2015: Space Fraudyssey

Brad Barber, November 5, 2015



Georgi Stankov

Brad’s account on the current End Time situation on this uppermost mother planet may seem rather bleak and gloom at first glance. In fact, exactly the opposite is the case. All futile efforts of the dark ruling cabal in the West to install the NWO as to save their asses are doomed to fail. They are abortions before inception. This has become clearly evident especially after October 28th when we ejected all their dark criminal souls from this uppermost mother planet. Since then they have no soul essence and no power to move anything or to change the inevitable course of their dreadful destiny. In fact they were caught by this dreadful destiny by surprise when their soul fragments were deported to lower 3D timelines last week by the light warriors of the first and the last hour. What we now observe in the centres of power are empty electromagnetic human images that wait to be revived by old souls as walk-ins.

All the attempts to hijack the light and the human spirit as discussed by Brad in this powerful essay have no relevance on the course of the ascension events in the End Time. These are energy-empty images, dying mirages in the Orion desert landscape.

Bitcoin yes or not, this is not the question as such infantile efforts to reform the bankrupt Orion monetary system play only a very insignificant role in the three Anglo-Saxon countries that are already bankrupt – the Empire of Evil, its northern neighbour Canada and the former darkest archontic colony in Europe, Great Britain. Bitcoin plays no role in continental Europe where you can still find some pockets of functional industry and it is non-existent in Russia, China and all the BRICS country that are rising fast and very effectively substituting the old Empires of Evil as dominant world powers.

There is one key aspect in the End Times that is not really understood by all the critical thinkers in the West as they have no personal experience with it. The NWO is not a probable future alternative for humanity but it already existed for more than half a century on half of the earth’s territory and affected more than 2 billion people. The communist system of totalitarian dictatorship that was installed after WW1 first in Russia at the expense of a brutal civil war and the death of 20-30 million citizens and later on, after WW2 in Eastern Europe with the help of the murderous Stalinist purges of all political enemies and in China, with another very bloody and devastating civil war that caused the death of estimated 50 – 100 million Chinese, was the NWO par excellence.

The hell of this real-existing communist NWO lasted for almost 50 years on half of this planet. I know it as I lived 24 of my best years in this hell. No gloom and doom article can describe the utter desolation which this system exerted on my mind and psyche and on that of many other people who poignantly felt this totalitarian oppression. The rest of them were unripe slave souls and will remain such for another long incarnation cycle on lower timelines.

That is why when the Iron curtain fell and the communist system collapsed in Russia and Eastern Europe and parallel to that communist China discovered the charm of free capitalism, all these two billion people made the most crucial collective decision on this planet:

No more NWO on our territory where we live.

The fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, a most pivotal year which I gave you as a template of what will happen in 2015, marked the end of the most successful attempt of the dark forces to install the NWO on this timeline, the continuity of which we have inherited in this End Time and discuss at this place.

When some “smart Alexes”, in particular in the USA, tell you that America is striding with giant steps towards the NWO, they make the same systemic blunder as all the dark US cabal in Washington with their insane concept of American exceptionalism. They mistakenly assume that America is the epitome of the whole world. Due to the lack of adequate historic education, they have not grasped that the large portion of humanity has decided unequivocally to never experience again the NWO, be it in red colour or some other orange-blood colour which the Empire of Evil exports in form of pseudo-democratic revolutions around the world in order to destroy one country after another and establish its global hegemony.

The collective decision of two billion former communist citizens in Russia, China and Eastern Europe to never experience again the NWO is powerful enough to prevent any successful NWO attempt of the dark western cabal. The NWO is only a probable alternative in the western world and in particular in North America and Western Europe. Even on the old continent not all countries have chosen to accept the NWO at the collective level.

Germany had the real chance to escape this destiny after it suffered the Nazi dictatorship of the Third Reich. Unfortunately the German elite and this nation of Teutonic sheeple sold their collective soul one more time to the Empire of Evil instead of protecting its newly won sovereignty after the Fall of the Iron curtain and its unification in 1990. Now it is hit by the invasion of the islamic barbarians from the Middle East as a prelude to what will come soon over this country and the rest of Western Europe.

Eastern Europe has still a very lively memory as to how the communist empire smelled in the form of Comecon and restricted sovereignty under Brezhnev’s doctrine and they see in the unelected EU commissaries increasingly clearly the new western version of Soviet-Asian communist type of nomenclature dictatorship and are now on the brink of leaving the already crumbling EU, according to Groucho from the Marx brothers: “Who would like to be a member of an elite club that accepts paupers like myself.” Period!

