Energy Report of the PAT – November 14, 2015, Part I

PAT Experiences With the Energies of the 11.11 Portal

Further Information on the 11.11 Portal

Georgi Stankov

After I published my energy report on the 11.11 portal, I received some more information from my HS about what the PAT has truly achieved during this auspicious portal. When we inserted the turquoise blue light pillars of unification into the crystalline grid of Gaia and into her core, we actually eliminated, eradicated all the black sludge of dark energies that has been accumulated there for eons of time. These pillars of light consist entirely of the highest frequency source energies and they build the multidimensional energetic structure which aligns Gaia with All-That-Is and also with the new Golden galaxy.

In order to achieve this unification at the energetic level all dark, low-frequency energies had to be fully deleted from the crystalline grid and core of Gaia. This is how this planet will finally ascend. The light pillars are portals to the multidimensional reality of the higher realms beyond the 5th dimension, which we shall use after our ascension to accomplish our mission on the new 4D worlds as Logos Gods and Ascended Masters.

All these dark energies that have been collected in the core of Gaia, which we eliminated during the 11.11 portal beginning in early November, had to flow through our emotional and mental fields that have expanded so much in the meantime that they currently encompass the whole Gaia with her multiple parallel timelines. That is why we felt so miserable these days as this energy report of the PAT confirms in a brilliant manner. It testifies not only the synchronicity and unanimity of all individual experiences of the PAT, but also highlights the indomitable sincerity and openness with which we now address every new challenge and overcome it in a masterly manner.

We all felt exceptionally bad and depleted these last days as this was the most massive purging and cleansing of the thickest and darkest goo which humanity has produced and amassed throughout its long and very brutal history. One must bear in mind that each incarnated entity generates huge amounts of low-frequency dark energies in form of various fear-based patterns in his emotional and mental fields which are then anchored through the chakra system into the earth where they are stored and condense until they become the aforementioned “goo”.

We have discussed this topic since 2012 when we first began to create the crystalline grid and the web of light with full force and had to make some massive initial cleansings (drillings) in Gaia’s core. You should re-read one more time these past reports as to gain the firm notion that everything we experience now in the ascension process follows a precise and very logical pathway and builds upon previous achievements of the PAT. This holds true particularly for the 11.11 portal.

One must consider the basic fact that the primary source of dark energy patterns are the incarnated human beings who have systematically increased their energetic separation from the source and their higher selves by creating low-frequency fear-based patterns at the ego-mind level that function as very effective blockages and separate the incarnated personality from the benevolent energies of the soul and the source.

Hence the growing agnosticism of the masses, especially in the USA, where the traditional religions are completely disregarded and even persecuted as was the case under communism. What we now experience in the West is the repetition of the experiences which all Easteuropeans and also all Chinese, including some other small Asian nations made under the communist dictatorship when all believers were persecuted for their faith and killed in genocides.

This created huge amounts of collective fear that was automatically stored in the core of Gaia. This collective fear was so thick in the postwar time during the Cold war in East and West that one could cut it with a knife in the atmosphere. The dark ruling cabal, in cahoots with the archons, were performing at the same time numerous dark magic rituals to increase the level of fear in humanity as to dominate and oppress the people, while all these fears were effectively stored in the old grid and core of Gaia. Remember the post 9/11 period of total paranoia in the West? That is why it took so long for the PAT to cleanse all these dark structures and incredible amounts of low-frequency energies in the core of Gaia and substitute them with the new blue pillars of source light at 11.11.

On October 28th we finally eliminated all dark soul fragments from this uppermost mother planet after we had eliminated in numerous waves, portals and spectacular global battles huge chunks of dark archons and the corresponding soul fragments of their human stooges from the astral plane. Since we built the first seven parallel lower earths in May 2013, we are eliminating the dark forces in shifts all the time without a pause. This website is the chronicle of this incessant light work of the PAT. Finally, on October 28th we were able to completely eject all remaining dark soul fragments incarnated in human bodies on this ascending timeline. In this way we also eradicated the primary source of all dark energies on this planet that are stored in the core of Gaia.

Only after that could we insert the huge light pillars of source energy into the new crystalline grid and core of Gaia and lay the foundation for the ultimate unification of this planet with the higher-dimensional multiverse. Now you see how precise and logical the pathway of ascension is organized and coordinated from the higher realms and in particular from our HS as the main protagonists in this unique ascension drama. And also consider that it took less than two weeks between the ejection of all dark soul fragments from this ascending timeline and the final cleansing and unification of Gaia with All-That-Is as to gain an intimate understanding of the mind-boggling dynamics of the ascension process.

