Collapsing Linear Time Through Delivering the 9/11 Codes of Ascension

Georgi Stankov, September 24, 2015

This night, exactly at the beginning of the fall equinox (Sept 23), we delivered to humanity the 9/11 codes, which the PAT received from the Source and incorporated within its Unity Christed Consciousness when we connected one more time in a most powerful manner through the divine symphony of the PAT on that auspicious date – September 11, 2015. As we all are now pure conduits of source light on this uppermost mother planet, all the ascension codes are flowing through our bodies, fields and chakra systems before they can be delivered to Gaia and the rest of humanity that is scheduled to ascend to the new 4D worlds. After all, we are the Logos Gods of this planet and this is our mission here on the ground.

This night humanity was ready to receive the “9/11 codes”. At the same time my HS told me that these light codes are in fact the anti-codes to the 9/11 codes of fear and further separation, which the dark cabal inserted in the human DNA with their capital crime on humanity on that date. Since then humanity has changed for the worse in a very palpable and depressing manner and for everybody who has carefully watched the collective behaviour before and after that dark date, the deterioration in human thinking, doing and morality is significant and very appalling. This reflects the further devolution of the 3D matrix that will be severed very soon and will be incorporated into the lower 3D and 4D timelines, while Gaia will ascend. She is now on the verge of doing so. Actually Gaia has ascended when we created Gaia 5 in December 2013 and now she is only retrieving her uppermost mother planet after separating it through an ID shift from this 3D overlay.

While this process of separation is running in full force since May 2013 when we created the first seven lower 4D earths, what we now experience consciously on this uppermost mother planet, where we are already vibrating in 5D and higher dimensions while still in a physical 3D body, is the rapid collapse of linear time. This key component of any 3D holographic model is a total illusion with respect to the true nature of energy, but it is the dominating factor in any 3D existence and 3D perception of incarnated sentient beings, be they human or a different kind of species.

The dominance of linear time in shaping human life and reality has exponentially increased in the last two centuries with the emergence of capitalism when the vast portion of humans in the western world had to arrange their life around the clock and doing working shifts. Before that, in a vastly rural society, human life had been following more or less the natural rhythm of the seasons and the physiological needs of the people. The more rigid life became under the dictate of the clock, the bigger the separation of all humans from the Source and their higher selves became. This only reinforced the illusion of linear time.

Essentially most humans began to lower their frequencies and to descend into higher densities since the Industrial revolution. This downward spiral of the vast majority of incarnated human souls on the earth was compensated by a growing number of old and ripe souls who began with the opposite movement of ascension, first by expanding their world view in the Age of Enlightenment (essentially 18th and early 19th century). The sharpening of the human minds that were still very much crashed by the Dark Ages of total religious oppression took place in the fields of modern science, which was established with the beginning of capitalism and, reinforced through mass education, influenced significantly the minds of the following generations up to the present day. This, notwithstanding the fact that nowadays people are no longer able to understand the major tenets of science as this was the case at the beginning of this new form of Orion religion of human separation from the source when the basic scientific dogmas were not yet so rigidly established as is the case today.

As everything we observe in this world of polarity is based on dialectical opposites, science essentially triggered two diametrically opposite trends in human minds. The old souls and some ripe souls, who were able to expand their awareness through science, developed a very healthy skepticism towards the putative achievements of these new abstract disciplines of knowledge, such as modern mathematics, physics and bio-sciences, as the leading scientific discussions at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century reflect.  At the same time the vast majority of humans followed slavishly the newly established scientific dogmas of empiricism as the only source of true knowledge with regard to how nature operates and “puts the pieces together”.

The people of modern time began eagerly to discard the remnants of their transcendental views that they had inherited from traditional religions and which were still not fully spoiled and hijacked by the power-over-others-driven, reckless, dark pastors, who used religion as a powerful vehicle to promote total enslavement of humanity, as the current pope will try to achieve in one last futile effort this week when the fate of agenda 2030, which is the agenda of the NWO, will be discussed at the General Assembly of the UN in New York.

That is why in the 19th century education was considered a welcome tool of liberation from the religious enslavement of the masses but, as it always happens on this toxic planet, only the labels were exchanged and one insidious form of spiritual enslavement was substituted with another mental form of separation from the source and subjugation to the dark ruling cabal. This recent history of mankind should be well-known to all of you and therefore I will no delve into it in more detail here.

However, the dialectical nature of All-That-Is always creates myriad creationary results. While for the majority of humans the new age of capitalism and national states meant further separation from the source and a descent to higher densities as state slaves, where linear time became an omnipresent tormentor of human existence that prevented any spontaneous creation in the Now, which itself was reduced to a fleeting non-existent moment, a small but steadily growing fraction of humanity began to cherish for the first time the increasing prosperity of the Gründerzeit (Founder Time, Begin of the 20th century) that allowed an easier life away from daily drudgery for survival and a dedication to intellectual activities that automatically led to transcendental issues.