Russia and China have learned their lessons from the communist past quicker and more effectively than expected in the West who started to celebrate the American century with the begin of the third millennium and is now awakening in the tomcat of the crushing Empire of Evil. Watch this video:


The perspective in the West is highly distorted and this is particularly true for all the critical thinkers who have barely overcome their western conditioning but are still unable to grasp the bigger picture in the End Time. They project their fears of rising fascism in their own countries upon the rest of the world, while thinking that they had invented the political wheel again.

None of this will happen, especially after we purged this uppermost mother planet from all dark souls, but of course these agnostic writers know nothing of it and when made aware, discard it immediately and vehemently (the Saker, Michael Snyder, Paul Craig Roberts, etc). You cannot imagine what a relief it is not to have internet trolls everyday that contaminate your email account, even if only to delete them with a click. Now extrapolate this situation onto all centres of power in the western capitals and you know why there is no dark elite anymore and why their power is a figment of the sluggish minds of these half-baked, petty western intellectuals.

When I attune now to Ottawa or Washington DC, I do not sense any dark energies anymore, but the complete void of soul essence. While the influx of old souls as walk-ins has started on a massive scale among the broader population – and here I am also talking about recent direct experiences with close to us people – the ruling elite are currently still empty soulless shells without any power to accomplish anything as their dark archetypal structure at the ego-mind level has to be transmuted first before new old souls can come in. These entities badly need a nanny these days and to establish the NWO is an insanity planted in the linear minds of some critical US thinkers who cannot liberate themselves from their past wrong concepts and substitute their myopic pessimism with true optimistic gnostic knowledge.

The only thing that will happen on this uppermost mother planet is the uneventful implosion of the cabal’s power after the financial system crashes and the shutdown of the western banks has wiped out all the virtual wealth in the western hemisphere of this planet.

Please do not forget that we are creating now the cities of light and the new energetic structure of superconductivity that will very soon become the normal living condition on this timeline after it merges with the template of the new 4D worlds. These cities of light will manifest immediately after our ascension and appearance as ascended masters and will serve as centres of spiritual growth for the slowly awakening masses. By the way this night we made another huge frequency leap towards this end. To this I may refer later on when I have some more information.

Finally one last comment on the first link which Brad introduces:

Mussolini-Style Corporatism, aka Fascism, on the Rise in the US

“One of the distressing things about politics in the US is the way words have either been stripped of their meaning or become so contested as to undermine the ability to communicate and analyze. It’s hard to get to a conversation when you and your interlocutors don’t have the same understanding of basic terms.

It has been the cardinal and recurrent point of all my critics on the confusion of the human mind that humans are unable to establish a logical and clear thinking based on an impeccable axiomatics where all the basic and other terms are unequivocally defined from the primary term of our consciousness. When this is done, human language will cease to be a trap for humanity – a “Orwellian hell of new speak” and will become a true medium of enlightened communication before telepathy will substitute oral speech. Unfortunately humanity is still light years away from this goal and to my chagrin many readers of this website have not yet grasped the importance of this personal effort.

At the expense of being boring, I cannot repeat often enough the necessity of developing a clear logical, axiomatic thinking and language that will automatically prevent all cognitive blunders and misunderstanding in human communication. You cannot save the world unless you have done your homework in this respect. Clarity of thinking is clarity of personal energies and full attunement to the Source, which is Logos – the embodiment of logics.

And with this enjoy now Brad’s essay.


Brad”s Essay

Dear George,

Superconductivity was the word.  Thank you.  

With love and light,

Brad Barber

The ascension discussion can rapidly accelerate amongst previously disbelieving beings now that a major, well-respected US writer popped out the “f” word today.  The torch has been passed.


I told people I knew the fraud wanted them dead and now I can pass that torch as well.  This is not about I told you so. This is about getting energetically aligned with the world that is and connecting and expanding your true heritage as a multi-dimensional human being.

The fraud never really was about race or religion.  It’s all-inclusive as your assets are what it wants.  Obamacare is the best hidden asset stripping system ever devised and “whitey’s” holding the most.  As the movie Funhouse once said, “Pay to get in.  Pray to get out.”


The decisions being made in Turkey and Hungary should open a few eyes quickly as well.  Some people may even notice the UK’s demand for your entire internet search history, but nothing surprises me anymore.