By all measure, this last portal was the most exhausting and difficult one we have had so far as we had to eliminate all the human dross from the energetic edifice of Gaia, so that she can make the final shift and ascend. It was not about us, remember this. Before that we had to eject all dark human soul fragments from this ascending timeline which are the primary and only source of these dark energies. We could not have cleansed Gaia before that as the existing incarnated dark human souls would have continued creating new dark energies.

Now that all dark soul essence has been eradicated from this uppermost mother planet, Gaia’s energetic structure could be ultimately cleansed and united with the higher realms. As we had to deal with the thickest goo on this very toxic planet, we all felt so terribly bad and depleted these last days. But the work we did was so magnificent and crucial that I am very confident that from now on we shall feel much better and the quality of the energies will improve substantially. Already today it does feel much lighter and optimistic. There is a sense of huge relieve that has encompassed not only me, but also many PAT members. We know from our HS what formidable light work we have accomplished at 11.11. and that now our final ascension is fully guaranteed.

Now consider the following situation. Gaia has been fully cleansed and no dark karma can be generated any more. At the same time there is no more dark soul essence on this uppermost mother planet to create new karma. Under these optimal conditions it is not possible for the dark cabal in power to commit any new crimes. Most of these dark entities will receive or have already received old souls as walk-ins and this precludes any new crimes.

The old crimes in form of wars and other secret dark ops will be wrapped up very soon and will simply cease to exist. There is no longer any power behind the old perpetrators and the Orion matrix will simply implode in front of our eyes. In this sense the imminent financial collapse, the shutdown of the banks in the West, the economic cataclysm that will follow this financial infarct will be highly positive events of the light that will reveal the true nature of this very toxic and dark reality. Indeed the events have began to stipulate – the terror turmoil in Paris, France is the beginning of the end, and it does not matter who did it – the French state or Islamic terrorists. The collapse of the EU and the national states is imminent and cannot be stopped anymore. This is all part of the final ascension scenario.

These are the pedagogical means of the higher realms and us as Logos Gods to educate the masses to see the truth. This is also the key reason why I am participating these days in theoretical discussions with some more exposed representatives of the agnostic humanity, although I have no hope that they will understand me at the beginning – the gnostic disconnect is too big and too obvious – because we must now set an example for the rest of humanity to follow.

Everything we do now is highly ethical and supports the expansion of the light on this timeline. The broader this expansion, the quicker the collapse of the dark Orion matrix. This is the Head of Janus of the current End Time.



I wanted to let you know that your article Head of Janus has touched me greatly. I must admit that it bought me to tears. It is the story of all of the warriors of the first and last order although the details are different  and some have seemingly carried a heavier load far longer than seems equitable. The reason for this is they were able. George, you and I have been able to stay the course to see the final outcome. As have a few heart centered valiant others holding the light, dispersing it to the masses, taking into their bodies all the dross and negatively to purify and return it to the light.  What a tale will be told about us long after it will not matter to us as we will have already moved on.  This portal was the most powerful I have ever felt although my body is slightly better able to handle it than in 2012 and I am more resigned to the situation. Several times I thought I would surely succumb and pass through this reality by the death process. One night  November 5th I could feel my body shutting down and feel the energy drifting away. The only regret I had was that I was thinking that I was alone and even tried to see if my cat was nearby. Suddenly just before the I lost consciousness It was as if a reboot took place and I slowly drifted back.

I am glad that you and Carla have each other. With all you have lost at least you have the comfort of each other. I remember the wonderful feeling  in the comfort of knowing even when the waves hit I of having my soul mate still with me physically. I still meet with her in dreams and even in waking hours feel her but it of course is not the same. Still I would not want her to have to experience these punishing energies as they were always so hard on her body.

I also experienced the pissed off feeling and many times have shook my head in wonder that I have always suffered so. Even in the midst of my agony there is always an inner knowing that things are alright and everything is as it should be and will turn out okay.The final outcome has never been doubted. But I am just a man after all even though I believe this, I still want to live a useful and fulfilling life. A friend often says to me “we can always hope” and although that phrase may seem trite the value of hope can not be underestimated. Our hope is in the reality that the goodness will overcome the dark. Can it be otherwise?



Dear Jerry,

these are hard times indeed but we are used to them. The only thing is that we are almost depleted by this constant and relentless bombardment. I agree that I am quite lucky in these final days finding Carla, but believe me, it was a shock for me when my family fell apart due to their rejection of my ascension process as I intended to keep the family intact to the very last minute and had no plans to establish a new relationship.

In this sense this is the biggest positive surprise of my soul to arrange this connection to my dual soul which was never part of my life-planning. I simply wanted to ascend and disappear from this reality as to end up the interminable physical and emotional pains. That is why I am so grateful and try not to rant too much against fortuna.

With love and light



Dear George.

