Energy Report of the PAT – September 4, 2015

Monster ID shift on September 3-4, 2015

Georgi Stankov

Before I proceed with our discussion of the latest monster wave of ascension and global cleansing in the last two days, let me assure you that this wave is continuing today unabated and has even increased its intensity significantly. Since yesterday we have terrible MPRs on lower timelines triggered by nuclear explosions of the dark ruling cabal. These timelines are now severed rapidly from the uppermost mother planet and we are making huge ID shifts and leaps to higher frequency levels. After many days of rain on the West coast we have finally and suddenly sunny weather again today and the feeling that we have moved to a much higher timeline.

Notwithstanding this fact, today there is another massive descent of source energies associated with a severe headache and all the other heavy symptoms associated with such cc-waves. With the sequestration of all catastrophic timelines, we are now ascending very quickly according to the rocket thrust propulsion principle as already described by myself in the past. We have now entered a new round of heightened energy intensities of transformation and ascension and unfortunately this will be associated with more pain and sufferings for all of us as the light warriors of the first and the last hour. The good news is that we are fully in the ascension schedule and we should expect very soon massive collapses of the Orion matrix if this intensity remains as high as in the last 48 hours. My guess is that this energetic preparation is associated with the auspicious 9/11 of this year, where another ascension portal will be opened and some crucial events will happen on the ground.

Let us not forget that we now live in a very hot clandestine WW3 between the Empire of Evil (USA and NATO) on the one hand and the rest of the world that defies their hegemonic policy (Russia and China in the first place) on the other, when everyday significant attempts are made by the dark cabal in the West to trigger a nuclear war. Some nuclear explosions already took place on this uppermost mother planet as in China recently. There is much more that is happening now unreported, but as you all are capable of attuning telepathically to the collective mood, you can easily discern the great tension that is now reigning on this uppermost mother planet on the verge of annihilation. This is the most reliable sign that we are really in the middle of the final culmination of confrontation between the forces of light and darkness and when the necessary threshold is reached – and this can happen any moment from now on – then the MPR is due and we shall ascend before that.

That is why it is so important to report and discuss in-depth our personal experiences with these powerful soul energies that now flow through our personal fields and fuel the ascension process. There is no other more reliable indicator for what is happening on this planet than to register these energies in your fields and listen to your HS who will tell you what is coming next.


The source vibrations are fully penetrating and dissolving the physical body, the skin is burning as if in flames, the diuresis is maximal with a full micturition every 10 minutes, which points to a maximally enhanced metabolism, and the uplifting power of the descending source energies through the left brain portal is such that one can expect the final transfiguration any moment. It feels like igniting a rocket within the body. There are no words to describe this feeling..”

Dear George,

I have/had exactly the same experience. I could not give it words. I feel like it is a partly Ascension lifting, preparing for the rest to come later this month. I still float and feel like on my chest/heart the veils are being lifted. Like my physicality is lifting.

Love and light,  Rob

Dear Rob,

thank you for this confirmation of the intensity of the yesterday’s massive ID shift. Today there is another massive descent of source energies with a severe headache for me the whole day. Carla had a sudden dizzy spell this morning which always happens when there is a nuclear explosion on a lower timeline and a subsequent MPR. We had the confirmation that this is what is happening now on many lower timelines that are rapidly separating from this uppermost mother planet and according to the rocket propulsion principle with each lower timeline severed from it we are making an ascension leap to higher frequency levels. Today we have already moved to a much higher timeline and the weather here has dramatically improved after many days of rain.

I personally have the feeling that we have now entered a new round of even higher levels of energetic intensities in terms of transmutation and ascension leaps. Unfortunately, this does not herald anything good for us as we will continue being hit by these ascension waves and will have to suffer a lot to the very last minute which is very close now.

