Five New Technologies Are Coming Soon

Brian, the Dragon, August 1, 2015


Georgi Stankov

This short, straightforward message from Brian, the Dragon is remarkable in several ways. First, it announces “real breakthroughs that start some new technology paths – coming very soon, and its about time.”  This message brings a sense of urgency which is fully covered by what we get from our HS for this year. The breakthrough of the Universal Law this summer or in early fall has been announced to us by our HS at the beginning of July and all other events associated with the final preparation for this auspicious moment have already manifested in our reality and have been resolved with an incredible speed due to the ever-present support of the HR.

None of the five new revolutionary technologies, which Brian, the Dragon announces in his message, will happen before we have ascended and have introduced the new theory of the Universal Law.

Make no mistake about this. Because their understanding and proper spiritual implementation without dark misuse can only be based on this theoretical foundation. Hence, we have here another remarkable unanimity in opinions and news, which I register very carefully in the last few weeks and days. This unanimity is a manifestation of the Unity Christ Consciousness of the PAT that is now fully encompassing this holographic 3D reality and shapes it in a profound manner.

We create this reality through our giant fields, with which we hold it and sustain it as Logos Gods. This fact is also revealed by Brian, the Dragon: “OK, we’ll tell you that your physical universe is essentially a giant computer, and it’s alive too… So wrap your head around that. If you were to quantify your own soul, it’s larger than an entire universe.

So again another remarkable unanimity. Indeed, all the five technologies which this channel presents here are known to us and have been discussed in the context of the new theory of the Universal Law:

Fusion (1) as an unlimited source of energy, but also serves as a means of transportation of matter through replication and teleportation of materials (2). This is based on the knowledge that the quantum structure of matter is highly malleable and consists essentially of superimposed quantum fields that are regulated by the laws of constructive and destructive interference and can acquire any possible holographic form in a 3D or 4D reality.

“Faster than light travel / interstellar travel demonstration. You’re going to have a breakthrough in that you will demonstrate the technology (3)”. There should be no discussion that this demonstration can only be done by us as ascended masters when we show up in front of humanity this year, most probably in Geneva at the Palace des Nations of UN and the headquarters of the former and future League of Free Nations.

But there is one second key reason for us to show in Geneva and this is that it is also the headquarters of the near-by CERN, which is the Mecca of quantum research, and, as we all know, a very dark one. Whatever these Orion-Reptilian scientists are testing there, will be a failure as this has happened many times in the past and the collider had to be closed (see previous reports on this topic on our website). But there is no doubt that the aim of all these experiments is to prevent our ascension and that of this uppermost mother planet.

This will not happen as we shall appear before that in Geneva and shall eliminate this research centre for ever. This will be done physically (energetically) by disabling the collider and theoretically by showing that one does not need such outdated technical monsters to explain the creation of All-That-Is (no futile search for God’s particle), but that interdimensional travels beyond the speed of light is the normal form of existence in All-That-Is. This will be our demonstration and Brian, the Dragon only refers to this impending event of cosmic proportions.

There are two further technologies mentioned: neural interface (4) and the use of high-power quantum computers (5) as means of indirect advanced creation, before we resort to direct creation from the fulcrum of our souls. The neural interface, also known as neuronal AI, has been discussed as a possibility by myself in my books on the Universal Law 20 years ago. I was the first researcher to have explained the dynamic regulation of the brain as a conglomerate of neuronal synapses that are constantly re-arranged and energetically driven by the soul (see volume III, my books on new Gnosis and my articles on this topic). The high-power quantum computers will be used by the incarnated humans on the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy and not so much by us after our ascension, as we shall create directly from the fulcrum of our HS.

But all these technologies are closely linked to the new Theory of the Universal Law and can only be introduced after humanity has fully grasped its major theoretical assets and is capable of implementing it in the shaping of its new reality without misusing it for dark purposes. And all dark intentions stem from the separation of the individual consciousness from the Source = All-That-Is = the Whole, while the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law departs from the Primary Term of our (or any) consciousness, which is the only proper cognitive perception of All-That-Is that enables us to explain its parts.