It is a matter of fact that the founders of the new esoteric movements at that time (e.g. Theosophic society, etc.) and many of their followers were wealthy people that could afford this kind of “lazy” intellectuality, at a time when the oppressed proletariat had to work 16 hours a day to barely survive. The term “Manchester capitalism” is paradigmatic for this period of utmost poverty and oppression of the masses as first introduced in the darkest country in this world, as Rob from GB correctly observed in his recent post.

Why is this discussion so important? Because the perception of linear time and its elimination is entirely the result of human education as supported by the evolution of the incarnated soul as long as she dwells in a physical human body. If today most of the agnostic humans consider linear time as the only true reality and subsequently reject our multidimensional view of the world that recognizes the notion of linear time as the greatest illusion of all time, this is to a large extent the result of their flawed education based on wrong scientific dogmas and ideas.

Although most humans nowadays are incapable of grasping any foundational idea, on which modern science is based, the damage of their minds through the education of such flawed disciplines is almost irreparable. Because people who are intimidated by science, by the simple fact that they do not grasp it but at the same time had to consider its central role in the current agnostic society, are more prone to perpetuate the concept of linear time than a native who has always lived in nature and for whom life unfolds in a magical manner in the Now moment.

However, the abolition of the notion of linear time cannot take place by returning back to the pristine life of natives as human society has advanced beyond this point, but by the further expansion of abstract human thinking, which was once the driving motor of scientific education in the Age of Enlightenment. Ultimately, humans must understand in a fundamental theoretical manner what linear time really is and how this illusion is created in the first place in the human mind, before they can eliminate this concept consciously once and for all. In my five books on Gnosis, I have dedicated a large portion of my discussions to this central issue of human cognition and have highlighted it from different angles.

Let me summarize the problem here one more time for the sake of clarity. The human mind can perceive energy only as space-time. This fact is the basis for the development of the theory of relativity, first in the theory of electromagnetism by a number of physicists, first and foremost by Lorentz, and only later presented in a more general form by Einstein, who unfortunately failed to grasp the primordial role of the human mind in creating the illusionary concept of space-time and searched instead in vain for a solution in the external physical world.

Finally in 1995, the essence, and riddle, of space-time was resolved in an unequivocal manner by myself in the course of the discovery of the Universal Law and the integration of physics and science under this Law of One.

The basis of any true understanding of space-time as the only possible perception of energy by the carbon-based human mind is that space-time has only two dimensions – space and time – as its name already suggests. All other physical dimensions in the SI system, which conventional physics currently employs, such as charge, mass, etc, can be derived from these two dimensions or constituents of space-time = energy and thus can be eliminated for ever from this science. This is already a huge revolution in human scientific perception.

And here comes the next revolutionary insight: Human mind is connected to the human brain and the latter operates as a very slow biological computer that consists of a very large number of neurological synapses. The key characteristics of these synapses is that they are very slow as there is always a retardation in the transfer of neurological signals in form of actions potentials at the junction of each two neurons that is defined as a “synapse”. This retardation of signals creates the illusion of linear time as in reality energy is simultaneous. This is how the illusion of linear time is created at the mind-brain level of human perception.

At the cosmological level, all information accessible to humans is based on the electromagnetic spectrum and the propagation of light with the finite speed of approx. 299 792 458 m/s. The combination of these two effects – the retardation of neuronal signals within the human mind-brain system and from without in the cosmological space by the finite speed of light – have created the most persistent and resistant illusion of all – the existence of linear time.

This illusion is in the core of this and any other 3D holographic model, which allows only the sequential perception of events along an irreversible time axis. If human perception would have been in the position to perceive simultaneously all events from various timelines and parallel worlds beyond the limitation of the finite velocity of the light, then this whole 3D holographic experiment of incarnation must be wrapped up and we shall have ascended.

This is what will happen when our final transfiguration from carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies will occur. In fact we are in the middle of this process and our awareness is exponentially leaving the linear time, which now collapses as we experience the transition of our focus of attention from this linear time to the simultaneity of many parallel events and realities. We, the PAT, can do this because we have already built our crystalline light body and brain and, although we still dwell in a carbon-based physical body and use our biological brain for the most part, we can now easily switch between the two brains /minds and perceptions.

In fact, we are constantly fluctuating between our linear perception of time and this reality and our multidimensional simultaneous perception of many higher dimensional worlds with the help of our crystalline light brain and mind. As these fluctuations are so rapid, in the range of nanoseconds, we cannot keep the memories of this expanded awareness in our slow-operating, carbon-based, neuronal brain where the major focus of our awareness is still located in order to perpetuate the current 3D holographic model.