I am not sure what to write, as I am in a kind of shock, and in a state of staring into the air, just trying to grasp my thoughts. And I will probably not be able to convey the huge revelations I´ve had, and feelings I feel. But I feel like I should write something. Pardon me if I sound incoherent.

This portal, 11.11.15 felt as important to me as the portal 11.11.11, only this time I did not expect to vanish from this surface like I did then. I have been completely focused on utilizing this portal fully. Material I read, which you amongst others published, concurred with my own thoughts and internal analyses and dreams. Mainly considering release of ancestral dross and outdated cellular memory.

I have also gone through the emotions of depression and being pissed off from having to go another round with crap I have already been through so many times already. Repetitions drive me mad. And what has this outward world become, but repetitions of repetitions? But I have also had extreme heights of elevated blissful euphoria. And yesterday I had the exact thoughts as you described: «How is it to feel as a liberated non-human, discarnated being?»

Last night I needed to organize my thoughts and I wrote a list of miserable feelings that has come to my attention for releasing lately. And I also looked up the antonyms to these feelings. Bitterness, anger, hate, insignificant, exposure, intimidation, abandonment, imprisonment, shame, humiliation, mistrust, ignored, nobody, dropout, outcast, weirdo, claustrophobic, inhibited.

Then I remembered a dream I had tried to remember during the day: I wanted to continue school, but could´t because I had flunked a class that I needed in order to move on up. Frustration. Hopelessness. Very real, as I actually failed my exams in a prestigious (overrated) art school in 2011. A fail which I am, and has been all along, sure of was set up for me to really dive into that feeling of failure so I could release it with such a bang now.

There was no reason why I should have failed my exams unless one accepts a bigger metaphysical explanation. I was one of the best in my class, and if I had decided to work with anything with my handmade illustrations, I would have aced it. But my mind completely blocked up and circumstances were lined up for this fail. I could not squeeze my big thoughts into the small design-box they wanted to squeeze me into, and I allowed someone else to decide I should work with a medium I didn´t know anything about and didn´t care for at all, in a computer program I did not know at all. Who does that for a final exam? It does not even make sense that they failed me even if my project was crap, because I delivered an answer and it´s a long way between crap and fail.

Another conspicuous incident was that two days ago I came across a file with «important documents» that I looked through and tore up and threw out one by one, even all my school diplomas. Haha. It felt great and so liberating.

But what came to me so strongly last night as I came across the word «Failure», (and the antonyms to failure which are: Hard worker, success, achievement, win, asset – which is what I know I really am) and remembered that dream, was the unraveling feeling of lifetimes and eons and worlds of carrying this imprint with me. With us. Carrying with us the memory of previous ascension failures. Collective and personal evolution failures. (Even if it´s not really failure if an experiment goes in an unexpected direction, but it may hurt still.) Worlds gone down the drain. Not being allowed to continue to the next class. I have of course known this theoretically, but it is something completely different to actually experience it. To experience the crystal clear view in a moment of the complete picture. This is where I come short to explain the vastness of my epiphany. It was an absolute knowing. A promise. Seeing eons of lifetimes feeling imprisoned in my own – our-  ascension project. And then in this clear moment being so sure that it´s the end of it. True freedom.

To try and describe what a big moment it was: As I realized this, there all of a sudden was a freak wind that started blowing, and I found myself standing in my bed in front of the open window, laughing like a madman, crying like a child, with pen and paper in hand to write down every thought so I would not forget. And then a long while in a state of mixed disbelief and euphoria. Sitting with a dropped jaw, staring at the wind. I feel like the hundredth monkey. I feel like I have detonated my bomb. Tick, tack… By God, she´s got it! Just you wait and see, Enry Iggins! I feel that now I have been made aware and have released this into the great evolution pot, there´s a true alchemical reaction set in motion.

Funny thing just happened now: I heard a big bang outside, like an explosion. A really big one just outside. Went outside to see, but nothing there.

Another appropriate synchronism in these days, talking about bilocation-portals: Statan have been working on a new tunnel the last 4,5 years which would decrease the infernal traffic on the road past my house. After many delays they opened the tunnel yesterday. It’s a complex underground system of transportation, super fast and effective. Although, not bilocation-fast, it gives the feeling of the 5D bleeding thorough to this D. And it´s a whole other world here by our house. Silence. Of sorts.

Anyways, I have experienced this portal as amazing. And I have this feeling of having climbed up steep slopes the last years, and now reaching the top and see that it is the golden apex of a pyramid. Looking down at the riddling sphinx. Still in a daze, knowing the big changes is coming up the sides like waves of revelations behind me. They vibrate under my feet. The only way is up, baby!

I resurrect
honor, pride and respect.
I resurrect trust, intimacy and victory.
I am free!

