Energy Report of the PAT – November 15, 2015, Part II

PAT Experiences with the Energies of the 11.11 Portal

Dear George & Carla

A beautiful post.  Thank you.  Ass kicking exhausting symptoms here too.  Earlier today I imagined that they simply MUST prove fatal but here I am clicking on the keyboard so guess not.

A little over a week ago a big, fat hurricane was planning on making landfall at my front door. I knew the momma mountain range, Sierra Madre Occidental was our only hope.

Having never merged energetically with a mountain before, it was still what had to be done.  Improvisation.  So, I sweet talked her, sang to her, swayed with her, climbed all over here and took refuge in her caves and crevices.  She threw out her strong arms and held the worst of the winds at bay.  I felt her doing the safekeeping.  NEVER experienced this partnering before. Now, I can still summon the happiness of that connection.  There is no after glow, no bliss bubble or transformative tickle but a unification all the same, one I can barely articulate.

Malechite, Texas

Hi George,

Your message of today resonated totally with me.  Pissed off can’t begin to explain the way I’ve felt in the last couple of days.  Probably could have scorched a piece of wood with my anger.  “Janus” a two-faced person or hypocrite.  This is what precipitated my mood these past days.  I had illusory expectations of two individuals whom I regarded as friends and found my expectations did not match the reality.  It was painful mentally and physically.  In the end a person can only depend on their self.  I am a survivor.  Have been from the start.  Just want you to know your not alone with these feelings.

Btw the Trudeau government has gently broken the news to the public that the economic situation in Canada is not as “rosy” as first presumed.  As you mentioned previously it is good they got the news out as soon as possible.

Nr Vancouver B.C.

Dear Jeanette,

thank you very much for your confirmation of the negative quality of the 11.11 energies. I had not heard that the Trudeau government has made this announcement but they must now come up with the whole truth and not deliver it piece by piece if they want to have any chance to survive the coming collapse.

With love and light


Was sitting next to computers with coworkers, it looked like a NASA ground crew room, where they sit in rows next to computer monitors. We could see an animation of a nuclear strike i reached over to the person on my left and to the person behind me , we all held hands.  We were monitoring the planet earth but we were expecting the strike where we were as well. I felt very resigned and sad. And that was the end of the dream.

I don’t normally dream about things like this so i think it was important. Could this be another timeline again?


Dear Sheryl,

it could indeed be a parallel timeline, most probably, but it can also be a future vision of what is planned here and may happen with future lower timelines when we finally ascend and will shed off these timelines. The world is on the brink of WW3 and it will not happen only on the ascending timeline where we are.

With love and light

Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:

I’d like to share a dream with you, but not sure if there is any significance to us, as a whole, or just me, personally.

Dream November 9, 2015:

I am in my bedroom and I see brown cock-roaches crawling on the wall.  I witness this brown-cockroach transform into what “appears” to be a dragon-fly in body length and it has also become golden in color and flies directly toward me.  I start waving my hands and arms about to knock it off or away from me.  I quickly walk out the room. My mother is standing outside the room looking at me. I take off my coat and the cock-roach falls to the floor and I quickly step on it.

At this point, my mother and I look back inside the room and they (golden cock-roaches) are crawling over the walls. Some have been smashed (as if flattened) by a fly-swatter. I feel disgust at seeing all of these brown cock-roaches now turned into a golden color, but still, “disgusting” looking, all over the wall.

I am not sure, at all, what this dream means, except, maybe to represent my own negative thoughts here and there, and me trying to stop them. I know that Cock-roaches represent uncleanliness, and maybe the Golden color represent, the successful transformation of my negative thoughts. Just a guess.

Anyway, I would not have bothered to share this dream, except, you said, we should share dreams, even if we deem them unimportant (maybe not exactly in those words).

Thanks. The energies are extremely strong; feels as if I’m about to lift off as I’m sure everyone else must be feeling these same energies.

