Sananda – “You Are Now Ready To Cross The Finish Line”

Channelled Information on the Possible ID Shift and Our Ascension End of September, Early October

by Georgi Stankov, September 17, 2015

I will publish below some excerpts from a recent message given by a channeller and his sources which I did not like very much in the past and I am still rather critical about it as it is not always a clear, high-vibrating source. But my decision to make you aware of this channeling is founded entirely in the fact that this time this source presents a very realistic scenario as to how the ascension will happen and will be perceived by the masses that will not ascend themselves, while only some of the most advanced human beings, precisely the second wave ascension candidates, whom we initiated in the ascension process end of October 2014, will experience a huge inner expansion of awareness that will transform them and the society for ever.

This shift in expanded awareness has already commenced in all second wave ascension candidates as I have informed you in the last two days (read here and here). Only today Brad sent me the following exalting information:

I did want to excitedly let you know that I had such incredible response from people around me today who are definitely second wave.  I had a discussion with my father that was exactly the same in theory to what you posted with the Michael Snyder article.  He kept talking of the “miracles” of his progress as I continually reminded him that it’s the system and he also finally accepted your information on beta-blockers even though I’ve been reading the same stuff to him for four years.  Suddenly, it was acceptable and made sense.

Also, my brother responded very positively to everything I said today on a small trip, and he’s been reading our articles I’ve sent him.  You know how intense some of my concepts are and suddenly my brother said how clear it sounded and how articulate things were.  I have gotten better at my craft, but again, suddenly it was acceptable and made sense.”  

While this collective expansion of human consciousness will transform humanity on this uppermost mother planet overnight, we, the ascended masters in human gestalt, the Logos Gods of Gaia and fierce light warriors of the first and last hour, will make the final phase transition from carbon-based body into crystalline light body and will ascend. After all, we have been retrieving all our chakras and denser human manifestations in a most accelerated manner since we created New Lemuria on June 4th and as confirmed by the Hyperboreans to us. 

Most of us will return thereafter as ascended masters in crystalline light body to this reality that will be rapidly shifting its frequencies and social template towards the new pristine blueprint of the 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy under our guidance as the Guardians and teachers of the New Age. This will be also the time when the new theory of the Universal Law will be introduced worldwide. We are now preparing the mental and psychological foundation for this cosmic breakthrough.

This has been a leitmotif in all my publications for the last year and a half, since the PAT was advanced to become the New Logos Gods of Gaia and we decided to postpone our ascension in May 2014 one more time as to stay and help humanity and Gaia to the very last moment. This moment has now arrived. Our true mission is about to begin very soon.

The message below presents exactly this scenario by even using our vocabulary, which is another remarkable synchronicity. The group that is addressed by this message are second wave ascension candidates and that is why the excarnated sources are cautious not to elicit too much hope in these people that they would all ascend end of September. But the sources clearly confirm that when this energetic peak and stargate opening around the last blood moon will happen, there will be definitely some highly advanced human beings who will undergo a final transfiguration from a carbon-based body into a crystalline light body and will appear again on this uppermost mother planet as ascended masters to guide and educate the masses, so that they can also make this shift some time later.

It is this remarkable unanimity of key passages in this message with our preferred ascension scenario that convinced me to publish it. You can go to the original article and read the whole message, just to get an impression as to how far advanced this second wave ascension candidates are and what it will take for them to finally ascend. A lot more awakening according to my assessment, but they are on the right track and this is the only thing that matters. This is all the result of our successful mission as Planetary Ascension Team that is now coming to a glorious end.


“Sananda”, “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell
“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly PFC group in Glendale, AZ on September 13, 2015 over Blog Talk Radio with Hollow Earth Network)


When we first came here, there was a great deal of darkness. The light was barely shining through. But with all the travails you have gone through, lifetime after lifetime and after lifetime you will come to the point now where it will be all worth it! You will wonder what it will be like at the end when you finish this job.

And here you are now at the finish. I have said many times that you are in a race, what you would call a marathon. You have been running this race a long time and now you are coming to the finish line. You will cross and behind some are struggling; some have fallen and cannot get back up. Some are crawling now just to get to the line. Of course, there are those who race across.

The difference here is that once you cross the finish line (in your normal marathon) you are done, you don’t go back to help your brothers and your sisters. You, my friends, will be doing that. You will be crossing the line and you will be going back to assist. Many of you will decide to do that. Not all, but many. Because why? Because you came here to be of service. That is the reason you came here. You will go back to serve others. You will only be thinking of service.

