Energy Report of the PAT – August 18, 2015

Important End Time Disquisitions

Hello Georgi,

Nic from Montreal here.

Just a word about a synchronicity regarding your latest article on the US of Atrocities.

Last night I got an urge to watch a bunch of 9-11 videos on Youtube and I noticed that there are tons of them now, and all pointing to the same conclusion, that the “official” version cannot stand as it goes against the laws of physics…

The most credible videos, I think, are the ones by the group “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” which has over 1500 architects and engineers endorsing the facts that the “official version” is just plain impossible according to the laws of physics…

This is old news to most of us, but, what struck me after watching these videos last night is that there is sooo much evidence NOW, that the official version is a lie, that it cannot remain hidden from the masses forever.

It is soooooo clear, it has to come out soon in the open.. . and hopefully “ring true” in the currently not-so receptive minds…

So the synchronicity occurred after my long night of watching these 9-11 videos, I visited your website and read your latest article about the US of Atrocities, in which you come to the same conclusion, that the evidence of evil machinations behind the curtain is so BIG and so clear now, just like all these 9-11 videos, that it cannot stay hidden for long, despite being ignored by the MSM…

How about a PAT decree to give this a little boost?

I really want to go home…


Dear Nic,

I agree fully with your conclusion that we have entered the new era of unvarnished truth where lies can no longer be hidden as the current mighty energies from the Source obliterate all Orion recesses where such truths could be easily deposited in the past. Now the headwinds are so strong that they blow away the cabal from their ivory tower of power.

I know the report of the group of architects which is of course the most convincing evidence that 9/11 was an insider job and done by a controlled demolition.

These kinds of revelations will now sweep the masses and some of them will begin to awaken. We do not need many, a couple percents of good quality light warriors are sufficient to reach the necessary threshold of ascension. Now, the course of the events is highly volatile and the point in time of the final outcome is impossible to predict. But we are so close as never before. That is why I am keeping a vigilant eye on all major trends that will trigger the crash. When it begins it will be an avalanche.

I do not think that we can increase our impact by collective ordered invocations at this time as each PAT member is diligently doing his / her own invocations guided by the HS (see below). My impression is that we have already done our job and now only stay here to stabilize the situation and to be conduits of source energies or huge turnstile mechanisms of cleansing human dross as I was misused by my HS today (August 16th), sending me a huge cc-wave with stabbing eye socket pain left and then a massive cleansing wave with acute gastric crisis in the afternoon. The velocity of the waves seems to also increase these days, in the past such waves lasted for at least 24 hours, now they are sweeping over for a few hours with heightened intensity and leave the body as a wreckage on dry land after a tsunami.

But we cannot say that the HR are not in a hurry. With all due impatience on my part, I must admit that I (and my body) could not cope with a quicker and much more intensive ascension process than currently.

Today (August 16), we had a short oral conversation with the Elohim when we were hit by the cc-wave, probably to motivate us. They assured us that we are definitely in the final phase of alignments, and by this they meant alignments of many more ascending planets in the new Golden Galaxy, and when they are finished and the threshold is reached, we shall ascend within the blink of an eye. But no forecasts with respect to a date are possible.

The ascension will be such a sweeping experience, they assured us, that we better put aside all earthly expectations and visions. This answer came when I asked them if the breakthrough of the Universal Law might begin from Russia. I referred to a recent dream when I met with Putin and announced that Russia can start with the education of the new theory of the Universal Law. Putin was very happy and told me that he has been waiting for this news for almost 20 years.

The Elohim then told me that it will be much more impressive and bigger than that and I should not be restricted by such 3D visions, which of course I do not do, but only play with them without any commitment.

This is the latest state of affairs on my part.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

Thanks for the lengthy reply.

I get the same from my intuition, that, for my part I’m just here now as a conduit and/or to stabilize the energies but I don’t feel all the waves like you and some other PATsters do. I feel some of them like the 1st full moon this past July. I’m also a part-time member of the left eyeball headache club…

Regarding 9-11, and Putin the “Chess Master”, there is word on the web, as you probably know, that he has satellite images that would prove 9-11 was an inside job. I guess he’s just waiting for the right moment to pull out this hidden ace card from his sleeve. This might be part of the scenario of the big avalanche you are talking about.