Love & Light,

Dear Shirley,

I would not interpret your dream personally but as a symbol of what is happening now with the rest of humanity. The brown cock-roaches represent the empty human shells after their dark soul fragments have left them on October 28th. They do evoke disgust and the cock-roach symbolizes it. Now these empty electromagnetic images of humans are being incarnated with old souls as walk-ins that come from the source and carry the golden flame that is a shade of the white Christed light of ascension and the source. Remember that we are now moving to the new Golden Galaxy. This is what we expect to happen tomorrow during the 11.11 portal, or later, but in fact this influx of old souls is already taking place now and will continue after 11.11.

It is normal for you that you were disgusted by these cock-roaches even after their transmutation as the personality structure of these empty shells is still very dark and it will take a lot of time and effort of the new souls to change this negative imprint. I am talking now from personal observations with walk-ins as old souls in our family.

When this transformation happens you leave your bedroom, which symbolizes this holographic reality and outside your mother is waiting for you. As she is already in the higher realms waiting for you to ascend, this means that she will be there to meet you when you make this transition.

I think that this is a very clear dream, at least to me, and represents the final ID shift which is very close now.

With love and light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I am not even finished yet with your latest info and I just keep being floored by every word.  First off this green (colour of my email) gives me a total peace while I write and also makes me think completely of the Arcturians as I have always been drawn and love so much their words.  I know for a fact that I AM with the Arcturians for my Gallactic Self.  I have felt this since finding you.  I felt to the hilt yesterday the complete transmutation of my present day life.  My god was I Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde.  I had the heaviest transmutation I know to date I have ever felt to which fits to a tee now as I read these words from you.  I even continued right on through in astral realms this morning in dreaming.  But after getting awake enough to get up at 11:30 today knew instantly I felt brand new and started going through my dream state as my Self explained to me how all that crap had to go to make room for brand new beginnings.  So as I read these words I can hardly contain myself as they are so clear and precise to me.  Thank you always and just so much Love to both Carla and yourself.

In Much Love and Light,

I very short update, as I wanted to send my personal experience for other PAT members, as often our sharing is the only thing that keeps us from flipping off the deep end or thinking we are loons.

Thank you for the message today, as I can relate 115% to the letter you wrote in ventilation about just being pissed/agitated. I’ve been walking around for 3 days (since Monday) with extreme dual faces, as referenced by your recent articles title, and yesterday I was just done. So much as I lost it with my partner, he was completely trance out the majority of the day and we both were just done with all things “spiritual” because it inevitably has a dual opposition with each turn in the human cleanse process.

My kids, my spouse and I Have been vomiting and had abdominal issues with no further fatigue or problems since the first of November (ie the first of the incoming waves of the 11:11 portal). I have suffered the majority of the bouts of irritation and complete collapse fatigue that often is followed by inability to sleep OR completely being taken off planet and shot back in body…shaking and heart palpitation all of course not new to any of us. A nice set of feelings every night after a 10 minute “excursion” around midnight, brings a sense of “what the heck just happened? Where am i? What time line…dear lord…what time line am I on”

I’ve been working for a while on some personal things. Many align with the PAT team experiences. However recently the changes and challenges have been more evident than ever.

Lastly, just for the report, I suffered great anxiety attacks Saturday through Suesday. No doubt, it has to do with exactly what you describe, which is the sheeple not wanting/afraid of what is happening right now. I am extremely sensitive to these things as we’ve discussed before briefly and I had to get some light transfer help to come out of several of the episodes…This was very abnormal.

I had been in town however and in contact with “general public” which is abnormal as well. The bouts of panic got better as we approached the gateway, however my irritation increased to where I was definitely on board with the words “I’m just #$!@%/# done”. (I’m not done, we are all here for the long haul and are blessed for it…but that emotion seemingly ran very string through the ‘spiritual team’ families this week)

I love you all.
God’s Speed Be with us.
Raign, USA

Instantaneous creation of reality occurring

Dear Georgi,

Your comment has already become reality.

Many more revelations will come out and will transform the society without much resistance. Because these new ideas for the masses – old for us – will be welcome by the new souls and not rejected due to fear-based patterns as was the case with all unripe soul fragments that have now left this timeline.