With Love and Light,


Dear Georgi,

Just a few words of encouragement during this last period of ‘The Head of Janus 11.11 Portal.’  Your emotional sentiments were well heard because the PAT members here, in upstate, were as ‘pissed-off’ as you (and Carla) were.  Each in our own way.  I have been communicating with Bonnie Johnson daily and with Bonnie McLean weekly.  (I have two Bonnie’s.  Bonnie McLean and I have known each other for 49 years, she is also a member of the PAT, but probably hasn’t written yet.)

We’re being suffocated with economic stagnation and inflation to the tune of 30% in prices on a weekly basis, i.e. for groceries, rent, insurance, etc.  It is mind-boggling.  The physical restraints are powerful—headaches, digestive disturbances, weakness, etc.  But as the first and the last, we maintain; eager in our creative processes.

You, of course, are the pinnacle of it, the leader of this group of Logos Gods and the founder of the Universal Law.  You are unique as a human being and there is no other way to describe it.  You (and Carla) are well-loved and supported by every member of the PAT.  Some can send money regularly and others cannot.  They are both OK, it’s the wave of love and encouragement that comes to Vancouver each and every day.  The PAT functions on every continent in this world and the Orions/Archons know their days have ended.

With love and light,

Henry (USA)


Dear Henry,

thank you very much for your moral and financial support that always comes at the right moment when it is most needed. Both Carla and I appreciate highly your timing.

I have just published your quotation about the hyperinflation in the USA which fully coalesces with our experience with the prices here in Canada. Obviously we have entered the chaotic node of final collapse. It smells very much like the final agony of the cabal and their Orion system.

Today the energies are much better and I will write in the PAT energy report later in the day why it is so. We must have done a huge job and now it must become lighter and more pleasant. At least I hope so.

Wish you calm and introspective days before the shit will finally hit the fan and after that it won’t matter anymore as we are gone.

With love and light



Dear George,

Thank you very much for sharing your pissoffness, because I want to “jump out of my skin”. In desperation, I just clicked to see whether you say something about the 11:11 Portal, and when I saw your letter of personal feelings, I couldn’t believe it. Well, usually you confirm how I feel, and once or twice before I had some visions, latter explained by you on the website, but now I was so lost within my pissoffness and anger and weakness, disappointment, joblessness, scarce finances, ascension, toxic relationships, not knowing myself behaving like I do, thinking and acting like I do, that I felt sick.  I started to question myself totally, what am I doing with my life, in which illusion I have dragged myself again only to escape this horrible reality on this planet (sorry Gaia, I am really law.)

Hence, when I saw your post I couldn’t believe that I was so stupid not to recognize this game again, and I pissed of even more. Spiritual practices, learning by doing, daily encounters with idiotic neighbors, family, close persons…Ahhhh

Following your instructions, with this confirmation, I let go a little bit of all this crap that has been around me for days now.  I will continue to do it in private, thanks, because I don’t want to bother you any more with this. Just to mention that I had terrible headache on 10/11 together with cc waves for 48 hours, too.

With love and light,


Hello Georgi,

Nic from Montreal here, reporting on my 11/11 gateway experience.

So the Nov 11 ”thing” was more on the rough side than on the joyride for me. Not much bliss too but I had a few glimpses in the unseen world.

For most of the day I had a weird headache, like a steady pressure inside the head, which made meditating a bit difficult. I also heard a high-pitched ringing that I never heard before. I still hear it today. I spent the whole day at home alone and in silence. I spent a few hours outside in my yard contemplating nature and I also meditated for several hours at a time during the day. I did not open my computer at all the whole day, which is very very rare for me to do. I remained in this silence the whole day except for playing piano a few times during the day. When I woke up after my long morning meditation (at one point I fell asleep during my meditation) I had this simple melody with chords playing clearly in my mind so I went to the piano to play it. I never had such a clear melody with chords playing in my mind before, could be the 11/11 energies at work that inspired me.

At around 11:11am during my meditation, I had an inner vision of liquid light suddenly flowing / coming down in masses from ”up there”, and I saw Earth being flooded with this liquid light. I also saw ”patches of darkness” detach and fall away from the earth.

A little later I had a cool inner vision, I got a glimpse of my light body. This vision was super cool as I could clearly see, and almost feel, my light body. I was very excited when it happened, it was the highlight (High-Light!) of my 11/11 gateway experience as I never got to ”see” my light body before. It was probably the 11/11 energies manifesting its presence again.

So that’s about it, that was my 11/11 gateway experience.

Onward, Upward!


Dear Nic,

this is actually an excellent experience of the 11.11 energies and, apart from the headache that has obviously opened fully your left brain portal and higher chakras, otherwise you would not have heard the high-pitched tone, this portal seems to be a full success for you.

With love and light


(The PAT energy report follows with Part II tomorrow)

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