So, I tell you now. You have come full circle. You are at the point where you will be making the Shift. Everyone will be making the Shift at one point or another. Can I tell you that the “Wave” is coming? Yes. Can I tell you that the “Wave” is here? Yes. We have been telling you about how to prepare for this. And “Wave X” and the “Tsunami of Love” is all one. It is all coming together; it is reaching the crescendo as was given earlier.

And you now are at that point where you are going to be called upon to be the mentors, to be teachers, to be the ones who will be there to assist those who come after you. You will be the ones who go back to assist your brothers, your sisters because they are floundering, they are having a difficult time. Many are still asleep but their alarm clocks are starting to go off just as yours did at a certain point. Now is the time that many of their clocks are going off.

They will come to an understanding that this is not the way it was supposed to be. This is not what we came here for. And now they will begin to ask questions. Just as you asked questions, they will begin to ask questions. Who will be there to answer their questions? You will be! Not so much us. Yes, we are here mentoring and guiding through these types of communications. You are the ones you have been waiting for. You are the ones who will bring this whole process together. It is you who will be giving the answers to the questions.

We are not saying to bombard them. We are not saying go door to door or anything if this nature. We do not want you to provide a mission. This is a journey. You are on this journey. You are near completing this part of the journey. It is not the end. It is never going to be the end. This is the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. However you wish to look at it.

But the time is now. Look at this month, this September. Look at September 28th and at this photon energy coming in that is supposed to be at its highest level ever. And yes, that is true. It is going to be. Can we say that all of you are going to Ascend in that moment and go off in your Rainbow Bodies and cross the Rainbow Bridge to get back to your higher selves? No. We say that is not necessarily going to happen. It may happen for a few but there is still much of those who are still awakening, too much work that is still ahead.

And yes, those of you who have been sitting back and thinking that you are going to be relieved or delivered or thinking that the Rapture is going to come or any of these things, no, that is not the way it is working. It is working with you. You have to be the ones to make this happen.

So, on the day that this goes through, those of you who are listening to this call and are resonating with these words, you will feel the energy the most (This is already the case with the PAT for many years. Note, George). But there will be many across the planet that will also be feeling this energy as well. There will be those holding arms and looking for a battle but will turn to one another and say, “Why. Why are we doing this? There is no reason to continue on like this! Why would I want to harm my brother and my sister?” And they will begin to realize, not the unification that you have, but they will begin to realize a connection that everyone is a brother, everyone is a sister. I can tell you now that time is coming. That moment is nearly here.

When you feel these energies move through you, yes, on the 28th , may be a few days before, may be a few days after, maybe a week later, we are not going to say exactly because everybody will resonate to these energies differently. So, you, yourselves, we can tell you to prepare. Prepare for yourself. Do you need to prepare for safety for each other as far as stockpiling weapons and these types of things? NO! Certainly not. That is the old paradigm and that will not work in the New Age that is coming upon you. That will not work in the new vibrations that are here now and will be exceeding the vibrations you are feeling now by a tremendous amount.

So we tell you again now, be ready. Those times are here. You are ready to cross the finish line. There is no turning back at this point. Why would anyone want to turn back? We know you don’t. We know that you came here to finish this race, to finish this journey. You are all working together with us and we are working together with you. And together, my brothers, my sisters and my friends we are going to make this happen. It is a joint effort, a unified effort. We will come together in oneness. Archangel Michael has been speaking of peace. We will come together in peace. The entire planet will come together in peace. It is destined. It cannot be stopped.

There are those of the Cabal, the Dark Forces who are still working at it. They are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their life that they have created. They realize now that they are at their end. They are fully realizing that they cannot hold on much longer. Yet they still proceed. They still continue to be arrogant and think that they can overcome heaven. How could anyone possible do that?

So, that is not going to happen. There is not going to be any nuclear war (Because they are happening all the time on lower timelines as the most destructive one on September 13th as reported by myself and confirmed by the Elohim. This uppermost mother planet is protected by our presence as Logos Gods; we raise her light quotient so much that it does not allow for the outburst of such a devastating nuclear war. Note, George). There is not going to be any major pandemic across the planet. There is not going to be any culling of the populations that many of the sources have been saying. That is not going to happen. We have not worked as hard with all of you for many decades, many hundreds of years; many thousands of years to let it all go away in a puff of smoke. That will never happen.
So, I tell you now, all of you listening to this call heed my words, this is it! This is the end or the beginning. You decide. It is coming to the crescendo, a culmination and it will be very, very shortly.

That is my message, as Sananda. I will be with you many times in the future. There will be times when we will be joining hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, sitting across the table from one another, breaking bread and yes, even wine. The celebration has been prepared and it is waiting for you to sit at the tables! All of my peace and love be with you.

