Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies Through Opening of the Third Eye

by Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, November 22, 2015

Dear George,

Unfortunately I am being faced with great difficulties in being able to execute a well-composed linear article at this time.  After reading your latest work on magnetism, polarity, and superconductivity, I was shown such an amazing concept of a “bridge” article, but I can’t think clearly enough to put it together.  If you don’t mind, I’ll just let what I can write happen.  When I say you, it can mean you as the man Dr. Stankov, or you being the reader as I can’t see straight at this point.

I’m not quite sure how to say it, but my body is hyper-sensitive to the current state of “incoherence” of many of the energy flows at work on this planet and it is devastating my body.  The internal electric current feels that I have the potential to unleash the grandest energy ever seen, but I feel as if I’m being crushed into a tiny pain molecule that gets more condense all day.  I don’t get affected by waves as much anymore as I do a relentless pressure that gets worse every minute.  Every bone hurts.  My heart is screaming at me. My eyelids are pissed off.  It’s very hard to breathe.  Laying down is getting harder each night.  Hyperactive pituitary area feels like I have a stake being driven through my skull and whatever mass is there is half filling some of my sinuses.  Just pretending to be functional takes up most of my day.  Any place of refuge is being taken away faster and faster.

The great news of all this is that it’s very hard to worry about the future or delve into the past when you are cemented in the Now in pain Armageddon, and I do get to see and talk about some things with my experience  crossing all the worlds that most would never see (or care to hear).  It can be a magical place.

Your latest articles are fantastic and I’ve done my best to let them sink in the last few days.  Immediately after I read your article combined with Message 6 from Astraea et Amora, which is amazing, I saw once again something I had seen of the world that I have never heard anyone else talk about and I don’t know quite how to describe it.  The very first comment I could think of to use to explain the whole concept was the amazing comment by comedian, George Carlin, where he said something to the effect of “The world needs a good homicidal maniac,” so the title of my article would have been something like “How to put the rapist to bed.”

Your paragraph here was the vision I had seen years ago about how the quantum nature of the resources of the planet were being used:

This principle of magnetism induces a coherent excitation of the electrons in matter, e.g. in the metal grid of a conductor, and this coherent wave phenomenon in matter is described as “electric current“. It is not that electrons flow as a current through the wire over huge distances in the electric grid, as present-day physics suggests in a simplistic manner in order to explain electricity, but that the electrons are activated in a uniform manner by the surrounding magnetic field and create an equivalent electric field in the conductor that propagates with the speed of light.

I could see that the control of the financial system and the way energies were being sent by price movements were affecting the thoughts of a large enough percentage of the population that it created some sort of field in which all elements were quantumly imbued with a certain energy and was harnessed even further into money.  This is obviously a poor man’s version of what you are talking about, but it is affecting everything and definitely the way we feel.  All elements can be affected this way, but this is especially conductive through the metals.

The Federal Reserve and the financial manipulations have been present for a long time, but the paperization and separation of man from Gaia hit the gas with Nixon. The futures markets started to wrap all the worlds resources after that and the last major spiritual surge of the 60’s and 70’s was bought, marketed, and packaged with the greatest debt surge.  Since ’87, everything has been manipulated to accommodate an actual “reaction.”  Since 2000, the computers have been front running the reactions because all final chances at an actual economy based on principles of the past ran out in 1999 as was the intent.  The world didn’t blow up for ’em.  Since 2011, the computers have been used to guide the reactions.  Now in 2015, we have come to full circle where the fraud is your reaction.

There is an amazing transition that can be seen in the karmic cycle here that ties in so well with the physics you describe.  After ’87, permission was given at the soul level for people to dump the karmic cycle.  This is why the plunge protection team was installed in the financial markets after the ’87 crash.  Up until this point anything could always be engaged individually, but would gather no momentum as a collective.  Up until this point of decree, the process wasn’t designed to work.  This is what is so important for people to understand as we are being confronted with unrelenting “incoherent” excitation of electrons and every single aspect of this process is being visibly polarized in a forcible manner that isn’t natural.  Listening to everyone trying to figure out who to blame is quite interesting.

