe = physical world = mathematical continuum  = geometry, etc. 

and by showing the semantic equivalence of all these terms to derive all other physical terms in an axiomatic, mathematical manner. Essentially the new theory of the Universal Law I have developed is a streamlining of physical language as a categorical system of physical knowledge. The physical derivations are then of secondary importance and only aimed at convincing the physicists that the theory is true and experimentally verifiable without a single exception. It is, so to say, the pedagogical and factual body of physical evidence and a proof that physics can be unified by simply clarifying all verbal definitions and terms from the point of view of cognitive knowledge under the axiomatic principle of mathematical formalism.

The problem with all Anglo-Saxon scientists is that they are unaware of the concept of axiomatics in science as this can be shown by the fact that this word does not exist in the English language, although it is as old as Euclidean geometry and in the root of all modern science from Descartes, Leibniz and so on, that is to say, since the beginning of modern philosophy and science after the discovery of the works of Aristotle and Plato in early Renaissance. Even Spinoza has written his ethics according to the geometric method, which is another word for axiomatics as I discuss in my German book on modern Gnosis.

Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant. Philosophic Sources as Background to the New Pantheory and Gnosis of the Universal Law , 2007

The foundational discussion of mathematics (Grundlagenstreit der Mathematik) in Europe in the first half of the 20th century considered this fact.

Only in the second half of the last century when the centre of empirical research moved to North America was this foundation completely disregarded – because of utter theoretical ignorance of all North American scientists – and this led to the current cognitive cul de sac in which theoretical science such as physics has found itself. The only way to resolve this Gordian knot is to cut through it as I did with the new axiomatics and begin anew. Then all the pieces of this scattered mosaic, called physics, find their proper place.

But this is just one side of the coin. When the problems of physics are resolved, we begin to realize the infinity of all creation – the universe is a conscious intellectual design where anything one can imagine is possible as imagination is the operational spirit of creation. I have tackled this issue in a recent article with respect to superconductivity which I would recommend you to read only to gain a glimpse into the new transcendental dimension of the new physics that will very soon emerge and transform the image of humanity.

With love and light

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