Energy Report of the PAT – October 16, 2015

A remarkable story of a sudden heart chakra opening in a second wave ascension candidate

Read also how the PAT activated the second wave ascension candidates:


I have been reading your website over the last few days and I think you understand what is going on more than any site I have gone to since. I was led by some hi g to do a third eye meditation in July and it worked. I then had a full-blown kundalini awakening. The best part was when my heart chakra opened.  It felt like I was Jesus. I never knew what bliss felt like until that happened. I was temporarily 100% love and 0% fear.  So I know it is possible for a human to achieve that level. My energy level was off the chart.

I have since come down from that experience but I was left with a symbol on my skin on my forehead. A shape carved right over my third eye that appears to be a hexagon.  It is remarkable if you were to see it with your eyes.  Also after he awakening I started to see auras of people and then my vision got blurry so I can see the energy fields of everything.  Since July.  The lines of the 3d world are getting more blurry every day and now I see thousands of orbs and fast squiggly lines in the sky.  I also see dark and white clusters of bubbles:molecules that move all around me say and night.  I have seen visions and faces on white and gray walls as well as been able to communicate with spirits.  They can’t talk to me but I can feel them respond to me by vibrating warm or coolness up and down my spine or sometimes just my foot or my whole body.  It is very comforting.

I really am starting to see through the veil but I don’t know where I am going with this.  I am a business man with 8 children living in Connecticut.  Is anybody else experiencing this?  I meditate constantly now and read the bible.  I never did this before July.  I feel that I am now living In two worlds.  It is starting to become difficult for me to relate to other people because they no longer have the same morals or reality as me.  Can somebody out here relate to what is happening to me.  I feel alone in this state but am still driven to see this through.  Whatever the outcome may be.

Love will win in the end.

Dear Darren,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and sharing your energetic experiences with me. You are on the right place with this website as you will find all the answers to your questions which will arise with the expansion of your awareness. From what you describe, you are a second wave ascension candidate and have just experienced your opening. It is mind-boggling and one loses the ground under his feet. This is normal and you will adapt soon to this new state of being.

However, you should not read the bible, at least not now, but start with the books you can find on this website such as:


and also everything about the Light Body Process (LBP) which you have entered now. See here

Of course there are much more important articles to read out of the more than 2500 publications but start with this one. You will soon know what is happening with you and it is very important as you may have the feeling that you are losing your mind while all your past thought and behaviour patterns are deleted by your soul (higher self) and transformed. And you cannot expect any understanding from your environment, friends and family. This is a very lonely journey but you must go it now and the better you are informed, the easier it is.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I think we had another ID shift today (October 15). I am starting to notice a pattern. It happens when my boyfriend and I feel like we are supposed to be together at some random time. He came over today late afternoon and he was already exhausted. I was doing some work on my computer and he said, “Do you want to take a nap”? I said Yes! almost immediately. He even laughed and said it seemed like I had been waiting on him to ask me that. LOL.

We went straight to sleep…again, we never have normal sleep together…it just feels like our bodies are suspended while we go to work in other worlds… anyhow, we both jolt awake at intervals, usually look at each other stunned and then slip right back to sleep for another round of “work”.

After we woke up, he had to go run an errand, so we go downstairs and we both noticed that my living room looked different. I wasn’t going to say anything because I feel like I always say something about shifts or energy and I feel maybe I over do it sometimes. But he said my living room looks different!! And then I immediately said, Yeah like that window….meaning my sliding glass doors that go to the back of the patio….and then he said, “Exactly!” So we both noticed that the sliding glass doors/windows looked different….it looked fluid and like it had depth…like we could go through it…the lighting was more vivid and…REAL.