Now they are even generous enough to allow you to invest all your retirement in US Treasuries conveniently just as the world stops buying them.  The pre-programmed investment programs coming out that will automatically funnel all your funds to the “government” are pretty ingenious as well.  Don’t worry, you can never lose.  Ask Schwab.



Dark energy is at work and showing the obvious flaws in logic when trying to pin the holocaust on Hitler and a hatred for Jews.  What was happening in Spain?  Mussolini?  How about Japan and China?  Were the millions of dead Russians just a sideshow?  I’m sure there were a few banks in Britain when it was getting bombed, weren’t there?

Does anyone notice how Greece is always at the heart of the energetic cycles in the world domination phase?  The debt problem there has been fixed a few times already and it’s about to surface again.  We really did do a good job designing this planet.

We can now easily see the repetition of the Caligula energy when dealing with this phase of creation and destruction and now it has encompassed the whole globe for the first and last time.  Technology that is no longer necessary has made this process reach the end of reason for existence if further spiritual evolution is at all possible on this planet.  There is no floating to the New World to escape this one.  Caligula is currently catering the party on his global pleasure boat and the funds are continually in danger of running out.  Hitler and the financier crew backing the Reich was no different.  They need what you have to keep playing this resource scam.  You will be targeted.  You will be made to look guilty in some way that everyone blames you if you resist and your collected assets will be appropriated.  At least in their plans……

This is where the latest work posted by Astraea et Amora is so good:


“The majority of humanity currently displays a form of dualistic thinking, thinking that requires only the memorizing of information with very little analytical thought needed to examine ideas and truly integrate them. Due to this insufficiency in thinking, it may be difficult for you to believe that balance and perfection actually exist.  This is because you often only see deficiency.  However in truth there is no deficiency, there is only perfection.  Perfection is everywhere.  There is in fact deficiency in the mind because your minds continually evaluate, compare, judge, and create the expectations of instant answers to the mysteries in your world.  If you were to drop this point of view now, in this moment, you would relieve yourselves of a lot of worry!  If you were to accept that All-That-Is is, in truth, about an omniscient energy that takes care of everything, then you have made your first step in understanding our discussions, because this is the one fundamental lesson that we deeply desire to impart: that All-That-Is Knows everything there is to know about everything; All-That-Is knows everything about YOU and all about your essence at the soul level!”

One of the main designs of this Earth and this energetic process that is vastly different from the other variations that have taken place elsewhere is that you are designed to think that you need something outside of yourself to achieve the perfection you are designed to seek.  You are already the infinite Holy Grail and every aspect of you is designed to communicate more clearly with Creation than any Ark even if they find one (I was watching an Ark treasure hunting show last night so I have to hedge my bets a little here).  Is one more pill going to do it?  What about becoming a 33rd Mason?  If more people accept me….. How about a hundred more sexual partners.  This is when you ask the question “How good-looking are they?”  I thought so.

Dr. Stankov’s work is unparalleled in the biological regulation department but looking at a couple of very simple things really helped me see the communication aspect so clearly.  One was research into the telomere of a cell before I ever found Dr. Stankov’s work and how it was obvious it was communicating with something.  The second was from a channel of Kryon by Lee Carroll where it was simply asked, “What are the body systems communicating with that still function in the lower areas of a human being who has become quadriplegic and had their spinal cord severed?”  There is no way these systems are communicating with the brain.  Then comes DNA and magnetic fields and the rest is history.

Another big design factor is that this is a free will planet.  You can only engage it if you engage it.  Your soul will sure be bashing your head into the wall the whole time regardless.  The energetic process is very similar to the training processes in a great kung fu movie such as 36th Chamber of Shaolin.  The higher you set your energetic goals, the longer it can take (lifetimes) as all is done in unison and with permission at the soul level.  The energetic muck of this realm is designed to make sure you don’t energetically jailbreak the substrate and set an improper example for everyone trying to get some experience here.  As your mission is truly set in line with Creation, the training of the 36th chambers can progress.  The dark energy works through  everyone around you and their supposed imbalance and imperfection to test you on your way to truly understanding you are already perfect.  And still you are stuck here having to eat.  As was spoken to Gordon Liu when he tried to skip to the 36th chamber first without any training and was thrashed by a Shaolin monk who didn’t even have to move, “That’s the highest form of kung fu you’ll ever see.”  This is just a fun, quick explanation of an obviously much bigger subject.

