Harper’s Many Skeletons in the Closet Are Haunting Him

Georgi Stankov, August 23, 2015


Since several days I was pregnant with the idea of publishing something on the insidious clone Harper and his reckless policy here in Canada. Only the insignificance of this government and country in world politics prevented me from doing so. But the evidence on Harper’s criminal regime is growing each day and this is a sure sign that Harper is about to lose the next elections this autumn and is hiding now, while shooting like a terrorist in the dark against his rivals. And he has every reason to hide.

First he is the most hated PM in Canada now and second, the most hapless one. The country is in a severe economic crisis since it has been hit by the slump in oil and commodities prices that have devalued the Canadian dollar more than 15% against the US dollar and even against the weak euro in the last several months.

When China devalued the Yuan less than 2 % this week, which it raised in the meantime, the whole world was in shock and the accusations against China of starting a currency war peaked. Even the stock market crash in the USA and EU last week was attributed to this small adjustment of the Chinese currency at a time when the dollar surged artificially 25 % against all major currencies before it will lose all its value in the course of this year.

When the CAD devalues, nobody notices it as Canada has been reduced to a non-event by the political clown Harper, who wanted to educate Putin why he is not welcome to G7. Until Putin lectured him in an interview with the Canadian press that this decision is made in Washington and not in Ottawa and he better shut up his mouth.

And it is getting even worse with this former political stooge of the dark cabal with established pecuniary connections to the deep Orion government in the USA, which are broadly publicized in the Canadian press, so that I need not discuss them here anymore. But as it has been revealed these days, Harper and his dark government are also deeply embroiled in helping ISIS in a clandestine manner through Canadian spies, as this video clearly reveals in order to foster the conflict in Syria and create havoc in the Middle East:

Brandon Martinez of Non-Aligned Media revisits a March 2015 scandal which exposed a direct connection between the Harper regime in Ottawa and its purported enemy, ‘ISIS’, and how the Canadian and Western mainstream media refused to follow up on it until now.

No longer!. Now the MSM have given up their protection on the Harper clone, the docile poodle of Washington’s deep government. For one simple reason – they no longer count on him as being re-elected after his humiliating defeat in Alberta in May this year and have dropped him. This explains his recent criminal and self-humiliating escapades to recommend himself one more time to his dark masters.

The New York Times, the mouthpiece of the US cabal, has recently published a very strong condemnation of Harper and his secretive, criminal regime that is a final verdict of the ruling elite on this failed political clone. He is now free for firing.

I personally attribute this huge change in the political perception of the MSM presstitutes towards Harper as the most clear proof that my presence in this country as Logos God and mighty creator, and my constant cleansing of the collective mindset of these good, but very gullible Canadian people has finally brought a rich harvest.

This is how we now create as multidimensional gods on all front lines, until this matrix fully crumbles and disappears for ever in the deluge of the MPR on its interdimensionally split lower timeline when our day of ascension arrives.


The Closing of the Canadian Mind

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