OK, so then he leaves and later on he calls me to tell me that all of his fingertips on his left hand are burned! After he woke up they were like that…OK, he doesn’t read your site although I’ve read many things to him but he has never read about how sometimes your face gets burned in your sleep from the energies and the testimonies of others of the same nature. He’s never read that. I told him and he was like, “well, you can tell them it happened to me now too”. lol

The other thing is, I’m having all of these deep inner realizations. Things that were right there under the surface of myself but I never really came to terms with them. Like, tonight I decided to watch 2 movies on Amazon Prime. I rarely ever watch anything and I don’t even have a TV. I took my laptop to bed and decided to watch these 2 movies. Both of them were speaking directly to me. Both of them were explaining to me that basically, I’ve been in my own way when it comes to certain things in my life. I have trust issues because of my father…I sabotaged a lot of relationships…convinced myself that certain people didn’t love me but never took responsibility for how I drove them away, etc. I cried a lot. It was all pretty insightful.

So, I’m ready to go to bed but before I do, I read your latest update and then I still felt like there was something else I was supposed to read. I know better than to fight that feeling so I googled October 14th, 2015 ascension process. I look through the links and just pick one. Scrolling through the headlines I already know what it feels like when I’m supposed to click on something, and so I do.

Here is the link I clicked.

Now, I have no idea who wrote this…or what some of the abbreviations are that they are using. And I think they are religious and that doesn’t resonate with me. But something in this message is telling me that something is about to happen this month and I wanted to forward it to you now.

That’s all I know! I’ve quit trying to use my brain as much and just go with my intuition and not worry about the rest.

Regardless of anything, I’ve been getting major closure on some things this week and I don’t think it’s any accident. I feel resolved internally and like I understand why I’ve done many of the things I’ve done and why other people have reacted to me or made certain choices. I feel I’m finally able to admit my role in these situations without beating myself up for it, but rather seeing what I did from the space of hurt or wounding I had experienced. So it’s like I’m taking full responsibility yet also doing it as more of an observer with unconditional love for myself. It feels different than it did in the past where these thoughts might have led to self loathing instead.

Alright, I’m signing off for the night, I hope you will read the article in the link. I promise I wouldn’t send you something if it hadn’t absolutely jumped out at me.

Love So Much,
Kari xoxo

Dear Kari,

thank you very much for your latest energy update. I read this article and it seems very interesting although nothing may happen on October 20th but around this date. I also reckon with some big collapses very soon as the financial system is broke.

Yesterday there was another shift indeed and we did a hiking in the mountains for two hours which is not much for us but we were completely depleted after that and even today. We also slept in the late afternoon and were gone.

The energetic events are very tense these days and I think that we are approaching the end point.

Take good care of you.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I am so glad that you mentioned about the toes yesterday.  I had the very same thing on my right foot, the third toe from the big toe!  I even examined the toe twice and could see that there was nothing wrong with it!  This happened the entire day until the evening.  I thought that I finally flipped.  I had never thought about the LBP reaching even the toes…

Henry Clymer

Even my toenails hurt. Bliss my ass!”

Ascension is a murderous marathon. Excellent summary of the last few weeks. The toenails and the birds are good indicators of what’s to come.

Crippled, Creeping But Conscious

Dear Georgi,

Your post today was right on the mark. The 13th was indeed brutal all day long, and when I tried to take a nap in the afternoon to escape the cc waves, I spent the whole time dreaming, telling someone that I’m done with them.

The other kept saying, “You can’t just walk away from this. We have to talk about it.” but I knew if I sat down, I’d be persuaded to stay. I woke up angry, saying to myself, “Fuck you! I’m done with this bullshit!” thinking of that encounter that seemed to go on for two hours, trying to persuade me, threaten me, to stay and discuss the matter.

I have no idea what that was about, an internal block, a promise I made to myself, something external, who knows, but agreements are being cancelled, ties are being loosed on all fronts.

Later, when I went to bed last night, I thought I was having some kind of attack. It felt like my heart was racing and I felt light headed, but when I measured my pulse, it was normal and it passed after a while and I fell asleep. Still exhausted today.

