Breaking News: The Final Codes of Ascension Were Delivered This Night

Georgi Stankov, September 8, 2015

To all my readers in North America – I hope you have survived the holidays. For us, the incumbent Logos Gods in human gestalt, the holidays are just beginning. What happened? Yesterday we met with another member of the PAT here in Vancouver who has made the long journey with us since the opening of this website. Names are not important in this context. The meeting took place suddenly and unexpected. We discussed in-depth the coming ascension scenario and achieved a remarkable unanimity in our visions and ideas.

Such encounters are always very powerful as they unlock huge amounts of creative energies at the monad level and trigger alchemical reactions of global magnitude. When we returned home, we knew that we had achieved another breakthrough.

This whole night I had repeating abstract dreams of remarkable clarity. Essentially, I dreamt again and again in a very lucid state of the mind of multidimensional geometric images that also continued upon awakening, showing me that I have activated the final codes of the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity and initiated the major energetic processes that will carry the ascension process to its completion.

I could see with my third eye these processes as energetic structures, or rather as three-dimensional geometric solutions of mathematical equations, that extended from this night into the next 2-3 months when they abruptly merged into the final ID shift. There were several dozens of such processes that were running parallel in the linear time, but of higher-dimensional order, and there was a degree of uncertainty with respect to the point in time of their completion, respectively manifestation, on this uppermost mother planet. This knowledge was an integral part of my vision in the dream state. The most important indicator for the importance of this vision was the great feeling of satisfaction and alleviation that we have made it and that the end is very close. I woke up this morning in very high spirits.

I knew that the meeting with this PAT member rendered the trigger for this alchemical reaction, which was reinforced by the subsequent discussion with Carla regarding past forecasts, recent energetic events and some new spectacular developments in our private life that herald the final resolution of all our 3D affairs in preparation for our imminent ascension. I am very hopeful that we shall get some more information on these latest developments in the coming days. In the last two months we were overwhelmed with 3D chores which prevented Carla from attuning to the HR and getting messages from the Elohim. We have resolved most issues now and hope to have more time and peacefulness in the coming days to be able to receive important messages from the Source regarding the ascension scenario.

But as you all feel it in a very personal and direct manner, the ascension spiral is very steep these days and the transmutational and transformational power of the source energies that flow through our bodies and fields and imbue Gaia and humanity are more intensive and relentless than anything we have experienced so far. Hence, there is no need for me to present any additional proofs that we are ascending very quickly now.

Personally I am not so sure if this will happen in course of this month or first in October as there are so many parallel scenarios and timelines that intermingle and create unique experiences for all incarnated human beings on this uppermost mother planet, that one can make forecasts only with respect to his /her personal expectations and level of advancement in the LBP.

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