With love and light

Dear Mr Stankov,

Last night my daughter started crying hysterically without no apparent reason. It lasted about an our. After reading your report I know why. For me it was quite calm night, put I can definitely feel that something is going on. I`ve been cleaning a lot of human dross lately. Sensing that OCT-NOW is going to be my “time” to leave this reality…

Love and Light from Finland
MIkko Nippunen

Dear Mikko,

Carla also felt a lot of grief and sadness yesterday and had to weep for no apparent reason. This sentiment is what also your daughter has picked up. In such cases we have a massive MPR on lower timelines, most of the time after the beginning of a nuclear war by the dark ruling cabal and the death toll is beyond human imagination.

We got confirmation for a near-by MPR yesterday from our HS but this is not new to us. However, this event will have direct repercussions on this uppermost mother planet very soon, on which our consciousness is predominantly present, while we constantly change the timelines.

With love and light

Hello Georgi,

Nic from Montreal here.

I saw your latest post on the current wave, I was just about to email you regarding what I was feeling lately, and ask you if others had reported similar feelings…

Today it got stronger, but lately I’ve been feeling intensely the omnipresence of the ”zombieness” and the tentacles of the dark ones, like seeing it through a magnifying glass. I also felt the gap of the ”separation” becoming much clearer, similar to adjusting the focus of a image, to a degree of clarity never experienced before. It feels similar to what I reported to you a few weeks ago about my intuitions on the imminence of the truth on the 9/11 stuff being revealed to the masses some time soon.

My current intuition is strong too, especially today. I feel the gap of the separation widening, like a canyon, and I can almost see it in my 3rd eye, which is rather unusual for me to ”see” things, I usually ”feel” things intuitively rather than ”seeing” them…

This might be indicative of the intensity of the current wave you were just reporting.

May the final collapse come…

By the way, Brad’s articles are brilliant. The latest one on his real estate ”experience” has resonated a lot. In fact, the intense feeling of ”zombieness” and of the tentacles of the dark ones I just mentioned, well I felt it strongly too while reading his article. I can sooooooooo relate to that feeling of not fitting-in with the zombies and the dark ones, it’s not even funny…

Another thing, regarding this recent article about the body’s need to consume sugar:

In the past months my body has been craving water like crazy and I’ve been drinking 3 litres of bottled water a day, could it be related?

Thanks for keeping the fort Georgi!


Dear Nic,

thank you for your verification of the nasty energies waves as of late and in particular today.

I will forward your email to Brad, so that he gets motivated and continues writing on financial issues.

The separation of the worlds and timelines is very palpable now and we can see and feel it at the same time and the acute awareness of collective zombieness as you call it is omnipresent and very unpleasant. Especially today.

I wrote much earlier that our organisms need a lot of water in the LBP and I even recommended to drink at least 5 litres a day. This is what I do – I am constantly drinking water on top of tea. Especially in the night the waves make the mouth very dry, almost impossible to breathe and this affects the sleep as well. One cannot drink enough these days and this is very important in order to cope with the intensity of these energies as in this way also the conductivity of the body is improved.

With love and light

Hey Georgi,

Thanks for your confirmation about the big daily water consumption, that’s what I thought. In your reply, your phrase:

”The separation of the worlds and timelines is very palpable now and we can see and feel it at the same time and the acute awareness of collective zombieness as you call it is omnipresent and very unpleasant. Especially today.”

…describes very well what I’ve been feeling. Dead on.

I hope Brad will feel motivated and inspired to write. His financial articles about the dollar, the (missing) gold and the paper-gold nonsense, (and your financial articles too Georgi) have left me with a deep and intense feeling of clarity about the whole mess. I even got a strong feeling that this deep clarity fuels the collapse big time. I already knew this but, to experience the clarity to this deep level, accompanied by this feeling of certainty also at a deep level, makes the ”collapse scenario” so much more real than ever, it makes me feel more alive!