Best wishes,

Hi George,

Just a heads up that I read your article about yesterday’s energy waves, and, yup – that’s the kind of stuff I was feeling!

I had a horrible headache yesterday (I NEVER get headaches). It didn’t last for long, but it was noticeably intense. I also had extreme anxiety that started in the late afternoon and went straight through to bedtime – and then I barely slept last night.

I was able to catch some shut-eye in the morning hours, though, and today has felt quite agreeable and “friendly”.

I’m curious – what does the “cc” stand for in “cc-wave”?


cc-wave means commotio-cerebri-wave because this is how the headache feels when you are hit by such a wave. This is a new term I have introduced.


Dear Georgi,

Daniela has shared with me your recent emails.  I have to admit that it has been Daniela’s determination that has brought her so many results in English.  I have merely proof read every now and again.  I have often marveled at how Daniela has not let a foreign language stop her.  I am just one of the fortunate one’s who was born into the language.

We often Skype and talk about the messages on your website and this helps both of us in understanding at a deeper level, and it helps Daniela confirm her inner knowing with the google translations she reads.  Her ability  really is beyond a ‘normal’ translation.  I had tested and found out that her translation of your book was as close to the real thing as could be – yes that is quite an achievement.  I am happy for both of you!

Apart from my husband and my son, Daniela is the only contact l have.  Life would be very lonely without her.  It is interesting to note that our relationship started from opposite ends of the personality trends ‘victim/ego’ and this has actually served us both really well in bringing to the surface just about everything!

We are both reading David Hawkins book on Power versus Force – l found out today!  I have had a different approach with the muscle test and even though Carla brought the subject up in 2012, l was quite confident with the muscle test l was using.  However recently l was drawn to use the scale of consciousness when l last wrote to you after erroneously  misinterpreting Lisa Renne’s words and then reading your comments to other readers about her website. The funny thing is l have never read her website before.  Oh the things our HS have us do!

Anyway l am finding it very useful to read this book and connect it to the teachings and experiences l already have. The interesting thing was that before l could even approach the book, l was directed (volente o nolente!) by my HS to cleanse and invoke the sacred flames and alchemical turnstile to release the “weak” results of the kinesiological test.  In fact l had an overwhelming sense of weakness with the test as though l was incapable of using the test – and l have been using the muscle test for about ten years!  I invoked help from my HS and the multi dimensions and the sacred flames and alchemical turnstile  and then I asked for a programme of algorithms to be created to counteract any manipulations of the cleansing and integrations, for as long as was needed.  My muscle testing returned strong and the weak muscle test vanished.

I set out to write this because of your comment to Daniela about  Italy.  I love Italy, l love talking Italian and l love the food!  I have not done a lot of traveling about the country, but here there are some really beautiful places, which reminds me where l went at the end of May when you are Carla were on your trip to the Butchart Gardens. (which incidentally l have visited in 1984 when l worked on cruise ships for a couple of years.)  That day l found the trail for the first time and ended up walking through greenery and ending up high with a fantastic view of the whole coast.  l could really feel the beauty of the scenery and the air as though l was feeling something pure. It really did feel like a new Earth. The next time l returned there, l didn’t realize what a climb l had done the time before as it was longer and steeper than l remembered!   I’d like to share with you and Carla the photos l took that special day.

With love and light

Dear Denise,

Daniela’s translation is indeed congenial with respect to the original German version. I finished it reading last evening and was surprised that she has done it from the English version and also parallel to the original German text with Google translate as it is very poor for German language, which is with a very complex syntax.

Piotr has installed the Italian translation of Daniela already and tomorrow I will publish an announcement for the PAT.

I have no experience with David Hawkins scale and since I am here in Canada Carla has not made any assessment anymore with it, but here is her publication in case you want to check one more time:

Carla thinks that this scale may not be valid anymore in the current situation where the frequencies are extremely high. She is also working every day and night with the seven sacred flames and does great work. I am also cleansing our abode on a daily basis although there seems to be no dark entities anymore, but still some random contaminations from our nightly work on various timelines.