Now, when we speak of “collapsing linear time” in the course of our ascension, we must bear in mind that this is accomplished by a gradual transition of our main awareness from the current limited biological brain to the already existing crystalline light body brain, which processes higher dimensional energy beyond the limited speed of light as pertinent to the electromagnetic spectrum.

It is as if we use two computers at the same time – a very slow Atari computer of our human brain as a terminal and a very powerful supercomputer in the background as a central unit. However, as we can only process data by the slow Atari computer of our bio-brain, all the massive data which the supercomputer generates cannot be processed and reproduced by the Atari PC of our brains and stays invisible in the background. However, the very moment we switch directly to the supercomputer, we have a totally new world and experience based on a new plethora of data that is now accessible to us. This is how our final ascension will happen from an energetic point of view. That is why I am speaking of “transfiguration” or “phase transition” as this is the more appropriate term to describe this energetic event.

Below, I will publish the latest message from Sue that also addresses the issue of collapsing linear time, however in the usual popular esoteric manner without explaining the cognitive aspects that are involved in the current illusionary human perception of linear time. The key knowledge that Sue, and probably many of you, have not fully grasped yet – and I am making this statement based on my personal discussions with Sue and many of you – is that the human mind can only measure linear time if it arrests the frequencies of all energetic events and consider them as solid, fixed bodies. This also holds true for space distances.

I have proved that conventional physics, in its present form, is essentially applied 2D and 3D space geometry, and in more advanced models a multidimensional geometry of the still static and empty space. Physics cannot assess energy as a dynamic space-time as it lacks the proper mathematics which should be based on transcendental numbers and such mathematics has yet to be developed.

For theoretical purpose, you should know once and for all that linear conventional time t is a synonym of space or distance s:

t = s

while frequency is absolute time – f, which is reciprocal to linear time t and space s:

f = 1/s, t

As both space and absolute time/frequency are reciprocal, canonically conjugated entities, they constantly change their magnitude in an interrelated manner, so that, strictly speaking, it is impossible to measure them. This fact has been reflected in the breaking of the wave function and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, which is in the core of all quantum indeterminism. The full extent of this knowledge has not been grasped by any scientist before, and even after, I discovered the dialectical nature of space-time as they are not capable of reaching this utmost form of abstract scientific thinking.

And this leads to my last point. While we are now constantly expanding our awareness by switching over to our crystalline minds in order to be able to collapse linear time at the moment of our final transfiguration, all humans who will not ascend but will only move to the new 4D worlds can only expand their awareness and overcome linear time by grasping the nature of this illusory dimension through the new theory of the Universal Law. As long they have not built their own crystalline bodies and brains, they must make the best use of their biological brains and expand them slowly beyond their current limited perception by adopting the new scientific concepts of space-time in the light of the Universal Law.

This is the preeminent role of the new theory of the Universal law that is opposite to past conventional science. While the latter teaches all humans to arrest frequency (absolute time) automatically in the human brain as to measure correctly space in an illusory, immovable world, the former introduces for the first time the dynamic perception of space-time both in scientific observations and in daily life.

When this intellectual achievement is fully incorporated into the collective consciousness, then the next step to mass ascension can be made. This will happen gradually in the new 4D worlds, but the process of change has already commenced on this uppermost mother planet with the spearhead of humanity – the PAT. We are now collapsing linear time in our perceptions energetically by switching more and more to the crystalline mind of our HS, before the rest of ascending humanity can do it in a more theoretical, scientific manner in the new 4D worlds in the distant future.


Collapsing Time

The Arcturians, channelled by Suzanne Lie, September 23, 2015

As time continues to collapse, the concept of remembering is gradually replaced with the concept of KNOWING. At first, “knowing” feels similar to remembering, but you increasingly realize that remembering had doubt, whereas knowing IS. In other words, when you KNOW, you are free of all doubt.

Being free of doubt is difficult as there is nowhere to hide, and you are completely vulnerable and in the daily process of full disclosure of ALL that has blocked your ascension so far.

This freedom from doubt is amazingly liberating. Most of you have had no idea how much doubt interfered in your life, as you had never lived without it.Freedom from doubt allows you to progress deeper and deeper into the NOW of “knowing.”

Remembering is a time-based concept because you perceive your self in the present while you begin to remember the past. Therefore, remembering is a third/fourth dimensional construct.

We use the word “construct” because your third/fourth dimensional brain has constructed a “barrier” around unsafe memories from your past. That “past” could have been yesterday or myriad lives ago in your third-dimensional time.

However, as third/fourth dimensional time begins to collapse, it is replaced with the no-time of fifth-dimensional NOW. In other words, as the third/dimensional time slowly unravels within the synapses of your physical brain, you begin to search for what you believe you have lost.

It is within this searching that you begin to find your SELF. Now your Higher SELF will likely be galactic and/or celestial beings. Yes, you ALL have many versions of your multidimensional self.

