The Most Probable End Time Scenario – an Intuitive Prediction

Georgi Stankov, October 18, 2015

This earth has always been a very toxic place. But what we observe in the last days is utterly abominable. As the stench spreads everywhere, nobody seems to be immune to it, not even the most critical alternative journalists and outlets. The reason for this is that most critical experts and commentators have no idea of the energetic dynamics behind the ascension process of Gaia and humanity that also determines the collective behaviour of the people and their rogue politicians.

Precisely what we now experience is evolution and expansion of awareness of a small fraction of humanity that is currently, at least optically, overwhelmed by a much bigger wave of devolution of the large number of incarnated human beings that will descend to lower catastrophic timelines where they will continue with their dreadful incarnation cycle of separation from the source. This antagonistic, but also highly dialectical nature of the ascension energies from the source creates the superficial impression that the whole world is going under. While this point of view is essentially true for the entire Orion matrix and for everybody who identifies with it, it does not apply to us. Quite on the contrary – the worse it gets, the better for us as we will be able to leave this toxic reality for ever.

From this perspective it does not make any sense to delve into bigger and bigger crimes of the ruling dark cabal and to expose them again and again as we all know their heinous nature. Besides there is practically nothing else – more positive aspects – to rejoice our hearts in these last days. The New Age movement is in shambles and for these light workers the same colorful Russian metaphor applies as Putin used the other day for the politicians in the USA and Europe – they carry “oatmeal heads (mash-heads) on their shoulders” in a linguistic effort to explain the total confusion that has gripped the western cabal.

And this mental mash is entirely energetically driven. All dark entities are now so overwhelmed by the incoming source energies that they have ceased to function as normal human beings. While we are now transforming to angels, these dark entities are mutating to monsters. In between the rest of humanity is caught in an unprecedented karmic drama of releasing past dross. Life has never been so tense and difficult on this planet as in these last days.

This is very important to understand as to properly assess the incoming events in which none of us will directly participate as we have finished with this drama. But these events will determine the exact point of our departure. We are only here as light bearers and enlightened observers to give testimony to All-That-Is about the most spectacular and dramatic ascension process in the whole multiverse.

As we are the few individuals who do not carry mash-heads on our shoulders but enjoy a rare clarity of mind, we should use this unique virtue to clear the pathways on which humanity shall progress in the coming days before the final ID shift will bring about the final separation of the wheat from chaff.

The question is not WW3 versus peace as this toxic humanity has lost its ethical values long time ago and the concept of peace no longer exists in the vocabulary of even the most critical commentators as the Saker, Paul Craig Roberts, you name them. They are happy to believe that they have made their right choice on the side of the good guys – the Russians in these days – and are unable to rise above this dualistic battle that rages on this planet of polarities for eons of time and to transcend this reality with bold futuristic concepts.

I have given you  many examples how all self-proclaimed reformers of the current Orion monetary system present in a remarkable blindness stubbornly new proposals of new forms of money that invariably carry most of the deficiencies of the old money as they are epigonic copies of the current fiat currencies. All these self-proclaimed reformers are too lazy to first analyse in-depth the nature of money as a mirror image of energy as this affords a very high level of intellectual abstraction before they begin to resolve the eternal pecuniary problem of humanity in a meaningful manner.

As you see, we come again to the “mash-head” syndrome of humanity in these last days. And the real problem is that when you make these critical experts aware of this profound deficiency it is as if “talking to a dead tree log”, to quote a Bulgarian saying. I know what I am talking about as I try again and again to engage such alternative thinkers in a meaningful dialogue from which they may learn something more and expand their awareness. Pustekuchen (German) = in vain!

Hence let me proceed on my lonely path of creative contemplation on the current energetic situation on this uppermost mother planet and make some reasonable forecasts how the incoming global drama will unfold and will lead directly to our ascension. I will save you all the details as I know how fed up you are with them.

Essentially, since  the opening of the most powerful ascension portal in September 27/28 we now witness a complete collapse of the postwar structure of the hegemonic foreign policy of the Empire of Evil. This happened in the Middle East suddenly as Russia made a swift move and entered the conflict in Syria in a very decisive manner. This part of the world has been ravaged by the western powers for centuries when the first Crusades took place. Since then the political structure of local rivaling powers has been fossilized to such an extent by antagonistic groups of the Islam and greedy western colonizers that it seemed impossible to resolve even the simplest conflict in this region with peaceful means. Each war, and there were numerous in the past decades since the end of WW2, only increased the level of animosities and the danger of a new more dreadful war. I am not going to give you any facts here, go to the appropriate sources on the history of the Middle East and read about all the wars and conflicts there in the last century.

Now for the first time in the history of this part of the world we witness a rapid dissolution of this darkest and most rigid political structure that has given birth to three antagonistic world religions and infinite wars and has become the epitome of  cruelty and savage inhumanity as we observe on a daily basis in Syria with ISIL and with their supporters in Saudi Arabia who chop heads of innocent people with impunity, while the western dark cabal fraternize with these blood-thirsty Saudi Arabian monster kings. Even Assad makes here no exception and I hope that the Russians who now help him stay on power to fight his worse enemies are aware of this stark fact. As long as you engage in such a dirty conflict, you cannot stay clean and morally impeccable. I hope Putin knows that.