I’m getting a strong intuition about all the 9-11 stuff since the past 2 days, a hunch I did not have before, and this comes from a guy who predicted 9-11 three days in advance, on Sept 8 2001. The person to which I told my intuitive hunch about the event back then was totally stunned when it happened. Now I feel a similar intuition about the whole 9-11 thing again, so the poker game might end soon with an ace card or something like that…

Again we’ll just wait and see how the finale unfolds, but years and years of social deprivation and living like a hermit has it’s limits, let’s hope that the grand finale the Elohim spoke to you about will be worth this long and tedious waiting period…

I really, really want to go home…

Thanks for being my beacon of light Georgi.


Dear Nic,

you are welcome and we all are very, very tired of this drudgery without end and without any recognition. I am sure that your intuition that there will be a big revelation on 9/11 with all its repercussions very soon is correct as it feels as if we have entered this final stage.

With love and light

Dear Dr Stankov,

I watch the grim news on Your website and beforeitsnews. I try to discern valid prophecies from the many End Time threats. I live in the UK, and I don’t know whether the UK is as much a police state as the US, although in some ways Britain appears marginally more free. I am not sure whether the surprise general election result was rigged through disappearing postal votes. Are we going to ascend from seemingly inevitable doom, or be reconciled to it. This dark mist is very depressing.

I regularly read your site, so I hope I won’t be consumed by the MPR as a soulless zombie.

Kind regards, Anthony

Dear Anthony,

I respectfully disagree that I am publishing grim news. In fact this website is a remarkable exception from the “fear porn” of the MSM and even of most alternative media. I am giving the perspective of ascension and living in a bliss in 5D New Lemuria. As far as I can overlook it, I am the only one who gives this kind of blissful and concrete perspective.

It is not my fault that this Orion matrix is now collapsing as a prerequisite for ascension but I see all these “bad’ news as the most clear and convincing sign for our impending ascension. On the other hand I am obliged to present an objective picture of these last throes of humanity and superficially some articles may seem to be bad news, however only to those readers who are still driven by fears and stick to this reality and reject any change. After all you cannot make an omelet unless you break the eggs first.

GB is a very dark place, darker than the USA in terms of past and present energies and patterns that overlap and determine the collective behaviour. Germany is another such very dark place, the two countries are probably the darkest in Europe. Insofar, it does not matter what the actual political situation is in your country. The Tories won the election with 25% of the votes and it is not that some votes were rigged, which is surely the case as they did in the Scottish referendum, but the whole election system in the UK is rigged and anti-democratic and nobody really complains.

GB as a champion of democracy, as it always boasts to be, is the greatest national aggrandisement of a country that praises itself to be also a champion of understatement. So much hypocrisy as in England there is nowhere else on this planet to be found. Although the USA as a country is as evil as the UK, you can still find places there, where the matrix is not so strongly felt. In the UK there is no refuge place to escape – it is dark everywhere.

The only advantage of the UK is that now its economy is so devastated, bankrupt and post-industrial, very much like Greece but without the good weather there – it is much more difficult to be a pauper in cold and rainy weather than under the warm Mediterranean sun, and almost 40% of the British live in poverty now – that this country has no power to commit the ultimate crimes the USA is capable of. But this won’t help the British people as they will go under side by side with their dark American cousins as there is nowhere else where this citadel of the Reptilian /Orion cabal can go.

Finally, I cannot tell anybody if he /she will ascend as this can only be known by the individual himself. Altogether I believe though that anybody who reads my website and resonates with the topics is already an ascension candidate, but there will be many destinations of ascension and none of them are predictable at this point in time. However, I am confident that all readers of my website are on the verge of experiencing one or another form of upliftment and then they will have a very bright future independently of where they now live.

With love and light

A few words with you, please

Dear Georgi,

As much as I enjoy your postings there is something about the political situation here in the United States of America that you continuously fail to factor into your statements.

When you speak of the “Obama administration” you speak as if it is one cohesive group.  It is not.  This administration is divided into multiple groups that are fighting against each other tooth and nail. You do not capture any of this battle in your posts.

