Energy Report of the PAT – November 28, 2015, Part – I

Wall Street Bailout Exceeds All Other USA War Expenses or Symphonie Pathetique of the Homeless Light Warrior


Have you seen this chart

Tim Murrin


Dear Tim,

No, I have not seen it, but this chart has a major deficiency as it takes the sums for all wars as nominal values and does not account for the inflation. That is why the bailout sum exceeds so much the war costs. When the deflation factor is calculated, the ratio will be much different. But what is more important is that the USA is spending money, borrowed, debt money, for the two most destructive purposes – wars and saving the criminal banksters who rip off the people. I would rather put this spending in comparison to what the USA spends on education, poverty, public health etc. The latter will be a fraction of the costs for war and bailout of banks.



You are correct as always. And chart did not include costs WW2.

What is a dollar or any other “currency” of // for exchange. It’s real value compared to a single human life, a souls incarnation lost to war as 3D … destruction death darkness.

I beg your pardon and grace. I am on my tiny phone with micro keyboard with three to four hours each day at McDonald’s or Starbucks free WiFi to research learn comprehend overview earth and our ascension and to email you and other pat friends.

I wish I had hour a day to write like Brad or Rumi an article for your soar. But unable to do so as am on the street homeless broke since 12.12.12.

Not bitching complaining just explaining.

I did create a homeless shelter for myself and now have a place to sleep shower etc. This winter 100 other homeless will benefit by my creation. It would be an article itself the story history of what I experienced overcome accomplished.

I have not missed a day or article on your news site since it’s debut. Somehow I found soar within a few hours of its initiation.

What more to say now. Time to move on elsewhere before sheriff deputies arrive to hassle me.

I love, admire, appreciate you beyond abilities to express.

Thanks for being with me. And all of us



Dear Tim,

thank you very much for your deeply moving letter and for sharing with such courageous dignity the hardships of your life as a homeless person. You are now writing the pathetic symphony of life, free of the Matrix long time before the rest of us will experience it and for this you deserve my and the PAT’s full admiration.

I am looking forward to your report on the new shelter and your unique experience with other human beings who have been excluded in a most cruel manner by this unjust financial system from the few benefits of this otherwise very deficient society.

With love and light

Travis Shares His 5D Dream With Tim Murrin

Oh Tim!

What a beautiful dream saga from which I just awoke. It ended with another layer of dream- my calling you on the phone and sobbing as I held the vision.

I am in India in an enormous outdoor amphitheater that holds many thousands. It is a natural place filled with huge trees and the most breathtaking panorama of layers upon layers of mountains to the horizon in all directions. Incredible light.

There is a young girl speaking to the enraptured crowd channeling her spiritual vision. There are slides like in a powerpoint that I see with my mind’s eye. She is speaking of the great cycles of the ages, and the alignments of celestial bodies. It is complex, and familiar, and I cry, being reinvigorated with the knowing of my purposefulness and mission, and how special this time on earth now is.

As she speaks, two enormous trees within the amphitheater, as if conscious, unearth themselves in demonstration of what she speaks. We in the crowd receive this as a synchronicity from the heavens, as it coincides with the tumult of which she speaks for earth in the changeover.

I have the sense this girl is both a young adult, early 20s, and a child less than 10. There is a holy innocence to her as the vessel conveying the prophecy of the ages. I awaken within this dream to another dream as I turn in place with my camera phone to try to capture the magnitude of this place. We are so many thousands in this beyond-earthly place, in sacred dress, and the spiritual richness of the heritage of northern India.

As I awaken into the next dream, I am in a similar model to my usual waking life. I have just poured all my loose change into a Coinstar machine and turned it into a Starbucks card for food. I drop other cartridges in the machine that are like cell phones or DVDs. Then I am in a library browsing around and I settle in front of a film screening where maybe a dozen people are gathered. The film conveys a lackluster marriage between actors Ben Affleck and Claire Danes, and how Ben is called to go to India on a spiritual quest. Once there he is taken along a synchronistic journey where he winds up receiving the prophecy and channeled teaching of a young girl.

I realize the film is modeled from my dream the ‘night before’ and that in my hand I hold a book titled RISHI, with a cover photograph of a very young Indian girl. I tell the host of this film screening that this all was in my dream last night- that this film (and book) was my dream. There is a lot of noise in the room as people are reacting to some strange foreplay scenes in the movie, so I don’t know if the host can hear me. In contrast to the catcalls and discomfort around me, my perspective of what I see on screen is the director’s touching conveyance of a suburban life that is poetic, empty and sad, with several people alternatively forcing and resisting love-making foreplay unscrupulously, to feel connected and alive. There is a haunting beauty to it. And though graphic, it is deeply human, not pornographic.