Hence, this channeling proves in a very convincing manner the impending breakthrough of the Universal Law, which I have already announced to you, before these five aforementioned technologies can be introduced. Everything now aligns in a perfect manner and we have entered, beyond any doubt, the most exciting phase in our lives and in the history of mankind.



This is the Dragon,

My partner doesn’t know what he’s about to write except for one of the techs that’s already come to him. This may be the most ambitious channeling he’ll ever do, until he does a more ambitious one, and he really doesn’t care. There are other channeled source that talk about three new technologies – really breakthroughs that start some new technology paths – coming very soon, and its about time. We’re going to spoil it and tell you the five most likely candidates. There are a few others, but if they edge out these five, it’ll be by a nose. Why? Because you’ve been there, done that. And you need them. So, you have a right to know. Now, to make this work, we’re going to tell him to get up and walk around, clear his mind, since we need to give him the information.

Wait, we said three, not five? Who cares… If you’re looking for the grade-school of channeling, the door is over there… No, we’re kidding but this just isn’t one of those channelings. We give those, but this is a bit more, more. It’s time for you to allow for things to just not always follow in a sequential and logical way. So, we said three and five it is…

Tech 1: Fusion

It’s about time. You’ve been there, done that in other lives. “Easy as pie”

Tech 2: Faster than light travel / interstellar travel demonstration.

You’re going to have a breakthrough in that you will demonstrate the technology. That’s the breakthrough. But it’ll be a while until you make practical use of it (this statement refers to all other human beings who will not ascend and will move to the new 4D worlds, note George).

You’ve been there, done that in other lives. “Easy as pie”

Tech 3: This is something with respect to neural interface for communication.

There’s a few variants of this possible but it’s still pretty primitive yet the thing of sci-fi for all of you. Cell phones will be obsolete.

You’ve been there, done that in other lives. “Easy as pie”

Tech 4: Replication and teleportation of materials

(not people yet, there’s a problem with that which will kill anyone you try to send until you figure it out). This is just an evolution of your 3d printing technology. You need fusion for this since it requires an immense amount of energy

You’ve been there, done that in other lives. “Easy as pie”

Tech 5: Every day use of quantum computers.

You thought we were going to say you’ve been there, done that. But surprise, surprise! The reason is that you’ve generally leap-frogged this stage via ascension since a quantum computer is essentially taking the non-physical soul and building it in physicality for the purpose of computation. You already have that technology. It’s called a soul. You get where we’re going with that? Normally it isn’t needed. However, you are doing something a bit unique this time where you will actually have a need for this even post-ascension, so this time you’re doing things a bit differently.

Wait, you have quantum computers, right? Yeah, and they stink. Well, yes they are about to – in the next year or two in linear time – be the most powerful computers you have for some things. But they are so limited compared to what’s coming. You have no idea. It’s hard to even fathom what’s coming. Within something as small as a microchip, you’ll have a computer more powerful than something that would fill up an entire room right now, and you’ll be placing these as processing chips in computers that can do things you possibly can’t even imagine. With what you have now (sound familiar? You’ve done that before). You have the internet and you’ve done some amazing things with that, right? Just wait and see what you can do… You’ll be able to simulate universes, essentially, in a machine. And when you simulate a universe, well… We’re not even going to completely spoil this for you… But just wait.

Ok, we’ll tell you that your physical universe is essentially a giant computer, and it’s alive too… So wrap your head around that. If you were to quantify your own soul, it’s larger than an entire universe. But building universes is pretty good. Sort of like a sort of soul in 3D. Whoda thunk? We’d be misleading to say it’s never been done before and there’s all kinds of paradoxes around it having been done before, especially since linear time is an illusion… But it’s still pretty cool, and let’s say since it isn’t really necessary, it’s also pretty darned unique.

Oh, but that last part is a ways off… You’ll do some pretty incredible things with these computers in the meantime though.

All of these are gateway technologies, even making universes.. Okay not making universes quite yet, we just like saying it. All of these gateway technologies coming, and we just pumped our partner’s consciousness full of images of what these open doors will allow. He’s a bit overwhelmed now and thinking he’ll leave that for another time and wants to get back to cleaning his house. Boo!

With Love,
The dragon

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