Energy Report of the PAT – August 3, 2015

Dearest Georgi!

Thank you for your update of today. I’m one of the latter, I’ve been hit so hard that I’ve felt maybe I’m dying. I have tried to correspond with you and just have no energy whatsoever, my heart is disintegrating somehow.

I came back from Canada a few days ago and the moment I set foot into my house all what was brewing there exploded and the shit hit the fan, as you say I don’t remember another episode like this one.

In spite of the waves, I had a wonderful time in Canada and everything I set to do, government and banking endeavors about Doug’s business went unusually smooth and completely supported. I received love and compassion everywhere I went and my son was truly supportive and generous. But, but, underneath it all I was feeling the intensity of these shifts.

I’ve been in bed all day drinking teas of all kinds, provided by “Medicine Woman” in town. I truly feel like shit turned over, wow! It was so nice to hear your report.

With Love and Light

Dear Betty,

I am happy to hear from you and that you have had a good time in Canada and have resolved all the issues with the authorities. The people here are beginning to decompensate and to behave erratic and the cracks on the facade can no longer be hidden.

We can only hope that these personality changes will soon manifest at the social level and begin to transform this society to the extend that we can appear as ascended masters and accelerate this whole transition. It is obvious that the people will not make it on their own as even the so-called critical experts and politicians are completely lost in this duality and cannot find their way out of this 3D maze.

I wish you a quick recovery in the next days and let us hope that the worst is over for the moment, This is all in preparation for the Lion’s Gate on 8.8.8 (2015 = 8). This portal has always been exceptionally powerful and this year it will be unique. After that anything can happen.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Thank you for your Energy Report today, August 2nd. I confirm all that you have reported. The gastric symptoms are terrible, the fatigue unbelievable, worst ever in my experience, even affecting my lower back. When I get the chance, I lie down and when I do I feel like a scab is being removed from my body. I can’t really explain that except that if one has ever removed a scab before the skin underneath is healed, then it’s like that and all over. It’s not pleasant, but I know it’s necessary so I endure. When I go to bed, I can’t sleep. The inner heat is excruciating and even the heat wave we are, and have been, experiencing for weeks now is not comparable.

But I wanted to tell you that last night I dreamed that I was in a room I didn’t recognize, but was familiar with. I was in bed and I knew that I had been awake for a very long time lying in that bed, all of which is symbolic. Suddenly, the wall between this room that I lay in and the next apartment disappeared and a male and a female approached me and calmly sat down beside my bed. They explained, “We are here now and you can rest.” I struggled out of bed, not quite believing what I had been told, and headed to the bathroom to take a shower so I could get ready for “work”. They followed me and were so gentle and so loving that I hesitated to really listen to what they were telling me. I do not remember their words, but I was greatly comforted and today the knowing that I am going home very soon, as is Gaia, is stronger than it has ever been. Again, thank you for your energy report today, though ‘energy’ is a strange word when I have none and continue to force myself to carry on in what to everyone else around me is 3D as usual.

Love to you and Carla,

Dear Barbara,

thank you very much for your validation of the excruciating energy waves during the last days. I just got the information from my HS that this all is connected to the opening of the Lion’s Gate 8.8.8 (2015 = 8, three times Infinity), which will be exceptionally powerful this year. This ascension portal has always been an energy peak in the past and the preparation for it has always started end of July. This time this ascension portal has been reinforced by the blue full moon on July 31st.

I am afraid that the next days will continue to be very intense, although I hope for a small respite in between. We are getting from our HS that we must rest as much as possible, as this is the only way to survive this energetic onslaught.

With love and light

Dear George,

My whole life seems to be a preparation for the Universal Law. I grow slowly, but why to hurry just before eternity? When I tried to raise my frequency, I formerly felt my brains tingling, but now it is my whole body.

The people from Lemuria did a wonderful job. They offered to repair my mental, emotional and etheric bodies. I asked them to do so and the next morning I felt very fine-tuned. To my great relief there was no karma anymore. Karma may be emotion + memory. Now that the emotion has gone, I only perceive a neutral remembrance. I am grateful.

Existence proof of God, your wisdom, my study, guiding dreams, healing from higher dimension, the Violet Flame, knowing what is going on and what lies ahead. Unbelievable one year ago, but reality today. I even convinced my wife that something great will happen. I don’t feel cc-waves and I don’t know what this abbreviation stands for, but your reassurance in your last report made me feel good.

Thank you for everything and may all your work be blessed.

With love and light,
Ed, Holland

Dear Ed,

I am very happy to hear what great strides you have accomplished in the last year and I am also happy to hear that the new theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law serves you as a guidance (Leitfaden) in this endeavour.