The versions of your multidimensional self that you will first remember are the ones with whom you have been consciously or unconsciously communicating with for a “long time.” If you have been consciously communicating with your expanded SELF, you may or may not have recognized that they are higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Once you realize that YOU, the one wearing the earth vessel, is just one of the myriad versions of your true, multidimensional self, the release of time will greatly accelerate. You will gradually realize that you are going through the familiar process of growing up.

However, with this “growing up”, your body is not just maturing from an infant, to a baby, to toddler, to a child. In this NOW, you are growing literally UP – not in age but in dimension. In fact, once you move even into the mid-planes of the fourth dimension, you will realize how very child-like you were while limited to your third dimensional reality.

As your concepts of time are placed within the NOW, your concepts of space are replaced by HERE. Some of you have chosen a slow, gradual progression of your “return to SELF.” Others have chosen a very swift alteration of your perception of time, as well as your perception of your own self.

However, no matter how gradual you chose for your “return to SELF,” as Gaia’s return to Her fifth dimensional SELF accelerates, all Her humans will need to release their addiction to third dimensional time and space. Those who are not able to release the operating system of the third dimensional matrix, will remain on the third dimensional matrix.

This third dimensional matrix has become too constricting for Gaia’s expanding frequencies of Earth. Therefore, she will shed it, much like a hermit crab sheds a shell, which it has outgrown. However, Gaia will not leave her “shell on the ocean floor” like a hermit crab.

Instead, that matrix will be relocated to another, younger planet whose primary resonance will remain in the third dimension for many millennia. Those who are only aware of the matrix as their ONLY reality, will have third dimensional time to continue their process of returning to SELF (This includes all Internet trolls. note, George)

Those who remain with ascending Gaia may or may not be aware of those who have left their reality because their experience of reality will be shifting so quickly. Furthermore, the lifting up of those who are ready to return to SELF has been occurring for much of your “time.”

Hence, those who wish to return to their multidimensional self and those who are not ready to make that shift have already moved into very different lifestyles and versions of reality. Most of those who have chosen to return to their higher dimensional expression have already released people, places, and experiences that bind them to the matrix.

Most of you, the ascending ones, have been aware of this release. In fact, you have lived within an ever-accelerating process of “letting go” of that which binds you to the 3D Matrix. With the release of your former, third-dimensional limitations, you are discovering that “time” is increasingly collapsing into the NOW.

Within that NOW, you are beginning to remember your higher dimensional expressions of reality. Many of you are connecting with your higher dimensional self either via meditation and/or daily communication.

At first, your third dimensional brain doubted these communications, but NOW you are learning to live by them. You are increasingly seeking guidance from within your own higher dimensional self.

 This inner guidance is preparing you for the shift from the third dimensional operating of time and separation to the multidimensional operating system of NOW and Unity with all life. Fortunately, your “individual” shifts are uniting into a “wave of multidimensional energy fields and thought forms.”

As more and more of you participate in this collective experience, this “multidimensional wave” will be expanding enough to “grab the attention” of many who have been trapped in third dimensional illusion.

Therefore, we ask that you, the ones who are fully awakened and ready for active duty, assist the newly awakening ones in whatever manner you chose before you took this incarnation.

Yes, you, our volunteers to assist Gaia, wrote your own Mission Statements before you entered the earth vessel you are currently wearing. The first clue to remembering your own Mission Statement is that you will LOVE doing it.

In fact, you will likely feel impelled and driven to “do” what you have chosen to “do” before you took this form. We say “DO” because we need your help. We do not need your help because we cannot “do it ourselves.”

We need your help because Gaia is a “free will” planet. Therefore, the members of Her planet must create their own realty. We know that to many of you it does not appear that you have created your own reality. But that is because you were lost to the “power over others” virus that invaded Gaia’s operating system long, long ago.

Gaia chose a very difficult operating system of “free will.” Free will is beautiful when guided by power-within self and unconditional love. However, that free will is very difficult when tainted by power-over others and fear-based emotions of control.

It is for this reason, that so many galactic and celestial beings are actively assisting Gaia. We discovered that humanity was still too lost in illusion to believe our landings in your past decades.

Hence, many our emissaries of LIGHT have chosen to actually take a human body to work from within the 3D operating system. It was a very long and difficult assignment for many of us, but we are now beginning to see the results.

Whereas once the “sightings” of our crafts brought terror and threats of war, these “sightings” are now welcomed with joy and hope. Dear members of Gaia’s ascending Earth, we commend you on your magnificent RETURN TO SELF.

Therefore, we are continuing our “Transmissions to Earth.” However, we are now sending the messages to you, who will translate your Light Language to your 3D language. We are presenting them in this fashion to encourage ALL of you to remember how YOU receive our Light Language, and how YOU translate into your 3D language.

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