Breaking News – ID Megashift in the Last 48 Hours

Manifestation of the Latest End Time Scenario on Numerous Lower Timelines

Georgi Stankov, October 19, 2015

As some of you have sensed it already, we are in the middle of another interdimensional Megashift that began yesterday in the night and is continuing uninterruptedly today. The symptoms are the same as always in such shifts due to massive descent of source energies through our left brain portals. Headaches, throbbing left eye socket pain, muscle stiffness and joint pains are inevitable in such shifts.

In the last 48 hours numerous catastrophic timelines were separated from this uppermost mother planet, where the End Time scenario I put forward two days ago under huge pressure and urgency coming from my HS was manifested in its worst version. The USA started in its desperation two conflicts with Russia in the Middle East and with China in the South See that immediately developed to a nuclear world war and these worlds went under.

At the same time we have accomplished another leap to higher dimensions and the intensity of my body vibrations are off the scale since yesterday.

Last night we whirled up some dark entities and archons in the astral plane while separating the timelines and it may be that some of you have experienced dark attacks. I had one with a stabbing pain in the throat that woke me up as usually, but we eliminated the dark energies immediately from our fields in the night. After that the apartment was full of angels and forces of light and this is the best proof for us that it was a very serious affair. One must always expect such dark attacks when massive ID shifts happen and lower timelines are severed and descend to lower frequency levels. The few dark entities that lurk in the astral recesses of such timelines are swirled up and they attach to our huge energetic fields and attack us in their desperation. Which of course leads to their elimination and throwing into the void.

My advise to you now is to rest as much as you can today and tomorrow. I have the notion that we have entered a new ascension spiral that will culminate at the 1.11 and 11.11 portals when anything can happen and surely much will unfold on the ground. This Orion matrix is now falling apart and nothing can mend it.

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