On the Current Disgusting Human Condition and How to Transcend it Through Music

by Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, September 16, 2015


Dear George,

I see we are being held hostage by a Fed meeting on Thursday or some nuke missiles.  It’s pretty obvious I may never get to see the death of paper gold as the best reason to launch nuke missiles in 3-D land is because you have no gold.  I hope people realize how incredibly insane and ridiculous this moment is in relation to what is true.  The Fed only wants to raise interest rates to be able to succeed in making people believe it’s not their fault.  Dark energy always want to make you sick and then have you come to it for help.  Until something gives, here’s what I can add.

I saw this article and thought it would be a nice addition to help continually expand awareness in relation to all of the current discussions as well as the incredible introduction provided so generously by you and Paul Armitage of the PAT symphony.  Most of my articles and work are done after driving around town listening to music to assist the purest channel of self and energy possible.  The problem I ran into was I realized most musicians had no idea how to infuse “what is” into their music and were always trying to replicate the past to generate success.  I’m currently writing this after a half an hour with John McLaughlin and Shakti.  Very few musicians can create a trance state for me like Zakir Hussain on tablas.

This article and the dates discussed are an amazing rider to my article on The Death Of Paper Gold and are a big part of my research that I didn’t include into that piece.  I cannot verify a lot of this as it isn’t my specialty, but I know the general concept is absolutely true and I have made more than enough references to this in my work on the insidious energetic operation behind the financial system.  This will put some energy into some new places:


Paul Armitage’s work is incredible and I truly enjoyed fully listening a few times already.  The message I received from it after riding the waves was “completion” and “beginning of the beginning.”

I have shared my financial and real estate adventures a bit, but I have also played over 500 shows for different bands on drums.  One of my brothers has had his work published in Rolling Stone and my other brother has played in a band at one time with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce of Cream fame amongst hundreds of others. Ginger Baker told my brother he sounded like Hendrix in ’68, which if you know how awry Ginger is, that’s quite a compliment.  I don’t think people realize how important music is as one of the first lines of defense against the encroachment of dark energy.

The rock stars of today are people that can see it all.  The world just doesn’t know it yet. Musicians should currently be adding all of the discussions and concepts on your site to their body of work to infuse their music.  The quote of the year was your comment the other day to the person writing in.  “You probably should read my books.”  That’s the understatement of the century.

Please.  For the Love of God and all the little left that may be sacred.  Read the books first.  Whoever finds this site in the second awakening.  Read the books.  Read the books.  Read the books.

There is one modern album I am aware of that combines almost all phases of what is taking place almost perfectly.  A lot of people are aware of Maynard James Keenan and his work with Tool (which is by far one of the best bands to use to channel Source and connect to Gaia as that is their intent for you), but his work on the album “What Is” by Puscifer is one of the most amazing pieces of work available.  He has made a lot of fans angry by producing this band because he has abandoned his past vehicles of expression, but this project is what is demanded to be written for the state of the planet.  He is an energetic master.  He added a female voice to complement his as that is what is demanded to balance.  He uses acoustic and electronic percussion and keyboards as that is what is demanded to balance new with the old wisdom.  All of the lyrics are infused with every subject that can possibly discussed even down to the monetary system.  Most people don’t realize his publicly successful song with the band Tool called “46 and 2” was about DNA and is infused with geometrical, mathematical, and scientific concepts throughout.  All of their music is, but now his intent is to help balance you and it’s incredible when you understand it.  He is one of the ultimate fiduciaries alive.  If you aren’t a big fan of New Age style, pineal toning, and crystal bowls and just like some drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards, his work is as good as it gets.

One thing I would also like to add that people may not know is about one of the greatest works of music of the last 100 years, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”  On it you have eight of the most magical songs ever written together and then they included the odd-time signature song called “Money” right in the middle.  For some reason it just doesn’t belong.  And then you really get it.  Roger Waters was trying to tell you that “Money” doesn’t belong without getting shot.  No wonder it sold a few gazillion copies.  Oh where have the Jedi gone?  People should now truly be finding out why Pink Floyd wrote Welcome to the Machine.

With Love and Light,

Brad Barber

PS: Dear George,

I forgot to add into my message that Maynard James Keenan served in the U.S. military in the late 70’s.  He only saw later, after the invasion of Kuwait, that he was already being trained for desert warfare in 1979.  That’s just a couple of years early and is what pushed his awakening at a much earlier point than so many.  Just makes his music better and better.  I highly recommend everyone, especially PAT, listen to the last song off of the “What Is” album called Tumbleweed.  It’s a candle lit for them by a light warrior of the highest degree.


Dear Brad,

you overwhelmed me I must admit. I have not heard of any of these musicians and I must first fill in the gap in my knowledge and listen to their music before I can comment.

I am sorry for my ignorance. But an excellent chance to learn something new.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

Definitely not trying to overwhelm anyone.  Since I don’t know if you will publish what I write I sometimes am writing to you, and the PAT, and the world and most of the musicians I mention are widely known in Western Culture.

The synchronicity that just took place to confirm what I wrote to you yesterday was absolutely magical.  The tune I said everyone should at least listen to was “Tumbleweed” by Puscifer from their live show called What Is.  I looked down while driving in my truck and put the song on this morning just to listen again myself.  When I looked up, I was stopped at a light and the car in front of me had the license plate PAT8898 or in numerology terms, PAT 33. PAT and the master number itself. Some have different meanings but I’ve always related it to Christed Consciousness.  I wish I could even make this story up.

I usually don’t post musician’s work in links, but I’m sure Maynard wouldn’t mind with how much credit I’m giving him as one of the greatest fiduciaries alive.  He keeps his work in the light as he is willing to change at all times. Here are a few of the mellow songs from What Is, but Tumbleweed is definitely sung to the PAT.

“Home.  You’re so far away.  Know you’re not alone” – Tumbleweed


“Time and gravity followed you here” – Oceans


“Changes come.  Keep your dignity.  Take the high road.” – Momma Sed

“It’s just a broken heart.  This pain will pass away.”


And here’s one other tune from Thirteenth Step by Perfect Circle of which Maynard is the singer.

“Catch me.  Heal me.  Lift me back up to the sun.”


His work with Tool is beyond incredible but definitely is in the heavy rock and roll category.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

in the meantime I listened to the following albums with the musicians you recommended me:

Puscifer, with Maynard James Keenan


Tool, Lateralis


Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon


I knew the last album but had forgotten it more or less. This kind of rock, some call it now “psychedelic rock” but I prefer to speak of “transcendental rock”, was very popular when I was still listening regularly to all kind of pop music and I liked it very much at that time.

There is no doubt that the musicians you have discussed and recommended are genuinely trying to overcome this limited reality and establish new musical pathways to spiritual transcendence. You must know it better than anybody else as obviously your family is genetically predisposed to it as professional musicians. You told me that you have studied music and played in a band when you were young, but I had no idea that you have made so many concerts.

The “Cream” rock group is a legend as its members are and I remember it very well. Here their latest reunion concert live:


If your brothers have played with Cream and other similar bands, they are top musicians by all standards. Is any music from them published on the Internet?

Pink Floyd are still a milestone in modern 20th century music and the few to have overcome the “Wall” in human minds mired by current Orion education and have looked beyond it.

I am just listening “A Perfect Circle – The Thirteenth Step” and it as good as the best hard transcendental rock of the 20th century that has been composed so far. Insofar I share your opinion on Maynard James Keenan who is indeed incredible. I did not know him before you wrote to me.

All in all, you have pushed me into another musical adventure and at the end I have learnt a lot, for which I thank you very much.

With love and light


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