The Rapid Awakening of the Second Wave of Ascension Candidates

by Asha Hart and Georgi Stankov, September 15, 2015

On October 29th, 2014, in a most dramatic moment in the history of mankind, Carla, myself and the PAT, consciously or subconsciously, activated the heart chakra of the second wave of ascension candidates and initiated them in the LBP. This happened during our visit to the Radiant Rose Academy here in Vancouver and as reported by myself on November 2nd. For the sake of a better remembrance I would quote one more time the explanation of the Elohim to this pivotal event in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity:

This beloved group which is called the Radiant Rose Academy, creates a healthy and stable foundation for all light warriors of the Second Wave. These are the Creator Beings who are moving beautifully along the path of ascension through active engagement and resurrection of the inner knowing of their divine I AM Presence, the knowledge which is indeed the foundation of expansion into the Ascension and into the Golden Age.

The I AM Presence is the foundational fulcrum from which all Creator Beings must begin their journey ‘back home’, to the Source of All-That-Is.

Remember, you are never separated from your I AM Presence!  However, certain habits pull you away from the I AM Presence, and certain habits draw you back to it! Of course, this group has clear, well-established standards on the absolute necessity of purification of the human vessel, through making available purely bio-available energetic foods, an approach which is indeed the foundation of a healthy body-mind-spirit essence. Rendering the physical body healthy enhances it’s ability to first sense the I AM Presence, and secondly promotes interest in discovering what the I AM Presence is all about…what it can do for you…and ultimately what role it plays in your sovereignty, and in your freedom in the ascension, your freedom from this high density experience in which you find yourselves.

The light warriors of the Second Wave are the up and coming ranks of light workers who may not have experienced any activation of their Light Bodies, through the Light Body Process (LBP). This is because it is not their mission yet to fully ascend directly to the Source now, but rather, to ascend first into the newly created worlds of the upper fourth dimension, where free energy is established, and a healthy societal foundation has developed into new supporting mechanisms for perfect health, including hands-on healing, sound and light therapy for healing of the energetic centres, the chakras, creative expression from within – through the power of the I AM Presence, and boundless joy in the living of a divinely perfected life.

The event you inquire about, which occurred during your visit to this Academy, was in the first place, a full-on integration of your newly created template, with the templates known as Asun and Akasha. There has been a melding of these three templates, and a new activation of this template within all light warriors of the Second Wave, those slated for the ascension into Fourth dimensional creation.

In the second place, the template-melding event above, triggered another broad-reaching event including the lifting, or the ascension, of the Second Wave candidates, to the uppermost timeline of this Mother Earth. It is initiated by a steady fall in density, frequency and timelines, which occurs over a relatively “short” period of time [ Georgi, you estimated this to be about 30 minutes ], prior to the flooding of the uplifting surges provided by the Source of All-That-Is.

As the surge increases, those with active third eye ability, are able to view de-construction from one timeline through to the next above it, as in your dual soul’s ability to “see” a swimming pool overflow it’s edges and the walls around it collapse inwards. The continued upward rise occurs as great numbers of Beings are lifted for the final destination of the upper fourth dimensional expressions. This energetic lift pushes them up from “underneath”, as their frequency expands to adapt to higher levels of expression. Finally, the great surge moves everyone up together, in one group, through the timelines towards the uppermost expression of Mother Gaia, now. This event was one of the most powerful, energetically condensed ascension moments in recent experience!  All move upward in wholeness toward the perfection in the ascension, now.

The dualistic way of thinking may classify ascension to the Fifth Dimension as superior to ascension to the upper Fourth Dimension, but this is simply not the case and we emphasize that every Creator Being has his own role, and his own path in which to manifest this role. There is to be no comparison between light warriors, as each has his or her own path, each holds his or her own agreement.  Every Creator Being is to be honoured by the other. Every Creator Being still has much to learn.

The event was a grand alchemical reaction where Source energies flooded in to Gaia, templates were melded, Light warriors of the First and Last Hour embraced this energy, and the light warriors of the Second Wave were pulled up higher in their levels of consciousness, further along in their physical healings, and opened their hearts to embrace further infusions of the divine rays of cosmic love.