What are the actual political ramifications of the Syrian conflict where the Russians have turned the tide in their favour? The whole post-war plan of the dark Anglo-American cabal to use this part of the world as a springboard to gain dominance on the natural oil and gas resources in Asia has gone awry. The petro-dollar system, with the help of which the dollar became a world currency, has already collapsed.

The Empire of Evil is on the brink of total disaster. It is entirely based on debt while another critical point in time is looming on the horizon – November 3rd. If the Senate does not agree to increase the debt ceiling one more time after it increased it with $1.5 trillion a year ago and spent this debt money in less than a year,  the USA will officially default.

By November 3, the United States will exhaust our borrowing capacity and… it would put the United States at real risk, for the very first time in our history, of not being able to pay our bills,White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a briefing on Thursday.

And then mash-head Bombama topped this ominous statement of his press secretary with his impeccable mash-head logics on Friday:

“Raising the debt ceiling…is the way for the United States to maintain its good credit rating (Really!). If it gets messed with, it would have profound implications for the global economy and could put our financial system in the kind of tailspin we saw back in 2007 and 2008.

And here is where the Empire of Evil stands today, October the 18th, two weeks away from its default. The financial markets are in a disarray. All parameters point to an imminent crash as extensively discussed by myself and Brad in the past. Just go to Bloomberg or any other specialized outlet on financial affairs and you will immediately feel the utter gloom and doom of the disillusioned banksters. Here is a selected sample of some End Time financial articles in the MSM in the last two days:

Corporate America’s Epic Debt Binge Leaves $119 Billion Hangover (Bloomberg)
The Economic Doomsday Clock Is Ticking Closer To Midnight (Artemis)
Rich Nations Lose Emerging-Markets Motor (WSJ)
Be Very Afraid: “The 3 Emerging Markets Debacles” Loom, HSBC Warns (Zero Hedge)
Goldman Sachs Blames Global Market Fears For Earnings Fall (Guardian)
Debt Slump Leaves Traders Exposed as European Banks Eye Job Cuts (Bloomberg)
Markets Expect Eurozone Deposit Rate To Go Deeper Into Negative Territory (BBG)
VW Forced By Germany To Recall 8.5 Million Diesels in Europe (Bloomberg)
Oil Is Killing the Drillers, and the Banks Want Their Cash Back Now (Bloomberg)
Billions Are Laundered Through British Banks, Treasury Admits (Times)
UK Banks May Need $5.1 Billion of Capital for Ring-Fencing (Bloomberg)
Last 30 Years Of Global Economic History Are About To Go Out The Window (Quartz)
Nowhere in US Can A Single Adult Live On Less Than $14/Hr In 40-Hour Week (DK)
US Manufacturing Falls for a Second Month (Bloomberg)
US Export Industries Are Losing 50,000 Jobs A Month (Bloomberg)
Wrath of Financial Engineering: It’s Now Eating into Earnings (WolfStreet)
Megamergers Will Depend on Huge Amounts of Debt (Barron’s)
China’s Exporters Downcast As Orders Slow, Costs Rise (Reuters)
PBOC Data Suggest Capital Outflows Stayed Strong in September (Bloomberg)
Good News Is Bad News for China (Bloomberg)
Party Time Is Over For Norway’s Oil Capital – And The Country (Reuters)
Africa’s Poor Grow By 100 Million Since 1990: World Bank (Reuters)


If this is not the most reliable indicator for the coming collapse, what else? And here I come to a major topic that might have been misunderstood in our previous discussions.

We all know that the financial collapse and the shutdown of the banks in the west is inevitable due to the unwinding of the gargantuan debt that leads to credit and cash crunch. This crash will, however, not happen suddenly and unpredictably for the ruling cabal and their banksters, but will be orchestrated by themselves when they realize that it is midnight. And this point in time is very close now due to the swift and very effective intervention of the Russians in Syria that fully derailed the plan of the Empire of Evil to install the NWO through the Middle East. Now that they have lost this strategical part of the world and also lost their dominance in the South sea to China, the Beast is cornered by the two emerging powers and is in a deadly gridlock. If it will not respond decisively in the next few weeks, it will collapse with a 100% certainty.

Hence it must respond. However the USA is not in the position to start a new war against Russia in Syria after it already lost its war in Ukraine and it is also very doubtful if the American fleet will be bold enough to attack next week the Chinese fleet in the Spratly islands in South sea, which China has declared to its own territory, although the stakes are very high. If the USA loses this war-mongering conflict and retreats, its Asian pivot is gone, just as their Middle East pivot is in shambles and the Empire of Evil has no hegemonic foreign policy anymore. It is mouse-dead. And this is happening now incredibly quickly, just as quickly as the Fall of the Iron curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe happened in 1989, which I gave you as a template of what will occur in the current End Time.