When Jon Stewart called Dick Cheney a double agent for Iran it was clear that Stewart was not only speaking for some “part” of the Obama administration but that he had expert help from this same part of the “Obama administration”  in going after Cheney.  His rant was just one in an entire series on Dick Cheney and the entire Bush Administration.

You have never said a word about this.  I searched your website and found nothing.  Here in the public domain Cheney is being accused of Treason against America with the support of “the Obama Administration” and you have said nothing.

When the State Department representative was captured on tape stating F** Obama, Dick Cheney is in charge, it was crystal clear that there is more than one group running the American government under the banner of “the Obama administration”.

It is important to retain this clarity in your analysis rather than lumping them all together.

When the so called “Obama administration” refused to grant retroactive immunity to the banking industry over the mortgage foreclosure crisis it left the door open for true meaningful restitution, unfortunately it will only come after the treason against the country is proven.

When the so called “Obama administration” ushered in the Affordable Care Act, it literally brought chaos upon the pharmaceutical industry because they cannot use their drugs to show “outcome based treatment” and will therefore not be able to continue to receive payments.  Without “outcome based treatments” only deaths can be counted toward payments. It ends the cycle of constant payment for “managing” chronic illness.  The head of the pharmaceutical industry has already admitted that pharmaceuticals do not provide cures.  This is why the Republican Party has made so many attempts to repeal the law, their benefactors will shrink in size and they will lose their kickbacks. This is absolutely tied in to the leaks from scientist and doctors like yourself who have proven that pharmaceuticals are intentionally designed to do harm.

When the so called “Obama administration” refused to approve the last portion of the keystone pipeline, they spared the earth of some of the most devastating harm.

When the so called “Obama administration” signed an executive order allowing Interpol to setup a secretive office off limits to even Eric Holder and his justice department just shortly after Dr. Francis Boyle attended the Malaysian war crimes tribunal finding Bush & gang guilty of war crimes, no one said anything.

I didn’t vote for Obama and I certainly have many issues with several things done under the banner of the so called “Obama administration” and fast and furious, the Benghazi affair, are just a few.

But when I speak of the so called “Obama administration” I speak with the acknowledgement that not only are there multiple factions running the American government, but I acknowledge that those factions do not work together and take actions to confuse the public about the intent of the other factions involved.

Were there ever to be a movement in America to seize and arrest the leaders of this nation, every “police state” tactic in the book would be needed due to the sheer size and depth of the tentacles of this beast. This is just a fact. They would not go down with the usual tactics. The beast would first need to be starved of the very food it lives on; odious and fraudulent debt based criminal institutions. These would need to go away so that the minions who use them would be without their tools. Freezing certain pathways to this debt is a good step in the right direction. And while those tactics would be needed the various factions involved would abuse and seek to penetrate each process put in place through these tactics because it is their nature.

Obama is just a puppet on a string and may not even be a human being. But your posts waste a lot of negative emotions focused on one being, when in fact what you are witnessing is the results of multiple factions acting against each other but operating under the same banner known to the public as “the Obama administration” which is why it is impossible for anyone to truly know anything about the real “Obama administration” because no one knows who is in charge from one minute to the next.

For some time there has been a fierce battle going on within America between those who support the Khazars and their minions and those who oppose the Khazars. Your posts do not capture the essence of this battle. The truth matters Georgi.

And as far as accuracy in predictions goes, let’s not forget some of your previous predictions about the ”last energy wave before Ascension” back on March 28, 2013. Surely that could not have been accurate? What if those of us who believe in you stopped listening after that one?

Peace requires truth, truth requires courage and courage requires strength of character. I only ask that you think about some of these things before you write such vitriolic statements about others.

A follower, admirer and PAT member,

Dear Charlotte,

I am aware of all the infighting of the dark US cabal but this is not my topic, although I speak very often of the Diadochi fights of the ruling cabal. I am not interested in such political details as the whole USA is doomed to die. It is though true that no matter how fiercely these factions fight against each other for the power like hungry dogs for the bone they all agree that the American citizens should be enslaved and let Obama do this with his decrees, which they hope to inherit when he is gone. And that is my primary issue. In fact I firmly believe that too much involvement in the details you have listed in your email, only leads to losing the overarching view and being entangled as the beholder in the current 3D maze.  I think personally that this is your major weakness in your weltanschauung.

