Immediate Confirmation of My End Time Scenario: Why the USA Cannot Start Two Wars Against Russia and China and Must Collapse

Georgi Stankov, October 18, 2015

The Empire of Evil is bankrupt and in the Greatest Depression of all times. This depression began  a decade ago and is now in its final stage. This can be precisely measured by the latest development of the McDonald’s franchise empire. Immediately after the beginning of the Greatest Depression, around 2006 when the subprime mortgage crisis began, this food company went through a period of “Super Size Me” as the film with the same title shocked the American public revealing this stark fact of total degradation of basic civilisation values in the USA, such as distinguished taste and cultivated kitchen, which are attributes of wealthy societies.

The “Super Size Me” Campaign of McDonald’s was the primary cause for the current incredible obesity of the American nation which is, by far and large, the biggest in the world. The result was a rapid deterioration of health in the entire population (26th place among all developed nations). The American nation is the most morbid nation in the world.

Can you imagine how the US army can be successful with such obese soldiers?

Now let me put this fact into the proper perspective: Only poor people are obese it the western world. When you do not have enough money to buy healthy food, which is unduly expensive in North America thanks to Monsanto, you have to resort to cheap, fatty and unhealthy, genetically modified food as McDonald’s offers. This should be cogent to everybody and for me, being a Chef de Cuisine, this is a very disturbing fact to observe here in North America.

And now comes the second stage of utter poverty in the Empire of Evil, when the Americans have no money to even afford a super size meal at McDonald’s for a few bucks. The McDonald’s empire is in a free fall in the Greatest Depression of all times and the best proof for the deepening of this depression. The McDonald’s franchise has been shrinking for the first time in the company’s over 40 year history:

“McDonald’s announced in April that it would be closing 700 ‘underperforming’ locations, but because of the company’s sheer size — it has 14,300 locations in the United States alone — this was not necessarily a reduction in the size of the company, especially because it continues to open locations around the world. It still has more than double the locations of Burger King, its closest competitor.”

However, for the franchisees, the picture looks much worse than simply 700 stores closing down.

We are in the throes of a deep depression, and nothing is changing,” a franchise owner wrote in response to a financial survey by Nomura Group. “Probably 30% of operators are insolvent.” One owner went as far as to speculate that McDonald’s is literally “facing its final days.”

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This is what we have observed these days and it is no surprise to me that only a few days ago exactly this finding was a topic of a lengthy discussion between me and Carla while watching the empty stores, such as Walmart, Saveway, Save-on-Food, McDonalds and the like here in Canada. We came to the conclusion that the people are running out of cash and save money on their food bill, thus going hungry to bed here in Canada.

While this may have a positive effect on the obesity that is now spreading fast also in this otherwise healthy nation, the immediate repercussions are much more dangerous. The McDonald’s downfall indicates the immediate collapse of the economy in North America that has such a poor infrastructure that when the crisis will hit the big cities, there will be armies of hungry people that will flood the countryside, where very little food is being produced nowadays, after the number of farms was reduced from 6 million a few decades ago to less than 2 million nowadays. 

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The collapse of the Empire of Evil is much closer than most people are able to surmise and this is due to the fact that they are habitual animals and live their life deprived of any deeper insights or desire to see the truth of radical change even for a second. They simply stick to the good old days.

However, paradigm changes do not happen slowly, in a linear fashion, but in a sudden and unexpected way, especially in the current End Time, where singularities are its trademark. This is also what Brian, the Dragon tells us in his latest message, where he presents a bright and very optimistic vision of the new 4D worlds that will emerge very soon out of the collapse of the Orion matrix on this uppermost mother planet when the final ID shift and our ascension will take place:

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All this evidence confirms why the Empire of Evil is not in the position to lead two crucial wars with the other two superpowers Russia and China at the same time in order to prevent its collapse. You cannot mobilize the people for another devastating war when they are hungry at home. In addition, the US army is stretched thin and it can only bluff with former strength. But nobody believes the Obama regime anymore, given his total impotence in the Middle East that even forced the most unpleasant medial stooge of the cabal to beg the Americans stop swooning over Putin:

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The Chinese know well about this American weakness and that is why they are very sovereign in their challenge of the USA, the fleet of which is now approaching the Spratly Islands. In my latest article I made you aware of this new potential conflict that may surpass the conflict in Ukraine and the Middle East and may be the spark for a new WW3.

In order to understand what is happening now on this planet you must think and observe in a holistic, multifaceted manner and combine all facts and trends to one congruent picture that will reveal to you when the final confrontation between the forces of darkness and light will take place and the resolution through ID shift, MPR and ascension will finally liberate us from this interminable drudgery in a physical vessel in this dense and extremely toxic material world.

This also includes to consider from time to time foreign articles from China and Russia that directly reflect the position of their governments as this article below does with respect to the menacing military conflict between the Empire of Evil and China in the South Sea.

Before you read this article here is one chart that shows why debt has skyrocketed in the world economy and why its present-day unwinding in form of credit crunch is strangulating all western companies and leads to an imminent economic collapse:


With US Warships En Route To Islands, China Asks: “What On Earth Makes Them Think We Will Tolerate This?”

ZeroHedge, October 18, 2015

The US is in a tough spot militarily.

In Syria, Russia and Iran have taken advantage of the fact that the plan hatched by the West and its regional allies to destabilize the Assad regime took far too long to develop. The idea was to foment discord and provide covert support for the various armed militias fighting to overthrow the government. But the effort is entering its fifth year and Assad is still there. Not only that, there have been a series of unintended (well, at least we hope they’re unintended) consequences. First, one of the rebel groups the West and its allies supported morphed into an insane band of white basketball shoe-wearing, black flag-waving, sword-wielding desert bandits. Second, the fighting created a horrific refugee crisis that now threatens to destabilize the whole of Europe. Sensing a historic geopolitical opportunity, Moscow and Tehran simply stepped in and outmaneuvered Washington.