This is where we come full circle to the current state of the process.  The dark is on its last effort to become your permanent God.  It will be funneled through your food.  It will be through your phone.  It will be through everything.  It will always be funneled through everything no matter what happens and any surge of spirit will be owned as it will be found before you think you thought it.  That was the plan at least…..

Dr. Stankov said the perfect word for the perfect moment in the ascension process.  Superconductivity.


The ascension process and the state of the fraud through its systems and technologies have reached the exact same point, but with different intents and dimensional meanings.  The 3-d visions of this continually make you doubt yourself as you believe you are not infinite and need something outside yourself to progress and succeed.  Most energy is being focused now on the failure of the Central banks to generate any life and the need for a stable currency concept to possibly generate life once again by minds that have the best of intentions.  What’s China going to do?  Who’s got the gold.  Why’s bitcoin flying to the upside again?



Bitcoin is the most recent example of something that could be used for spiritual advancement in this toxic hell, but has been hijacked.  It is an incredible technology.  The blockchain won’t be described here, but it could be used to keep track of every expenditure by every government everywhere so that we don’t pay $40 million for a gas station in Afghanistan.  It could be used for spiritual advancement if any aspect of consciousness were able to advance in this energetic environment.  Sorry.  Let’s go 3-D print some bombs while we’re at it.


As with all other “revolutions”, it’s purpose spiritually is dead and gone.  In fact, the Queen wicked witch, Blythe Masters, who helped invent credit default swaps in the late 90’s and who assisted J.P. Morgan in thrashing the silver and commodities markets, is now heading up a bitcoin project.

What bitcoin created in 3-d land is the closest thing to superconductivity for money that has been created yet.  Gold is the best form of money but it can’t be transported.  Bitcoin was able to break down all national barriers and create a way to transport massive amounts of funds anywhere, but it’s not backed by anything except the belief of the users.  It is also held hostage by electricity and the internet.  Now that governments are implementing capital controls worldwide and beginning to directly confiscate assets, it’s importance is showing itself once again.

Unfortunately for the populations of the world, most are still looking at the banks and governments as the responsible parties and want to see them burn for the problems that they are being left with.  Sorry, the dark is already gone and hiding behind gold, bitcoin, pills, and soul stealing technologies.  This hurt me a bit as I was a proponent of gold for a long time to protect people, but it’s all the same con.  The energy and ascension is all that matters along with the everything mentioned by Dr. Stankov in his article posted above.

Dr. Stankov’s description of superconductivity and relation to anti-gravity, bilocation, and any other concept that can be thought of as these new metrics are applied can seen in the latest effort by the fraud.  May I present to you, Bitgold.


Fittingly, this is being financed by none other than George Soros and son.  To keep this as short as possible, the next step is to revalue gold as high as needed to re-inflate the balance sheets of the countries and bankrupt the entire middle class of the western hemisphere to take full control.  They are right on schedule.

Next would be to enable terrorists to blow up a couple of planes, continue to lock down borders, and let capital fly completely free while you and I watch Dancing With the Stars in the safety of our in home prison cells.  Don’t let your energy fields expand too much as that meter on your house may have to let loose a little extra juice and make you feel a little uncomfortable.  This plane crash has many purposes tied to it.


The most interesting part of this tragedy last weekend is that no one I talked to even knew about it on Mondaymorning.  Holy crap this country is in a haze.

The invention of bitgold gives everything that someone unaware or unbelieving of ascension would want.  There is no longer the fees and oversight (HA!) of moving money through banks thus removing the “resistivity” of the financial system to move your money globally.  The gold purchases being held are diversified in 10 vaults insured by Brinks throughout the world to prevent government confiscation and give true sovereignty to your energy storage.  This is as close to bilocation and superconductivity as a being could have in this realm as long as money is adhered to.  The problem that everyone is about to run into, is that it’s only going to work for about 1000 people.  It’s lights out for everyone else.  Now these bastards are trying to trademark 3-D bilocation.

Stanley Kubrick gave an incredible advance notice to us about when technology would run its course of usefulness in 2001: Space Odyssey.  HAL 9000 had to be turned off.  It had gone too far.  He also showed so well what would happen as exterior technologies were discovered and relied upon too heavily.


“Why are you turning me off, Dave?”

The spiritual evolution of this planet has finally reached where multidimensionality is the true target of the fraud.  It’s either a dead planet or full-blown ascension.  I’ve made my investment.

I was told I’d see a miracle and to tell everyone I knew how loved they truly were for going through this.

You don’t need anything.  You are perfect.

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