As you have explained so well, electricity is only necessary at the 3-D level due to inability to achieve superconductivity.  We need some sort of combustion to create the reaction that can be harnessed to generate the energy.  That is the exact same as the karmic energy generation process that operated for so long and is being dismantled.  You pick up energetic patterns to get reactions to generate energy.  That’s what you do here.  You design it all in agreement with the higher selves of everyone around you in line with creation to see if this planet can generate the right amount of energy to move past the karmic stage.  This is the most common spot for energetic failure and many are very cognizant they’ve been to this point before.  The homicidal maniac generates reactions and gets energy flowing.  The rapist generates reactions and gets energy flowing.  People use these as engines of existence.  At the 3-D level it’s a horror show.  At the soul level, it’s exactly what you want.

It’s pretty easy to nail down terrorism with this understanding.  Due to the physics taking place and the approaching superconductivity, the fraud had created artificial magnetic fields to harness reactions.  We have slowly watched the shift with pills, computers, and terrorists to a world where the computers script the reactions and the terrorists are your new karmic energy generators.  Your soul no longer wants to allow yourself to get raped for karmic lesson if you want to engage it, but they’ll surely do it for you.  This is the final effort at owning and enforcing a reaction and harnessing the path from A to B as A is about to become B at the same time.  There is no longer a need to react.

I wanted to explain the targeting of the female hormonal system as one of the main reasons we are seeing what we see and how it ties into all of this but I can’t even remember what I have written.  Starbuck’s coffee, fashion, and every other ponz you can think of keep most woman locked into short-term thinking as anxiety is more prevalent due to the attacks on the hormonal system.  This happens to women regardless of the internal male/female energetic balance.  Liberating your mind from the need to react at all at this point is pretty much where it’s all headed and I can logically explain in relation to about anything if anyone wants, but it just hurts too much for now.  Losing the linear reaction is the key to superconductivity.

Besides the obvious rapists, women mainly control society by who they sleep with.  “Behind every liberated woman is a liberated man.”  It just may not pay that well right now.

I hope this is coherent at all.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

this is a coherent and prophetic presentation of the energetic situation around the portal 11.21 if you please read my latest report and realize fully what we have achieved yesterday and today as this portal is still ongoing. I commend you for this insightful presentation.

Your statement:

Hyperactive pituitary area feels like I have a stake being driven through my skull and whatever mass is there is half filling some of my sinuses.

is spot on as it already anticipates the opening of the third eye of humanity yesterday in which we all are participating with full force, hence the pain all over your body, which you share together with me and Carla. It is a massive portal and a significant opening of humanity that leads to an expanded awareness of all second wave ascension candidates. It is the more remarkable as you sent me this email just before I was about to post this report on the 11.21 portal, so that there is no way you could have known at the conscious level what we have achieved yesterday as a group.

After we opened the heart chakra of all second wave ascension candidates in October last year, this is the biggest qualitative leap in their LBP and massive awakening. This step is so logical and predictable that I am wondering since yesterday why I did not come to this conclusion before the meditation we performed yesterday. But it is always like that – insight always follows personal experience.

In fact I have written in my first book on Gnosis “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” as early as 2000 that when the LBP begins with full force, the first chakra that opens is the heart chakra as it is closed in most human beings, including most light warriors. The fourth heart chakra is the actual barrier that separates the lower three chakras from the three higher chakras. This unfavourable energetic condition in all incarnated human beings allows for the manifestation of karma in all its disgusting forms about which you mention in a remarkable prophecy in your email – raping women and men being on top of all committed karmic crimes.

The reason for this is that the three lower body chakras are discharging their energies in a rampant, uncontrolled manner as they are separated by the closed 4th heart chakra from the positive, higher frequency energies of truth and eloquence of the 5th throat chakra and the spiritual and ecstatic energies of the 6th and 7th chakra (third eye) which are indispensable for any true ethics, logic and civilised rational thinking and behaviour of incarnated human entities.

Hence the opening of these higher chakras is the only possible pathway to true spiritual evolution of humans that allows the control over the three lower chakras emanating unprocessed and often unconscious survival and existential fears (1st chakra), driven most of the time by uncontrolled sexual desires (2nd chakra) while the vital energies of domination and manipulation transmitted by the 3rd chakra are augmenting these despicable human characteristics and to stop determining the crude, animalistic behaviour of most humans.

