Breaking News: Massive ID Splits, Numerous MPR and Nuclear Wars on Lower Separating Timelines

Gargantuan Cleansing of Human Dross

by Georgi Stankov, November 26, 2015

If you feel like shit, and the “world is upside down”, as someone wrote to us today, your pain is unbearable and not a single body part is spared from this torture, know that we are in the middle of the thickest cleansing and healing of humanity ever.

Numerous MPR accompanied by nuclear wars are simultaneously happening on many lower catastrophic timelines that are now being separated through massive ID splits and shifts and go under.

All soul fragments of deceased human beings are in turmoil. Many deceased family members and parents are now visiting the light warriors of the PAT for final resolution of their karma in the follow-up of the healing meditation through the 3rd eye at 11.21 portal. The repercussions of the green, violet and golden flames are of gargantuan proportions and have engulfed all timelines of Gaia. When such members appear in front of you as ghosts or simply as energetic imprint, talk to them calmly, explain the limbo in which they stick and send them lovingly to the light with the help of all angels and archangels as I did with my mother yesterday evening when she suddenly appeared in the kitchen.

We have now reached the highest 4D levels and are merging with the lower 5D, where many deceased and confused soul fragments are trapped between the dimensions and cannot detach from this reality and go to the light. Some of them are establishing now contact with us for final resolution of their karma in the process of the massive healing we accomplished with the Elohim meditation before they can merge with their monad and begin with the evaluation of this past incarnation in expanded awareness under fear-free energetic conditions.

The full moon portal on November 25 has also contributed to this huge energetic surge. We are now heading to two further portals on December 1 and the 12.12 portal. It will be a hell of a roller coaster for all of us, but this is how we now ascend with a maximal speed. The process cannot be accelerated any further, unless we burn out our physical vessels. The pace and depth of human transformation is incredible and not a single skeleton in the closets will remain untouched. The speed of the End Time events surpasses the perception potential of most humans and even that of us as experienced light warriors. Stay therefore centered as never before as this is the only way to survive this energetic onslaught.

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