In the last few days I listen to my family members tell me “news” about things that are 2 or more years old but “new” to them.  I’ve learned to listen intently until they finish and then pose questions to further their critical thinking rather than blurting out that the story is old.

Additionally, some years ago I shared one of your posts with my family member who ridiculed it and spoke harsh words toward me for forwarding the article. I stopped sharing your material with them after that. But their objection was the references to “energy fields” and our ability to control or affect them.

I recently found two articles about fields that humans disperse:

Each human disperses his/her own microbes into atmosphere.

Humans have magnetic sixth sense.

I forwarded these links with a cut and paste to ask if they still had doubts about our “energy fields” and their reply was encouraging. They admitted they spoke without knowing.

So the awakening continues unabated.

Peace, love and joy to all,

Regarding last post on 11/11 day

I and the PAT are with you Georgi, we (the pat) live surrounded by closed mind people plus insolent and mean ones.. so your life is kinda the life we constantly have.. so be assured that we are fighting this the best we can and we keep moving forward.. we can’t choose otherwise.. it’s the only way.. keep pushing and pushing until we can finally guide the rest of them into enlightenment.

A big hug my man!.
Ariel Mansur

Hello Georgi and Carla,

My 11.11 day was actually pretty peaceful, however, yesterday was much less fun.  I was relegated to my bed for much of the day in stillness dealing with the emotion you were speaking to.  Ugh. I was still and quiet…just feeling SO “put thru the ringer”.

I will say that today feels much more expansive again…like the momentum is back again…thank goodness!

During the 11.11 I found myself working with turquoise light…a huge crystalline pillar anchored in liquid-y crystalline energies “erupted” at an epicentre in my ensuite bathroom…which is where I do much of my energy work in my very full house…my Sacred Space. It was nice to read about the turquoise pillars you and Carla also witnessed/created.  Reflection is so helpful on this journey, where we can “find” it.

I can only imagine if I struck up a chat with my extended family right now about the content of my day…”you had…..a pillar?… of light????.. in your bathroom?…” and then likely sentiments of worry for my mental “well-being”.Gaaaahhhh… I simply cannot wait for ALL of US to “come out of the proverbial closet” as The Great Logos we ARE!!!

I feel celebration in the air today…and a Great Storm of the Sacred Flames…a Sonic Boom at the epicentre of our shared heart as the PAT.
Bring it on!!…let’s see what our Sacred tidal wave can transform with our invocations NOW!!  So many rainbows…

Love you two,

Thank you Georgi!

For sharing your feelings, i truly felt connected with your heart. I went from pissed off to empty to desolate to fucking furious… And to sadness. I’ve been crying non stop, feeling so alone without Doug, where is he, i miss him so much that it hurts to be alive. I send you my love, gratitude and blessings!



Just to update your on physical condition for comparison purposes. I am very wiped out today and severely fatigue as if I have done extremely hard work. I was hoping after 11/11 I would feel some relief and I have as far as some symptoms such as gastric, headaches etc  but what’s up with this lingering fatigue that leaves one barely able to function. My nights are as hard as days and as I work as it seems continuously nonstop. Even though I am in bed buy 8 PM after several naps during the day no amount of rest seems to make the least bit of difference. It fact it seems to only make it worse although it is impossible to stay active very long. We are not done yet.


Dear Jerry,

I am sorry to hear that you are still hit so hard by these relentless waves. I personally feel a little bit better today (November 13) though very much exhausted as you say and the same holds true for Carla. There is no doubt that the intensity of these source energies continues unabated but I hope that the overall situation will improve in the next days after the turbulences from this portal have settled and we have cleansed most of the released black, dark sludge from Gaia’s core.

With love and light


Dear George,

That is so good.  I feel for 3-D Jeff and I pray he engages you more to experience how much of a wonderful gift you are sending him.   He most likely can’t accept what you say because it breaks down the entire Sprott investment thesis.  I went through this metamorphosis and it’s hard to admit everything you are invested in is garbage.  I’d still rather hold gold than the dollar, but that’s like bribing the Ghost of Christmas Past now isn’t it?