Now, the US basically has to decide whether it wants to go to war with Russia, because paradropping ammo into the middle of the desert isn’t going to be a viable strategy.

Meanwhile, the US faces another superpower confrontation in the South China Sea.

When Beijing began its land reclamation efforts in the Spratlys, we’re reasonably sure the Pentagon didn’t anticipate the extent to which the effort would quickly become a giant headache for Washington.

As a reminder, it’s not so much the dredging that has Washington’s regional allies in the South Pacific upset. Island building has been done before in the area. Rather, it’s the scope of the project that has everyone unnerved as Beijing has so far constructed over 3,000 acres of new sovereign territory atop which China has built everything from cement factories, to greenhouses, to runways. 

Whether or not the US really cares about this is debatable although these shipping lanes are indeed critical for world trade. But with The Philippines and others crying foul, Washington is left with little choice but to put on a brave face lest the world should get the idea that China can just redraw maritime boundaries at will and establish a Sino-Monroe Doctrine in the process. 

So finally, the US decided that it would sail some warships by the islands just to see if it can do so without getting shot at.

No, really. That’s the whole plan. “Let’s see how far we can push them.”

This is of course orchestrated under the guise of freedom of navigation operation which, in a way, makes little sense because China has never threatened global trade. Then again, it’s fairly obvious that Beijing has some military role for the new islands in mind.

In any event, China hit back on Thursday, saying the PLA would “stand up and use force” if necessary should the US make a “mistake” with the whole warship plan.

So in short, Washington is now in a staring contest with both Moscow and Beijing and both Russia and China seem to have gotten the idea that the US has lost its resolve lately and will probably blink first in both standoffs.

It’s with all of that in mind that we bring you the following rather amusing op-ed from Beijing out Saturday on Xinhua, presented below with no further comment:

*  *  *

Via Xinhua:

The United States’ provocative attempts to infringe on China’s South China Sea sovereignty are sabotaging regional peace and stability and militarizing the waters.

The U.S. Navy is reportedly preparing to conduct “freedom of navigation” operations, sending warships within 12 nautical miles of Chinese islands in the South China Sea. The U.S. operations may take place within days, according to reports.

Last month, in his response to China’s claim of sovereignty over the South China Sea, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the United States “will fly, sail and operate wherever the international law allows, as we do around the world.”

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said on Oct. 8 that U.S. warships patrolling close to artificial islands built by China in the South China Sea “should not provoke significant reaction from the Chinese.”

Let us not forget that in October 1962, when the Soviet Union was building missile sites in Cuba — not even on U.S. soil — U.S. President Kennedy made it clear in a televised speech that the United States would not “tolerate the existence of the missile sites currently in place.”

What on earth makes the United States think China should and will tolerate it when U.S. surface ships trespass on Chinese territory in the South China Sea?

China will never tolerate any military provocation or infringement on sovereignty from the United States or any other country, just as the United States refused to 53 years ago.

China’s stand on the South China Sea disputes is firm and clear. China’s sovereignty and claims of rights over Nansha Islands and their adjacent waters in the South China Sea have been formed over the long course of history and upheld by successive Chinese governments, and have adequate and solid historical and legal basis.

Just as Article 15 of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea stipulates, delimiting the territorial seas of China and other countries in the South China Sea shall be in accordance with China’s “historic title” to the region.

China has always been, in a constructive and effective manner, a firm upholder of the freedom of navigation as well as peace and stability in the South China Sea. And China has vowed to continue to do so in the future.

China’s construction of civilian and public facilities on the Nansha Islands and reefs, which fall within the scope of China’s sovereignty, serves not only China but also coastal nations in the South China Sea.

For instance, two lighthouses recently built on reefs in the region have helped guide passing vessels from around the world and significantly improved navigation safety.

Contrary to U.S. claims, it will be the United States, as an outsider, that further provokes tensions in the South China Sea by sending soldiers and warships to Chinese territory in the name of “freedom of navigation.”

This is not the first move by the United States to undermine the regional peace and stability that China has worked so hard for.

Over the past several years, the United States has held frequent large-scale drills with its allies in the South China Sea, flexing their military muscles.

According to the website of the U.S. Department of Defense, the country has deployed thousands of civilian and military officials, as well as a huge number of weapons, to the Pacific region.

To destabilize the region and contain China, the United States has deliberately involved non-party nations, such as Japan, in the South China Sea issue and stirred disputes between China and other parties, including the Philippines.

By no means will China let the provocateurs make waves in waters that should be characterized by peace, friendship and cooperation.

Last year, the bilateral trade volume between China and members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) exceeded 480 billion U.S. dollars.

Concerned nations have no alternative but to jointly deal with disputes in the South China Sea that pose a threat to the development and prosperity of parties in the region.

On Sept. 18, in response to remarks made by the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific on patrolling the South China Sea, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said China, like the United States, upholds freedom of navigation in the waters.

However, the spokesman stressed, China opposes any country’s challenge, in the name of freedom of navigation, to China’s sovereignty and security in the South China Sea.

During a visit to Europe in March 2014, Chinese president Xi Jinping stressed that his country will “never stir up any trouble, but will resolutely safeguard its legitimate rights” when it comes to sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Even though enhancing mutual trust and managing disputes through high-level visits and talks still remains the first option for China, the country will, without any doubt, adopt countermeasures against the United States if it doesn’t stop military provocations that infringe upon China.

People with vision in Washington should and must see clearly China’s determination in safeguarding national sovereignty and regional security.


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