As far as my announcement of the last wave before ascension on March 28 2013 is concerned, go further to August 2013 and you will read that Carla and I were the first human beings that transfigured our bodies. After that came all the true PAT members. Since then we are incumbent Logos Gods. I do not expect anybody to believe this if he has not experienced it personally and I do not care what other people think about this as they are not in the LBP and do not participate in the cleansing and ascension of Gaia as the first the last warriors do. We deal with an abyss of cognitive and gnostic ignorance of the masses and most half-enlightened individuals and this is the key problem of the Ascension process. Period! I have the Internet trolls that tell me each day how delusional I am and this is for me only a background noise to this waste landscape.

There is though one fact that you may not have fully grasped. Each ascension wave is for us, the ascended ones, the last one because if we do not accomplish it successfully, we will not ascend. Ascension is like a ladder and each ascension wave is the next rung. If you cannot climb on it, you fall in the abyss. Hence the next rung of the ascension ladder is always the last one.

I am afraid but all your argumentation is based on too much 3D thinking that cannot assess the multidimensional dialectical nature as to how we truly operate as Logos Gods and which I try to convey as well as I can in human language on this website. If you want to read about the political intrigues in the USA from an agnostic point of view go to Veterans Today. I am not part of this old folks home.

With love and light

Dear George.

The electromagnetic field has been going crazy this weekend with big electron flux, I was drenched in sweat this nigh and this morning I was completely exhausted and could barely move for a long time. This morning the compass needle in the windowsill has moved 45 degrees (!) to the east. Never seen it move at all before.

Last week my daily focus with the Sacred Flames was drawn towards decreeing for Enlightened human kind and a natural flow of atoms and electrons. I then remembered you said the Hadron Collider is starting up again and how is´t also located in Geneva.

Reading on the Cern webpage today: «Mid-August Antimatter Physics program to restart at the Antiproton Decelerator». That´s now. I have an ominous feeling. And it´s like the whole world is gravitating towards Geneva/Lofer/Alps that area. For sure my attention is gravitating there.

I have also at the same time experienced a most uplifting shift in consciousness and ability to focus my intention in meditation. I try not to over interpret anything and just stay connected and go with the flow, as I find the timelines and the inner and outer worlds to be all scrambled and tangled and breaking up these days.

With Love and Light,

Dear Eldbjørg,

thank you very much for your energy report and for making me aware that the North Pole has shifted so much to the East. It has been moving in this direction towards Siberia for several years now with an accelerating speed. I have to check on the Internet whether there are other reliable measurements but I remember three years ago that we observed the same phenomenon and I could measure a deviation of the magnet needle of 25-35% to the East for the North pole too. Then the situation normalized. It was the time when the MPR began with full force on lower timelines. Yesterday there was also a powerful M flare of the sun.

I also confirm the intensity of the incoming waves from the Source and that there is an incessant spiral in growing intensities these days that must very soon culminate and show up in a visible manner here. The CERN hadron collider seems to play a role in this ascension process only as a symbol of the helplessness of the hapless dark cabal to influence the course of the events. But we also are connected these days in our thoughts with this part of Europe as it is also where our city of light New Raetia already exists and expands.

With love and light

Georgi and Carla.

Hope you are both doing well?

i just wanted to let you know  two strange experiences i had the other day…. well i was sitting in my car with my dog right under the Vancouver  flight path actually where the new outlet mall is, one big plane went over my head and my car ignition turned on so i turned it  off, then another plane came over and it turned on again so i turned it off, then another plane came over and it did it a third time, i am still trying to see what it may have meant? maybe you might know?

Also 2 days ago i was sitting down at the river in my car with my dog as well, everything was feeling so peaceful…. when all of a sudden my whole front window was covered in like little flying ants or something then my back window, i quickly did up my side windows as the bugs started coming in the car, there were hundreds of them…. so i then looked at the car parked to my right and not one bug on it, then looked to the car on my left and not one bug on it, it was the strangest thing ever, i am still wondering what that was about? if you or Carla might know what this could of meant i would love to know your opinion?

love and light.

