Leaving This Earth or Persevere to the Last and Create New Realities?

Brigitte (Divine Truth) and Georgi Stankov, August 23, 2015


translation from German by Dominique Lagae

Good morning dear George,

Your articles are highly actual and intelligent.

Yet, are we not still in the “fight”, caught in the desperate attempt to reach something with all sorts of “actions”? Perhaps in the course of release and dissolution of our attachments to this reality the full acceptance of the status quo is simply needed, assuming that nothing more can be done in this / for this system, to be able to say goodbye to it? As long as we pour pure energy into it and remain stuck to it, we can not go … do nothing more, feel, complete withdrawal from the system, shield in any case, otherwise they “get” us again and again and that’s their trick! which we need to clearly see through.

With much love, Brigitte


Dear Brigitte,

I think you’re subjected to a big mistake, and I now am in an inner conflict, whether I should explain it to you or exhort you again about why and what your thought was wrong. Because if I would explain it to you, you will not internalize it and make the same mental mistake again, but if you recognize it by your own virtue, a whole lot is gained.

So let me know which approach you prefer and we will go through this together.

Best regards

Good morning dear George,

Do you mean, if we are not active we offer no resistance and everything is hijacked by “them” and their agenda enforced…? Then there is no vision of the future, which can be manifested?

But we all hold the vision and it has been often nailhard recorded “above”. I confess that I currently seem to be somewhat in the dark and ask for your help, thank you!

Many Blessings,

Dear Brigitte,

First, it is true that you have to be mentally and emotionally separated from this matrix in all its forms, overcome them is better.Because as long as you are involved in it, you are subjected to the matrix.This is also an essential prerequisite to actively promote the LBP, as the more you raise the frequencies of your own body, the more you separate from the energetic reality of this matrix. So far so good.

But this is not a process without a purpose, at the end of which we simply take a leave from this earth, because we depart from this holographic 3D model every time we die. During this time, more is required of us.

The separation from this reality and to raise the body frequencies in the LBP has the pressing task to develop us into powerful creators that destroy the matrix from within by our rejection, (do not forget, thoughts are pure energy and the origin of all creation) and then replace it with new visions. Destruction alone does not exist, the creation is a dialectical process that consists of the two aspects of destruction and building new forms.

If we have made so many efforts to mold us, in the context of a very painful LBP, full of deprivations, and develop to great creator gods, then the dumbest thing you can do is to take your leave of this earth just at the moment when you are most needed and can create optimally.

The transformation of the world does not take place from the outside, from the discarnate beings, regardless of how they are called, but by the incarnated souls in this holographic model. We are working at the same time from the soul level, where we have created both the new Gaia 5 and New Lemuria, and the new Golden Galaxy. For we are in a position here to anchor all these energies through our fields and bodies and to foster the ascension from within. No one else can do it from the outside. That’s why we have to stay here, as the warriors of the first and the last hour to the very last moment.

But ascension means change, especially social and ideological change. This can not come from the masses, who haven’t got the faintest clue, but by us, the few masters. We are the ones who take a critical look at the present and develop new ideas, how these can be changed. And then, behold, the agnostic critical thinkers pick up on our thoughts, even if they can not ultimately develop these.

I have written much in recent times about this unanimity of opinions and that did not come by chance but is the result of our efforts, as pioneers, to shine a critical light on this world, and to emit energetic thought patterns which consequently can be picked up by other less evolved people and their Souls, because they already exist in the astral atmosphere of the Earth and represent a better energetic alternative.

Of course, a complete detachment and overcoming of this reality is the most important prerequisite, to accomplish better new creations of this world, because when you get caught up in the old matrix the creations are at best inferior. But to conduct this distantiation and overcoming of the matrix for the sole purpose of leaving this reality at any price, because the forces of light will do their work anyway, is equal to a betrayal of the ascension idea and mission to accomplish. Longing to ascend is good because it promotes the process powerfully, but to derive an escape, means a complete misconception of the core of our mission here in these last days. It prevents only our creation.

I can imagine, that if you embrace your mission here fully, you will also be able to shape your life much more creatively and improve your quality of life abruptly. But if you live only with the idea to reject this world in order to overcome it and to leave and not to reshape it, then you will have only negative experiences in daily life, because you’ve deprived yourself of the opportunity to change it creatively for the better because you refuse any interaction with this world. Then you can neither change it positively.

And the stupid thing is that you still have to stay here, because your soul needs you here, only,  your life is full of hardships then. Better yet, get actively involved in the life from the high vantage point of your soul, with the knowledge that this world is going to end and then creatively transform and reshape it. This is what I do every day exemplary with this site and I challenge my readers to do the same. Because, in this manner, the change is coming faster and we’re gone then. And you want that too, only I do it in a pro-active way and you as an escape response. And that’s wrong.

I hope I have explained to you the reasons now why we must actively engage in the action, but not in the sense of combatting the dark cabal directly, because we do not believe in this kind of duality struggles, but by creating clarity and developing and proposing new alternative lifestyles. This is the ideal commitment in these last days.

Best regards

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