Thank you for the pictures – are they from “cinque terra”? I hiked once in the 70s there for a week and it looked exactly like the landscape on your pics as I also made a lot of pictures at that time. It was a very beautiful place and I remember it very well. I mean the whole Ligurian coast is beautiful except around Genova.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

It is lovely to hear from you.  I know the waves are tough at the moment.  I have really felt them this last week, but like you say there’s no point putting too much attention on the side effects we have, as that is how it is!

I speak Italian fluently, although my English accent is recognized, so any errors are accepted. My written Italian is diabolical which many Italians don’t understand because they say, you write as you hear – which would be perfect if l hadn’t already learnt to pronounce and spell the English way!  English is full of different words with the same pronunciation and strange sounds for certain letters, silent sounds for others. It’s a real rebus!  The poor children just have to dig in and learn it parrot fashion, with loads of spelling tests every week.

I have just re-read the Gnosis in English and when Daniela forwarded the translation on to me l read the last chapter on religion.  I enjoyed reading it in Italian and l shall read it all in Italian now.  When Daniela told me about the translation l just ‘felt’  from my HS that she was doing a really good job. In fact l was amazed that she was doing it with  google translator too!  She has done an amazing job. The Italians that read your website will be so happy.  I know there are a few silent readers out there!

My experience with the kinesiological muscle test is such that the David Hawkins information is added information to my own.  His book gives good advice and l feel that people who are learning the muscle test for the first time will have good base information to build on.  The scale will still serve people who are starting out. His information is still a teaching method that aims to give the person their own freedom to question everything. Anything that helps people open up to their sub-conscious is a step in the right direction.   Using the test becomes a personal tool that can be very creative.  I understand what Carla is saying about the frequencies being so high that the scale isn’t valid to the current situation.  However l was referring more to the information of the ego and higher self aspect: power versus force, because this aspect is an important one and the book has helped me clear up a few uncertainties.

I did re-read Carla’s publication and that is why l was guided to download the book.  When l started reading, l found that my muscle test wasn’t working and l felt underlying fear.  I have got to recognize fear very well after my own integrations, so l ‘listened’ more and found that the download was very manipulated with these energies that would have made it impossible for anyone reading it to learn to do the muscle test!  That just means that the muscle test is a very effective method for reconnecting to the soul!

Daniela then told me that the Italian book that she received yesterday gave off a very dense energy and she ended up cleansing the graphics on the cover and everything to do with it. It seems we have been guided to cleanse these versions of this book and l know from experience that the kinesiological muscle test will free a  person from his ego and open up a whole new world.

The photos are from a place right above Savona, at about 700mt, about a 20minute drive from where l live. The nearest place to this trail is Le Rocche Bianche and then there is another stretch called Le Manie that is equally beautiful. It is a stretch of land towards the west, covering Spotorno, Capo Noli and Finale Ligure so it is in fact at the opposite side of Liguria than the Cinque Terra with similar landscape.

The big difference is that it is just me and nature and l hardly ever come across other people! I have quite often walked around the Rocche Bianche as the roads are easy to walk on and it is all immersed in trees and a very welcome shade in the middle of summer, with beautiful panorama’s opening up around the bends.  Last year l found great blackberries to snack on and the year before tiny wild strawberries. I sometimes get a very clear message from my HS to go there, like on the day l took the photos.

I really appreciate your emails and l am also aware that there is no need for you to respond to this.

Love and light to you and Carla


Caro Georgi,

Trasmetti, per favore i piu’ grandi ringraziamenti a Daniela,  sara’ un grande piacere rileggere il libro in italiano e mi consentira’ di farlo leggeread altre persone che non leggono l’inglese.

Un abbraccio


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