I’ve been searching and reading about Canada’s gold reserves lately and to my surprise Canada has (theoretically) currently only 3 tons of gold in their vaults. That’s pocket change if you compare to most big nations on this chart:

I thought that this might be proportional to the size of the population and/or GDP per capita of a given country but, oddly:

Australia,  with a population of 22 millions, and a GDP per capita of 67,463 USD, has 80 tons of gold,
Netherlands, with a population of 17 millions, and a GDP per capita of 50,793 USD, has 612 tons of gold, compared to,
Canada,  with a population of 35 millions, and a GDP per capita of 51,964 USD  has 3 tons of gold…


Anyhow, this whole Ponzi scheme story of toilet paper fiat ”air” money, QE to infinity, inaccessible vaults, (missing) gold, paper-gold, and rigged stock market, would make a great libretto for a contemporary opera!

I’ll put this one on my composition projects list in case I have any linear time left before the final shift, composing music is still the ONLY thing, (besides reading your website Georgi and spending peaceful time in nature) that brings me any deep satisfaction.

Anything else, which is most inevitably linked to zombies and/or dark ones, well, not just annoys me, but repulses me…

I’ve been doing my affirmations loud and clear lately while driving my car, even screaming them at some point in the hopes that it will accelerate the financial collapse and the rest of the avalanche…

Scream on!!!


Dear Nic,

clarity of mind is the most powerful and only weapon we as Logos Gods have now at our disposal to fuel the end time scenario and finally ascend. Essentially this is the only objective of this website.

Canada not only does not have any gold, it has no real money but only a huge debt and the gullible Canadians do not even bother to think about this as they believe to live in the best of all worlds, while they are being ripped off as in no other country. The average intellectual level in this country can only be measured with negative Zombie-IQ points. I am sorry about this negative assessment but this is the sad truth about this otherwise beautiful country which the Canadians stole from the natives and do not actually deserve.

With love and light

9/3 Peak

Glad to know you and Carla are still here.  The 9/3 was….well you summarised it so nothing left to add.

Could not believe the intensity, truly.  Collapsed into utter exhaustion and awoke to an odd sense of resolve.  Every fibre of my being arranged to participate in the next phase, whatever it may be.


I experienced it so heavily today Sept 4,  it was triggered on Sept 2. so much emotional luggage i was in a very intense state, angry,
explosive.  i do not want to discuss the details.  i have cleared a large bit of it.  very emotional but after great love emerged.

Thank you George, know I understand why

blessings, Cindy

Dear Cindy,

thank you for your confirmation of the very intensive emotional cleansing in the last two -three days.

With love and light

Maybe this has something to do with your recent post?

Teemu Lerto

Dear Teemu,

There is no such thing as a X-wave – I have discussed it in the past. There are source waves that flow though our fields and propel the ascension of Gaia and humanity since many years. Their intensity peaks now and of course they cause all kinds of other energetic effects, some of which can be seen increasingly by other people.

With love and light

You are not that stupid that you didn’t get that the point was in the picture where apparently source waves from galactic center flood to this mother earth. I did not ask your opinion if something like Wave-X does or does not exist.


No, I am not stupid at all but a little bored with some of my readers who do not get it that the waves that prepare this ascension are beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and cannot be observed by a human eye or instruments. This is a leitmotif since I have opened this website and I advise you in the future to behave more politely if you do not want me to cut the dialogue with you. I have truly better things to do.


Dear George.

On fire today?

If yours is the same as my experience on 08-08 which I wrote to you earlier about, I congratulate you! To my best knowledge you were absolutely right about the 5D left brain portal opening and I see everywhere around the Globe highly evolved individuals now making finally that definitive reconnection with their Higher Selfs. Lights are going on around the world.

What this really means is that the first wave is leaving 3D-awareness going into their Souls’ 5th Dimensional fully co-creation of reality. I managed to keep that connection ‘online’  since then [and that’s my full intend & purpose every second] and it’s truly awesome  & pure Joy. Life is floating through me and information ‘downloads’ are coming in at high speed.It’s an interaction with the universe for the last weeks in a state of awareness which is completely new to me. I feel like a child exploring my new Universe.