The reason why the USA cannot start two new major wars against the superpowers Russia and China is the same as to why the Soviet Union gave up all its Easteuropean communist colonies in 1989. It is bankrupt.

On top of it, it has no army as nobody wants to serve in the US army after the two devastating wars in Afghanistan and Iraq when the numerous veterans were treated like shit by their own government and the real death toll was concealed.

And there is a third reason: The American population do not want to wage another costly and devastating war anymore as it is impoverished and morally and physically depleted by the ongoing Greatest Depression of all times since 2008.

That is why there is only one option left for the US deep, dark, criminal government to respond to these huge challenges of the End Time, which we created on this uppermost mother planet as powerful conduits of source energies of truth and revelations:

It must first declare a military dictatorship in its own country, most probably after a coup d’etat that will eliminate Obama as a very weak and corrupt president. This was the plan all along when this perverted bastard and foreigner was illegally heaved to power from nowhere by the hidden ruling US cabal. Once ousted from power, facts will emerge that he was a usurper of power and has always lied about his American citizenship. How easy is that?

In order to perform a successful coup d’etat on the president and the senate, the hidden dark cabal need however a complete shutdown of the banks and the entire financial system to immobilize the masses. Otherwise they know that they will be met with huge resistance. That is why I anticipate that we shall observe first a sudden financial collapse that may as well happen this month or early November and simultaneously with it a coup d’etat on Obama.

After the US cabal has established a military dictatorship in the USA, it will immediately introduce an obligatory military service and will begin with a war against Russia and China.

All this is a purely hypothetical plan that highlights the lines along which the dark US cabal must go now in their insanity in order to save their skin. There is no doubt to my mind that they will bitterly fail and this will trigger their demise from power. Even if they succeed with the shutdown of the entire financial system in the USA, this will automatically lead to the collapse of the financial systems in Europe, but not in Russia and China as well as in all other BRICS countries, which have already decoupled from the western Ponzi scheme of finance.

Europe is not in the position to establish a similar NWO on the territory of the EU as its system has already crumbled under the invasion of the refugees. Rather, the EU will collapse and the euro currency will disappear overnight. The Germans are ready to introduce the German mark and the other European countries will follow suit as they have learnt their lesson from the Greek debt crisis. Besides, many Easteuropean countries such as Bulgaria and Poland are not euro-countries and this will save them from the coming financial crash, while freeing them from the current American oppression.

If only the USA introduces the NWO on its territory as a last resort, it will not serve the ultimate plan of the AAA-cabal for a worldwide hegemony,  but will only weaken their position towards their major rivals Russia and China. In particular, when Europe turns toward Russia in this catastrophic scenario, which it has already begun in anticipation of the American fiasco. Servants are never loyal to their bad master and only serve him as long as he is powerful. The moment he loses his power, they are the first ones to stab a knife in his back. The Germans, for instance, have always been an unreliable “Untertan” (underling, “A Man of Straw”, a famous novel by Heinrich Mann)

The bottom line is that the US cabal waited too long to begin with the installment of the NWO due to our presence as light bearers who increased the light quotient on this uppermost mother planet so high that this negative scenario was prevented. However, the NWO was introduced on many lower timelines that were constantly severed by ID shifts and were destroyed by MPR. In other words, we squeezed the dark cabal in their plans as one squeezes his adversary in bridge and I used to be quite good in this card game when I was young.

Anyway, based on these considerations I expect a sudden shutdown of the banks and other financial institutions in the USA and most probably also in Canada, which is a vassal country of Washington and then a military putsch or an attempt of such in Washington. My guess is that this attempt will fail and that the opposition of the American people will be big enough to oust the ruling cabal from power and create a dangerous revolutionary situation because the masses are still not awaken and do not know who is their true enemy. Hence there is a great chance for them to be mired by pied pipers in this critical situation.

Therefore we are not out of the woods. In this murky situation some crazy generals Strangeloves and Breedloves may decide in their despair to launch some intercontinental missiles against Russia and China as to trigger WW3.

Before this happens, we shall ascend and leave this timeline. The same holds true for that portion of humanity which will ascend to the new 4D worlds and will continue with their incarnation cycle under new much more favourable energetic conditions.

My educated guess is that this all may happen within the next four weeks and therefore we must stay very attentive and alert as to detect and disclose all signs and events that will lead to this ascension scenario. This whole planet is a tinderbox because the source energies have made it to that and it can and will explode very soon. We are almost there and the latest sweeping changes in the Middle East, together with the expansion of the Greatest Depression of all times and the financial and economic crisis, point to this imminent outcome.

By the way I assume that you have noticed that Google Adsense has reversed its decision and has activated the ads on my website again contrary to my expectations. This is the most convincing proof at the micro-level that the tide has turned in our favour. Make the best use of this new trend in the coming days to support the idea of ascension.

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