Non-Linear Channeling

Brian, the Dragon, August 1, 2015

All true information from the soul (HS) is non-linear, it is simultaneous. This is how I discovered the Universal Law and developed the new theory of it, which was then also channelled in a sequential, linear fashion, a kind of automatic writing with the full integration of my critical scientific consciousness. The same holds true for Carla when she channels the Elohim and rarely other sources.

Therefore this message below is a very important contribution to the true nature of any channeling and how its simultaneous information is then moulded into linear, sequential verbal language. What it does not discuss is the faculty of the channeller to master the language that he uses and to have a clear idea of a true logical, axiomatic thinking that is an indispensable prerequisite for clear messages. This last truth has not been understood by all other channellers and that is why you can very seldom find a clear channelled message. Brian, the Dragon makes a notable exception in this respect.



This is the Dragon,

Our partner thought he was going to go clean the house a little, but we had a trick up our sleeves. A curveball to throw at him. As soon as he cleared his mind we gave him something new.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: He doesn’t really realize it, however our partner doesn’t channel linearly.

He should realize that as he transcribes, he writes the end sometimes, then the middle, then the beginning, or the middle and then the beginning and then the end…

He’s just not very good at linear-izing things. That’s because he’s not very linear himself.

This is a “new” type of channeling that happens with certain individuals and it will become more common as people become less linear. There were a few in the past, however most channels came into the world ready to linear-ize things.

Our partner is frustrated by linearity but still has become very good at linearizing his day-to-day things. He just doesn’t have the will, the energy, or whatever you may call it to take that last step. What’s ironic about that, is it ends up being a more pure channel in that case.

It kind of goes hand-in-hand with the “continual channeling” that other entities have prepared you for, and we have touched on a bit.. When you are continually channeling in everyday life, it makes you more effective. It also just flies in the face of linearity at that point. Linearity doesn’t make sense at that stage. That is a stage of evolution.

Have you ever had conversations that you just jump around with the other person and someone listening would just scratch their heads, but both of you are completely on the same page? Some of you have in this life… All of you will.. That is non-linear too.

Welcome to human version 2.0.

Our partner wants to apologize for not explaining it very well. Fiddle-faddle. Another side-effect of this is that you will also start to seem to lose your identity… However, it is not losing your identity in so much as gaining another, and another, and another to become more of who you are.

It is not scary at all, it is wonderful…

You do it – a lot of you – together so that it is functional. Your souls are very wise..

But we digress, what were we originally talking about?

By the way, you all are so awesome. You have no idea. That’s because it hasn’t happened yet for you. If you could only see what we see. You’re going to blow this thing wide open, figuratively. The energy of it makes our partner cry.

With Love,
The Dragon

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