And you? – You are the owner of your own Universe, claim responsibly what is yours & act on it… In your Universe you’re never alone as you will find out it’s full of life. As more people reconnect, 5D is slowly but surely coming down on this Planet and nothing can stop it.
Some of the current chaos is designed to distort this process…

Hopefully this is helpful for anyone.


Dear Boddhi,

indeed, very much on fire today as you can read from the energy report of the PAT which I will publish today. I full concur with your assessment of the current energies with one remark: The chaos which we now observe is not hampering the ascension process but is an integral part of it as the matrix must collapse first and this creates a lot of havoc on the ground. But the bigger the chaos, the sooner our ascension. It is just a question of a fine-tuning of our perception to the final events in the current chaotic node of ascension. We had many such nodes in the past, but this one surpasses all previous.

With love and light

Thank you Georgi for the post today.

It completely verifies how i felt most of the day and hearing(reading) that from you reminds me -once again- that i am not alone. That really was the most disgusting feeling I’ve ever experienced.

Thank you again.

Lieber Georgi,

ich hatte gestern auch die schrecklichste Welle in den unteren Gelenken, die ich je erlebt habe. Eine Welle jagte die andere bis ich total erschöpft eingedöst bin und dann klitschnass aufwachte. Jeder einzelne Knochen tat mir weh und es trieb mir die Tränen in diei Augen. Dann lief mein ganzes Leben in Eiltempo an mir vorbei und alles was ich schon lange verdrängt hatte kam nochmal hoch. Das war eine massive Reinigung die mich heute immer noch lahmlegt, aber nicht mehr so schlimm wie gestern Abend. Ich bin so gespannt, was da noch kommt, ich hoffe mal nur Gutes.

Reni, Deutschland

Liebe Reni,

ich danke  dir für diese Bestätigung der Monsterwelle von gestern, die auch heute noch mit voller Wucht über die Bühne rollt. Es ist der Beginn einer neuen Runde an Höchstintensitäten, die hoffentlich uns bald so hoch katapultieren werden, dass wir sehr bald auch wirklich diese Realität verlassen können.

Liebe Grüße

Ja, lieber Georg,

heute kann Piotr nicht geradeaus gehen. Schwindel Gefühle mehrmals am Tag. Warum schreibe ich das? Weil du über die schlimmsten Energien schreibst und bis dato drehte sich meine Welt aber nicht die Welt meines Mannes.

Es geht Piotr wirklich nicht gut und ich bin diesmal absolut unberührt. Ich habe schon festgestellt vor Monaten das niemals alle auf ein mal alles gleich erleben sondern immer ein Teil erlebt und die anderen können ausruhen und dann wieder umgekehrt. Ist ja auch richtig so.

Bin sehr gespannt auf die Erlebnisse von anderen.

In Liebe

Liebe Sherina,

es ist eine sehr treffliche Beobachtung. Wir arbeiten in Schichten, damit wir als Familie überleben, aber andererseits sind unsere Seelen unbarmherzig mit uns. Ich wünsche Piotr eine rasche Besserung, obwohl heute ist ein genauso schlimmer Tag wie gestern.

Liebe Grüße

Neues vom CERN

Hallo, Herr Dr. Stankov –

Bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht. Momentan ist auch das Magnetfeld wieder auf “rot” – der button. Ich merkte bereits gestern, daß wieder was im Anmarsch ist – Schwindel und Übelkeit …

Liebe Grüße auch an Carla,

CERN is shutdown

Liebe Petra,

ich habe mir nie Sorgen um CERN gemacht, da ich wusste, dass es von den Kräften des Lichtes abgeschaltet wird, wenn die Zeit dafür reif ist.

Liebe Grüße

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