Energy Report – October 13, 2015

Georgi Stankov, October 14, 2015

Ascension is a murderous marathon, this should be known to all of you by now. It is a stepwise spiral of sweeping ascension cc-waves with innumerous pains and symptoms according to the German saying: “What does not kill me, makes me stronger“.

Yesterday was such a day when another heavy and powerful cc-wave hit us and humanity, although the latter has no idea and perception of that. It began with a nasty, burning cleansing of collective human fears of scarcity and material loss, accompanied by aggression, anger, frustration and depression. Highly charged emotions and immense transformation!

Then at noon it turned into a cascade of source cc-waves with an excruciating headache for me. In the evening (local time) we made a huge leap to much higher frequency levels and experienced some unusual phenomena in nature that confirmed this fact. For instance all of a sudden the air was full of birds that migrate and should have left the Vancouver area in September. Indeed, they were gone last month and we did not hear or see them since yesterday. Very unusual phenomenon indeed!

Yesterday Brad Barber sent me a short message attached to his donation:

Even my toenails hurt. Bliss my ass!

And this is how it felt yesterday as I answered to him. Here I also elaborate on the current state of world affairs that now indicates the imminence of the final resolution through escalation of animosities and confrontation between the forces of darkness and light. This is now happening in the Middle East where once the portals of the dark archons were located and through which they stirred havoc and wars the world over throughout the long bellicose history of mankind:

Dear Brad,

Thank you very much for your unwavering support. When the waves peak in intensity I know it because I have wounds (rhagades, fissures) between the toes. I have such wounds since four days. Not that it matters, but just to know that you are not alone in your pain, if this helps.

Yesterday was another peak with a heavy cc-wave and a severe headache the whole day for me. This morning I am vibrating so intensively that I cannot imagine how I would stay much longer in this reality. We have reached a point in the ascension process, where we cannot relate to any previous experience whatsoever, notwithstanding all the portals we have opened in the past, and we must accept everything that comes with an open mind as being unique and without a precedent.

While the plunge team mended the stock market charts optically in the last few days, all other economic and financial indicators point south – the credit crunch for all corporations, defaulting companies, the bursting of the derivative market, many funds go bust now, etc. Yesterday when Carla went to the bank all the people there were busy counting cash and could not talk to her. Normally this bank filial is rather calm and the people like to chat with Carla as they are bored. Are they counting their last available money? Very symbolic!

The small military engagement of Russia in Syria changed the world politics overnight and set many strings of events in motion which will bear fruits very soon. The major insight is that of the Europeans who realized that Russia is a world power to count with and that it cannot be pushed back into the Asian steppes as they believed arrogantly last year when they instigated the Ukrainian crisis. Now they see that they are not even needed to resolve the Middle East crisis and are only third world powers.

Obama Cretin, and what an irony a Nobel Peace Prize winner, admitted finally in his 60 minutes interview on CBS that the USA has not achieved anything with its numerous war invasions and should return to negotiations and observe international law. He is now there, where Putin wanted him to be much to the dismay of the hapless neocons. Now that the old very dark structure of the Middle East is crumbling with a rapid pace and the petrodollar system is in shambles, the sudden financial death of the western bank system is a matter of days.

As I wrote two months ago in an article (which you should read one more time very carefully) about the fall of the Berlin wall and the Iron curtain being a template of what will happen this fall, until October 18th when Honecker was ousted from power, nothing major happened and then the communist system crumbled within four weeks in November. I expect a similar dynamics this time but on a much grander scale.

With love and light


By the way, with respect to the crumbling of the matrix, you might have noticed that Google stopped the ads on my website last month. They sent me a “no reply” email that they have allegedly found irregularities on my website but have no intention to tell me what they are as “not to disclose their sources of information”. Sounds very much like the extended arm of the CIA and NSA. They also alerted me to the fact that they would claw back the last two monthly payments they owed me as a compensation for their alleged losses which they did yesterday, but without giving me any explanation or information whatsoever how they have calculated their fictive losses. The first and only email they sent me was in German language and when I asked for an English version of this email as to publish it, they did not respond. You cannot communicate with Google, just as you cannot communicate with the CIA and NSA. They only spy on you and kill you if you are too dangerous for them.

Hence I firmly believe that this was a deliberate attack of the dark secret services on the PAT website for my critical publications on the ascension and the crumbling of the old order, which they fear like the devil the incense. Google has done this to many other critical websites in the past. I also registered a peak in the attacks and the stench of the fecal language of the dark secret services paid internet trolls, many of whom come from Germany, where  NSA has its headquarters in Europe.

Anyway, there is a small probability that Google may reopen the ads this month but I do not count on it. Until then I would highly appreciate if you continue to support this website as generously as you have done in the past, for which I am most grateful to all of you.

It may not last for very long. Today, the energies and the vibrations are extremely powerful, penetrating, but also much more harmonious than yesterday when we had another major ascension leap. Some PAT members ask me when the final ascension will be. It is happening now in leaps and bounds. But as linear time is an illusion, nobody knows when humanity will reach the threshold for the final ID shift.

As I have written on many occasions and also recently, we must stay on the ground till the collapse of the matrix will begin to unfold. As it will be a veritable avalanche that will destroy the matrix within a few days, when such major events begin to unfold you will know it and then you will have the certitude that our time to leave this toxic reality has arrived. There is nothing more to be said on this ascension scenario.

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