Before I forget – “cc-wave” stands for “commotio cerebri-wave“. I introduced this term for the first time as it very precisely describes how one feels when there is a huge descent of source energy through the left brain portal that hits the brain, the neck muscles and the whole body. One feels as if one has had a concussion and is dizzy and unable to coordinate the body, all this accompanied by a severe headache as in commotio cerebri.

This experience is unique and typical at the same time for the advanced stage of the LBP and never experienced or described before in human history. Even now, only the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the PAT, can claim to have had a cc-wave and know what I am talking about. Many of the readers of this website opened their left brain portal after they were confronted with this reality and opened consciously for the LBP. They did this notwithstanding my warning that the more one advances in the LBP, the harder life becomes on this planet, and this is the highest badge of courage. This advise is contrary to all the fluffy-rose promises of the self-proclaimed New Ages gurus who have no clue what a real LBP is all about but promise heaven to their followers.

It has never been about ascension only, as all light warriors of the first and the last hour have achieved the necessary high vibrations and ascended long time ago, but about the global cleansing of Gaia and humanity. The higher the individual vibrations and the bigger the energy fields, the more effective is the incarnated entity in cleansing Gaia and humanity and promoting their ascension. That is why we are here and that is why the light warriors of the first and the last hour, also rightly known as the “Planetary Ascension Team”, PAT, have been promoted last year to become Logos Gods of Gaia 5 and the new Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy. This achievement surpasses the wildest expectations of our souls prior to this incarnation.

Everybody who swings with our mission as presented on this website automatically raises his/her frequencies and becomes part of the PAT. In this way he / she has already ascended and achieved even more than initially planned. The most positive aspect of this ascension process is that there are no limits for spiritual (energetic) growth. The more responsibility one accepts on behalf of All-That-Is, the higher one ascends and the more powerful he becomes as a multidimensional entity.

It was a very good idea that you have asked help from the Lemurians, respectively Agarthans to heal your body. We do this also regularly after each energy bout and we used to go to the healing temple in Telos before the Agarthans moved to the 6th dimension. Now we go regularly to the global healing centre in Lofer, which is already part of New Lemuria, to recuperate from the regular energetic onslaught.

I commend you for your effort to progress on this path and I need not convince you that this is the only relevant thing one can do in these last days as you know it as well as myself.

With love and light

Dear George,

I wanted you to know that you’re in good company. Everything you said I second! In my opinion this is the everlasting pressure until the moment of our graduation and which feels (again) like dying 1000 deaths while at the same time feeling ‘the New’ trying to take over. On the outside (my body and face) there is nothing strange to see only improvement. The ‘dying’ is a real inner process resulting in outer discomfort.

I do not feel like talking, writing or having people around. But I do like to read confirmations of those alike pioneers that experience the same. So I find it useful to write this as a confirmation from my side. Stay well.

Rob, Holland

Dear Rob,

thank you very much for addressing this very important aspect of “dying from within” which was very pronounced during this last week energetic effort. I omitted it in my last report as it can really be very depressing and when such experience happens, this is always the best indicator that the inner transformation and ID shift is profound and affects the whole energetic edifice and quantum structure of the incarnated light warrior. Only in this way can we truly ascend – and ascension is now.

With love and light

Dear George

You summarised how I have felt for a long time. No drive or energy to communicate. I have barely enough strength to meet everyday tasks. However I still have great interest in our progress and follow your articles. I am part of the quiet majority of PAT. The last few days have hit hard. Headaches and gastric like you. My legs are a big problem and this morning (the 3rd) the energy flow is tremendous. Even my cat is wiped out.

Lynn Walker

Dear Lynn,

thank you for this validation of the energy intensity during the last week. To the discussed symptoms I should add muscle stiffness, low back pain and a kind of rheumatic joint pain.

Today, August 3rd the energy flow is very high indeed, but much more harmonious, but I am expecting another nasty peak shortly before 8.8.8 (2015) at the Lion’s gate, which is a massive ascension portal.

With love and light

Yes the rheumatic joint pain is very prevalent. Just hope I can remain upright!!! Thank you for the forewarning of the lions gate. Very interesting in the light of what happened to poor Cecil. Also I have seen a cross stitch kit I have asked for my birthday. A lion in fractal colours. Nothing is coincidental and dovetails into the whole. We will prevail sooner rather than later.


Dear George,

Last night’s dreamtime featured the mass migration of earth birds. Flocks of every description. Thousands upon thousands.  We watched them, able to follow over every mountain, valley, ocean and forest. Perhaps it was a mass exodus, as where could that many relocate?
The Cheney photos are blood-chilling. So posed and so pathological. The planetary pressure continues to ratchet up, maybe intense enough to destroy their deceitful narrative once and for all.