I decide to exit, with this book called RISHI in hand. I emerge into a city that I’m surprised I live in. It is the rolling hills of Austin, with a high vibration like Santa Monica, yet few people. I sense the city is very large, and very 4D- a highly desirable place to live for the U.S. with lots of sun and natural beauty. I am driving away sensing that I am going back home or to school, and it crosses my mind that I have less than $100 to my name and no source of income or prospects. I want to stop and get food, but decide it is prudent not to do so.

Which is when I call you, Tim, and take long pauses in my relaying the amphitheater vision to you, because I realize that when my heart is unwavering, and anchored in the vibration of that place and memory, there is a tone from my sobbing that is healing and comes through me to you and gifts the experience as if you were there.

I also remember from the middle of the India dream that I am arriving there to meet a friend I once knew in elementary school. I understand his is very ill. I go and place my hand on his heart and sit with him and his parents. His name in real life is Amir, and in the dream is similar to ‘Risi’. He is very pleased to see me and recalls how we went to India together with his family on a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts when we were very young. I am struck with suddenly remembering this experience and how I had forgotten it entirely for most of my life. Also, I am struck with my life bearing so many earmarks of the divine hand navigating my life path. I additionally recall (and this is true) that in college, I had planned for many weeks to attend a service trip that would for a day go to Machu Picchu in Peru. I had backed out of the trip at the time, but 5 years later completed a similar trip. And only afterwards did I make the connection.

To transition into the world of this amphitheater, the actor Ben (his character or myself?) is required to enter a tightly-winding, rushing stream through the jungle. At the end he is delivered upon the banks of this holy city in India.

P.P.S….. I realize this is quite wordy and detailed. It is the resonance and heart-vision of our 5D amphitheater I wished to convey to you. Also, before sleep last night my skull turned into a cavern like an interdimensional epicenter with huge energy, similar to a headache like I had my spiritual-eye in an unwavering death-stare. Haha!

Travis Brown

HI George,

Great article further explaining a future money system as an exchange of energy. Writers in exopolitics also maintain that money systems are not used among space faring civilizations. But you also point out that our cultures are not ready to envision/embrace an absence of banks or an absence of a financial system supporting the promotion of debt! I have seen this in my classes also, when I propose a moneyless system, or even suggest we might not need a money system! Yet though the time is short, I believe we can influence things, just as you have noted that other ideas are more accepted now. We can mandate this as a change we want to see also…we can mandate an end to the old system and a promotion of the new. How exactly? I don’t know. But I do know if we mandate what we want, the vision we have for a better future, we can birth that change. I want to see a Star Trek society where we each work in those areas where we have our special talents, and we don’t get paid by a debt producing institution, but each give our talents to the good of the whole. They can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, as Lennon wrote. And especially among this powerful group I am a part of now, I am not the only one. We can bring this about!

Mike in Florida

Dear Mike,

as a matter of fact I created single-handed money-less societies on all new 4D worlds in December 2013 when we created Gaia 5. The Elohim then confirmed this result in a message. I did it with a very powerful alchemical reaction. Hence these discussions are just a psychological preparation for the masses when some of these people will move to these new worlds.

With love and light

The Power of the Elohim Meditation

Lieber Georgi,

ich hatte ja keine Ahnung, was die Meditation der Elohim bei mir auslösen würde. Je öfter ich sie mache, desto intensiver wird sie. Als hätte ich ein Fass geöffnet, und nun fließt unendlich viel alte Schlacke heraus. Zeitweise stehe ich vor den Trümmern meiner Beziehung, plötzlich wird es wieder harmonischer. Wechselbäder der Gefühle.

Mal schauen, wie es weitergeht. Es ist sehr, sehr anstregend, aber auch wie ein spannendes Abenteuer. Z. Zt. fühle ich mich wie ein Einzelkämpfer und denke, meine Zwillingsflamme (und mein Hund) sind nicht zur selben Zeit hier inkarniert.

Heute hat mir Paul Amitage mein bestelltes Seelen Portrait geschickt. Das empfinde ich als sehr tröstlich. Ich habe es  mir vorhin angehört und die Tränen flossen. Es ist einfach wunderbar.

Was leisten wir – das PAT – doch für eine großartige Arbeit. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, alles noch einmal “rückblickend” anzuschauen auf einem Riesen-Monitor. So stell ich es mir immer vor.