Question: Sananda mentioned crossing the finish line and then also talked about coming back to help others. Can you please verify that?

OWS (one who serves)”: Yes. As you are coming to the finish line you will feel somewhat completed, that the journey has come to an end. But lo and behold you are going to have memories return and you will be reminded what this is all about and how it is to be of service. So, when that kicks in you will find yourself turning back around to help those who are straggling a little bit…

Now that does not mean that on September 28th all of this is going to change. We hope you understand this. It may take a little longer than that but it is the crescendo, as Sananda has said. It is the coming of this Wave. It is the energy that is going to move through you. It will create a shift, a shift in consciousness across the entire planet. A shift of love that is coming and all will feel this shift of love in one point or another or in one degree or another. You are all going to experience this. Does this answer your question? (This description alludes to our concept of sudden ascension of Gaia and humanity as “PAT Supernova” We introduced this concept some three years ago. Note, George)

Question: Will we have all the information we need before we ascend or after? Will we have light chambers to help us heal our bodies?

Yes. We are turning this over to “Ashira.”

“Ashira”: Greetings today. We are glad you have joined us. Everything that you will need to know will be yours in the Shift of Consciousness. Your mentors will arrive to share with you what you need to know. You will have them there as you begin to make decisions about what you want to have in your life during your R&R. You will have the opportunity to become the people you have always wanted to be in health, in service and to be able to assist people in ways you cannot really fathom now but that will become evident to you as you continue to move through this “Shift”. Does that make sense to you, Lori?…

And all things that have kept you enslaved on this planet, say the money aspect, this is being changed as well. As you move away from the programming that money is needed to survive, you will see that the energy of money is in gifting. As this “Shift” moves you along, you will see how money is changed with the advent of the new dimension. The “New Earth” that you are building. Does that answer your questions?

Question: To disconnect from the grips of the past, I am now disconnecting? What do we do when we are covered over with fallibility?

This is art of the 3D experience you are still in. Be kind to yourself. Be loving to yourself. The old 3D experiences sometimes overwhelm a person. And you in your good self-will say, “That is a bad thought. That is a bad action.” That is judgment and we invite you to no longer have judgments about these types of things.

As you move forward on the path your energy levels will attract much less of these type of experiences. You will have less and less of these thoughts or actions in your own being. So catching yourself is a good way to move forward. Catch yourself, forgive yourself, and utilize any of the affirmations you stated earlier.

This is how you continue to move. You allow yourself to be a 3D human in your experience and you strive moment to moment every day to continue to raise your frequency. Be clear on what is true and what is not true for the divinity of your being. Does that answer your question?…

Question: Are we leaving the body or are we anchoring to the Divine in our bodies?

“OWS”: Yes. We can answer this question. You are going to take the body with you. In the past, when those of us who went through it, those of us considered “Ascended Masters” although we do not like that term, we are not much more “Masters” than you are. We have mastered our body. We have mastered the control of our emotions and this type of thing that you are all moving toward.

But you, yourselves, have already been there before. You have all been Master’s before…

So, it is not that you are going to leave the body in the old way when you go through the death process and you ascend in the old way. That is not going to happen. What would happen on the planet if they all knew that they were going to ascend but they had to die to do it? Who would like that? That would not be a very fun thing, would it?

So, it was decided in many different council meetings and much discussion, that this is the process we would go through. This is why we are assisting you in helping to allow the process to happen. You are not going to leave the Earth. You are not going to go up on some planet somewhere. You are not going off to “Never Never Land” or anything of this nature.

You are going to ascend with your physical body but it is not the physical body as you know it now. It will be changed. There is a transition that is happening with the body. Even as we speak now it is happening. Some more than others but you are moving from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline-based structure. All of this is happening and cannot be stopped. (This is a reference of the LBP which this group has not mastered yet as they are second wave ascension candidates and have just entered the light body process but without having a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of it. We are discussing the transfiguration of the carbon-based body to crystalline light body since the opening of this website with these very same words. Note, George.)

So, it is an entire shift of consciousness on the planet. After you have crossed the finish line, as “Sananda” said, you will be in a higher vibrational state. In that state there are no diseases, no ills, no dying. None of these things can happen there. So, be of good cheer people. It is coming and you are going to have a grand time! (This explanation refers to life in the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy where the overall vibrations will be much higher and most of the current diseases will simply no longer exist. Note, George)

Question: I witnessed a flash this morning. Another person experienced energy around her midsection and then heard,”Re-Set”. Can you tell us some more about this experience?