Dear Malechite,

we think that your dream of bird migration is symbolic of ascension and according to Carla we are now ascending very rapidly step by step until the final ID flip-flop happens.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

yes you are right. It has been an onslaught since at least the 29th. Lots of neck and middle back pain for me…headaches, exhaustion, achiness, etc. Nothing new! I just saw someone post this on Facebook… supposed inside photos from the 1970s Rothschild/Illuminati party:

I think they look pretty authentic. What do you think? I didn’t know Audrey Hepburn was also in the Illuminati…anyhow, if it is real, I see it as more of the revelations surfacing. Hope so.

Love, Kari

Dear Kari,

I remember to have seen these photos and there is no reason why they should not be authentic. The cabal, I do not call them the Illuminati as they are anything else but illuminated, are that much perverted as to find pleasure in such distasteful and criminal activities. And yes, no artist in the USA or in the West could be successful unless he/she has sold his/ her soul to the dark ones. Why should Audrey Hepburn make an exception in that?

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Well said in your latest energy report. I think everybody is just antsy right now and kind of clawing at the walls(of this 3-4d matrix), if you will. I know I sort of feel like that.

Quick update on me, I got out of cars and am working on the family farm again for my old man. Mostly doing mushroom hay as Kennett Square Pa is, or at least was, the mushroom capital of the world.  but I must say, it feels great to be out of corporate and working with the Earth again. There is something wholesome about planting things and watching them grow. I get the feeling I may help with agriculture in some way on the new earth.

As an a now, I have been trying to wake farmers up to stone fertilizing. As we all know the current fertilizer system is a scam. I remember in that video you posted about fluoride a long time ago how the fertilizer plants were making the phosphates that were then being dampened down and put into our water supply as the fluoride.  Anyway Julis Hansels “Bread From Stones” (old book) seems to have some valid arguments as to doing away with all these toxic fertilizers. I will try to find the link and send it to you after this email.

Keep up the great work! Oh, in light of your recent Pharma article, I was able to get some Nystatin Oral Suspension, USP. How does that compare to the pill method?  Do you think this would be a good thing to give to a friend with breast cancer whom is also trying to have a baby but can’t mostly due to chemotherapy drugs she on?

With Love and Light,

Dear Jon,

It is great news that you have left corporate America and have found a new occupation in farming. Nature is the only place an advanced human being should be these days if he/she can afford it.

You should give me the concentration of Nystatin in this oral application so that I can tell you how much your friend should take. Of course it is preferable for her to stop taking chemotherapy as it not only helps but increases mortality in precisely this indication and patient population. In the 80s some excellent large epidemiological trials were published that confirmed this outcome, but then they disappeared and no further trials were made, while the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy quadrupled. This as a background for you and your friend. Hence better no chemotherapy and even better treatment with nystatin.

With love and light

Dear Dr George,

You are welcome. Nowadays I’m also finding it difficult to live with lots of gases in the body ,heartburn and the feeling of nausea almost everyday.IS there a way to remove gases from the body from your medical point of view ,because i have to go to work in such a condition everyday.


Dear Vincent,

the best thing to prevent gases is to change your diet. We have for instance stopped eating gluten products, which includes all kinds of bread based on normal flour and also dairy. This removes most of the gases as our bodies are so much refined now that they can no longer cope with these kinds of food. Also no onions and even no red meat. Instead chicken, turkey and fish and other sea food, vegetables and fruits. Rice is good.

Olive oil is better that sunflower oil as it is genetically modified in North America.

We follow this diet and it works quite well.

With love and light

Hallo Georgi,

dein letzter Energie-Bericht beruhigt mich sehr und erklärt, warum ich mich wie in einem Vakuum und schon fast verzweifelt fühlte die letzten Tage. Es kamen immer wieder hoffnungslose Gedanken auf in mir und die Schmerzen im linken Knie waren fast unerträglich. Auch quälte mich Schlaflosigkeit, verstärkt um die Vollmondzeit.

Danke für diese wertvollen Informationen, sie haben mir einen Energieschub gegeben.

Ganz liebe Grüße von Helga

Liebe Helga,

ich bestätige dieses Gefühl der Leere und ein wenig Hoffnungslosigkeit. Rob aus Holland hat es trefflich als inneres Sterben beschrieben (ich werde es heute im Energiebericht des PAT publizieren). Es handelt sich um eine massive Umwandlung der gesamten inneren energetischen Struktur in Folge unseres raschen Aufstiegs zu Neu Lemuria. Je grundlegender die Umwandlung, umso unangenehmer und depressiver fühlt sie sich. Erst danach erkennt man, wie weit man sich verändert hat. Deswegen ist der Aufstiegsprozess so schwierig und so wenige Menschen bereit sind, ihn durchzuziehen.

Liebe Grüße

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