Dear Colleen,

thank you for writing to us again. My only interpretation to these two unusual events is that you have very quickly crossed timelines when your car was turned on and also with the bugs’ cloud on your car. We had a similar experience with a sudden hail and torrential rain when we left a restaurant in Victoria last year and did not know how to reach the car in the parking lot. After a few seconds the hail disappeared and the ground was dry and the weather sunny as if nothing had happened.

Later on we got an information from the Elohim that we experienced a MPR on a lower timeline. Indeed we sensed the fear of the people and the coming menace and this was one of the reason why we left the marine restaurant so quickly. Another peculiarity was that the restaurant was full of people but by the time we paid the bill it was empty although we did not notice how all these people left the restaurant. Hence we had moved to a lower timeline. Now this happens very often and very rapidly with such unusual experiences as you describe due to the rift in the space-time continuum.

With love and light

Thank you so much, i was thinking I had crossed timelines! amazing how it all works! I always knew as a little girl that there was much more to this world!

with love and light.

It is this knowing that determines our lives here and makes us different from the rest.


What a week it has been!

I wrote to you about the date August 15 which is here now, today. I have been getting heavy downloads of information all week along with a restart of psychic/transdimensional/multidimensional abilities so a very enlightening week. My HS had shown me a separation would take place August 15 which i have witnessed as I sit in a shop today. One man (religion clergyman) in very low vibration and when i saw him coming i wondered but not to be kept in suspense as he is very loud, rude and accepts nothing but his own words. Not to bother because after his loud attack i felt a deep calm, come over me so knew that no energy was  stolen. After he left i got to talk to a young man who is 26 years of age and very progressive, receptive to the light and was a joy to speak to, completely blotted out the clergyman’s energy grasp to steal light or should say push me into unreal illusions .

Your article on money was excellent which i enjoyed very much. Of course the so-called experts don’t know the answers but keep swimming in the same deep dark waters, however we keep going as we have the answers and await our time to put them into action. They react in fear as they fear change, however it will be done and we are ready to get on with it.

My HS gave to me the message of 100% this week. We have reached the end of it, all the negativity is illusions trying to pull us off course. It is somewhat like for us do now is to ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, at this point so keep ourselves in high positive thoughts.
This week my HS really stressed more so to me than ever before to stay in positive mode, see only the light and not be shaken by the lower vibrations of illusions.

Also my body just this week too is vibrating (shaking) even more than it has ever been, feels like 2 diesel truck engines together shaking/like a train. All this week things have ratcheted up so no doubt that we are on the move i do say. Sometimes it is difficult when you are surrounded by the lower vibrations/illusions but this week has been nothing but fast and fury, on to the finish.


Dear Avian,

I confirm that the energies are inhuman and the vibrations horrendous as you describe them. Today (August 15th) is another peak and if it goes on like this it must burst out very soon. I do not know if we would reach the threshold this month as I was also told in early July or first in September, as it seems to be more likely now.

But the separation is already active since long time ago and we can no longer communicate with normal people and in particular with religious fanatics and the like. Insofar when one speaks of the ID shift it is already there, but of course we mean the final separation and ascension. It may not however come at the same time for everybody as each one will ascend according to his individual evolution and level of vibrations as we are now leaving the consensual 3D society and overlay.

With love and light

A New Powerful Invocation Based on the Universal Law

Lieber Georg,

Nachdem ich das einige Zeit vor mir her geschoben habe, war heute die Energie endlich genau richtig, das Folgende aufzuschreiben.
Bitte schau mal ob das so alles logisch korrekt ist. Du kannst ja entscheiden, was Du auf Deine Seite stellst. Ich denke es könnte hilfreich für Alle sein, die mit uns zusammen unterwegs nach 5D sind. Ich liefere gleich die englische Übersetzung der Invokation mit, damit die englisch sprechenden Leser nicht an der Google-Übersetzung verzweifeln. (Obwohl das, was dabei herauskommt bestimmt lustig sein könnte.)