The effects of this expansion will not be known instantly, for this work occurs across a multi-dimensional landscape of current and previous incarnations, creates a re-ordering of cellular memory, and many other dimensional expressions whereby illumination follows an evolutionary path that can be slow and extremely painful within this density. Naturally, this “slow and extremely painful” proposition is related to the condition of your emotional bodies that now need cleansing and re-balancing, in order to embrace the loving I AM Presence of Self, so one can move into the full acceptance of the “Ascending Creator Being” concept, and fulfil One’s requisite role of service to assist Gaia in the ascension through personal evolution.

The participants of the Radiant Rose academy served as a representative sample for all second wave ascension candidates worldwide. The Elohim warned us that it will take some time before the results of our light work on this group will become evident. We activated this group of light workers in a powerful alchemical reaction two weeks after we created and disseminated the new template of the new human race in the Golden Galaxy.

All these events of cosmic magnitude are closely related and follow a strict inner energetic logic. This website is a seamless chronicle of these events as experienced and perceived by us as incarnated human beings. It is beyond question that much more is happening in the higher realms and behind the veil, to which we have no access at present. But all these energetic events are created by ourselves as incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia. This fact should never be forgotten by yourselves.

As announced by the Elohim,it took almost a year before we can reap the fruits of our light work in awakening the second wave of ascension candidates. Since several weeks I have received a number of first contacts from such light workers who are seeking for answers to their numerous spiritual questions that arise from their first personal experiences with the LBP and, guided by their HS,  find the PAT website and establish contact with the PAT through me.

One such newcomer is Asha Hart, who to my estimate is one of the first crystalline children on this planet. Below, I will publish our email exchange with her and an essay she has written on money which illustrates better than thousand words how rapidly this second wave of ascension candidates is now awakening and opening to the LBP under our guidance and through the ideas carried forward by the PAT group – at the ego-mind level and above all from the fulcrum of our HS where the actual light work is done.

For me this is the best confirmation and gratification for the immense light work we have been doing for many years. As the results of our work are invisible for the most part, there is every reason to rejoice when one meets such resolute, open-minded and open-hearted young ascension candidates who have finally joined our ranks and are fostering the ascension process of Gaia and humanity with the same fervour as we have done this for many years.



First of all I’d like to thank you for providing this site full of information! I am a young woman in my mid 20’s who has been spending the last few months waking up and figuring all of this out primarily on my own. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, where there are few to discuss such matters with. Also, a lot of the New Age material out there doesn’t really resonate with me as  a lot of it just makes me feel as guilty as main stream religion. I appreciate the detail you go through in explaining certain concepts, although the stock market info is a little beyond my current comprehension.

I quit my job as a self-employed adult entertainer after waking up several months ago, and have had a hard time replacing it with any sort of other income. I feel deep down that I am here for this ascension and to simply wake up is enough. Part of my monkey mind, however, keeps urging me to “do” something for the greater good. I have been experiencing  many of the symptoms that others have such as feeling tired at random times where it gets to the point where it is difficult to adhere to a schedule. I’ve never been a fan of schedules anyway as deep down I know they’re pointless. I am aware that the concept of time is an illusion and it’s been a chore just taking care of every day 3D stuff lately. I’ve also been extremely hungry and thirsty and I know my health is ok. When I sleep at night, I feel like I’m running marathons and I wake up drenched in sweat, yet have body chills.

I know this is the releasing of density from my body. Part of me feels at times unsure of whether or not I will ascend as I feel like I’m far from perfect however I’m also very aware of the nature of doubt. Part of me feels that it is unnecessary at this point to better myself in superficial ways as I know my change in thought patterns is a lot of work itself. I feel that in a fifth dimensional world there isn’t a need for people to have jobs and superficial titles to prove their worth in order to survive. I agree with the whole money chakra theory as a lot of what I see myself doing a lot of the times is shut down by that pesky illusory “necessity”. I’m glad I’m not the only one openly accepting a stock market crash!