“Ashira”:Yes. I will start here. As many people are experiencing the dropping of the veil more people are experiencing the energy impacts upon the planet and are visual to those who are attuned. You are attuned, awakened and open to experiencing the opening of the veil. Look at your environment and see with eyes that are not your 3D vision. See what the view holds. (It is remarkable that this group of second wave ascension candidates are discussing the same issues as we have done with respect to their awakening in the last few days. Note, George)

And the word that your friend heard is what is coming on now with each person’s body. In the chakra structure there is reformation, there is healing, there is re-set, an expansion going on and this is what you were experiencing this morning. Does that make sense?…

Question: Do you believe that NESARA will come in before the “Wave”?

“OWS”: What we can say here is that NESARA will be a GESARA, a global treatment for the financial markets. As this shift comes through there will be a change in consciousness. This shift will move many who were not in tune with this. They will now say, it is time. This is not only for GESARA, it is for galactic disclosure too. All of this is coming to an end. Disclosure and all of the truths.

(This statement confirms my idea of abolishing money after an interim solution by introducing a neutral numerical, digital system of payments in the transition period to the new 4D worlds, before money can be eliminated for ever after its nature as a mirror-image of energy has been fully understood by the masses in the course of introducing the new theory of the Universal Law. Here we have another remarkable unanimity of this source with my initial ascension scenario since the 90s as an Elohim and Creator God. This is the most convincing proof that we are the creators of this ascension scenario from the very beginning and these excarnated sources can only refer to what we have already decided and have laid the foundation for. Note, George)

Was it not said a long time ago, the truth shall set you free? This is that moment in time that you have been preparing for. For all the truth to come out. The truth to be revealed. Even the truth about Atlantis and Lemuria, all will come back to the knowing of mankind. This is all going to be a part of this. (This statement alludes to New Lemuria which we created on June 4th and towards which this uppermost mother planet is heading to. Atlantis will not be part of the new template of Gaia 5 but its history of destruction will become a common knowledge to the people as to avert this outcome in the future. Note, George)

Yes, this is all part of that entire process. When you have moved along the process you will find yourselves in various situations. You will find yourselves in bringing healing to your physical bodies, healing to your mental bodies, all of these things are going to be. Some of you will find yourselves in crystal chambers. Some will find themselves on ships. You will have mentors at various levels. All of this will be assisting you to go through this process.

You will not be alone. Just as we said that you were not going to fly off, think about how you teach a child to walk, you help them on their way. You will learn how to fly from someone who knows how to do it. OK?…

Question: A couple of months before 9-11 I went up into a higher consciousness. Is that what we will experience for the “Shift”?

“OWS”: Everybody will experience the change differently. It is not like there is going to be a unitary experience across the planet. You will experience it at whatever level you are at in the moment. And in those moments, it is a “Wave” that continues to come on and on and on. Think of a Tsunami, it comes on shore and then continues to flow until it covers everything in its path.

That is what the “Wave” shall do. It is a consciousness energy that is going to sweep across the planet. It will affect many different people in many different ways. Depending on how you are in your heart at the moment will determine how you will be affected by this. It will exacerbate anything you have been feeling. If it is fear, it will exacerbate the fear. All of the sources have been saying to not let fear overcome you. Control your thoughts as much as possible. To let go of all the various attachments that are holding you back. This is what you need to do to prepare for all of this.

As this comes, keep yourself in a peaceful, calm state as much as possible. This will assist greatly.

Question: People I have been close to seem to be going away. Is that part of what is happening?

Ashira”: This has been happening to many people in their lives. It may be in the need to change homes. It may be in the need to change job. It may be in the need to change the people that surround them. And what is interesting is that you have working on yourself and raising your vibration and you have dropped people on your pathway without really even remembering them being there. This has been a way that you have been moved along your pathway. Those things that no longer serve you, are removed from you. They are dropped from you.

Think of this in a global way. Think of the Lightworkers who have been called together and as they have come together, other parts of their lives are dropped away. This is a good sign. You are doing the work you came to do. Do not worry. You are accumulating other friends, other support systems as you move forward. Does that make sense dear one?…

Question: What can we say about the 28th of September to our children?

“OWS”: You will find what it is you are looking for. Those on the call are looking for some good times, freedom and things of this nature, from the old programming. You can look at the September 28th like your September 21, 2012, when you were getting ready to fly off into heaven and all of that. Thinking that you would go to bed that night and wake up in the New World. Don’t think the 28th is it. It is not necessarily going to be it but it is going to be something! (Again, this comment addresses this group of second wave ascension candidates who will not ascend on that date. Note, George).

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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