Alles Liebe

Dear George,

After I pushed this for some time in front of me, now the energy was finally right to write the following. Please look if everything is so logically correct. You can decide to publish it on your side. I think it might be helpful for all who are with us on their way to 5D. I supply the same invocation in the English translation, so that the English speaking readers do not despair with the Google translation. (Although what comes out might be fun.)

All the love

Invocations, Affirmations and Releasing-Formulas.

Since 8.8.8 Lions Gate the Light-Energies literally explode.

I am writing down here, what I do, to keep up with this growth. I use several times a day the following invocations, affirmations und releasing-formulas. They work best, when spoken aloud, if conditions are favourable.

I release all N-sets out of my energy field. On all levels, in all dimensions, in all aspects, at all times, on all timelines and on all locations. So it is and so be it.“

N-sets are closed, limiting and separating beliefs, pictures of the mind, thought- and emotional patterns und programs, which do not contain themselves and the Whole (All that is/God) as an element.

The less scientific but not less powerful invocation for non-scientists:

I release from my energy field, all that is not (from) God.“ (The second part is the same as above.)

From that one can derive the positive affirmation, which can be used as Mantra: „I am God. You are God. We are God.“ The word God one can replace by love, light, truth, peace etc. It is essential to use all three sentences together, to hold the balance and the equality of all that is devine and to come to the level of unity in God (or 5D).

These formulae are very concentrated and reduced to the essential. They work like a „deep cleaner“ for the mind, which bring to the surface of the consciousness, what we still carry of limiting and unbalanced beliefs, pictures of the mind, thought- and emotional patterns und programs (N-sets), which are not from God. (the true God not the false materialistic God) All these are viewed in the light of God essentially different aspects of all kinds of fear and their thought forms, which are a kind of a tether for the mind (or the God we are in essence).

If then for instance hate against God surfaces you can release it with the following releasing-formula and give it to your HS (Higher Self) for transmutation into light energy: „I release all hate of God, for letting me rot in hell me for so long without saving me. I now forgive God totally and I set him free…And I forgive all fellow players totally and I set them free. And I release all self-hate for having needed such a long time to find out, that I am God. I forgive myself totally and I set myself free.” Not everyone will understand that right now. But believe me…that is coming. And it feels really divine. Love,

Truth, Light…and Freedom
Vajra, Bonn, Deutschland

P.S. To all non-scientists among the ascending! I am also not a scientist and I have had my difficulties with George’s „oh so scientific“ texts. In the beginning I have understood nearly nothing. It took me nearly one year till I finally found and understood the central secret (the gist of the matter) of the Universal Law in the truly enormous amount of information on George’s site. It is hiding in the quite unspectacular (and sexy only for scientists like George) concepts of N-sets and U-sets.

N-sets are closed, limiting and separating beliefs, pictures of the mind, thought- and emotional patterns und programs, which do not contain themselves and the Whole as an element. N-sets exclude All that is/God as part of creation. They are false, because God is inherent in all parts of creation.)

Find more in:

If you want to know more of it read: the last two postings (sorry only German).


Invokationen, Affirmationen und Loslass-Formeln.

Seit dem 8.8.8 Lions Gate explodieren die Licht-Energien geradezu.

Ich schreibe hier mal auf, was ich tue, um mit diesem Anstieg mitzuhalten. Ich benutze mehrmals täglich folgende Invokationen, Affirmationen und Loslass-Formeln. Alle am besten laut aussprechen, wenn die Umstände das zulassen.

„Ich lasse los alle N-Mengen aus meinem Energiefeld. Auf allen Ebenen, in allen Dimensionen, in allen Aspekten, zu allen Zeiten, auf allen Zeitlinien und an allen Orten. So ist es und so sei es.

N-Mengen sind geschlossene, begrenzende und trennende Glaubenssätze, Vorstellungsbilder, Gedanken- und Gefühlsmuster und Programme, die nicht sich selbst und das Ganze [Alles was ist/Gott] als Element enthalten.

Die weniger wissenschaftliche aber nicht weniger wirksame Invokation für Nicht-Wissenschaftler:

„Ich lasse los aus meinem Energiefeld, alles was nicht (von) Gott ist.“ (Der zweite Teil bleibt gleich wie oben.)