Dear Ash,

thank you very much for establishing contact with me and the PAT and for sharing your personal experiences with the LBP. There is no doubt that  you have now fully entered the LBP and it is a life-transforming event. Once in the process, there is no way back and all the connections to this waning reality are severed for ever. A major objective of this website is to be a forum for such advanced light warriors and light workers who are fully rejected by their environment and cannot find a proper circle of equally minded people to communicate with. This is so important when one has entered this final stage of human evolution. I have published many personal reports that highlight the pathway to awakening and evolution. You can search under the key word “The Light warrior as a …” and you will find a few reports.

I think you will understand very well the economic and financial ramifications of the current Orion monetary system if you go to the section economic collapse and read the basic articles on the Orion monetary system from the beginning as well as all the other articles. This is indeed a very complex topic and even the most renowned critical experts in the USA do not get it to the full extent as they lack the gnostic, transcendental understanding.

Have you read my two introductory books to the New Gnosis:


which build the foundation of the new spiritual approach? If not, you must read them as to better understand all the subsequent discussions.

With respect to your age you may as well be a crystalline child, one of the first, and this means that you have come with an altered, advanced energetic structure and may not need to go through the most intensive and debilitating phases of the LBP as we the indigo children of the old postwar generation had to go through as to cleanse the immense darkness and dross on this planet.

Welcome now to the PAT website and make use of the few remaining days in this reality to progress as quickly as possible. The fact that you are critical on other New Age sources is already a very good sign that you know where the truth lies.

With love and light




Thank you for the quick response and the links to the books as I have not read them yet. I’m very well aware of the flaws of the Orion system as it doesn’t take a genius to understand a system of debt isn’t beneficial to the prosperity of mankind. I thought I may be an indigo, however now that you mention the possibility of me being a crystalline child it makes more sense as to why I’m not very much into active change as the indigos are. I’ve always been highly intelligent, yet can come across as spacey and idealistic as I’m often living in a fantasy world. I find it difficult to express myself in words as I know they are easy to misinterpret and have been used to manipulate. Anyway, thank you again for your response. I am hoping all these things will become more clear to everyone soon!



Dear Asha,

crystalline children are as a rule more intelligent than indigo children. I experience this on my website where some of my most intelligent readers are very young crystalline children and I support them with all possible means and urge them to write and publish. You can do the same – chose a topic and write an essay on it and I will publish it.

With love and light




I have written up a short essay about the false belief systems within spirituality regarding money and value. I hope you enjoy and I’m glad to get the chance to share my thoughts on this subject as this is something that I feel I needed to share for a while now.

– Asha

The Energetics of Money, Spirituality, and Value

I have always wondered what determined the value of the goods and services we buy. Why do some things cost more than others? Many would argue that manufacturing costs and time involved to produce such goods and services would determine the cost. Others would argue that the demand determines the price. Time is elusive and essentially a way to keep people within a linear frame of mind. Demands for certain goods and services constantly change depending on the availability of it and the needs of the people. I have come across  many “New Age”  theories that one must charge for spiritual services as nothing is free and everything comes from something. I, however,  see this as continuing to trap the spiritual within a mundane concept such as money for survival. Everything in this existence is spiritual and that idea continues to separate experiences and things into the spiritual and non-spiritual polarity.

While I do agree that the collective conscious does have false belief about lack and prosperity, however, I don’t feel that charging for spiritual services within the Orion system of money is the answer. The system itself is flawed and trying to change it from the inside doesn’t really work. Why doesn’t this work? It is because it limits the availability of such information to those who may be in the dark and in poverty themselves. Then there is still a gap between those in the know and those who do not know. It also makes people have to constantly prove their worth to others in order to accept an income. Even if one is self-employed, they are still using the systems of control to be “free”. This monetization of spirituality also leads people to having inflated egos and the need to constantly prove that what they offer has value.

There is a lot of talk about finding one’s purpose in the spiritual community. I’ll be completely honest as to say I have no idea what my purpose is within the construct of 3D living. I’m interested in many different areas and I always found it silly to find one thing to do my entire life. I’ve always felt life is for living and being alive is as much of a purpose as anything else. Some would say this is a lazy way of thinking and I need to just get out there and do something. This is where the old belief systems come into play in a lot of the New Age information. It urges people to feel like they are not good enough as they are and that they have to somehow prove their worth in order to be accepted by society just like in the old system.