Licht und Liebe für dich und Carla von
Helga, Deutschland

Liebe Helga,

ich danke dir vielmals für diese wunderbare Bestätigung der Kraft, welche die Elohim Meditation mit der grünen, violett und goldenen Flamme entfaltet und wie gründlich sie die tiefsten Kellerräume in unseren Feldern und Erinnerungen säubert. Ich höre dies auch von anderen PAT Mitgliedern. Es ist unfassbar, weil man danach wie verwandelt erscheint, wie der Phönix aus der Asche.

Ich stimme dir zu, dass dies ein unglaublich spannendes Abenteuer ist, das die Grenzen dieser engen Realität sprengt und vor allem unsere Vorstellungen über uns selbst. Wir haben jetzt den Kern unserer wahren Identität als Ich Bin Präsenz erreicht und dabei alle alten Illusionen, was wir sind und wie diese Disneyland-Realitat aussehen soll, ad acta gelegt. Und es wird so spannend bleiben bis zuletzt.

Ich  wünsche dir viel Spass bei dieser Achterbahn.

Liebe Grüße

My Big Fat Alchemical Wedding
by Shinzhi Rumi

Dear Georgi,

in light of the current twinflame-reunification process I would like to share this experience with you and the PAT first published on synchromysticismforum in 2013.

– Rumi –


On Saturday, March 23 (2013) I accomplished the “Alchemical Wedding”. I fused with my soul and became one with All-That-Is.

It happened during a snap party in my best friends’ apartment. One marijuana drag out of a tiny glass pipe was enough to propel my awareness beyond the very thin edge separating the ego’s microcosm from the soul’s macrocosm.

After a few minutes I had to lay down on the couch, for a great shaking was taking hold of my body. Closing my eyes I dropped out of the mumbo-jumbling mindstream and gave into the emotive heartstream that carried me beyond physical confines. My soul had been lying in wait for this moment to lock me into a passionate embrace.

Asking whether she was indeed “the real deal” and not another luscious Lilith in disguise of evanescent Eve, I heard a soulsonic-barrier-breaking cosmorgasmic YES!!! followed by an undulating state of blissful fusion and ex-static union and trance-personal whole-someness that lasted for hours. After what felt like many lonesome lifetimes we were and are finally one again, and she won’t let me off the hook again.

Her distinctive secretive image had accompanied me on my mythopoetic odyssey which began consciously in 2009 and came full circle on the spring equinox 2013 in the same place where it began. Her mysterious eyes glinted in my gloomiest moments like the Cheshire Cat’s magnetic gaze in starry night; her quiet mystifying smile encouraged me to continue through the valley of dualistic darkness like Mona Lisa’s monolithic countenance.

The red thread running through my synchromystical work is the intuitive knowing that the soul is the crucial link to multidimensional existence. The Soul holds the Key to Heaven. The soul is the fifth element that transcends the four elements, that transmutes materia nigra into prima materia, that turns “lead” to “gold” and death to life. I needed final evidence. And I got it directly from my beloved.

Merging with her I became one with All-That-Is. I acquired cosmic consciousness. I switched between personal and transpersonal states of awareness by shifting the focus of my attention. I projected parts of my soulself into other dimensions/worlds/timelines. I took part in existing realities and created realities “in my image”. I was everything and everywhere at the same time.

Although I was not verbally communicative in my con-fused (sic) condition, I was inside all those people present at the party. We were in communion on the most intimate of all levels desired by many but reached by few. The prime motive for humans to engage in all kinds of “love” relationships (regardless of how one define love) is to accomplish the Alchymical Wedding.

And what better set and setting than among the very people who had loved and supported me unconditionally all these years regardless of my antics!

This experience demonstrated that the individual soul is a part of a larger group soul which itself is a part of All-That-Is. As Stankov wrote years ago, every part of All-That-Is contains a “copy” of All-That-Is at its core. The whole point of human existence is for the soul to gain sufficient experience and understanding into various “learning fields” in order to become a conscious cosmocreator.

For an incarnated soulhalf to return to the Source it must re-fuse (sic) with its excarnated soulhalf. This re-fusion is the Alchemical Wedding. While writing “The Fall of Rome” I intuited that the story of Django promised a significant revelation. It seems that he heralded the Mystical Union because in the waning hours of the party we were watching Django Unchained. […]

The Django archetype (the enigmatic gunslinger, the heartbroken assassin) had overshadowed my lifepath many times, though I could never figure out where he came from. I had never conceived him as a threat but as a tragic antihero in need for recognition and justice. […]

After watching the original Django starring Franco Nero my soul asked me to go on a spirit journey with her to dig up our deep karmic roots. She led me to the Wild West where I had to find and return disconnected soul parts, the separation of which was caused by very violent experiences during that (and more than one) lifetime.