Daraus ergibt sich die positive Affirmation, die auch als Mantra genutzt werden kann: „Ich bin Gott. Du bist Gott. Wir sind Gott.“ Das Wort Gott kann man durch Liebe, Licht, Wahrheit, Friede usw. ersetzen. Es ist wichtig alle drei Sätze zusammen zu benutzen, um das Gleichgewicht und die Gleichwertigkeit alles Göttlichen zu halten und um auf die Ebene der Einheit in Gott (oder auch 5D) zu kommen.

Diese Formeln sind sehr konzentriert und auf das Wesentliche reduziert. Sie wirken wie „Tiefenreiniger“ für den Geist, die alles an die Oberfläche des Bewußtseins steigen lassen, was wir an begrenzenden und ungleichgewichtigen Glaubenssätzen, Vorstellungsbildern, Gedanken- und Gefühlsmustern und Programmen (N-Mengen) noch in uns tragen, die nicht von Gott sind. (dem wahren Gott; nicht dem Waren-Gott). Dabei handelt es sich im Licht Gottes betrachtet im Wesentlichen um verschiedene Ausprägungen von Ängsten aller Art und deren Gedanken- Formen, die eine Art elektronischer Fussfessel für den Geist (oder den Gott, der wir sind) darstellen.

Wenn dann z.B. Hass gegen Gott aufsteigt, kann man ihn mit folgender Loslass-Formel los lassen und dem HS (höheren Selbst) zur Transmutation übergeben:

„Ich lasse los allen Hass gegen Gott, dass er mich so lange in dieser Hölle hat schmoren lassen, ohne mich zu retten. Ich vergebe Gott vollkommen und gebe ihn frei… Und ich vergebe allen anderen Mitspielern vollkommen und gebe sie frei… Und ich lasse los allen Selbsthass, weil ich so lange gebraucht habe zu erkennen, dass ich Gott bin. Ich vergebe mir selbst vollkommen und gebe mich frei.“

Das werden noch nicht alle verstehen. Aber glaubt mir…das kommt. Und es fühlt sich einfach göttlich an. Liebe, Wahrheit, Licht…und Freiheit

Bonn, Deutschland

P.S. An alle Nicht-Wissenschaftler unter den Aufsteigenden! Ich bin auch kein Wissenschaftler und habe lange mit Georgs „ach so wissenschaftlichen“ Texten gehadert. Am Anfang habe ich so gut wie Nichts verstanden. Ich habe fast ein Jahr gebraucht, bis ich endlich das zentrale Geheimnis (des Pudels Kern) des Universalgesetzes in dem wahrlich riesigen Berg von Informationen auf Georgs Seite gefunden und verstanden habe: Es verbirgt sich in den erst einmal wenig spektakulär (und wenig sexy…!) aussehenden Begriffen N-Mengen (N-Sets) und U-Mengen (U-Sets) Wer mehr darüber wissen will lese die 2 posts von mir auf (siehe auch die Links oben in die englische Version):

Lieber Vajra,

ich gratuliere dir zu deinem Durchbruch im Verstehen der Theorie des Universalgesetzes. Das Verständnis des Unterschieds zwischen den U-Mengen und den N-Mengen ist in der Tat der Kern der ganzen Theorie. Menschen verstehen die Welt durch Ideen und kommunizieren durch Ideen und damit ihre Kommunikation nicht voll von Irrtümern ist, muss man diese analysieren und alle Ideen, die N-Mengen sind und nicht Teil vom All-Das-Ist, sondern ein Ausdruck der Trennung von der Quelle und der Seele, eliminieren. Damit schafft man ein logisches, axiomatisches, kongruentes Denken.

Ich habe das im Bereich der Physik gemacht und gezeigt, dass man den ganzen physikalischen Stoff integrieren und auf die Formel des Universalgesetzes zurück führen kann. Das war notwendig, um die Wissenschaftler zu überzeugen, dass es nur ein einziges Naturgesetz gibt und nicht hunderte Gesetze, wie zur Zeit in den Physik-Lehrbüchern steht.