The truth is, many people who are in poverty do not have the means in which to spend money on a guru to tell them what to do. They are too busy just trying to survive! With Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it isn’t that difficult to figure out that people who are without food, water, and shelter will not be the slightest bit interested in spirituality. This leaves those people to continue to trudge along in darkness while the rest of society plays their money games. Money is meant to be an expression of energy exchange which has been completely distorted and manipulated. I believe this distortion in and of itself, by creating a system based on lack, is what has caused much of the world’s poverty.

One way this has become so distorted, I believe, is the suppression of the divine feminine expression. The divine feminine is not set upon doing, but rather basking, nurturing, caring, and simply being. In a world where there is balance, there would not be guilt put upon those who may need to take time for themselves to refuel their body and spirit, and to enjoy what life has to offer.  Unfortunately, this is seen as lazy by many who do not understand the importance of taking time for rest and relaxation as a positive form of energetic expression.  This is the issue within the current Orion money system as people do not get support financially when they need to relax and just be. The false belief that money is to only be given when one is in constant action is a culprit behind the wealth disparity, in my opinion.

What is the remedy to this? The system must go entirely and people need to get back to their roots in community and consciousness. Everyone has something to offer even if that means  the ability to raise one’s own vibration and the use of their imaginations. Now, within the current system anything that is unquantifiable cannot be paid for, and that is a major issue. In a fully conscious society where people are telepathically connected and completely transparent, there would be no need for money as people would know the needs of others and themselves. I’m also certain in such a case there could be technology so advanced that the production of things would no longer need to be monetized. It would be ideas and actions that come from the heart that would be of value.


Dear Asha,

thank you for sending me this essay on money, which presents the topic in the correct perspective. However, you are scratching only on the surface of the money problem, while we have dealt with this issue in much more depth on our previous discussions and analyses. Hence I have to think a novel way of presenting your thoughts in the context of the recent awakening of the new wave of star seeds and crystalline children, which is exactly the consequence of the significant opening of humanity we initiated last October when we opened the heart chakra of the second wave ascension candidates and put the ascension process on a much higher level. You can read about this critical event by using the Log function.

In this sense you represent the second wave of ascension candidates who have rapidly awakened in the meantime of almost one year and this is also a measure of our collective effort to raise the frequency of humanity. This by no means intends to disparage your personal achievement, which is indeed remarkable, but we must also see such individual pathways in the bigger context as to properly evaluate how far humanity has advanced in the last months under our guidance as Logos Gods. This is an exclusive club, to which though everybody is welcome and one does not even need any external recommendation or references but only the desire to become a Creator God himself /herself.

With love and light




Thank you for reading. I’m very well aware I have a long way to go before I can fully understand all of this. As I mentioned before, this is all very new to me and a year ago I was very much asleep. I also have difficulty sticking to one topic when writing and speaking as it just flows out that way for me.  It’s interesting that you mentioned the heart chakra opening as of last October as I can remember going through some heavy experiences at that time. I had been medicated for years for depression and anxiety and found myself unable to get access to my prescriptions. When I woke up last spring, I immediately realized that taking that stuff killing me, and I never wanted to go through that kind of dependency again. I do confirm that I am part of the second wave considering my quick wake up over the past 6 months. I have also noticed that the more I wake up and begin to understand, the more others around me start to question things. I also feel that there are many chances I had to awaken and I am catching up right now. I’ve discovered a subconscious fear within myself that I may not make the ascension in time, which is silly considering the fifth dimension operates outside of time. I find myself consistently having to consciously change my thought patterns as this one is quite persistent. I know this is something I am meant to be a part of, and that in and of itself helps to keep those thoughts at bay.

As far as the financial situation, it is definitely something that I could learn more about. I do feel that the imminent market crash is in direct correlation to how many people are awake and are no longer supporting the system energetically. Even after deciding to stop working, it seems that everything that I need comes to me. I definitely have some work to do as far as creating goes, which is why I enjoy speaking to like-minded individuals. I’m very much aware of how our ideas of what can happen are more powerful in numbers than trying to do it alone. Thank you for your input, and I will continue to read your work and let you know if I have anything to share regarding it.



Dear Asha,

you are doing very well and you are progressing in your soul evolution with huge strides. Continue on this path and everything will be perfect.

With love and light


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