Significance or Insignificance of Current Alternative Reforms of the Orion Monetary System

by Georgi Stankov and Tristan Roberts, October 13, 2015

Hi Georgi,

I’ve been reading your site for a bit over a year, much more so after I met Skyler Newman. We had worked together to create a space near DC that would shine brightly, but eventually we split ways and now I’m travelling as a nomad after having mostly removed myself from the matrix after securing a lay off. I have to admit, your website didn’t really make much sense when I first started reading it, but eventually the ideas sank in.

The unemployment insurance has been allowing me to spend my time living with a “basic income” of sorts. I’ve been using my time to pay it forward, fighting for a “universal basic income”.

Some people think that we can subvert the curse that has been placed on the $ through establishing basic incomes wherever we can.

Others think that we should just abandon that system entirely, and then use new bitcoin like technologies to propel new forms of transparent, open, distributed governance and currency. ‘Ethereum’ is a new protocol that allows distributed computation on a blockchain. A specific implementation could incorporate a redistribution of wealth on every transaction.

People could opt into micro-states according to their desires and location rather than being forced into borders and murderous social organisms based on their birthplace.

I want you to know that I felt you on that last ascension test around the 7th. Thank you for bearing so much of the weight of the planet’s transformation.



Dear Tristan,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and sharing your views on the reformation of the current Orion monetary system. I heard about this project from Skyler some time ago but since then he has not written to me so that I  do not the current state of affairs. Is he still working on his project? You tell me that you have left it and are travelling now.

The new forms of money and wealth distribution you have mentioned in your email are very similar to the ones that were developed and implemented on a micro-scale in Germany since more than three decades. At the end none of them really worked. Why? Because as long the current monetary system is still functioning it determines the rules of the game. Therefore the system must collapse first and then it is much better to start anew and not mend the current money system by still imitating it while partially eliminating some of its worst vices.

It will not work and I have explained why in many publications. Because as long as the people do not understand the nature of money, they will continue to perpetuate the failures of the current fiat money system by projecting their old expectations.

Once it is understood that money is an artifact that mimics the nature of energy though in a very imperfect manner, then the people will very easily recognize that they do not need money to organize their social and economic life.  Hence a true money reform is entirely dependent on the level of awakening and intelligence of the masses. And this is where the problem now lies. First must come education and then reforms.

All reforms in the history of mankind that were done in good intentions have failed and in most cases have created more havoc than before. If it were not so, humanity would not march towards its final annihilation in the current End Time but would have progressed in the opposite direction. You are too young to know this, but I can assure you that 20 -30 years ago life was much more civilized and normal than it is now, which proves that we now experience a rapid devolution of humanity. All suggestions you make with respect to reforming the money system are integral part of this devolution which is a manifestation of the total confusion of most people these last days on this earth.

I am sorry but this is my final negative verdict on any efforts to reform the money system within the system, which is doomed to die very soon, together with all such inapplicable reforms.

With love and light



Hi Georgi,

Thanks for the response. Skyler and I were working to create an artificial currency featuring Basic Income, but we have been seeing many more people do the same and have instead been focusing on supporting their efforts.

I understand your perspective about the current system collapsing being necessary for meaningful change.

What are you thoughts on the possibility of micronations, that people can opt into a multitude of voluntarily? Cascadia could finally become a ‘thing’ for instance. Or BitNation might take off, with millions of people using their basic-income based cryptocurrency outside of the influence of the $.

The more energy spent with voluntary systems, the less energy the slave system has to sustain itself. Right?

I do not doubt the very real possibility for the slave system to collapse any moment. But what happens then? Is there anything we can do to minimize the ‘growing pains’ of transitioning from scarcity to post-scarcity? Or will karma just work all that out anyways?

Or perhaps our difference in perspective is that you’re experiencing the singular 5d realm while I am planning on helping one of the 4D Earths develop past this ‘checkpoint’?

Thank you for your energy,



Dear Tristan,

my last remarks were of general nature and reflected the global financial situation. Apart from that every attempt now to substitute the current money system with a more just and better functional alternative system of payments is a nail on the coffin of the Orion matrix and should be supported.

From a higher vantage point of view, I see though that the whole financial problem will be resolved very elegantly in the new 4D worlds after the incoming ID shift, which may as well happen next month and with a great probability this year. Hence we do not have much linear time. I can assure you that in the new 4D worlds, which will be still material though more fluid, there will be no money as we, the PAT, have eliminated it when we created their template last year. In the 5D we shall create immediately and money is obsolete there.

Here I want to mention a historical fact that may not be known to you. During the Great Depression and the Hyperinflation that destroyed the German Reichsmark and the Austrian shilling many villages in Austria and Bavaria introduced local currencies as to stimulate the local economies, which we paralyzed after the collapse of the bank system in these countries. These happened after 1931 when the Austrian Credit-Anstalt bank collapsed and after it could not be saved by the state and Austria declared state default and exited the gold standard. This created a vacuum for the establishment of alternative local currencies.

These alternative currencies were so effective that they triggered a real economic boom and helped the establishment of local municipality banks. When the central Orion government in Vienna realized the potential danger of such local municipal currencies that also created their own tax system outside the state government, they forbid them with a law and integrated these local banks into the so-called Raiffeisenbank which still exists. Then in 1939 came the “Anschluss’ (Unification) of Austria with Nazi Germany and the Reichsmark was introduced in Austria.

This historical example shows that the central Orion government, with its legislative and executive power, would always suppress such monetary experiments as they are a menace to its monopoly and exempt the people from the state control of the elite and their financial arm – the banksters.

After all, the enslavement of humanity in the second half of the 20th century, and exponentially so at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, was accomplished almost entirely through the rigged Orion monetary system. There has never been more dependence of the people on money, which is for the most part credit and debt money, as nowadays and if the banks have not abolished cash yet as they try desperately in the last years and days, it is only because they are afraid that they may not be able to control the situation and the people may start using local currencies. Insofar such attempts help prevent the insidious plans of the dark ruling cabal and the banksters to enslave humanity through total financial dependence – e.g. with the help of special chips for credit inserted in the body which is the famous “mark of the beast” prophesied by John (Apollonius of Tyana) in his Revelations for the End Times.

I hope that this elaboration gives you the proper historical perspective of all attempts in the past to reform the current monetary system that has been felt to be unjust by many people in previous epochs, just as this is the prevailing sentiment among the masses nowadays. But as I said in my previous letter, this disappointment is not enough – the people must use their brains to understand the true nature of money before they repudiate it and eliminate it.

With love and light


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