Die neue Theorie ist somit eine Einleitung zum korrekten Denken. Wenn man es beherrscht, kann man es anwenden, um alle falschen Gedanken zu entfernen, die zur Zeit das Leben der Menschen hier bestimmen. Dazu gehört an erster Stelle die ganze Jurisprudenz zu eliminieren ohne wenn und aber und ich habe in meinen fünf gnostischen Büchern in Deutsch sehr viel darüber geschrieben. Man braucht keine Gerichtsbarkeit, wenn man das Universalgesetz folgt und deine anarchistischen Ansichten sind absolut korrekt.

Deswegen geht die Einführung des Universalgesetzes mit einem gewaltigen Umbau der gegenwärtigen gesellschaftliche Ordnung einher, so dass die Menschheit, die daraus hervorgehen wird, eine ganz neue Zivilisation sein wird.

Also hoffen wir es, dass dieses für die ganze Menschheit schicksalhafte Ereignis bald kommt.

Liebe Grüße

Dear Vajra,

I congratulate you for your breakthrough in understanding the theory of the Universal Law. The understanding of the difference between the U-sets and the N-sets is indeed in the core of the entire theory. People understand the world through ideas and communicate through them and in order that their communication is not full of blunders, it is necessary to analyze these and all the ideas that are N-sets and are not part of All-That-Is, but an expression of the separation of the source and the soul, should be eliminated. Thus one creates a logical, axiomatic, congruent thinking.

I did that and have shown that one can integrate all the physical edifice and derive it from the equation of the Universal Law in the field of physics. It was necessary to convince the researchers that there is only one natural law and not hundreds of laws, such as the ones presented in present-day textbooks on physics.

The new theory is therefore an introduction to correct thinking. If you have mastered it, you can apply it to remove all false thoughts that determine the people’s lives here at this particular time. This includes in the first place the whole jurisprudence that should be eliminated without any ifs and buts, and I wrote in my five Gnostic books in German very much about this topic. One needs no jurisdiction, if one follows the Universal Law and your anarchist views are absolutely correct.

That is why the introduction of the Universal Law is associated with a huge reconstruction of the current social order, so that the humanity that will emerge from it, will be an entirely new civilization.

So let us hope that this fateful for all mankind event will come very soon.

Best regards

Hallo Georgi,

du hast erwähnt dass du dich wiederholst. Bitte lass dich nicht irritieren oder davon abbringen. Es ist so wichtig, es ist so wichtig, es ist so wichtig!!! Für uns alle ist es so wichtig es immer und immer wieder zu hören. Auch wenn´s manchen vielleicht zu den Ohren rauskommt, aber sagte ich es ist wichtig, kann´s gar nicht oft genug sagen für mich ist es so wichtig diese Wahrheiten immer und immer wieder zu hören. Und im gleichen Atemzug möchte ich dir auch Danke dafür sagen….

Alles liebe für dich und Carla,

Lieber Georg,

seit zwei Tagen verspüre ich sehr stark eine Energie die eindeutig eine “Vorbereitung zum Krieg gegen das Böse” ist.

Durch mich strömen Energien ob Slawen sich zum Krieg erheben. Die Gefühle sind so stark, dass ich große Mühe habe, nicht davon “infiziert” zu werden. Ich lasse es fliesen. Ich möchte nichts profe-zeihen aber ich werde das Gefühl nicht los dass “Matka Rasija” erst jetzt bereit ist für ein Krieg.

In Liebe
Sherina, Berlin

Liebe Sherina,

das ist zweifelsohne eine richtige Einschätzung der Lage, denn wie ich in meinem letzten Report kurz berichtet habe, aber nicht näher darauf eingehen wollte, da ich diese negative Entwicklung emotional nicht unterstützen will, versuchen die USA und die westlichen Kabalen alles, um einen Weltkrieg anzuzetteln. Nur so können sich die Endzeit-Ereignisse beschleunigen und der Wandel kommen. Und damit wir aufsteigen können.

Ich weiss nicht inwieweit das mit dem Slawentum zu tun hat, denn es ist hoffnungslos gespalten, in Ukraine und auch in deiner Heimat Polen und die Slawen kämpfen bereits gegen einander. Aber die letzte Konfrontation spitzt sich nun zu, keine Frage.

Lasse dich nicht persönlich davon berühren, denn es ist nicht unser Kampf.

Liebe Russe

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