Obviously energy is moving now.  I wrote a few years ago that something like this would happen in France because it’s the perfect place if you understand energy and how the planet works.  No one I sent it to even remembers.

Can you do me a favor and change the Ghost of Christmas Past to Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in my article.  The pain levels have been so intense I can barely think straight and that is kind of important to the concept.  You could change the Dicken’s to Dickens as well if you want.  I don’t mind the grammatical errors usually as long as I get the energy channeled through because it’s too hard to go back and spellcheck with the way my head feels, but that one is pretty lame.  Thank you in advance for doing that.

Also, I did want you to see this in case you haven’t heard or seen it.  Here’s the S&P 500 from 2011 and the S&P 500 from 2015 almost up to date:

Almost the exact same.  Anyone that goes back and reads your work should be see this.  Little did we know, and I made the same mistake, that we would have to blow up the Death Star a second time.  No one responded in 2011.  They are now.

If the bottom falls out now, it’s on.  If it doesn’t, that means the fraud will prop this thing through the holidays as much as possible for bonus time and Henry’s comments on January will be most likely when the it falls apart.  I obviously am rooting for as early as possible.  Watching the world’s markets respond to this weekend will be most interesting.  If they can be propped up well right in front of everyone’s face on Monday……..AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I am flying to Los Angeles for the next few days.  I hope there’s room on the West Coast for me.

With love and light

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

I made the corrections you asked me. Jeff Nielson has not published my second response which means he has used the censorship and this means that there is no hope for him. I did not expect anything else. Everybody uses his private scissors to cut a piece from the reality that makes him comfortable, until everything collapses and such cosmetics are no longer possible. We are now on the cusp of this new era of truth and I can patiently await the collapse of this reality for Jeffs and the like.

This comparison of the S&P 500 chart for 2011 and 2015 that shows identical curves is remarkable and only proves that all stock markets are electronically rigged as you and I have discussed on many occasions. I agree that this week is crucial for the further development. The question is whether the banksters will be allowed to continue rigging the markets or will be prevented from doing this by higher intervention. I tip for the second outcome giving the events in France yesterday.

I wish you a pleasant trip to LA and enjoy your time there. There is not much left for us to enjoy this reality.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Since yesterday evening when I heard of the terrorist attack in Paris, one particular sentence was in my head – this is it. I’m convinced that the very last effort of the cabal to establish the NWO has commenced. this was accompanied by the feeling of excitement and joy. On the contrary I felt sorry for the victims of the attack, but it’s no longer our world. An event of these proportions had to come and it’s also fuel for our Ascension. Do you feel it the same way?

Oh, btw I’m not from Prague, but from a little town called “Cheb”, which is located near the border with Germany, haha! Prague is too hectic city to live in for me.

With regards, J. Fleischman.


Dear Pepe,

sorry for this misunderstanding. I do not know how I thought you lived in Prague or near Prague.

I see it the same way – it is the beginning of the end as I just wrote in the energy report. It does not matter who did it or whether there are real victims or not as the last Paris terror act, which was a farce. The collapse of the EU has commenced full force and it will go now very quickly. I have explained why in the energy report.

With love and light



Lieber Georg,

Dein Artikel “The Head of Janus of the 11.11 Portal” war wirklich hilfreich für mich, weil Du darin aufrichtig Deine Frustration oder “pissed-off-ness” über die dauernden Schmerzen ausgedrückt hast.

Mir ging es in den letzten Tagen ähnlich.

Ich habe mich mehrmals dabei erwischt, dass ich bei eigentlich geringen Anlässen laut geflucht habe, weil mich der andauernde Kopfdruck zermürbt hat.

Ich hatte deshalb wenig ein schlechtes Gewissen, aber Dein offenes Geständnis, dass Du “pissed off” über so einige Umstände des Aufstiegs bist, hat mir geholfen das loszulassen.

Das Liebesgesäusel anderer im Internet geht mir zur Zeit auf den Keks.

Ich hoffe aufrichtig, dass der Aufstiegsstress bald vorbei ist.

Alles Liebe

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