That is why the separation of the lower three chakras from the energies of the HS are the primary source of all possible crimes which we observe the world over and very often also in our personal life. These karmic aberrations must now come to an end and this can only happen within the individual LBP, by opening the higher chakras and their full alignment to a unified chakra as I have written in my book ‘The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” fifteen years ago. It is amazing that it took so long until these processes of evolution have finally reached the broad masses of ascending human beings.

In fact I had to smile today, while reading your email as your HS knew all the time what we are doing since yesterday during this auspicious portal 21.11. – namely opening the third eye, the 6th and 7th chakra of all second wave ascending candidates, who now for the first time will experience a profound opening and expansion of their awareness. This is an indispensable prerequisite for true mediumship and clarity of mind in order to be able to express the truths they now begin to see beyond the illusion of this crumbling 3D holographic model. This is the energetic foundation of all revelations that will flood humanity in the coming day and will engulf the collective mind. Like a drowning person, the people will embrace the new ideas of ascension we propagate on this website since long time and, first and foremost, the new theory of the Universal Law, where the concept of superconductivity is a major element.

By the way, the energetic structure of superconductivity is now being implemented on this uppermost mother planet in full force as these photos from Peru which our PAT friend Robert from Mt. Shasta has just sent me demonstrate in a sensational manner:

Hence your email is an example of these remarkable serendipities and immediate creations which we shall begin to observe on a daily basis and about which I wrote in my latest report.

Thus my dear Brad, you have experienced and described all the energetic elements and aspects of the opening of the 3rd eye in all second wave ascension candidates as you have participated, as most other PAT members, fully in this pivotal 11.21 portal of healing and expansion of human awareness before the final ID shift can take place. Here I am only rendering the missing link and also showing that I was also fully unaware to the very last moment what we were actually supposed to do yesterday during this meditation. I only knew beyond any doubt that it will be huge and another massive leap in the ascension process of humanity and Gaia.

With love and light



Dear George,

It was tough not to smile as I read your energy report before I read your response as I knew the smile you’d have too.

I went through a very intense and amazing male/female balancing in early 2011.  The place has never looked the same since.  Most of my biggest breakthoughs took place after I confronted an officer from Citibank and told him that they were rigging the markets and destroying the world.  He couldn’t speak after I exploded in light.  I was then shown the kingdom after I stood up to my rapist which included figuring out it was me.

Looks like we’re tipping past the edge of infinity.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

Carla is just receiving a message from the Elohim about balancing the masculine and the feminine energies through the 3rd eye with respect to our meditation yesterday. I have not read it yet as she has only referred orally about what she has received so far, while I was making a coffee for her so that she can continue channeling with a fresh mind. From what I get so far, it will be a great message as it also refers to the fact that we all have been rapists and raped in numerous incarnations and these energies must be released now from the fields of all ascending humans.

The Elohim say that while the masculine energies have oppressed and raped the feminine energies for the most part in the past, now we have reached a turning point in the history of mankind, where the feminine energies are raping the masculine energies and also need a balancing. The ridiculous divorce lawsuits in the USA and Canada where the women get it all is a classical example for this imbalance in favour of the feminine energies, which have only taken the negative aspects of the aggressive masculine energies without achieving a full balance with them.

The true balance can only occur when we establish a full harmony between our opposite gender pole, also known as the twin flame – I prefer to speaks in this context of anima and animus – which is excarnate and part of the I Am Presence or the Higher Self. When this alignment is achieved in body and spirit, as you report in your case to have happened in 2011, then we are above all karmic ordeal and become very powerful.

Carla is writing now a powerful meditation for healing and purification of the fields of all humans through the 3rd eye. It will involve men and women as we all are victims and perpetrators in numerous incarnations and harbour these memories in our DNA structure and fields. Now as the core of Gaia has been fully cleansed of all such dark energetic patterns, we must release all such dark remnants very quickly from our fields as we cannot take these imbalances in the higher dimensions. When I publish this message, I may elaborate on it one more time.

The synchronicities are incredible now. You will know what I mean when you read the next PAT energy report.

With love and light


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