She and I had numerous incarnations apart and together. We lost our innocence along the way. As a consequence, some of her disconnected parts became dark priestesses/fallen angels, while some of my disconnected parts became dark priests/avenging angels.

On previous journeys I had already retrieved some of our parts. This time, I had to become “Django” once again in order to save my beloved from the underworld. And guess what I found: hell is beneath Colorado.

Our long quest eventually led us into a deep-seated, multilevel, gigantic cave system extending for miles below Colorado. This ancient natural underground complex had been inhabited and extended by humans and non-humans for probably thousands of years. Reaching the vast central chamber my soul pointed out a stone altar.

“This is the place where I was sacrificed.”

Her cold voice and unmoving eyes sent shudders down my spine and stomach.

“Who did that to you?”

As if on cue, Reptoids emerged in slo-mo from the shadows […]

I learned that some indigenous tribes had been abducted, enslaved, killed by Reptoids. Not all of them were and are hostile towards humans; many females were priestesses originally dedicated to the Mother Goddess. However, the complex fear patterns inside their collective subconscious caused the Reptoids to be dominated by cunning rulers and to deviate from the path of soul evolution.

The “Shift” also affects the Reptoids on many levels. I noticed their painful psychological split, confusion and insecurity. They, too, are awakening from a collective nightmare. They, too, must deal with their karma and make peace with their shadows if they wish to evolve as a species. This will also require a paradigm shift in humans: for those who demonize reptilian species as a whole, and for those who still have no clue about the complex exopolitical entanglements.

Appearances are deceitful. Prejudices are bad counselors. Respect existence or expect resistance.

Realizing that my beloved got sliced and slivered alive and tortured and held captive in hell for who knows long, I promised a fast and furious butchery in the name of All-That-Is should the Reptoids refuse to fork out what’s mine. A priestess wearing a ceremonial headdress came out of a cave and handed me a golden object. As soon as I took it, many light sparks began to materialize out of thin air and flew towards my twin soul; the more sparks merged with her, the more radiant she became.

When she was whole again, we left the underworld.

She guided me to a chapel on a hill in the desert. A coffin was placed on the altar. Django was waiting for us. He opened the coffin, and inside laid his lost love in a white dress and a white rose on her chest. She opened her eyes, looked at him and smiled; then both left the chapel and climbed the hilltop; below the looming cross they embraced, turned into light, then ascended to Heaven.

Realizing that my “other half” was not incarnated was both relieving and frustrating. Relieving, because it would make leaving this world easier. Frustrating, because I would never be fully complete while in this world.

Intellectually and spiritually, I understood the significance of this event since it confirmed my intuition about and investigation into Mona Lisa (as presented in the “The Rainbow Quest for the Virgin Stone” thread).

However, my dominant human self plus aspects of other human selves from parallel lifetimes, all in need of healing, were repeatedly forced to experience old traumas triggered by transformation activities. It’s one thing having to deal with your own suffering; it’s another thing having to deal with collective suffering on top of that.

The recurring cleansing cycles turned my search for a twin soul *in this world* into desperate obsession, since the pain accumulated in and over parallel lifetimes would not subside. “I” was hoping to find someone who could heal “me”. I learnt quickly and painfully that any attempt to form an intimate relationship with somebody else based on such a hope increases the likelihood of incurring greater suffering on both sides.

My “other half” guided me to a potential partner; fittingly, the woman in question was also heart-wounded. I fell in love with her; the fall was deep. The wounds inflicted by others on us, by us on others, by us on ourselves led to a breakup of the relationship.

Eventually, a spirit healer sealed my inner wounds. The emotional-mental suffering ended for good, and also my interest in a female partner. I gave my former flame the contact number of the spirit healer so that she could find healing herself.

I reconnected with you in 2015 because at last clarity prevailed in my consciousness.

I am at peace with myself, knowing that my “other half” is here, with me, within me. She knew I would turn back, no matter how often I turned away from her.

— Rumi —

P.S.: Short Energy Report:

Since 24/11 I have been noticing and feeling a pronounced crown chakra widening; a clockwise-rotating vortex similar to an inverted pyramid, the top of which points to my third eye. Through and inside the vortex I see stars and the cosmos.

25/11: Downside – cleansing of very dense low-vibrating mental-emotional energies. Upside – meeting friends and talking with heart-centered strangers on the merry Christmas market downtown.

26/11: Expansion and flooding of my heart and third eye chakras with high-vibrating constructive energies. Inside myself I see and sense a sun in the middle of a “golden sea” that keeps expanding. Were the “veil of the flesh” be lifted in this moment, the light and fire of my soul would shine. Isis striptease one month before Christ-mas!

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